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Lumia Denim firmware announced by Microsoft, brings 4K-quality video and more

Berlin, Germany – This morning Microsoft has announced Lumia Denim as the next firmware for Lumia handsets. This update will bring Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 to retail phones in addition to firmware features unique to Lumia. Look forward to improvements for Lumia Camera and more.

Lumia Denim cements Microsoft's leadership in mobile imaging. Look forward to the following features coming in Lumia Denim for handsets like the Lumia 930, Lumia Icon and Lumia 1520:

  • Speed: Never miss a moment with Lumia Camera and its fast camera startup and capture speeds. Take numerous photos with just milliseconds between shots.
  • High definition: Using Moment Capture, a long press of the camera button within the app automatically starts 4K-quality video recording at 24 frames per second. Each frame is of high image quality at 8.3 megapixels, allowing every single video frame to be selected and saved as a still image.
  • Intuitiveness: Get the best shot every time with Rich Capture, which simplifies picture-taking with auto HDR and Dynamic Flash. With Rich Capture, people can avoid the hassle adjusting camera settings; they can shoot first and edit and select the perfect shot later.
  • Quality: Capture high-quality smartphone images in low light with the latest-generation imaging algorithms.

Look forward to Lumia Denim rolling out to the Lumia 930, Lumia Icon and Lumia 1520 in Q4 2014. It'll then come to the Lumia 830 in that same time frame as an over-the-air update. Additional handsets will get Lumia Denim after partner testing and approvals.

We'll give you some hands-on of Lumia Denim in action later today.

  • Icon? You must be joking, right?
  • Why joking? It is practically Lumia 930 with WCDMA antenna
  • No Cyan for it yet.
  • So? Looks like Cyan started rolling out in Europe due to high quantity of Lumias. It'll eventually roll out to the less popular Icon.
  • You mean Windows Phones aren't popular in the US... Screw California.
  • Well they aren't. And I live in California and own an Icon...
  • LOL me too. It's really the only Windows Phone to own. I'm not sure what the deal is with the other model numbers and their scheme, but none of the other Windows Phones can compare to the Icon. They're subpar. ..but maybe it's because I live in California.
  • I'm saying Cupertino and Mountain View is taking the spotlight. Didn't mean ALL of Cali.
  • I don't even have an Icon but I do live in California. I almost got upset until you clarified your statement! I will have to pick up a Lumia next time around this is awesome!
  • Sorry about that. Must clarify more. Sometimes I just think that Cali with Redmond = Apple and Google.
  • I work in Cupertino mountain view area and everyone has a stupid iPhone ..i whip out my 1520 and every single time they ask me what kind of phone is that .. Some people recognize it and they'll ask how do you like that Nokia phone
  • I have to agree with you 100%. But it is very frustrating that they announce yet another firmware that is set to be released in Q4, but yet we are one month away from Q4 and Cyan isn't released yet in the US. So, actually, for Americans, we can expect Denim in Q1 or Q2 of 2015.
  • How can you call the 1520 sub-par?
  • In terms of number of users, the US has the highest number of Windows Phone users. Because we are a much bigger market than any individual European country, the market share is lower than it is say in the UK. I am getting a little impatient with Verizon and the Cyan update. The Preview for Developers program is great and I am on WP8.1 Update 1, but mine and my wife's 928s are definitely in need of the firmware update. Microsoft needs to take the next step and bypass the carriers completely. The update process is really the only thing I miss about having an iPhone.
  • Well said.
  • You could be with T-Mo :-(
    No Cyan at all, nada...
  • I have Cyan on my 920 with T-Mobile.  My 920 is the international version though.  
