Lumia Storyteller 4.0

Microsoft today has pushed out a significant update to their Lumia Storyteller app. Version 4.0 is now live on the Store for those with Lumia Windows Phone, and it is quite the update indeed.

Although no changelog is included, we have been comparing two versions for the last few minutes and the alterations are substantial.

Lumia Storyteller 4.0 compare

Lumia Storyteller

  • New Timeline UI that looks more like the native Photos Hub
  • New black background (instead of white)
  • Smaller pivot categories so you can see more
  • Places now has a 3D spinning globe
  • Online stories category to publish stories at
  • Video stories are now merged into timeline

Lumia Storyteller has always been one of those apps that we enjoyed, but put to the side. However, today's update has us rethinking our usage of the app as the improvements are jaw-droppingly gorgeous if you ask us.

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Lumia Storyteller 4.0 compare

The creation of the online site is a fantastic way to save and share your creations and the new UI, layout and color scheme make us want to show this app off to others. Maybe it is just us though, so let us know in comments what you think!

Thanks, Joenar A., Doss N., Daniel L, and others for the tips!

QR: storyteller