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A major outlet is ready to officially reveal the specs of the next Xbox, Project Scorpio (Update: Confirmed)

A major gaming outlet recently visited Microsoft to take a look at Project Scorpio's internals, ahead of a planned exclusive blowout of coverage.

Forza Motorsport 7 was utilized to showcase Scorpio's power, which we revealed recently has been planned for some time as a headline title to exemplify the power of the next Xbox.

Forza Motorsport 7 will reportedly hit a 4K resolution on Project Scorpio, and if our information is to be believed, it'll look truly stunning.

Update, April 4, 2017: It has now been confirmed that Digital Foundry will run an exclusive reveal on Eurogamer this Thursday, April 6, at 2 pm UK / 6 am Pacific.

Update, April 3rd, 2017: Just to clarify, we have no evidence that Forza Motorsport 7 itself will be revealed this week, only that Scorpio's internals have been examined with the view of preparing coverage. It seems more likely that Forza Motorsport 7 itself won't be the focus of any coverage this week, with the focus, instead, being on Project Scorpio and its technical details. Stay tuned for more information as we get it.

It looks as though Project Scorpio's specifications could be revealed as early as next week, potentially putting an end to long-standing debates over whether it would be using the latest Ryzen CPU tech from AMD, or something a little older. Specifically, we have heard Thursday could be the day all of this comes to pass, but take that with a pinch of salt for now.

It looks as though Project Scorpio's specifications could be revealed as early as next week.

Either way, Project Scorpio is slated to run at 6 teraflops (TF), putting it at a significant GPU advantage over the Xbox One, and its chief competitor, the 4.2 TF PlayStation 4 Pro.

Project Scorpio ditches the Xbox One's ESRAM, picking up 12GB of GDDR5 memory, vs. the Xbox One's 8GB DDR3 and 32MB of static ESRAM. Developers will still have to optimize against the Xbox One's ESRAM, however, as games are not allowed to be exclusive to Scorpio by policy. All titles arriving on Scorpio (save for VR) will also be available on Xbox One, albeit with lower resolutions.

We've also heard that Project Scorpio will sport an incredibly "compact" design, owing to advances in cooling. Considering Microsoft is known for cramming powerful hardware into small packages from its Intel-powered Surface tablets, it should come as no surprise that Microsoft is leveraging the full breadth of its industrial design team to make Scorpio as impressive as possible. For instance, we recently outed the fact that Scorpio will also sport an internal power supply, ditching the clunky power bricks of yesteryear.

If you're anxious to find out what's next in store for team Xbox, the wait is almost over. Until then, hit the link below for a collection of every scrap of information we've gathered on Project Scorpio so far. Oh, by the way, it's April 2nd where I am, so no, this isn't an April Fool's joke!