  •     The 8.1 update has been available since April. Five months later and we’re still waiting for it. That’s ridiculous. I thought that it would have been made available by now, especially since the One M8 was released with it and the GDR1 update two weeks ago. Sprint only has two WP8 devices and they haven’t even announced a timeframe for the 8.1 update. At&t has the most devices to test it on and they were the first to release it. It makes no sense. I tried switching regions last night to get it but it didn’t work. I would’ve joined the developer program but I’ve never really liked beta testing software. Like toph36 said, I wish Microsoft would just bypass the carriers altogether and release straight to the consumers.
  • Popularity has nothing to do with why Verizon wont release it.
  • Well, the 930 alteady has WCDMA covered (aka 'GSM' UMTS/HSDPA), but I knew what you meant ;)
  • So Microsoft has started giving up on other low end device?
  • No. They just released the 530 and 535 not that long ago. Plus they released the 630 that appears could be the true successor to the 520 in terms of popularity.
  • Yep, I'm quite impressed with the 630, even though I am still a proud 520 owner.
  • +930
  • I was thinking the same thing. Verizon is a joke, no 8.1 and no Cyan for the icon...
  • I'm on DP 8.1. It's all good on it. What's taking Verizon so damn long? Bloatware and their precious IE favorites? We could just remove those anyway...
  • Yrs, probably because of their bloatware. They need to remove visual voicemail so they can charge you to get it back. Also they need to install their backup assistant which can only be removed by changing the date on the phone.
  • Verizon is destroying WP by design, they bring on high-end exclusive phones, then piss off user by prolonging update releases, or rather aren't willing to go the expense.
  • Seems like it. They don't even carry them in most of their stores.
  • I suppose the 1020 version will not feature any of these improvements just like Cyan skipped it too. I hope I'm wrong though.
  • The 1020 did get Cyan. I'm on AT&T and got it a few weeks ago.
  • I didn't say it didn't get the firmware, I'm saying it didn't get the bulk of the features in the firmware. Like live images and improved camera algorithms.
  • yeah unfortunately you and i am in same boat, won't get those improvements for our 1020,least it doesn't seem so from the webcast when i watched
  • What? 1020 didn't get those improvements? Guess it is time to stop thinking about upgrading to 1020 :(
  • Remember last year when the 1020 came out it had very bad specs compared to other phones of the time. Everyone said it didn't matter because Windows Phone doesn't need specs? Now not even a year later and their flagship isn't even getting proper updates. This is why it is important for high end phones to have high end specs.
  • Even without the enhancements the photo quality is unmatched.. 
  • you need to remeber the 1020 has lower specs, ike cpu and gpu it might not hadle it right, ofcourse i might be wrong. If lumia 830 and 730 will be ablte to handle those things it means microsoft screwde you over
  • Microsoft didn't screw anyone over unless you mean they didn't use their time machine to bring advanced processors back from the future to install in the 1020. The only way to not screw over the older phone owners would be to screw over the new phone users by not taking advantage of the newer capabilities of the newer electronics. It's the nature of the beast.
  • This is not entirely true.  The Lumia 830 is listed here as 4K-capable, yet its CPU (Cortex-A7) is the same as the Lumia 630, which Windows Central considers comparable to the Lumia 1020.  It would be a great chagrin if they decided to omit 4K video support for the stellar 41-megapixel lens!
  • I see what you're saying now. What's funny is, under the dev preview before getting Cyan I did get Live Images. It doesn't bug me, I wasn't thrilled by them anyway, but it would be nice to have a list of "things your phone won't get in the update".
  • It got the majority of them, this time round though it's pretty much completely MIA :(
  • Every Lumia did, but it didn't receive the improved camera algorithms, I mean, come on! It's still it's flagship camera! I know my 1020 it's showing its age and the sad part is that I am not genuinely interested in any Lumia in the market right now. I really hope Apple screw things up with the iPhone 6, or I will be tempted for the first time in years to go back
  • So you are saying you'd throw away the awesome image capabilities of the1020 and switch to the inferior iPhone6 simply because you dind't get improved camera algorithms that the 1020 processor isn't capable of handling? That's like dumping your high end BMW for a Hyundai because your car doesn't have bluetooth and the newer BMWs do. I have the 1020. Bought it as soon as it came available. I've considered getting a newer Lumia because of the improvements in the software I can't get on my 1020, but I haven't because despite its "flaws", the 1020 still has the best camera in a smartphone, and I don't want to give that up. But, to each their own.
