Maestro email client launches in full for Windows Phone, free for 24 hours!

Back in September 2014, we announced Maestro, a brand new email client coming for Windows Phone 8.1. The email client promised to be a full-featured app for Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo! Mail. The app entered in a public preview for a few months before going back under wraps for the winter.

Today, Maestro 1.0 is here, and boy has it improved. From new features to performance improvements, Maestro has a clean slate going forward. The developers behind Maestro, Hidden Pineapple, are promising many new features for future builds, including conversations, better avatar support, more gestures, bug fixes, and improvements.

Even better? Maestro runs for $1.99 but if you download it today, it is yours for free forever. This offer is only good for the next 24-hours, so grab it now!

Maestro v1.0 Features

  • Account Themes 
  • Support for Windows Phone 8.1 and later 
  • Gestures (Swipe to Delete, Archive, or Reply) 
  • Favorites 
  • Multiple Accounts with Linked Inbox view 
  • Fast Account Switching 
  • Support for Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo Mail 
  • Label Support for Gmail 
  • Voice commands 

The Maestro UI has a very Windows 10 feel, including those wire-frame icons and performance on our Lumia 1520 feels quite good.

If you have been looking for a new email client, give Maestro a try. Even if it does not meet your needs today, future iterations will build off the solid base seen here today.

If you want to be a part of Maestro, Hidden Pineapple have set up a UserVoice page dedicated to the app. So solicit your ideas, critiques and help shape Maestro going forward! Don't forget to follow them on Twitter for help and questions too at @getmaestro.

More information can be found on their website{.nofollow}.

Download Maestro for Windows Phone 8.1 (Temporarily free)