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  • Very excited for this, E3, and a day one purchase
  • Indeed, I do hope they have a 'Day One' edition similar to the Xbox One along with 'Day One' goodies.
  • how much will it cost? Thats my main question i bet around 499USD or will they hit 599? :O the second question is, when will Sony realease its new console? Because Scorpion is too fast vs. Neo a.k.a. PRO so they will need to do something
  • I personally don't think they'll need to do anything this late in the generation. They have a two to one install base and are killing it with exclusives. Add in the fact that any exclusives Xbox gets will also be on PC and Scorpio being more for die hard Xbox fans without a PC and I doubt Sony is worried at all.
  • Agreed. Way to far ahead to care.
  • Theoretically, Microsoft no longer needs/has 'generations'. Therefore, Scorpio should span into the next, generation/iteration of, hardware. Hopefully, this will be better convergence with desktop.
  • But this thing says there's to be no scopio-specific games ala ps4 doesn't the buck stop with Xbox one games??? In other words, isn't that whole last console to last forever thing out the window now? Ya you can upgrade it endlessly, but at the end of the day, you're still capped at Xbox one games..
  • This generation is already too far along to have a 3rd hardware revision this soon. I think we can expect a cheaper slim eventually but no "Pro" Pro. This may work even better because it will mix up timelines for full console releases so that MS and Sony aren't trampling on each others toes and give consumers more of a reason to buy both I think
  • Frank Pik - Scorpio is basicallya new generation.  Its essentially the same 5x speed bump from the One, as the One was from the 360 (0.24tflops for the 360 to 1.3 for the One).
  • No i think your wrong. I expect uhd blu verson of the pro/neo with Sony ultra service and a premium box to match their ridiculous tvs. It'll be pro hardware with maybe more or faster ram. But they will "wait and see" how Scorpio does first. Ps4pro as is is only a half measure not certain Sony plans the no generation thing Ms is doing..and that if true would be its downfall. At the launch of ps5 some day well know for sure.
  • What Day One goodies did you get other than a logo screenprinted onto the controller and an avatar thing?
  • *This isn't an April's. Missed the isn't ;) The Scorpio is shaping up to be quite appealing... What a pity the software experience has become utter sh*t in the last two major updates.
  • Does anyone else not like missing the preview tile of the last app that was running anymore? I was trying to close a game last night and couldn't even tell it was still running in the background.
  • That's exactly the thing that annoys me the most in the update. I had my cable box connected to the Xbox and several times I'd "minimise" the active tile to check the time or other info. Now not only I can't do that, I get no info whatsoever on the status of that tile, the f*cking ads are even bigger and the amount of wasted space grew even more. Then the Xbox app that had the ability to be used as a controler no longer has it. And then clicking the Xbox button not taking me immediately home but to that stupid side panel.   The people incharge of the Xbox UI are clueless on what they're doing and if they're using the "Beta testers" feedback for it, it's a good example of how terrible a job is done when you get a bunch of fanboys designing things for you.
  • Give feedback or upvote current feedback
  • Already did but as you might imagine, I don't have any faith that that pseudo-feedback works.
  • I'm totally sure it makes no difference.  If it did  that god-awful NXOE UI update would never have happened.
  • That definitely doesn't work for Windows mobile. Many heavily upvoted features or problems are ignored for months or years, even extremely basic ones, like blindly white background in quiet hours when phone is in dark mode, along with a hundred or more other things that would be easy to fix and the problem wasn't present in 8.1
  • Except with that live preview thing it's a laggy mess... You really don't even to know much about the app running..It's practically only 1 game can run at a time and maybe 1 or 2 apps alongside that.. You can always clock start on the app to see if it's open as well.. And the side panel is much better and quicker...Than going home... There is literally no reason to go home..It's much slower than just having the side panel...
  • That "stupid side panel" is the functional equivalent of the Xbox 360 Guide, which many of us missed terribly with the Xbox One. You can access it anywhere in game, instantly, with virtually all of the features that you used to have to go to the Home screen for.   
  • Yep. I hated it at first, but if you use it properly it's much better than returning to start/home screen.
  • Sounds like the only reason you're complaining is because things are a little different.
  • It's because they're different for the worse.
  • Go vote. Please. And please vote for Dolby vision support.
  • Not at the cost of resources. I  barely go home now with the new guide and only manual close a game if its frozen or glitched.
