Lumia Denim is now available for Lumia 830 owners in Canada

It looks like Microsoft has pulled the trigger on yet another Lumia Denim rollout in North America. We have received reports that the Lumia 830 in Canada is the latest smartphone to get the firmware update.

We will note that at this time, Microsoft's official North American support page (opens in new tab) does not show the Denim update being available for the Lumia 830 in Canada. However, we have received reports via email and on Twitter that the update is being pushed out right now on Rogers, Bell Mobility and other carriers. The OS version has been changed to 8.10.14234.375 while the firmware version number for the update is 02040.00021.15063.02001.

This update will finally enable the new Lumia Camera 5.0 with faster startup times, fixed issues with Netflix and greater support for Microsoft accessories.

Hopefully, this means we will see the US version of the Lumia 830 receive the Denim update in the very near future.

Need help getting your OS updated? Read our how-to article on the topic or head into our Lumia 830 forums!

Thank to Ian via email, as well as Mathieu Gagnon and James Ng on Twitter for the tips!

John Callaham
  • México! Please T_T
  • I'm with Iusacell using a Lumia 1020 (a factory unlocked one) and I received denim today, I just uncheck preview for developers, search for new updates and bam!
  • Telcel? T_T
  • Preview for developers is active in your phone?
  • Nope, is new, out of the box
  • Exactly!
  • 1520 in the Netherlands, now! Please?
  • Also here in Brazil but it failed to install.
  • Actually in Brazil is already available, but only by recovery tool, OTA maybe next week
  • Lumia Recovery Tool it's still showing old Denim of L830 for me, also Nokia Suite Care :/
  • really? didn't got any notification here... :S BTW if I have Developer Preview installed I'll still get Denim, right?
  • Yes, but in some cases you have to uncheck the program, and try again.
  • Woah! Good one! Worked and I've got Denim OTA, preparing to install rn (Lumia 830 CV)
  • Let this be the first(?), in Canada, of many. Now for the older models.
  • I got so excited and then I read Canada. Oh well, att will come through
  • I dunno if they will... At this point I feel it's a kind of torture from their side, haha.
  • Att sucks!
  • This is not att's fault. They don't get the FW update from MS they can't do anything.
  • The have had the update and refused to release it... It is their fault
  • Source of your information?
  • I thought att launched with denim.
  • It launched with faux denim... No lc5... And it is att fault they have had the update and have yet to finish testing...
  • I was informed by MS that they are working on this with att
    here is my source: and here:
  • This isn't a source, it's a forum lol... You can hear or read anything you want on the internet... Bottom line is MS has long ago released the update to carriers(Att) then it is up to them to test and approve the ota... Virtually every other 830 has the update except att
  • still no source for your information. Yes, I agree with you. You can read anything you want on the internet. 
  • What source do you want??? The facts are fact... Pretty sure your full blown retarded at this point! Fact is that's the way updates are released, everybody knows this. And the only reason att 830 users don't have denim is because of att not MS , FACT!
  • hold your horses and don't call people retarded because they don't agree with you.  have a nice day and be happy with your facts
  • also, if you read the thread here you will see that there is a carrier-free unlocked variant sold from MS in the US which has NOT been updated. Nothing to do with ATT.
  • What that got to do with Att sucking for not releasing the update???? Your idiotic self just wants to start a fight... Kick rocks
  • Still no source.
  • There data does, yeh, but great phones!
  • 1520 in US NEXT!!!! ....oh wait...nvm
  • I already have denim on my 1520... USA
  • At last!!!!
  • 930 CV - Brazil released and installed :)
  • I tried also, but it cancels always with the error 8018830f.  I did not install the PFD. I tried with different languages , but nothing. What could be the problem?