QR: maestro

Daniel Rubino

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  • hmmmm. I downloaded the beta and got rid of it. Some UI is cool. I will dl this and give it a whirl.
  • Same here will give it another try.
  • The beta was terrible. Now it's actually great!
  • UI looks a bit... Gmail-ish. I haven't really had any problems with the email client WP has now since I learned how to link inboxes, but I'll try it out. EDIT: Meh... it doesn't support very much. Even within the outlook ecosystem I can't add my college's exchange-based email. Does okay with Gmail though I only see the option to refresh every 30m so it's not instant enough for my professional IT email where I can't have a half hour delay between reception and response.
  • Does the Outlook support mean exchange support or just support?
  • Just right now.
  • I installed it and it is useless crap. I can not install my pop3 account and not my office 365 account. What a joke. Waste of time and money
  • Bing translator got an update guys @wcentral @bing @windows_phone
  • #offtopic #thisisn'ttwitter
    I'm not able to download this app. In app list, it's showing attention required but when I tap on it then downloading is stuck on pending for later 10 minutes please help me :(
  • Your internet connection is too slow
  • Shut up man! I got 3.6 mbps downloading speed and I'm able to download another app except this one
  • Go to Sign into your account, then search for the app and down on the left pane of the page you'll find an option for "Download and install manually". Save the .appx or .xap file and copy it to your phone sd card. On your phone go to store tap on the 3 dots (...) install from SD card. Voila!
  • Did you just tell someone trying to help you to shut up?
  • Yes He did, LOL. 
  • That's the server fault, happened to me for several app in the past.
  • Here you go and next time be more polite with others trying to help you. Don't be a bitch. LOL
  • not helping you only to be told to "shut up"
  • The UI is nice, but speed is essential for me, and the native Gmail and outlook are almost instant to open while Maestro takes a small loading time.
  • It keeps on synchronizing, even after delete on next automation sync it shows the same deleted as unread!!
  • Yeah it's unable to sync any of my mails. This problem was with the preview too!
  • Same for me on two different Gmail accounts.
  • Downloaded!
  • Awesome stuff
  • Just downloaded.... Hope we'll have a better native email app in wp10
  • I believe Microsoft intends to integrate key features of Acompli Email into the native email application for WP10. Microsoft acquired Acompli in December last year, and reportedly Acompli is the most feature-rich mobile email client around.
  • Acompli/(Outlook now) on iOS is brilliant. Use it if you have an android or iOS device to know what I'm saying
  • It's Outrageous that iOS and Android both have much better outlook apps than WP...
  • And not only outlook. Office too. :(
  • Cool... Looks like W10 Email Client
  • Got it
  • Gonna use this until the new Outlook arrives.
  • Yeah, looks Windows 10 friendly already!
    Nice app, especially and the UI!
  • They sent me an email about an hour ago with this announcement.  Already downloaded and ready to go.  The preview was nice and the developers were very quick in responding to a quesiton.
  • Got it. Thanx.
    Actually it's pretty good, way better than the previous beta version.
  • Sexy app.
  • It's gotta be black though.
  • That's what she said
  • LOL
  • Some more theme colour would be awesome Sam
  • Rare to see you comment nowadays.....
  • Access denied For me...using win10 TP on L730 :/
  • Same here
  • Access denied for Win10 on L635 too :(
  • It will not work on Windows 10 at this point.
  • Weird it works on my 830 with W10TP
  • Just a fluke at this point. We've not tested on Windows 10 at all yet. If it works, great, but we're not supporting Windows 10 yet.
  • You can understand people's confusion as the article says Windows Phone 8.1 or later.  Windows 10 for phone is a version that is 8.1 or later.  :)
  • Ack. We're idiots. Good point. We assumed it would work on W10 I guess, but shouldn't have, because it doesn't for most.
  • L730, Lumia Denim on WP8.1.1 showing same error.
  • No black theme yet. Uninstalled.
  • I don't understand why developers don't offer a dark theme to their apps. Facebook Messenger and Maestro devs listen up. We don't like running our batteries down. Get rid of your bright backgrounds and give us a dark option for those of use wanting to save battery life.
  • Speak for yourself.
  • in case you have a LCD phone: so tell me how much battery do you save by using a black theme :-/
  • You don't on LCD. Dark actually consumes more energy since the florescent light is constant and now you need to power a diffuser to darken the screen. People are just ignorant. Only oled will save battery.
  • Unless all the people commenting have OLED screens?
  • Very nice app, the gestures remind me the new Outlook mobile app.
    A dark theme would be a welcome addition.
  • Submit the suggestion through UserVoice if it doesn't already exist!
  • I tested it... Seems cool but I'll keep the native app, it's enough for me.
  • No Notifications tone yet!
