Lumia and Mac owners, be sure to download the latest version of Nokia Photo Transfer

In this busy, busy week in tech, Apple dropped the latest update to OS X, 10.9 Mavericks, and with it some apps have started to experience problems. One of those, at least on my Mac, is Nokia Photo Transfer. It seems to be pretty widespread, with problems detailed in the Nokia support forums, as well as in the Windows Phone Central forums. The good news; there is an easy fix. 

I only downloaded the software for the first time in the last two weeks, and whatever version that was ceased working with Mavericks. Luckily, the latest version available to download from Nokia seems to rectify any problems, and all is well again. So, if you're having issues, drop by the link below and grab the latest copy of Nokia Photo Transfer. If it solves your problems, be sure to let us know. 

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  • Ohh
  • Oh good. I was wondering why it wasn't working properly.
  • How is this different to the regular Windows Phone app? We can already browse the entire phone with it, so not sure how this is any better?
  • Sounds like a Mac issue. Whatever a "Mac" is.
  • "Mac" is short for Macintosh, as in the computer made by Apple. :P
  • What's Apple?
  • This is a Mac app
  • Yeah, I know that! We have the Microsoft made Windows Phone app, and I want to know why the Nokia version, other than being primarily for our Lumia devices, is better than the regular one. :)
  • When it works, it works very well. A very quick and simple way to pull your photos off your Lumia onto your Mac :)
  • It makes it easy to transfer the Hi-res photos from the 1020, thats all it does.. export photos
  • The MS Windows Phone app/desktop utility copy only "low res" (non 30+ megapixel) photos to your PC *and* all photos from your phone are always copied to your PC in you From Phone Name\Camera Roll\ album.
    Every photo ever taken on your phone is one folder!? ROTFL it sucks!
    I stopped using the Windows Phone Windows app when I got my Lumia 1020 and now my 79yo mother with here 1020 also stopped using the MS designed app and now uses the 2+ year old Windows Live Photo Gallery to download and organize all her photos and videos.
    I wish there was an equivalent app for Windows 8 (RT) and I am praying that Nokia releases a superior app for their 2520 and allows it to run on my Shrface2.
    As much as MS wants to grow WP market share and gain respect for a more modern phone platform, they don't follow through - only phone platform with dedicated camera button (check
    interchangeable lenses (check)
    Directly post photos to social networks (check)
    tag photos (check)
    Offline fully integrated cloud/SkyDrive Photo album integration (check)
    Auto backup of photos (check) ... and I'm sure I'm missing some advantages too. But as much as Microsoft wants to promote their phone platform as the "camera phone" they haven't given people who take photos a way to organize, manage and edit the photos that they take.
  • This. I can't believe the snail's pace with which MS moves these days. It's as if they haven't realized that they're in third place, and need to catch up real fast. They need to get their act together. 
  • I just use the regular Windows Explorer in "Media" view and organize my photos using folders.
  • I want to know this too.
  • Ehhh, to me it kinda feels like a dumbed down Image Capture (although you can't use it with the Lumia for whatever reason). You can import aswell as export, and you have a choice of what folder it goes to.
    Unlike the Windows Phone app, it won't import the pictures twice with just a -2, -3, etc added at the end. So good enough for me.
  • I don't have the chance to use this app yet, but for the regular Windows Phone app, it does not suite me when transfering photo/images and videos. That app is importing them to iPhoto, which I never use. I'd rather import these files into a folder I specify so I can organize it well. This is a must since I use dual boot MBP where iPhoto database is non accessible on Bootcamp's Windows.
  • unison? I like the sound of these hybrid folk, but one question: why not Windows OS on your tablet or PC?
  • Personal preference mostly. I like osx a lot, but I'm not a fan of iOS.