  • Don't get me wrong, as I stated the 1020 is still the meca in pure view and I love it and I brag about it. But I have some concerns about it:
    1.- It takes forever for the Nokia camera to load (the moment was gone).
    2.-I don't like to share only a poor 5mp version of the awesome photo I took, editing in PS express even seems to shrink quality even more but I'm not sure). The 34mp version ends only in my PC. I wish there was an option to get a 10mp instead.
    3.-it's laggy already, I'm running 8.1.1 without Cyan so that may fix it.
    4.- it gets really hot, it's annoying and uncomfortable. Don't get too fanboyish about the iPhone thing, I love tech as much as you all do but I am impartial. Apple products are great too. It's camera it's really fast and quite good. Not as good as my 1020's but I own a DSLR
  • Meh.. I'm partial to my 808 as the "meca in pureview".
  • You have to take into account that normally when a new device with a new camera comes out, there's always room for improvement on the software side of things. Those improved camera algorithms were meant to fix existing issues with the latest 20 MP cameras on Lumia phones. The 1020 got its own share of fixes with previous updates. It's not like applying fixes for another camera is going to make the 1020 take better photos than it already is =P
  • Maybe but its clear that Lumia kind of forgot about the 1020 long time ago. I love mine but I hope 1030 is around the corner with beefier specs than the icons. It's too niche to be on par with its brothers don't you think?
  • That's what I've been saying too.
  • That would be a very disappointing move from Microsoft but probably that's what is going to happen.. For sure no 4K video there. Probably the improvements in the camera app will be found also on the older lumias..
  • Some of it I kinda get. I think they probably need the quad core processor. It's just disappointing, because I really want a 1030, lol.
  • Yup, I agree.  WP needs a hero device.  I guess there is the HTC One, but nothing for Lumia's.  The closest they got is the 930, which in the Android world is pretty average hardware.  It's definitely good enough, but nothing to get anyone excited.
  • Why is the 930 average in hardware? The processor is a slightly older model, but it's not a world of difference by any means. 930 and the One M8 are both hero devices in my opinion, both of them with features some of the best Android devices lack (OIS on Galaxy S5? Nope - Pureview supersampling on the HTC M8? Forget about it)
  • Because it's a year old, you can buy a Nexus 5 for $300 with that processor.  Which is cheaper than Lumia 830 and unlocked.  A good collection of midrange devices is fine, but I'd like to see a true hero device, pushing the bleeding edge.  Give me a 1030, with that camera and a snapdragon 805.  That would be something to get excited about.  Not just using the same hardware android had a year ago.  I have a 920, and my wife a 1020, I love the camera on hers.  But that lag is just murder.
  • I really dislike it when reviewers criticize a phone for not having the very latest and greatest processor. Especially when it's a difference such as the 800 vs the 801. The differences between those two are negligible, especially on Windows Phone. So when a reviewer takes points out from, say for example, the Lumia 930, I get a bit sad because it really doesn't make much of a difference for normal daily usage or even for power-users. So you get comments such as: "The phone is speedy and everything runs smoothly with barely a loading screen" and a couple of paragraphs below "but it should have had the latest generation processor". I want to ask those reviewers: why? Why does it need to have that latest generation processor? Please, list to me the advantages that it would gain. Now, a change from the S4 to the 800 is completely justifiable. We saw that today with the features in Lumia Denim that will not come to previous phones because they don't have the features hardware-wise. But Lumia 800 is certainly not a bad point for a phone that was released a few months ago.
