Lumia 930 coming to Portugal on July 16 for €599

Hey Portugal, you might not have made it very far in the World Cup, but at least you're getting the Lumia 930! We've seen the device popping up with availability information all across Europe, now our friends in Portugal get in on the fun. Pre-order today and you'll get the Lumia 930 real soon. Details below.

The Lumia 930 is the latest and greatest Windows Phone that packs a ton of tech into an attractive package. Up front you get an eye-pleasing 5-inch 1080p OLED display. That's 441 pixels-per-inch! Driving the display (and the phone) is a 2.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Sadly, no microSD card slot is on this device.

On the back you get 20MP PureView camera with ZEISS optics.

Our friends in Portugal can pre-order the Lumia 930 for € 599.99. It comes in black, white, orange or green. It is expected to ship July 16.

Anyone in Portugal thinking of picking this phone up?

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Thanks for the tip DJCBS!

Sam Sabri
  • 5'' is too much for me. Still, it looks awesome and would pair well with a Surface Pro 3.
  • The SP3 that Microsoft sells with that arithmetical miracle that converts US$799 (590€) into 819€ =P
  • If it was only MS doing that we'd all be fine and dandy...
  • Yeah. Though from Fnac and Worten and the likes we've come to expect that. From Microsoft? Not so much. Specially when at least in other European countries they've converted to 799€. It's still ridiculous but not as ridiculous as coming up with 819€ out of nowhere. 
  • Think about this, IVA.
  • Five inches too much? That's what she DIDN'T say lol!
  • Hurt durr...
  • Well, it's the same size of my 920
  • I am regret to get a Lumia 1520
  • Regreting to have goten a Lumia 1520? Why? Lumia 1520 still better than Lumia 930
  • No. No it isn't. Besides the sd card its a clown show. Waaaaay too big.
  • Um, no. The 1520 clobbers the 930/icon.....let me just "glance" at the time...oh shoot, the 930 can't do that. Well looky here at this photo, oh what? You can't see it? Oh we'll have to enlarge the image cause the screen is too small.
  • You're acting like big screens are a plus to everyone. They're not.
  • Yes it is... Besides the size, the 1520 has everything that 930 has plus glance and sd card :) internals are the same (cpu, ram and gpu).
    So yes, 1520 still the best wp on the market
  • Again, not everyone likes huge phablets or screens. And for those people none of these phones are an option... And if they don't like them, than it's not a plus. The 1520 could even cook me breakfast and I still wouldn't buy it, for example.
  • I have exactly the same opinion. I don't care what the L1520 could do, with 6" it's an immediate deal breaker. 5" is already pushing the rope.
  • You forgot gsmarena gave 1520 107h endurance rating, 930 will get half of that....
  • I didn't forget anything. Some people just don't like high-ends with big screens, me included. Why do you think some mini versions of Android phones are being a success? I'd expect you to know this by now LSDigital, we both come from the same forum and we all have these kinds of discussions over there all the time.
  • Ohh, ops, I was replying to Peg Leg. Unfortunately it isn't only the glance it's missing, it's 1520 battery life too... Of course i'd gladly go from 920 to 930, but besides size, the 1520 is a whole better phone...
  • Lol DJCBS!!!
  • You know, Sam could actually have just used my name instead of the initials and you wouldn't even know. That has happened a ton of times ;P
  • Just, what's your real name? O:
  • That's for me to know and you to find out. Here's a hint: It's starts with a D ;P
  • On Topic: it's still cheaper to get the phone at Expansys, including the shipment costs. Offtopic: CBS is Portugal is sometimes used as the initials for "Cleberson da Silva".