  • Windows Phone works better compared to Android when it comes to Macs. You can actually sync stuff for one thing.
    I've been a Mac user since the early 90's. I've had Windows machines too, 3.1 to XP, and then I switched back to a Mac in 2006 when they went Intel. I don't have a problem with Windows, it's just that I like that the little things here in there in OS X.
  • Same reason why I love PCs over Macs. Its all personal preference!
    To each his own I say :)
  • I had a Mac once, but only because it came with fries. The third bun had me confused.
  • I use WP for phones, Windows 8 on my home, but for work, I have to use MBP since I'm an iOS developer. So, it's inevitable :)
  • OK, hands up: Who is has a Mac as computer and a Windows Phone as mobile?! o.O
  • Probably less people than owns a Windows machine and an iPhone, but they do exist ;-)
  • Me for years
  • Yes I do
  • So... why do you prefer Windows Phone over iPhone but MacOS over Windows? I would really like to know
  • I've used every phone on the planet from every single OS that matters. 
    iOS got a bit boring and I got tired of paying 800 per phone off contract. 400 on a Lumia was a bargain and time for some change. WP8 is what iOS 7 feels like it should have been.
    Windows is great for all round work, and I'm okay with either. Its personal preference. I run OSX for most of my school related and photography things, Windows for certain apps and games. 
    Why do you act as if it needs to be one or the other? It can be both. I might have a WP8 phone but I've got an iPad for that end of things. Choice is good. 
  • I know, competition is always good for the consumer, but firms like apple and microsoft build their products around ecosystems nowadays. That means, MS products work best if u use WP, W8 PC, W8 tablet, office,, bing, skype, skydrive, xbox, xbox music & video, Internet Explorer. Apple products work best if you use iPhone, iPod, iMac, MacBook, iPad, iCloud, iWorks, iLive, iTunes, Safari.
  • And yet all my devices are able to access most of each others content?  I don't understand why I need to wall myself into just one side and then become a fanboy. Thats why I never understand the "This is better than this" arguments because they make no sense to me.
  • I used the iphone since the 3-5 and I was incredibly bored of it, used a few Androids and they weren't really great phones during the time. 
  • 1. In three years I can sell my macbook air and recoup 70-80% of the amount I paid.
    2. MBA has an intel HD5000 instead of the crappy HD4400 that most windows ultrabooks have.
    3. Battery life is fantastic, cant match it for the price on Windows.
    4. OSX has all of the programs I need, and its gaming library is getting larger by the day.
    5. OSX is fine, its not Windows but Windows is also fine at best.
  • I like the colors in Lumia phones. But when it comes to desktop, I want an os that boots my laptop in 5 seconds like OS X
  • Get an ssd. My laptop boots in 7 secs
  • for 4 years!
  • I do too!
  • I do
  • I do! But i have an iPhone too. The 1020 is for the camera!
    I wish Nokia had discovered the auto update concept, though.
  • Nokia Lumia 920 iMac (Late 2012)
  • I have an iMac and a Lumia 920, but I also have a Surface 2, a Dell Inspiron One desktop and an ageing-but-still-good Dell Studio 17. Horses for courses, I say.
  • Count me in. Although the mac on my hand is office owned, not mine. But I have to use whenever work. So, I'm one of WP and mac user :)
  • I do, As a matter of fact I prefer that Mac/Lumia combination to the PC/iPhone I had before. Now I have great hardware on both platforms! 
  • Richard, this is the first time I have seen cross-posts on Macs and Lumias on this site, please keep it up, I own one of each.
  • Really don't like the food at that McDonalds ❕
  • As long as tethering doesn't work between Lumia phones and Mac laptops, I couldn't care less about a photo transfer tool. I can't believe Nokia hasn't bothered fixing this.
  • It's OK, since I got an iPhone 5s I can't USB tether that to my Mac either. And I'd say that's a more embarrassing issue for someone to fix ;-)
  • Damn, I got excited and read it as Nikon Photo Transfer :/ but now I'll have to check this software out for my Lumia!
  • woooo