Lumia 950 and 950 XL are now on sale from Vodafone in Ireland

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Microsoft's latest smartphones, the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, are now available to purchase from Vodafone in Ireland. Residents in that country were previously able to buy those phones from their local Microsoft Store site, and Meteor is now selling the Lumia 950.

Vodafone is selling the 5.2-inch Lumia 950 without a contract at €549.99 while the 5.7-inch Lumia 950 XL is on sale for €629.99, again without a contract. Both phones are also available via Vodafone's various monthly payment plans, some of which allow customers to get the phones for free upfront.

Buy the Lumia 950 from Vodafone Ireland{.cta .shop}

Buy the Lumia 950 XL from Vodafone Ireland{.cta .shop}

Via: Tech buzz Ireland

  • oh.. thats cheap.. nearly pricing 
  • Amazon Italy is has reduced the price of the 950 to 499€ and for the 950XL to 586€. They ship to all EU-countries. 
  • Meteor has Lumia 950 too, since December 1st. But currently it's only on Bill Pay :(
  • Cheapest i found so far in Portugal
  • I might get 950 xl in India but I have a doubts in mind which is not letting me go for it bcoz of the rumours that Microsoft might make a surface phone.
  • You can always buy it, and sell/trade it when/if the surface phone releases. Or keep it as a spare, that's my plan.
  • Surface phone isn't due out for a year...get the 950 XL.
  • New phones are always around the corner. If you keep on waiting, you are gonna wait forever pal.
  • Vodafone UK is now selling the 950. No sign of the 950 XL though
  • I don't think Vodafone are going to stock the 950XL. Their direct contract price is more expensive than thru Carphone Warehouse, just, as CPW have no up front cost on a £35/m contract for the XL.
  • Agreed. Not as extortionate as EE but still pricey. Gonna go to CPW for the 950 XL
  • Has WC reviewed the XL?
  • My 950 from Carphone warehouse is despatching soon so hopefully I'll have it tomorrow at last !
  • got mine today, just about to leave work to have a play! finally!!!!
  • I wish everyone much luck with the lumia 950 or the 950xl. Hope that my dream to get also one comes true but i am afraid thats not happen before i must goin to hospital...
  • When in Pakistan.......????
  • They are on sale at Telekom Slovenia too.
  • It's available for €469 on Meteor on pay as you go, but only in store.
  • this is not "On Sale", this is "open for sale".
  • is also selling 950XL for €629,11 if you are a Fnac member, bought mine yesterday!