  • Unfortunately it likely won't be mine for free forever because of the stupid glitch in the WP store that occurs when you download a free app that later becomes paid.
  • Lol... agree. MyTube is an example.
  • MyTube was an exception. I haven't had this problem with any of my paid apps which I installed when they were free, ever.
  • I've had such issue for 3 to 4 apps...
  • Yep me too. MS Support has asked me to send a Feild Medic log to help them diagnose the issue.
  • Would you explain? I wasn't aware of that glitch.
  • Sometimes, due a bug in the Store backend, apps which you have got as part of a promotion or free deal don't install/update and force you to buy the app even though the app is listed in your purchase history. If you try to uninstall and try to reinstall, the Store won't allow you to do so as well. MS support mostly is in denial of this fact and pushes the blame on developers that they have changed some code in the licensing of the app which is causing the Store to cause this behaviour. But as many devs would testify, this is an internal Store error. This is been brought to the notice of many support levels and MSDN developer forums. I had a similar situation with Pocket File Manager, Plex and recently, MyTube! I was told by them to send a field test log. Let's see if they are able to resolve it. Long story short, if updating fails due to licensing errors, DO NOT uninstall the exisitng version of the app till the issue is sorted out.
  • +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
  • :) btw, big fan of your apps, venetasoft.
  • Am I right in thinking that the issue will come up when I switch to a different phone than the one I was using when I downloaded an app when it was free?
  • It wont necessarily happen when you change phones. The occurrence is mostly random. Many a time, the apps install or update just fine. I had downloaded many apps during the myAppFree promotions but have problems with only a select few of them.
  • I had this issue with InstaWeather Pro, got it when it was free, but on reinstall store wouldn't detect my ownership of the app. But when I hit 'buy' on the store, it detected that I purchased the app already and installed it.
  • Yep I have this issue with PhotoTag that was obtained during a free "MyAppFree" deal.  Worked until the next app update then it would error out and it hasn't been resolved yet.
  • Only had this issue with myTube, and was happy to throw the developer an extra buck in that case.
  • I think it's an issue with getting them free through My App Free, not all apps that we get for free. Am I wrong?
  • Without POP / IMAP support - it's useless (to me, at least).  I'll stick with the native WP eMail client - it supports everything and does the job very nicely.
  • Thanks, you just saved me some time. Hopefully, Windows 10 native email will support these.
  • Exactly. Without IMAP support this doesn't serve my needs. Pity...
  • Yep. ​I downloaded it anyway (free!) just in case they add it later. This reminds me, what ever happened to 1Mail? ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  • Yep, I downloaded it for the exact same reason - "Free" and maybe they'll add POP/IMAP support in an update.  I appreciate the efforts of the developers, but without POP/IMAP - it's really useless to me.
  • Please Exchange support :)
  • This app is brilliant. I probably wont use it as much when outlook launches with win10. Thanks to the devs though I've been waiting for this app for ages.
  • To bad we won't need this with windows 10.
  • Use it temporary dude!
    Enjoy the "prefeeling" of windows 10. ;)
  • Yeesss! Love this app
  • Love the UI
  • Let me test the waters.​ I want to feel the feel of Windows 10. ;) ​ ​
  • Access denied :| The first problem in this app
  • Me too : Access denied !
  • If you're on Windows 10, it won't work. Windows Phone 8.1 only right now.
  • Crashes when I try to add my Gmail account.... Not a good start
  • Really? With my Gmail account works pretty well, give it a second chance maybe it's just a temporary error.
  • Same here...unable to add a gmail or outlook account...keeps giving an error!
  • Same here
  • I was afraid that they were dropping the app because there was a lack of updates during the beta and because the Windows 10 mobile Outlook client looks to be vastly improved. Glad I was wrong, alternatives and competition is always welcome!
  • how come no GAL :(  Love being able to search through my global address book on google and not have everything clog up my phone address book. Thanks to inform us about this deal though!
  • Access denied wp10 preview Lumia 635
  • Maestro will not work on Windows 10, it is made for Windows Phone 8.1 (for now).
  • Why does mine keep on synchronizing? Good internet connection, no problems
    Why? I'm annoyed cos I know it's a very good client
  • What worries me most is the SYNC. My emails will not sync for 30 min? I need atleast 2 min sync as I want to check my office emails periodically. Please give us option to chose. Other than that the app is good amd satisfies all my needs.
  • Also, there should be word wrap. Now I am forced to zoom in and read the mails.
  • Good work, pineapple team!
  • Yes it look like a good yeah it is although I will never need this bit then to awesome.. Go ahead developers we want clash of clans..