  • The advantage is that you can show your competition that you're capable of leading the way.  You show your fans that we can have a great range of devices but at the top end, nobody else can match our specs.  The LG G3 has a 2560x1440 screen.  Which for most people is unnoticably better compared to 1080p.  They knew that, but they didn't do it to improve the experience.  They did it to show the world that they were the best.
  • The thing is, no phone can have the best of everything. It's virtually impossible. You want to create the longest battery life? Well, you're probably gonna have to forget about having the smallest phone. You want the fastest processor ever? Expect that battery to drain faster. Need the best camera on a phone? That thing obviously takes some space on the device which will make it thicker.  Some Android phones are going for fastest processor, others are going for highest resolution screen, some are going for best note-taking. All those things come with their own trade-offs. Samsung for example has been using cheaper plastic designs so that they could instead invest on processors and biometrics. Nokia chose to bet on best camera with the Lumia 1020, which meant having a bump on the back of the device. The Lumia 920 had the first OIS camera phone and wireless charging, but that meant having one hell of a brick for a phone. And I'd say they still kick ass when it comes to raw camera quality against the competition (at least in photos), even on their current flagship. Nokia's flagship might not have the best processor then, but it has invested in other things. Sensore Core for example. Pureview. Wireless charging. You are only focusing on "the processor is from last year" without giving any consideration to the rest of the package.
  • That's my point, Microsoft has nothing in this generation of it's product line, which includes 7 or 8 devices, that has any processor newer than the last generation's processing capability.  The 1020 camera is fantastic.  Waiting 3 seconds between every picture, not so much.  I'm still hoping there's a 1030 announcement on the horizon.  Cause none of the existing line up, has what I want.
  • 1520+1020 camera...
  • Snapdragon 805, 3 gigs of ram, 1020 camera, 5 inch screen with display memory, wireless charging case contacts, Icons microphones, 64 gigs of storage built in, SD expansion. That is my dream phone.
  • With a removable back for access to the battery. If they released a 5in and 6in version on all carriers, many would buy it, especially around the holidays...
  • Unfortunately your correct.
    Also 1020 user here.
    No living images
    No continuous auto focus
    No 4k
    And the rest...will see
    Heck the first two features which I mentioned are SERIOUSLY CAPABLE WITH THE 1020's chip. Living images work UNTIL NOW IN NOKIA CAMERA BETA.
    CAF really??? New hardware required??? Care to explain how the Galaxy S3 with the same chipset able to do that???
    And finally 4k, two doubts I got. One how can the S400 capture 4k? Is it capable of doing that? If yes than I don't see a reason not include in the 1020 since the s400 and s4 have same processing power.
    But we can do is say. Nothing else
  • S400 and the s4 pro are alike but the s400 is quad core and has a better graphics card in it, it can be clocked higher. So 4k is not possible in the s4 pro but everything else should work just fine, I do have my doubts with continuous auto focus maybe its because the 41 mp sensor its too big for the chip..
  • S4 pro is quad core. Lumia 1020 has S4 plus which is dual core. A big mistake you did there.
    Also you can read my comment below...
  • Processor confusion but you understood, and you are right about the other things these updates bring to the table and never come to older devices " Miracast".
  • Sorry... The 1020 has the camera that I capable of 4k capture, but not the processor... It will not come to the 1020.
  • What about the S400?? Is it enough powerful to do that?
    Edit: Also the 4k video recording doesn't bother to me as it will take alot of space so I am interested in that so ok I accept my 1020 is not capable of it due to processor but what about CAF? Living images??? (living images works flawlessly on my 1020 Nokia camera Beta TILL NOW)
    These things are right? If not then I have given an example already so yeah why these are not included? Because of the processer or Nokia doesn't want too!
  • No HyperKid.. no 4K and no "Hey Cortana" for SD400... so its a no for the Lumia 830 :( oh how much i wished the 830 came with SD800
  • Yeah I have seen that too but these features like hey Cortana and 4k don't bother to me as I literally don't use these features. What I am trying to say is that the CAF and living images are not in 1020 as its processor is capable but they didn't included in it. Also the most disappointing news is that lumia camera will also be coming to SELECTED LUMIAS ONLY!