  • I think your resources comment just made the point of needing to see what is running in the background essential. I did like the fact that I could have an Edge in kind of a Windowed mode watching a video while looking at my home screen for things, but needing to see if a game that is online is closed and not using band with is a must for some. Hopefully it doesn't do this and I worried for nothing. I don't mind the new menu too much, though they should gave had the ability to double tap to go home and reversed the shortcuts instead of just taking one away.
  • I'll play devil's advocate here.  Let me start with your last comment.  I suspect that the reason that Microsoft didn't just switch the behaviors (double tap on Xbox button to go home) is that for any gamers already used to bringing up things like the game DVR controls with the double tap, it would now be bringing them home.  I think Microsoft really had to break this behavior.  Now, to go home it takes the following taps: "Xbox button" -> "A" -> "A" (or left thumbstic to the right in place of the 1st "A").  Takes relearning if you want to go home, but that's by far the less time sensitive act. Second, once you're home, I think you can use the usual controls to see recently running apps and quit them if necessary, more or less like before. A third thing.  In regards to snapping, I think Microsoft has really had to rethink this in the context of being able to bitstream audio to support object based audio systems like Atmos.  Currently, the main focus is on supporting Blu-Ray audio, but I believe these object based audio codecs are working their way into streaming video,and in the future games and eventually new broadcast TV standards.  The thing is that these object based audio streams need to be bitstreamed directly to audio receivers, and that's fundamentally incompatible with how the Xbox One used to work;  it used to have a sound mixer in settings (gone with latest update) where it would decode the game/app/blu-ray audio streams, mix them together, re-encode if necessary and then output the combined audio.  However, that doesn't appear possible with these advanced audio codecs.  At least I'm not aware of any devices of any sort that can decode, mix, and reencode true advanced audio.  I don't know if that's a hardware limitation or a licensing limitation.  But without the ability to do that, it really negates snapping, and also limits the applicability of the current overlay tech.  So I can see why at least some of that has gone away - at least for the time being.
  • Ah, your first point makes perfect sense why they couldn't do it. I can see it being more of a pain to those who already used the double tab function. Like I said, I don't mind the new shortcut that much, it will just take some getting used to. On the snapping point, I wasn't actually taking about snap mode. I was referring to the app showing its preview mode when it is still running in the background. In the case of a Edge video, this would still be playing as you scrolled through the rest of your home screen. Still not a big deal to not have it, I just liked having it. I would love to have something to show me all current running apps in the background, like when I hold the back button on my WP or do the function on PC to show Windows open.
  • I misunderstood about the preview window.  Yes, I'm not quite sure why that's gone.  In part it seems like they wanted to modify the presentation to show things related like the games hub.  But I wonder if it also has to do with similar issues to the snap situation.  I'm trying to remember now - the audio would keep playing for the previewed app, wouldn't it?  If so, it's like a special case of snap mode where the system would have to be able to mix the audio with other sources, even if it's just the system sounds as the selection box moves around. (I'm focused on this issue with bitstream audio because last year when it was first talked about, there was a discussion on one of the AV podcasts I listen to about it, and one host in particular picked up on the fact that it would potentially have wide ranging effects on how the Xbox would work since it wouldn't be able to mix audio when outputting the bitstream.)
  • After all that it's pointless cos the lag is terrible gets worded each alpha ring are kids making the updates
  • Just tap the guide button then double tap A. Super simple.
  • And super redundant.  Being forced to press 3 times instead of once is frustrating and just makes stuff more different and difficult compared to the home buttons of EVERY smartphone and tavblet out there, you know, the ubiqutious devices people use everyday. All it does is make it more difficult to activate the MAIN function of the guide button, you know, the think its used the most for.
  • Dude you're so upset over something so unbelievably trivial. If this upsets you this much, I don't think you should be playing video games in general. You might throw your controller at your TV
  • The main function for the guide button has always, since the inception of Xbox, been to open the guide.
  • It still does that. Just with a different button combination. Find something actually important to ***** about instead of a minor change on a gaming system.
  • Super simple to have to take 3 steps to get somewhere I used to take one step to reach? That means no sense. Also ,it's even more cumbersome for those of us who use the Xbox remote controller.
  • DUDE 3 steps compared to 1 is a matter of a fraction of a second! The fact that you fail to realize how little of a difference this makes is amazing to me. You're an idiot
  • And you're a moron who doesn't realise that when you make something fast slower it's the contrary of evolution.