  • If you ever had pfd installed in the past then you first need to fully update pfd, then uncheck pfd after pfd has been updated, and only then your denim update will be available. I had the same error code...
  • Thank you, but I never had installed the PFD. I bought the smartphone with Cyan preinstalled. I installed the Colombian denim and went back to Brazil CV cyan. 
  • Glad on the L830 news.
  • Awesome! I'm going to be buying an 830 soon so it's nice to know I can download the latest firmware right away!
  • Will denim update support lumia 925???
  • Yes.
  • 1020 in México pls!
  • Lol what's this? Lumia 830 came with Denim out of the box ever since it was launched... No?
  • Oh God. This is getting boring.
  • What are you talking about? I have a Lumia 830 that I bought several months ago, it had Denim right from the start.
  • It was like a Denim "lite". The new camera features weren't compatible.
  • Well the point is the article is misleading. The 830 had Denim from the start, only now it's getting a few features that were missing before.
  • "It had Denim from the start, just you know, none of the actual announced Denim features!" SMH
  • Okay okay. Apparently it's not okay to comment the wording of articles/headlines here. I surrender, it is completely logical to say the 830 gets Denim allthough it already had Denim... Shame on me for claiming otherwise.
  • MrPhilcorda, I think the issue is that you have been pussyfooting around with the comments.  Your first several seemed to indicate you had no idea what you were talking about, and didn't understand that the Denim that is on the 830 is completely crippled as far as nearly every important new feature is concerned.  If your post had said something like this: "Why does the title of the article say that the 830 is getting Denim when it already had Denim before?  I understand that it wasn't the full version with Lumia Camera 5, but it did have a version of Denim." You would have received a lot less critical responses because you were being clear with your point, rather than simply seeming ignorant of the 830 Denim situation. I suppose the title of the article could have been more clearly worded as "Lumia Denim Final is now available for...".  However, it's hard to blame WC as afaik there is no official term Microsoft uses to differentiate between the gimped version of Denim and the real version. Just some advice for the future...
  • It has an old version of denim, we need the newest version to use the new camera app
  • It has Denim, but not the version of Denim that actually gets you any of the cool new features.
  • So the title of the article should be: "Lumia 830 gets cool new features". Now it sounds like it was running amber up until now.
  • Ffs, are you just trolling or have you no clue what has been happening with the 830 for the last 6 months? We've been waiting for the features demoed at release but as of yet unavailable, namely LC5 with Rich Capture and fast start, because we needed the update to the Denim update. These are not "cool new features", but the features that were supposed to be in the phone when we bought them.
  • Chill fgaudet, I've had the 830 since the day it came out and I've been waiting as eagerly as anyone else for all the new features. I'm just referring to the headline wording which makes it sound like it didn't have Denim before, which it did. And by the way, the 830 was not supposed to have those features from the beginning, it was made very clear from the start they will come in a future update. Next time maybe think for a few moments before replying so you don't have to misunderstand things and get very angry for no reason. ;)
  • I'm not sure where you thought it was made "very clear" that the 830 would be getting Denim but not the Denim that allows all the valuable features.  It seemed that MS purposely misled everyone on this to me... the only way someone would find out was when they bought it or read a review after the units came out.  Even then I don't think it was clear that 830 owners had to wait for a firmware update to get LC5... I think most thought they were just waiting for LC5 to be released.  The fact that it's four months later and AT&T 830 still doesn't have Denim is frustrating indeed.  If I'm incorrect and it was clearly stated somewhere, please let me know.  I am actually pretty irked by Microsoft's handling of this whole situation. (BTW I don't have an 830 but my brother and sister-in-law do.)