    What a disappointment. I should have have bought the 1520 when I had the chance!!!!!!!
  • i guess they will just ignore your comment and logic . and do whatever the bullsh*t they want with the devices . 1020 is a low-end device for them now. forget about 4k recording , even a 10min video recored on a 1020 at 1080p @24fps  takes about 1.5GB[avg] space on the memory .. so what would it produce at 4k?? ?? :O ... no need for me also .. but CAF ??? yeah it's not such a huge memory eating feature .. even some phones with 1gb ram and  dual core cpu has that ... and here we are talking about the legendery 41MP sensor and the most funny part is IT DOESN"T HAVE CONTINOUS AUTO FOCUS . heck with this MS business policy
  • 4k not that important, but HDR????
  • Yeah, also waiting for a native HDR photo feature solution here.. Currently using 4blend HDR app but it feels like it lacks something..
  • Yeah.. that makes me sad as it's their most capable camera, and yet the newest features, according to this press release at least, are completely skipping over it. I only bought my 1020 two months ago.. i want to be wrong but somehow know I won't be..
  • As a 1020 user, I am very disappointed. It's just, I knew i should I have bought the 1520 when I had the chance but I though maybe just maybe the 1020 is so powerful in camera department that any new camera feature coming in the future would come in the 1020 but who would have thought that only the new things would be for the QUAD CORE ONLY!
  • yeah i'm in the same boat as you, seems like quad cores would get new features and not anything less
  • Well then, 1520 for me then...
  • ^This
  • This leads me to believe that Microsoft botched the timing of the Lumia 1020 and I will be starting a thread soon about this.
  • Microsoft didn't botch anything. Nokia released the 1020. And what were they supposed to do, wait until a better processor came available for features they didn't know they'd be designing? That's like never buying a new PC because a newer better chipset is always just around the corner.
  • Yes you are correct. Microsoft didn't both the release of the 1020. I'm talking about the timing of everything. How many months after the release of the 1020 did Microsoft upgrade it's OS standards to be able to take advantage of 1020p screens and S800 chipsets? I feel like it wasn't that long of a gap. Maybe I am wrong(I need to check the timeline) but it feels like they announced the 1520 not long after and then the Icon and 930 after that. I feel like the hardware was made obsolete for future software enhancements in less than 5 months and the consumers had no clue. I'm saying that Nokia should've held off on the launch of such an iconic device until Microsoft upgraded the OS features to avoid this exact scenario. Every piece of tech becomes limited at some point but the 1020 is only a little over a year old and a phone of this caliber, a phone with a 41 megapixel camera should have been thought of in a "for the long run" scenario and not a "let's just release the phone without thinking of tomorrow" scenario. The 1020 is not some budget, cheaply made phone. It is a premium flagship that should've been fully upgradeable software wise for at least two years. I wouldn't even be as disappointed if there was a confirmed 1020 coming soon but I've vented enough. I'll be waiting for a true flagship to come to light(besides the 1520 which has just about everything just in a larger than ideal size). I just don't get their logic.
  • Most powerful camera, but older chipset. If there was stability issues, like having the living images causing issues with the 1020, then they would leave it out. If they figure it out, great. If not, I knew I was buying a year old phone that was going to be on the slower end when I got my 1020. I'm just happy they got the camera to load and shoot faster with the recent updates.
  • Its just like some phones had lte capable cpu but not new enough or no antenna to support it
  • probably due to the fact nokia went with the bone headed choice of the inferior chipset instead of snap dragon 8xx
  • While most of us 1020 user can understand that not ALL new feature can hit our device, what I do not understand is why do Nokia/Microsoft remain so vague or silent on exactly what will come to WP8.0 generation devices. They just seem to ignore the other Pureview, the most capable, the 1020 amongst others. It's ok to have a table saying with features for rows and devices for columns, we wouldn't rant. But we just have "some features, such as Lumia Camera, may not come to certain devices". It sounds as Jeeves & Wooster, lol "I was given to understand that some older devices might admittedly enjoy less features whilst receiving Denim".