  • Giving it another try. Hope its not as bad as it was before.
    I'm not able to download this app. In app list, it's showing attention required but when I tap on it then downloading is stuck on pending for later 10 minutes please help me :(
  • Try downloading on wifi
  • I'm using WiFi
  • Please someone give me solution
  • Cancel the download software reset your phone come back to windows central and try downloading it again with the app link provided
  • This happened with me too.. Just switch off ur phone switch on again... Go to store search maestro start downloading again.. It'll start off where it stopped n showed pending...n btw I'm on a very slow connection exactly 63kbps..i downloaded it just now.. Don't worry
  • Love it!
  • No Exchange, no IMAP clients, no dark theme, almost no settings to tweak the app. Sync only 30 minutes... I don't see much reasons to use it.
  • dark theme is much needed. Also the sync.
  • Can't open attachments... Will try again in a cuple of weeks.
  • Though we will get it FREE !! Today .... But Microsoft STORE BUG (Error Code) will take away the Free License and App Block Someday !! Just Like "Mytube" and today 4-in-1 fitness pack .... Totally annoyed with this .... Why can't MS can't fix that Bugs? (+Audible for windows phone is not installing)
  • Which BUG are you talking about?
  • You haven't heard about myTube .... Who got it FREE from myappfree were having trouble updating + when they try to reinstall the app took away the license and then can't install it too .... Annoying !! It's the Store Bug which MS is not FIXing at all .... And similarly Today my 4-in-1 Fitness Pack got the same treatment .... !!
  • Sounds like you have a corrupted registry...I've never had this problem. Hate to say it, but master reset might be your best option at this point. And besides, all your purchases are stored with your Microsoft account, so you, in theory, should be able to re-download them once your phone is back up. Hope this helps! :)
  • Master Reset won't solve the Store Bug ( Error Code ) .... Though app we owned will show "owned" in STORE but we can't install it .... It will so some ERROR code.
  • Not a corrupted registry, it's an issue with the store and myappfree.
  • It's a Store backend error. Resets wont help the cause. Heck, even the original developer can't do anything about it.
  • True. I can't install pocket filemanager, Error (80004005)
  • More free apps!! WindowsCentral, I love you!!! Thanks!
  • Pineapple express
  • ;) Our name actually comes from the TV show Psych, which has a hidden pineapple placed in every episode. :)
  • Thanks Daniel for the tip
  • Got an exception error while replying a mail
  • Please send us an e-mail with the screenshot.
  • It's on his way :)
  • Eh I have it a try. Ran into a few bugs already. Overall UI looks nice, performance feels good, and im sure bugs will decrease. But since it doesn't connect to my work exchange ill be sticking with built in email client.
  • Maestro mail downloadable free
  • Access Denied. W10 TP.
  • Me too !
  • Maestro will not work on Windows 10 right now.
  • Maestro does not work on Windows 10 at this time.
  • It takes forever to sync when changing from one Gmail folder to another. Literally, it shows "syncing" for minutes! I thought it would do this the only the first time but, sadly, it does this every time I open the app. Same issue with a Yahoo account.
  • It should only be the first time. Will look into it.
  • This is useful for sending full size photos via email. The built in client reduces the resolution and increases the JPEG compression before sending.
  • No push!??? WHY???????
  • We would have to build our own push notification service and run a bunch of servers to do that. Windows 10 has support for live "pull" (8.1 does not) so we'll be waiting until Windows 10 to support "push".
  • Gives an error while I am trying to add my gmail or outlook account..."you must complete login process to continue"...
    Any idea why?
  • Yeah I'm having the same problem & also when it pass through this , it is stuck at verifying email connection..
  • This email app is okay
  • Metro mail seems to be better.. Though the Ui is better in this app
  • Yeah ill will stick with metro mail! Has password protection too
  • What a sexy email client
  • Thank you. The exact 3 account I need to have together. 
  • Metro mail has password protection, this doesn't!
  • Asking permission to " Access your email addresses, sync and send emails, access your info anytime" feel risky....please help me to clarify this.....
  • No dice. I'll keep the native app which works faster, and not overly complicated.
  • I really can't think of a reason to call this app 'better'. It's worse, much worse, than the standard mail-app. Maybe in a few months or so.
  • Very buggy.. Keeping their preview app and default client for now.. It's feature rich but the bugs need to be ironed out.. Was able to add only yahoo account, not gmail and outlook
  • I could successfully add Gmail. Probably need to try again. Try reinstalling the app before trying again, just in case.
  • Still quite bug-riddled, even on my 1520. Is a bit slow to open emails. Wouldn't open a URL link in one of my emails, wouldn't even call the browser. Also refused to open certain emails at all. I really don't think it's better than the native app....