  • Cleberson is not a Portuguese name and it's not allowed here, unless you're Brazilian in which case you can give your surname to your children. I'm not Brazilian by any stretch of the imagination. Both C, B and S are surnames, being that the B and the S are a single composed surname. Should actually have a "d" between it. So "BdS". But I cut that. Just like I cut the other "d" that unites the J to the C. If you were to spell all my initials would be DJdCBdS. lol
  • Living in Lisbon Area (Cascais), I know a guy named Cleberson, and indeed, he has brazilian roots. Portuguese name are ridiculous sometimes, your DJCBS can be easily translated into something like Duarte José de Castro Brandão da Silva, etc. :)  
  • Without them he wouldn't be allowed that surname ;)
    Also we have lengthy names, yes. We've also been here a while and some of us (like me) come from very old families. And the older the family, the more the surname length tends to stretch.
  • I can't give you too much credit ;P
  • Can you imagine the general shock around here? XD
  • Not for €600 for sure, we're in the middle of a huge financial crisis FFS
  • You wouldn't know it judging by the amounts of people who flock every year to buy the latest rehash of the iPhone =P
  • I didn't even notice we were in a crisis over the flock of iPhones and high-end Samdungs that surround me.
  • I just finished a great year working in Lisbon. At first I was amazed to see cars people drive - bit then I learned that it's not perhaps the same outside of Saldanha..
  • The amount of high-end german cars is indeed astonishing :P
  • LOL It's not the same outside Lisbon. In the axis Cascais-Lisbon-Margem Sul you have the wealthy people. Then you have some more in Porto and Gaia. Only when you leave those big metropolitan areas do you start to see more modest vehicles.    But we do have a speciall fondness for German cars.
  • I could get it...but I'm getting it in Belgium for 100€ less and a wireless charger more instead. The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic was the last phone I bought in this country. I guess the prices show why lol   By the way, since we're at it: Xbox One without Kinect - 399.99€ arriving on 5th September. Pre-orders open at the Microsoft Store. The Kinect one will also arrive later for the normal 499.99€   (PS - Of course they didn't went far in the World Cup! They went to Brasil to get some sun and go to hair stylists. The World Cup was actually messing up the vacations of the
  • Haha to be honest before moving to WP 8 Lumia 920, my last phone was Nokia 5800 too. Even that phone had a stylus which used to slip out after some time.
    Huh those days......
  • Yeah! You can't imagine (well, I think you can) the amount of mini-fits I had every time the stylus would drop from the phone inside my pocket and I thought I had lost it. Though I then missed it for a while when I got the L800 to replace it.
  • Yap, prices in Portugal are too high!! Even the phones locked to carriers. When I bought my unloked 920 from Spain for less then 230€, it costed 390€ locked to Vodafone and more then 500€ locket to Meo. Doesn't make any sense...  
  • Good to see your staying with WP :-)
  • 8.1 solved 98% of the criticisms I had in regards to the OS. So I'll stay as long as my 930 lasts. When it's time to change that I'll stay with WP IF Sony has joined the OEM bandwagon. I'm not buying a single WP to Microsoft Mobile, though. That's a point of honour I do not intend to break, even if MM produces a phone that flies ;)
  • As the 930 is hitting the markets I spent last week looking at the alternatives and concluded that the Sony Z2 appealed the most, I consider their 'skin' on android as the best as well. So, choice of Z2 or 930? I phoned my carrier and they offered the 930 bundle (wireless charger and speaker) for free. So have decided to stay MM and take the offered bundle. Should MM release a substantially better phone then I will sell the 930 and buy the new device. But understand your interest in Sony, quality and style does shine through.
  • The only reasons I'll getting the 930 are: 1 - it's Nokia's last phone (at least for the time being); 2 - Google f*cked up Android with 4.4 by removing the ability to install apps and games on the microSD cards. As a result, the 16GB that Sony Android devices have is way insufficient to me. 32GB is already not enough for my needs let alone 16GB. But if Sony doesn't join WP and the Z3 Compact comes with 32GB+microSD, I'll be switching my daily driver to that specific Android device.
  • We can also buy it at Expansys. It's cheaper and will be available sooner.  
  • You're not accounting for shipping prices. And last time I checked, Expansys shipping was steeeeeeep.