  • It's all about the 930 and 1520 now... :/
  • Yess they getting full on priorities
  • it is not about priority. It is hardware limit. When you buy a PC with 32 bit cpu you can't complain that it can't run 64 bit apps.
  • it's not like that. They can still improve things, maybe not as much as some is hardware dependent and the fact WP trails android in most areas. They are just catching up to what you paid for. In a way is sad WP underutilizes what it runs on. A testament to MSFT sheer incompetence after 3 years of struggling...they can't even take advantage of the chipsets they run on.
  • Will Lumia Denim be available for Lumia 1320/1020/925/920/820/720...........etc? Got my answer: It's coming!!! (  
  • But it's not clear what's coming to (let's say) 1020 and what's not coming. I asked Juha Alakarhu to get some clarification. I'm afraid we'll only get that rebranded "nokia glam me" as a consolation.
  • I know :( But at least we are getting WP8.1 Update officially
  • Microsoft really needs to add an option to the Developer Preview to include firmware updates, because "[a]dditional handsets will get Lumia Denim after partner testing and approvals" is code for won't be coming to most handsets due to carrier interference.
  • Sweet! HDR, I've been expecting you!
  • I missed that part.
  • Icon will receive the update approximatively 4 years after the rollout beginning. Cool, can't wait for it !!
  • Hahhahahahahahahaha
  • So my 1520 will record in 4K?
  • Yes❗ It most definitely will.. That was explicitly announced... Pretty cool❗❗
  • What the heck with the "❗❗" in your messages dude ?
  • You must be new...he loves doing that
  • Haha yeah I see that, I just finally cracked today and decided to ask..
  • He's using the app and I think they're the exclamation points on the WP emoticon keyboard. If you look at his comments through the app you can see what they actually are.
  • Well thank you sir, that's one mystery solved ;)
  • What about it❓
  • Actually that was precisely my question, but it has been answered already. Thanks anyway.
  • Is that real 4K video or just some short burst mode? The description at Conversations makes it sound like just some short burst mode.
  • It is real 4K video.
  • Moment Capture – A long press of the camera button starts 4K-quality video recording at 24 FPS. With each frame at 8.3 megapixels, you can save individual frames as high quality still images.
    First, 4k-quality. Not 4k. And it doesn't say anything about switching to video mode and recording a 4k video. It says you can save indiviual frames. So from that I get that you can capture a short clip and choose the best image to save. It is most definitely not what anyone thinks of as 4k video. That would mean that in the video capture settings there is a 2160p/25Hz setting along with the 1080 and 720 modes.
  • I think you are reading beyond the words.  They say *video* is captured in 24FPS @ 8.3 megapixel per frame, and 4K in 16:9 is actually 8.3megapixel.  So it is definitely 4K.  The extra option is allowing you to save any frame as a still.  It's pretty clear.
  • I think you're trying hard to find a flaw in what is otherwise simple: have 4K video which you can save a still from. However I'm not sure if snapdragon 800 has this capability baked into the hardware, or if it is all software based meaning it would be a battery hog if it was the latter. I guess we'll see.
  • I think everyone else is reading too much into it. They still don't say anywhere you can save the 4k video, only that you can pick stills from it.