  • Pressing the guide button and going home on accident when trying to double tap isn't faster by any means. They fixed an error in user input by INTENTIONALLY making it a little harder to go home, that way it didn't interrupt your game.
  • My biggest problem with the old behaviour was the guide button didn't take you home half the time, it just didn't respond and you had to press it again. At least the button brings up the guide immediately now
  • Agreed!
  • Not at all, it has really gotten faster, more fluid and more features are always good.
  • More features? I only see missing features in my use. Active live tile is gone.
    Snapping the TV to one side is gone.
    Clicking the Xbox button to go to Home is gone... With each update the Xbox loses more and more the TV integration part of it - which is what game it the advantage for me - and becomes only a gaming console. And if that's the path forward then I'd rather go back to the PlayStation because for gaming it's the better platform for me... Since that's where ALL of my friends are.
  • So let me get this straight.  The new push out menu is a bother.  But what does going home give you that it does't.  Press the "Home" button the menu still shows you immediately your most recent games/apps (like going home), easy access to get to your all your Apps/Games and the store (just like home screen), shows your top 8+pins plus access to the rest,  easier access (less clicks than the old way) to get to the Users Online, Friends, Groups,etc.. And all without having to leave the game/app you are in. Hey even gives you access to the home if you in need it.  As for snapping TV. Relax you will soon get a picture in picture option instead of snapping (thus allowing you place that TV box on any corner).
  • "you will soon get a picture in picture option instead of snapping" Not according to Mike Ybarra you're not.   Also, I used the Xbox mostly to watch TV and use Plex. Often I would watch TV, click home to check the time and controller battery life (the rare times I actually used the Elite Controller instead of the Xbox remote control) and then go back to the TV. All this whilst never needing to stop watching what I was watching. With that side bar not only I take 3 times to time to go Home, I also stop being able to watch anything since the bloody thing appears over the image.   So yeah. The side panel opening when one presses the Xbox button is a disaster and the removal of the Active tile and snapping makes the Xbox One unusable to me as a single solution for gaming and TV. Which is why I disconnected the cable Box from it and now seldom turn it on. It's now a dedicated UHD player and occasional gaming machine. And whenever Sony stops being an idiot and places a UHD player in their consoles (be it the PS4.1 or PS5 or whatever) I'll be going back. Because I literally have NO reason to stay with the Xbox anymore.
  • A leak by Microsoft ahead of E3 is actually a brilliant move. It pretty much guarantees that they dominate the news media between now and then.
  • Not really. They did that with the first Xbox One and all went to *******. I blame that idiot who's now working for zynga.
  • I think you're confusing the sneak peaks to the actual E3 reveal. That reveal was what sank the xbox one, with the TV, TV, TV, TV, TV, TV, TV, games TV, TV, TV, DRM thing, and sony capitalized on it amazingly.  TV.
  • They can't seriously stick with pre-Ryzen cores, can they? For starters, the arch was a giant failure, and its cat cores are part of why this fast hardware refresh is needed. That, and it is not a well-cooled arch, so it makes a lot of sense that Ryzen's vastly improved TDP would be present in a compact device. I don't see how a low profile cooler and a Bulldozer-based CPU run cool. On top of that, going with pre-Ryzen (Kaveri?) would mean a CPU bottleneck no one wants to see. A compromised console sold as the "premium" device would be met with a lot of negative press, I imagine. Personally, Ryzen 3 at the heart would be sensible. Though early announcements are always fun, this might be risky as well. If MS hasn't secured some magic, unknown games for E3, not having Scorpio to unveil could lead to a pretty light conference.
  • Or, they could leverage the increase in GPU power to accelerate the calculations and not need a faster CPU.
  • If it were as easy as just "oh, make the GPU do it," then PGU computing would be the default act of developers. It's not, and expecting them all to just jump at the first thing MS says is not rational.
  • It is not hard to put more of a games mechanics on the GPU... Almost all games are more dependant on the gpu than the cpu today and that will only continue, so the difference in getting a faster cpu is NOT the big differentiator here.
  • It's certainly not the end-all, be-all, but it will matter. Threading is becoming more and more heavily used in games as well, but it doesn't make it universal--plenty still have some struggles on Ryzen because it osn't clocked as high as Kaby Lake (or even Skylake). However, one thing that Ryzen tests sure showed is that onc you get up to 4K resolution, the strain is MUCH greater on the GPU than CPU, so that's obviously where the majority of the hardware commitment needs to be. I am really interested to see what the setup is on his console though. Does it have a dedicated graphics card? Is it a high-end Raven Ridge chip? Is it Excavator or Ryzen? Is it Polaris or Vega?