  • Yeah. Not to mention they announce it for 549€ but when you pre-order it they then put it for 550 and something without the shipping costs. I had it pre-ordered there briefly. Then I saw that. I contacted them to get some clarification. Answer? "We don't have enough data to answer you know". Bullsh*t obviously. And obviously, pre-order immediately canceled.
  • It's still cheaper. Never had any problems with them regarding shipping or anything else.
  • Nice to read a post about Portugal on WPC! Thx!
  • +920
  • Why is this coming everywhere but America?!?!!?!!!?!
  • We already have it! :D
  • You know guys, America doesn't means USA. There's a lot of more "America" down side.
  • Because America has had this phone since February under the name Nokia Lumia 929/Icon.
  • I live in hope that one day you will post that it is coming to Canada.
  • Just bought me a new 1320. 5'' is too small for me! I'm waiting for something new at the end of the year to upgrade, something that upgrades the 1520. I need 2 phones, so 1320 will become my secondary phone, but until something new appears, 1320 is the right choice for now.
  • Well, I bought my 920 a few months ago, so no, won't upgrade yet.
    One thing I'm shore, the 930 will be the most beautiful phone on Fnac!! Here in Portugal Fnac and other stores only sell the black and a few white versions of smartphones. The Lumia 1020, was the first Lumia to arrive in colors in Portugal.
  • Actually we've had colourful Lumias in Lisbon since the L800 but yeah, my understanding is that it wasn't widely available throughout the country. (Then again you know how things work around here. The country almost begings and ends in Lisbon.)
  • I love all these updates of the Lumia 930 coming everywhere except Canada. God, our carriers suck
  • Notice these AREN'T carrier phones. We don't really do that here in Europe. These are unlocked phones that we buy at full price on a PAYG basis.   If we were dependent on carriers as you folks in North America seem to be, we'd be royaly screwed.
  • You mean royaly screwed like us North Americans?  I hear ya.  The strange thing is carriers sell phones "off contract" as well.  Our problem in Canada is many windows phones simply aren't available whether we want to buy them or not.  There is also problems with buying certain phones from the US as they have issues working on some carriers (i.e the ATT Lumia 1520).  Its a mess over here.  It seems Europe just constantly gets everything right and we constantly get screwed (as we enjoy some of the highest cell bills on the planet)
  • Yeah. And I'm sympathetic with your pain.
    We here have the phones sold in normal tech stores. That's where the majority buys their phones. But as far as I understand in North America that's not common practice. Which is a shame, really.
    Have you seen if European versions work in Canada?
  • Can't believe it hasn't come out in China, world's largest market
  • But certainly not the market for windows phone...
  • To bad it's Verizon exclusive in the states. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Well i wont buy it as i have a Lumia 1520, but even if i were to buy it, wouldnt be in Portugal. We can have it from other countries a lot cheaper (with shipping costs included). They have to stop asking a fortune for everything that comes to our market. We are in a financial crisis for god sake (well i wish everyone in Portugal had a salary like C.Ronaldo). Lower the prices, do not raise them...   BTW, its great to see a article about portuguese market on WPC, at least someone remembers us :D
  • "Lower the prices, do not raise them".   That'd be the dream, wouldn't it? Along with lowering the taxes, having a Judicial system that works and a Parliament that actually gave a f*ck about the people they are supposed to represent. Oh well...maybe next century.
  • Well, then maybe next century i may end up buying any electronics here in Portugal :) Until then, i'm glad i don't pay taxes from EU imports (i may regret saying this if, by some sort of bad luck, our Prime Minister reads this, as i may be giving him some tips :\ ) :D
  • Exactly! Something good had to come out of the EU lol
  • vai sonhando... (keep dreaming mate...)