  • It would probably require less processing power for the phone to capture raw images at 24FPS than to try and create a video on the fly, which would require compression. If this is true, then, yes, it will be a pain to create a shareable video from your 4k "recording" (really an image sequence), but it will also be of vastly better quality as uncompressed TGA (or the like) image sequence vs. a highly compressed h.264 .mp4. It will also take up a significant amount of space. I'm particularly intrigued by this capability because I work for a company that specializes in uncompressed image sequence playback. Our top end is far beyond 4k24 (8k120 in some scenarios), but there's a dearth of uncompressed live action content in 4k. This will possibly be a resource for me to scratch my filmmaking itch for work. Maybe I can even get the company to buy me a 1520.3 so I can get the update before 2015 (currently using Icon). :)
  • If you watch the "hands on" video,, then they do actually mention that you can manually choose 2160p/24 in the camera settings. I don't know why they didn't just say "record 4k video" in the first place instead of the unclear way they said it in the press releases.
  • "4K Quality" - I'm still skeptical.
  • Yea, me too. When I see True 4K recording and get the update and see the option when recording video, then I will be impressed.
  • So, what color starts with E❓
  • Emerald ;)
  • Emerald❗❗❗❗❗ That has to be the firmware for update 2.
  • I also hope so, it's an amazing colour. Love the emerald gemstones (the artificial ones look much better though).
  • Extremely yellow?
  • So denim is really a name for a color?
  • Any name can be a name for a color. There's no rules.. Car manufactures make up names to describe colors all of the time....
    Plus, Microsoft never said their names were strictly tied down to colors... Did they?
  • Eggshell White :)
  • I was thinking eggshell too.
  • "Earwax orange"
  • Yours is orange!?!? Whoa.....
  • Ew
  • Hoping I'll still get this on the 920, I know I wont get 4k though haha. No plan on replacing at the moment without a new high end flagship with new specs. Looks like we might be waiting until Windows 9 threshold for a 1030 :'(
  • Same here! Was really hoping for a GOOD and decent flagship phone to replace my 920 but no luck!
  • Yea I got my 920 at Australian launch, so contract runs out in November. There really isn't any high end flagship worth signing up for a 24 month contract. By the end of 24 months a brand new flagship is feeling dated, let alone the dated flagships Windows Phone will have by November. I'm too much of a tech junkie to slum it with low end flagships either.
  • I got mine on the UK launch and running out mid November. I feel exactly the same... Was hoping for a 1020 successor to replace my still-shiny red 920! Now I'm looking other ways...
  • There is a fair few of us in that boat I think.... November is one of my contract end dates as well. Come on MS we need a flagship stat!
  • Yes! My 930 is ready, MS!
  • I can see you Flipboard
  • I hope this is a teaser.
  • this is what i've been wanting on 1520... <3   i hope it comes soon!
  • It is ugly, slow and not a priority to them. I've had the beta forever and it isn't even getting updates anymore (or for a while).
  • May be fliboard bundled with denim, the icon is apparent.....:p
  • And this is why I choose Lumia :)
  • flipboard not announced....but image has flipboard,
  • They've teased us for so long.
  • Nice spot!
  • Will all Lumia phones running Lumia cyan get Lumia denim?
  • Yes,but not all will get the same features.
  • 1020 got Cyan but let's be fair, we mainly received the OS (8.1) and nothing "Lumia specific" via the FW. I hope the 1020 users will get some Lumia love with Denim.   But yes, all 8.1 Lumia devices will get it, as it will ship 8.1 GDR 1.
  • can't wait for updated glance on my 820 :) hopefully some sweet deals will come up so i can score an 830
  • I'm sure the Denim firmware will hit most Lumia WP8x devices. But of course the older devices may not be able to use some of the new tech due to hardware limitations.
  • Probably have to wait until mars/april next year until my 1520 get it, just so I can get a new phone on contract in may.
  • hurrah my Nokia Lumia 1520 will wait patiently*^^*
  • What i'm really waiting for is firmware to fix the overheating and purplish display of the 930.
  • Wtf? Take it back man..... Mine's fine!
  • If it can record 4k at 24fps is there a chance that it can record 60fps at 720p or 1080p resolution?
  • That would be far more useful. Proper slow motion - yes please.