  • Um. A bit late. It does not support any exchange or other pop and imap mail. The developers sure know that ms will roll out a new email app that is better as we know it now. I think they should put their focus on android and not on windows OS
  • Please help. I know this is not the forum but tried Microsoft help without success. I successfully downloaded AP but when I tried to link with my account tells me that email address already exists on phone with Windows live mail. Unfortunately Windows live mail does not retrieve my mail from my internet provider. I can and do link internet provider email with on my laptop. How do I lose Windows live mail on my Lumia 928 so I can try this without hard reset?
  • Pretty app but doesn't allow you to move items between folders.
  • I like where it is going but not sure it is ready for prime time. Laggy, and I am getting object reference errors.
  • How do I know if I have the full version ?
  • While using the app, found a bug when swiping messages to right
  • I like it but it's the way of deleting emails. They have to be open to delete. Odd
  • Go to settings, change the right slide action to delete and slide emails without opening.
  • What about cortana Integration ? I use cortane quite a lot but no email reading. I challenged a friend of mine, long time lagdroid user, siri vs cortana. But i felt very stupid when he ask siri to read last text messages and emails. Cortana can tell me some useless flight info from my email but cannot actually read them. Such a shame. Why not allow her to read whatever output text from any application (like "news" f.i..)? Back to the topic, it said voice commands . I will check it
  • Meh
  • I'm digging it!
  • No S/MIME support No IMAP No Darktheme Fugly UX No thanks, not even for free!
  • Probably it doesn't suit your current requirement but why not suggest these devs for the above via feedback? It's still v1.0 anyways :)
  • Agreed. But which email client does support S/MIME on WP? Even the native one seems broken :/
  • why im getting error on openjng it(access denied).
  • Brilliant.The app looks terrific.Hope the dev adds a black theme later on
  • I can't download this app. It writes two times"the system cannot find the line specified" after that app shuts down. Any help?
  • Does this run smoothly for you guys with a L930/L1520/M8? Its not 100% fluid on my L925 and just wondering if its my old hardware.
  • Nice looking app though!
  • How do you change the Accent color?
  • Wasn't impressed with the beta will give it another look-see
  • Yeah its good now but the problem is when I'm trying to sign in to my gmail account it is getting stuck at verifying email connection.... Anyone any idea how to pass this...
  • Works well on 1520 but missing Passcode when opening app
  • Only this three email accounts supported? Can't even add my working email. Useless for me.
  • Did they cut the maestro preview?
  • It says , access is denied
  • I really like maestro email, i've used their beta since the beginning and the final version it's improved. Right now, it's the only email client in the store that allow me to read yahoo messenger conversations and i use it with my yahoo id which i usually use for messenger conversation. The UI it's smooth and the final version seams to be bug free till now. Thanks for the new mail client guys, i really like it.
  • Is it only me or the native app I am talking abt while using gmail, if we delete any mails the mail actually doesn't get deleted at all. I am talking abt the default native mail app.
  • Even after logging in my emails don't show up in Gmail. Same with my work account. Outlook and Yahoo gorgeous than before though.
  • Now, if they can just somehow enable Rich Text Formatting, I will be more than glad to use this as my daily mail client. Kudos to the devs for an worthwhile effort.
  • The anti-hamburgers must hate this app. They need to reach all the way to the top to change between inbox, favorites etc.. Life must be hard for them
  • After tapping (... ) I taught the options were disabled oops that was too light. While switching a/c's (not top bar, swiping from bezel) got to be careful by mistake swiping the message you got to pay the price ! Maestro = BOOM. 
  • No pop3/imap support?
  • But you can still add POP3/IMAP to your web mail account and configure that account in the app :)
  • the native email is faster. Lock and Load MS :)
  • Reinstalling Maestro after having thrown out the beta. Trying to log in to my mail account(s), before I can even start typing anything, I  systematically get:
    you must complete the login process to continue
     This is a now-show.
  • Label support for Gmail is a bit of a stretch - they show up as folders. I have nested labels and they don't show nested. And they don't show when I open the emal. By now it has the same functions as native client in a little nicer looking package.
  • It has allot ofbugs
  • Big notification bug: The app keeps notifying me of "new" emails, even though they are several days old and have been previously read.
  • Please help.. I get the following message "The system cannot find the specified file". I have tried re-installing the app, but it does not help. Thanks!
  • Dang! I missed out that free offer. Gotta wait for another chance on "MyAppFree"