  • Of course, but what I am saying is a lower powered cpu will not hinder the gaming prowess of the machine.
  • Rather, it MIGHT not. It depends on how cut down that CPU is. Like I said, it SHOULDN'T be a problem for 4K gaming, but given how compromised the Xbox One hardware is (as evidenced by the development of Scorpio and presence of things like variable resolutions and unstable framerates on the current hardware), I'm not going to assume anything on the console hardware front. Really, I just hope they allow for internal drive swapping, SSD support, and don't sell it with a 5400 RPM laptop HDD like they sadly do with the XB1 and PS4.
  • And it needs a 4-6Tb option.  2tb like the top model One S simply is too small for serious gamers, espeially when 4K textures start being used (4 times the size of 1080 ones).
  • That's not exactly how textures work, you don't have "4k textures". Merely different sizes, generally in ratios of 2. So 1024x1024, 512x512, etc. You are right though, larger textures are going to take up more space.
  • Actually no, if you are into PC gaming at all you would know that they state on the box (or steam page) whether they are more CPU dependant or GPU dependant. We are on a time where physics processing is getting more and more advanced and this is a function that is handled by the CPU.
  • Physics can be handled by the GPU as well, if the programmers choose to support it. Remember when NVIDIA bought PhysX? The PS3 also (kind of had to) use its SPUs for physics processing, which are closer to GPUs in many ways than CPUs.
  • Doesn't change the fact that there are PC games that focus more on CPU grunt than GPU grunt, depending on the game.
  • Another article on this site states that Scorpio is capable of streaming 4K/60fps gameplay, playing a game while streaming in 4K is heavy on the CPU, that's something the Jaguar CPU won't manage. I'm sure it's going to be Ryzen, but obviously we only know for certain when the Scorpio specs are revealed.
  • I read 4K DVR. That's not the same as 4K streaming.
  • You should learn how to read. 4K streaming is mentioned in the article, more than once.
  • AMD and Microsoft have worked together to create custom Ryzen,Vega silicon.
  • Source?
  • Damn! this is as solid as my ****!
  • It would explain the use of Vega and Ryse and the incredibly compact design, since Vega is also about to be fully revealed next week, very soon...
    I mean Scorpio needs to carry those new tech to be atractive in the long run. Im gonna buy it since it comes with Ryse and Vega, if not... not sure.
  • The Scorpio comes with a 4 year old game Ryse?  Cool!  But, I believe you mean Ryzen a CPU from AMD. not Ryse a game from Crytek
  • Hyyyyyype
  • So, maybe they are lastly thinking about VR for it, hopefully Oculus Rift compatible.
  • Hopefully Vive compatible you mean
  • i agree but MS 5% of FB shares though, so they will either support their own windows VR or oculus. vive is the superior device though I look forword to software supporting the new trrackers and the release of the wireless batteries.
  • This would make sense but I think they'd go with what offers the best experience. Wouldn't be the first time
  • How about Microsoft just allows all devices supporting their open VR/AR API and perhaps both HTC and Oculus can get tickets to the Scorpio VR ball.
  • The only reasons why I think that won't happen is because the Vive and Touch controllers are different and Vive allows a much better roomscale experience if they want to push that.
  • I would hope that the vr is built from it's holographic framework thus making it compatible with several vr headsets. But we shall see.
  • Can't wait to hear more!
  • Well ****
  • Who cares? They will start selling PS4/PS4 Pro next year. :-D
  • Haha PS won't support Windows so no way MS will sell PS.. MS started selling S8 because MS is all about software.. Preloaded Office, Cortana, Outlook amd many more helps MS too.. So why not market S8 in MS stores.
  • What people don't seem to understand is that getting more users into the services will help all of Microsofts platforms...
  • Excited. Might ditch my Pro for Scorpio. Tired of Sony faulty hardwares and buggy updates with unstable services. If u own a PS u know what am talking about. Deny it n you're just a fanboy.
  • I've never had an issue with my PS4, I don't use it anywhere near as much as my One though.
  • Yeah my launch PS4 had a severe hard drive problem but I ended up getting a Slim version later on the line.
  • I've owned every single PlayStation apart from the PS4. I never had a single issue with their hardware OR with their updates.   I've had to exchange my GoW Edition Xbox One S because of a faulty fan though. And Microsoft's software updates have continuously ruined the Xbox experience. So, yeah...if you think Sony is bad...switch to Xbox. You'll regret it. I know I did.   The only thing the Xbox One S has good is the UHD player. That's it.
  • So you don't own every PS. And yes the Xbox One has the better track record. I switched from PS to Xbox One.
  • Don't you understand what "apart" means? No, if course you don't.
  • You must be the only person who has these problems, I'm in the insider preview program, and I should be have more problem then you.
  • never had any problems with SONY products just look at the statistics, the PS4 had the lowest HW failures in the history
  • Some of my friends have gone through three or four controllers.