  • Wen in India?
  • My phone says up to date and its running OS version 8.10.14219.341. Lumia camera app still doesn't work. I do have preview for developers installed. Any idea why I am not getting update?
  • Uncheck the dev preview program, restart and try again.
  • This worked, thanks alot for the tip!
  • Nothing for my Telus 830 yet..I'm hopeful this brings a Netflix fix, even more than the camera upgrade
  • It does. Fixed Netflix for me
  • Wow I thought I was on the only one who couldn't play netflix videos!  Thank goodness this is fixed.
  • Likewise, Telus L830, nothing yet. Will check every 2 minutes.  [:-)
  • Can confirm, nothing yet on Telus (8:20pm). Its not listed on their software update page either. :/
  • I thought it came with the update already.
  • It does, but this is denim 2.0 with the new camera, etc..
  • +920
  • LOL buddy I have a 920 too but don't hold your breath.
  • What about 1020 owners around the planet?!?!?!?!?!
  • Go out and take pictures with the superior camera, Lumia camera sucks!
  • What are you talking about? Most 1020 owners have had Denim for a fair while now (I've had it for at least 2 weeks!).
    Make sure you have opted out of Dev Preview.
  • All but a small number of countries. I myself am still waiting for Denim CV in the Netherlands. :(      
  • My Lumia 830 (Rogers) didn't get the update yet :(
  • It might be slowly rolling out. Check again later?
  • Maybe :)
  • Uncheck dev preview?
  • I'll try
  • You were right! Thanks :) I've unchecked dev preview and the update had a notification :D
  • Nothing on Roger's network yet...
  • Give it 4 hrs.
  • I installed the firmware update a few hours ago, and I am on the Rogers' network. As mentioned previously, opt out of Preview for Developers and recheck for updates. The first thing I noticed was how quickly the camera app loaded.
  • Just got my android 5.1 update for Nexus 5. Hoping that MS releases a new flagship Lumia or two soon, really wanting to jump over but not with dated hardware.
  • I feel like an Indian posting this, but American Lumia 1020s are waiting!
  • Hope you get it soon. Btw, India has largely received Denim already.
  • It's worth the wait. My 1020 is brilliant after Denim. Silky smooth, fully working battery saver brightness, & most importantly, a complete resolution for the freeze problem!
  • Got it now... Had to turn off PFD and reboot my device.... Weird but downloading now on Roger's network.... Fun right ?
  • If your region is switched, do you still get updates from your carrier?
  • Yes.
  • By the time Microsoft roll out Denim on all phones Windows 10 will already be out, cause they moving slower than a snail.
  • What is going I at all?? We're all waiting for a decent os that isn't coming! Drip feeding nonsense updates that the os should have had years ago!! Glance screen...oohh! Separate volume control..ohh notification! Come on!! Ms are not bothered about this system at all!! They think they have to that's why they do it. I was supplied an iphone 6 from work, I begrudgingly took it they wouldn't change it to a 930 I was stuck with it..tut!I installed all the apps I had on my 925, I wsd aghast! At how superior ms own apps are on ios!!! I ve slowly but surely been turned away from my 925 now.i no longerwait for crumbs from just is nt worth the battle of insider previews thus that the other for bits of nothing! Move over to a decent os
  • You angry... Have a
  • I lold irl ;)
  • Bout time. Now I can stop feeling bitter everytime I see a headline about denim updates haha. Looking forward to trying out Lumia camera 5!
  • Yep! Happy camper now. Seems faster!
  • YES! Best news I've gotten all week.
  • Honestly you guys are so behind on news!
  • Carrier Bell in Canada.. My wife's 830 is getting the update now My 830 is running Wondows 10 TP... nothing, Maybe I need to roll back to get it????
  • You won't get an update from windows 10 to 8.1. That would be going backwards.
  • Maybe I need to go back to Windows 8.1 in order to get the Denim update.....
  • Why? W10 is newer then 8.1
  • It worked, I went back to 8,1 , and now the Denim update is loading..   That is why I went back.... I wasnt that fast camera update. I played with it on my wife's 830 - really nice. the video is excellent too.
  • Is it not just a firmware update...?