  • Hey..."o sonho comanda a vida". We had the World's greatest Empire once. Who knows...maybe they'll finally find oil in our coast line. Then the only thing we'll have to do then (apart from hanging our current politicians from the windows of the Parliament) is make sure the US government doesn't decide we need a bit of their "freedom"...XD
  • oil in our coast??? if there's any it would be allready sold out... and the money was in any off-shore for sure!!!...  and maybe they'll come latter  on tv just to play the innocent guy... if you know what i mean...  and hey here in COIMBRA we have some nice german and other cars too... just watch the one our mayor bought twoo months ago... for me i just want the 930 that i can't afford... maybe i find some oil in my backyards... ehehehh!!!!
  • I know whose fault it is, it's Iphone users fault, they are over 30% smartphone users!!
  • When will it launch in India?
  • Btw Sam, last week the second biggest tv provider in Portugal launched an app to watch channels on WP. It's called IRIS Online from Zon. The main tv provider already had that service available on WP, it's called Meo Go. They have several apps for WP which is awesome to see Portuguese companies making their apps available for us. Maybe you could write an article about that...
  • Don't you mean NUS? I mean, "NOS"... ;P They took their sweet time. I've complained over and over again with them for the lack of the apps. Seems they were waiting for the Universal apps so they wouldn't need to code 2 apps. Lazzy bastards lol
  • At the WP store it says Zon, and they launch the app after the merge.
  • That's because they already had the account created before that idiotic plagiaristic rebranding (if you search for "NOS" you'll find out it's a Dutch broadcasting company that was founded in the 50's that has the exact same sort of logo)
  • Didn't know about this. THANKS!
  • Does anyone know if the 930 is shipping with the cyan update?
  • Yes, it ships with 8.1 and Lumia Cyan.
  • Thanks! Hope icon users get the cyan update soon since it's obviously ready.
  • Nice phone but prices in Portugal are steep. I'll keep using my Ativ S, still a flawless phone.
  • Don't buy them here. Buy them on Amazon Germany or France or other stores and have it sent. It's still cheaper than to buy in Portugal. And the warranties are valid as long as you're buying from an EU country ;)
  • I second this. You may EASILY save like 100 euros if you do some European store research :)
  • Its more expensive on Amazon,I got it with my phone company with€200.upfront and a 30 month contract,unlimited sms,unlimited phone calls,2gb data a month all for €29.
  • Well, that's because you decided to tie yourself to a carrier. I think carrier contracts never pay off. In the end you'll have paid the same for the phone (when not more) and you've been stuck with them even if their services suck. I rather have the freedom of switching carriers whenever I want.
  • I bought my ATIV S from German ebay for 150€. Plus 15€ or so to ship it to Portugal. Great phone for a great price ;)
  • Yeah,its worth that price too.!!creepy stuff like all Samsung products.
  • Nothing to do with this article,but seems the OTA update is not so far away,got several updates on the apps I have on my 820,
  • I had a Lumia 1020 that I smashed on the wall during a heated discussion with my ex :-/ I loved the phone so much that I got another one but now I wish I had bought the 1520 instead. The reviews of the 1520 from GSM Arena and Phone Arena show that there is not much difference in the quality of the pics and the 1520 is much faster than the 1520. The other day I downloaded a big game to 1020 and took forever to launch it!!!  Here in Portugal I dont see many people with WP phones. Everybody loves my yellow 1020 with wireless charging cover i yellow and the yellow luna bluetooth :-) my wireless car holder broke a month ago and I read all over the internet that these car holders soone or later lose the grip. Such a shame Nokia release bad quality products. I wasnt expecting this from Nokia :-/
  • Whaaaat ? You smashed a Nokia device on a wall and it didn't survive ? I'm disappointed :(
  • Yes :-/ I was furious at the police station cause the cops were on my ex side although I was honest and she wasn't so in a moment of fury I threw the 1020 on the floor :..(
  • India when??
  • 549€ on Expansys Portugal ! shipping next week!  