  • Denim in Indonesia -Lumia 925-
  • 1520 Win 10.
    Wen in US??
    We need to seem faster.
  • Got it on my 1520 on Telus a while ago... I was going to name my cat Cortana... Glad I didn't... Imagine the confusion...
  • What?  1520 was never sold by telus?
  • TELUS didnt have a 1520. U got it when your phone got it.
  • True I got the phone on ebay... But I'm on telus, sorry for the confusion.
  • That moment when third world countries are getting denim before Canada.
  • Canada gets everything last....or we just don't get it at all. *cough*Every high end Lumia in existence*cough*
  • Not only updates. Devices as well. It's sad.
  • No love just yet on my Lumia 830 in Vancouver on Telus. Just checked.
  • Yahhhhhhhhhh!
  • When in Canada lumia1020??
  • When in Philippines (Lumia 830)??? :s
  • About time
  • I got it for my unlocked Lumia 1520 a few weeks ago
  • About time...
  • I'm never buying another device from any of these carrier's in Canada again. All we get up here are low or mid range wp devices.
    I'm going full on unlocked. Since I got my 1520 from last month it has been amazing. I also got my Denim update weeks ago.
  • Downloading now.
  • Is it me? or is the rich capture feature no avaioable on the 830 with LC5?  Cause i dont see in anywhere, and I just intalled it on my Rogers Lumia 830
  • Give me my daily Denim news. Separate information per device, country and carrier, please. Don't forget to keep that up with W10... Sic!
  • I'm installing it on my SaskTel Lumia 830 right now. Finally get to take full advantage of the new Lumia Camera features
  • Nothing on a Telus Lumia 830 in Ontario yet
  • Nothing on Telus Lumia 830 in BC here either.
  • What about in Portugal for Lumia 630 DS CV?
  • Impatiently waiting for denim on my 635 at&t
  • I'm waiting for Windows 10 this summer. Not updating anymore.
  • Hey Microsoft! Do you forget about Lumia 520 users of Bangladesh to release denim :(
  • Updating my Brazilian 930 CV to denim :)
  • got lumia denim on my lumia 830 and i am in canada...
  • I installed the update yesterday on my Lumia 830 on the Fido network and now I'm noticing the navigation buttons aren't as intuitive. The back button is especially difficult to use now. Has anyone else noticed this problem?
  • Yes, the back button isn't as responsive as it used to be. Often times I give up and lock the phone, when I go back to it later the buttons work. Also on Fido...
  • I had the same problem after the update. I sent my lumia 830 for authorized and put an old ROM , then all buttons now function normally ! Definitely a bug in Lumia Denim ...
  • Come on USoA!!
  • Telus not having this update is depressing.  
  • Yep not sure what's with that, according to some their Telus L830 got it already but was it another variant purchased elsewhere?
  • How about Cortana in Canada natively? It's only been more than a year.
  • On Fido - installing now!
  • ?? My friend had denim on 830 over a month ago... (Rogers Canada)
  • The L830 did come w/Denim out of the box but it was an older version, this "NEW" Denim update will allow L830 owners to take advantage of Lumia Camera 5 etc.
  • Just checked MS Lumia update availability page and it's showing Bell and Rogers as being available, still showing "not available yet" for Telus, the wait continues :(... Have to say those that claimed they got the Telus update had a non-carrier phone or Telus pulled it for whatever reason.
  • installing on my Fido L830. Had to turn off Developer Preview to get it
  • So, it seems the issues I was having with the navigation button (particularly, the BACK button) was because of the screen protector. Prior to the update I didn't have any issues at all. I even tested my theory by resetting my phone to the original factory state and the navigation buttons worked fine. Then, when I reset the phone to a state after I installed the firmware update the navigation buttons didn't function properly. However, removing the screen protector solved the problem. I performed this exercise a few times just to be sure.
    So, I'm wondering if it was possible for MS to reduce the sensitivity of the navigation buttons in the new firmware. That would be strange, indeed, if it were true.
  • Got the update from TELUS today.
    It does not have "hey Cortana"even when you switch regions.