  • If you have a EU social security # you can subtract the VAT ;-)
  • I REALLY love my 1020 but i also have an iPhone 5S because my whole family has iPhones and they live in Brazil/Greece and we do a lot of facetime audio and video almost daily. Viber sucks compared to facetime audio but the new skype app for WP has a much better video quality since the last updates. Sadly skype doesn't work like facetime where you don't have to be logged in to make/receive a call.
  • 600€ is too much in my opinion :/ i could only get It (and belive me i would frekin love to) if It was from 300€ to 400€... but 600€ sorry :/
  • I presume it'll be in that price range on christmas sales/discounts. That's when i gona get it)
  • Not in Portugal. In Portugal the prices seldom get lowered. SPECIALLY on carriers. Some here still sell the 920 for almost 600€.
  • I'll take a look on it :)
  • I don't understand, Portugal is one of the european country with the lowest purchasing power, but still it has the most expensive price for the device.. I mean the 930 is at 549€ almost everywhere else... WHY ?
  • Portugal has one of the highest V.A.T in Europe and also the tax on copyright (DRM) is very high,that's why electronic stuff costs so high,
  • TRUE!!!
  • Didn't know that... Thanks for the education ;)
  • DRM plays no part in the pricing of these phones. That proposal to tax electronics with memory storage didn't went ahead. It's just greed over here.
  • Yeah. We're also the European country with twice as many cellphones as inhabitants. People over here live gadgets and I'd necessary they'll starve to get them.
    Don't try to understand it. I've lived here my entire life and I still haven't managed to sort out these people priorities lol
  • Didn't know you were from Portugal ;) I can certainly understand the need for gadget and new devices, although my gf being Portugese told me the price of the device is more than half a medium salary there... That's crazy..
  • I'd argue it is way more than half, guessing the average to be 600€/700€. I don't know why carriers here don't offer reasonable contract options, I'd personally prefer
  • LOL If you click on my image, it's written there =P Yes it is. The minimum wage here is 485€. So the L930 at 600€ is more than what many MANY families make a month (and since the 2008 crisis, more and more people are being forced to live with the minimum wage). The S5 for example, costs 750€. A 32GB iPhone 5S 799€. A Surface Pro 3 64GB/ i3 costs 819€. Tech prices are ridiculously high here. But people buy them anyway. Which is why Microsoft Portugal said a few months ago that "because of the receptivity of the Portuguese consumers, it's a great market for us to test products". Meaning, Microsoft loves to use us as guinea pigs. lol
  • Thank you Sam. For the first time i saw a written news about our country. Good Job!
  • Isso é verdade geralmente em Portugal os preços são sempre mais elevados, na altura que toquei o L820 pelo 925 ano passado custou me 549€ uma pequena fortuna então entretanto troquei pelo L1320 desbloqueado atraves da expansys em maio e ficou me por 279.90 ja com portes muito mais em conta na altura tava mais caro em todas as lojas. Provavelmente se troca se pelo 930 compraria la novamente se bem que depois de se habituar a um ecra destas dimensoes um ecra de 5 ja parece pequeno. Axo que a falta do glance screen no 930 me afasta um pouco pois e das coisas que mais gosto ter 32gb de memória são suficientes mas sem dúvida que ter entrada para o cartão dava jeito pois no meu L925 os 16GB tavao apertados sem dúvida o telemovel mais bonito que ja tive.
  • If it only had glance...
  • TELUS.. Where are you in getting this phone?
  • i would buy this if i could... but just bought a second hand 925 two months ago in coimbra and i love it!! maybe by christmas... and lets see what else is coming out. i´m waiting to see  the 730, 830 and other brands to come out.
  • Portugal!! <3
  • Fnac sells these without operator locks. I bought my 520 from El Corte Ingles for 99€, unlocked, I thought it was surprisingly cheap - considering what other players asked for it, and also because eci has reputation of being rather expensive.
  • I'm in Portugal but I purchased mine from Expansys. They will have stock next Monday (hopefully), it's cheaper (total was €572) and it includes a Nokia accessories pack.
  • Well, today is the 16th and fnac now says they are 1 or 2 weeks delayed... :'(