  • I've gone through two One controllers? What's your point? If you use a controller enough it's going to fail, it's the nature of it.
  • I had many problems with Sony products and have family and friends that's had problems too. But I will say I haven't had any trouble with my Sony Walkman from 2001, heck I just pop in 2 double A's and it's works like A charm.
  • Yeah, and all the controller problems... Yuck.
  • I may favor my Xbox over my Ps4 but, Sony does put together a great product and has some great games.  You just had a bad experience that a minority of a minority of users have the displeasure of experiencing.  It is like you are ignoring the issues the Xbox One has in it's three year lifespan.  No device goes unscathed.
  • Do ya'll think we will be able to preorder upon its announcement? what about avaliability, do you think it will be difficult to get ahold of?  
  • Microsoft has always had the quantity to satisfy demand on day one to my recollection. I've never had to wait anyway. The only real issue I can see is that it's being released during the holidays, might be a hot Christmas item... But the fact it's really only for 4k & hdr geeks, I can't see this being anywhere near the issue similar to Nintendo's newest console.
  • That website got a hell of a scoop! Incidentally, on YouTube, I see a ton of channels that reference this site for the Scorpio stuff. Some crazy view numbers too. Do you guys consider doing more on YouTube?
  • Wish I had time buddy
  • Last console I had was a PS2 - Will wait till this is out and get a 4K LG 65 OLED.
  • Can't wait for people to buy Scorpio en mass, now that it will be faster than the PS4 Pro.
  • Highly doubt that will happen. For two reasons: 1 - The Scorpio will NOT be cheap. The "Pro" costs 400€. The Scorpio will cost more than that. 2 - The majority of people around the world prefer the PlayStation (57%). Those people are in the Sony ecosystem and won't likely change to the Scorpio.
  • Preferences change with each generation. Like we all know.
  • preferences change based on released exclusive games without good AAA game titles the Scorpion itself cant win
  • hmm let's see. PS1 PS2 Wii PS4 I think PS has been consistent. We don't even know if this is a new generation... PS4 is still current gen. If this is a new gen for XB then I would say it's really bad from MS...
  • Yes, we do. It is not a new console generation.  Like Sony has said form the very beginning with their own PS4 Pro,  Phil (Microsoft) has also reiterated so many times my head hurts, the Scorpio is a Premium device and part of the current generation of consoles.  So, if a PS4 Pro is still accepted as this generation (with it's  more memory, faster CPU, 2.5 times the graphics processing, etc..) than just because the Scorpio just ups the ante even more than the PS4 Pro doesn't make any more next gen (whatever that means now). 
  • thats just marketing... next generation.. what do you mean? Whats the next big thing if not 4K? Scorpio is the "next gen" capalbe of 4K/stable FPS and Sony will do the same... the question is when? or Sony will lower the price of the PRO/Slim, add some exclusive titles and wait until 2019/20 for a newer HW?!
  • Generation also usually implies a different enough architecture that backwards compatibility is either not there or done via emlation of some sort. Given that Scorpio is 100% compatible both forwards and backwards, I would not call it a new "generation"
  • @Pappale: "next generation" isn't really just marketing. with all games required to be playable on the xbox one (aside from VR), i''d be hard pressed to call this next gen. and 2019/2020 is probably a good prediction of next gen. ~6 years between ps1 & ps2, ~6 years between ps2 & ps3, and ~7 years between ps3 and ps4. PS4 came out in 2013.
  • I was replying to that guy Hoekie. He was the one who said "Preferences change with each generation."
  • What about PS3?
  • @ B A Bostwick I'm not too sure if that was meant for me but if it was, what about PS3?
  • 3 - PS4 has more games, way more exclusive and upcoming exclusives announced. 4 - More diversity in games
  • Does it? And no, the diversity in the Xbox 360+ XO is a lot bigger.
  • Yes, more games, more exclusives and more upcoming exclusive announced. lol you're counting X360 games? I guess we should count PS Now games with PS4... About diversity I was specifically talking about current gen games PS4 vs XB1. You seem to think adding the bc (mostly arcade) games the XB1/360 has more diversity. Can you prove it or did you just make it up?
  • Parappa the Rappa, oh WOW!
  • more Japanese RPGs? Sure How's the RTS games on PS4? How's the killer 1st person shooter exclusive on PS4? Hows the big 3rd person shooter eclusive on PS4?  How's the MMO exclusive on PS4?   Oh wait, another 3rd party adventure game on PS4, great.  So much diversity.   In the last 16 months you had...a 3rd person action adventure game, a platformer, a 3rd person shooter, a racing game, a hack and slash, a fighting game. This year you will have a RTS, a co-op survivor game, a Pirate themed MMO game, a industry leading racing game, and a 3rd person shooter, and potentially another announced game.  All on the XB1.  You also have a city building game coming out. That's not diverse for you?  If you want to JRPGs, then yes go get a PS4.   Both platforms have their exclusives, and each diverse and tailor to their audience.  Look at it objectively, and tell me XBOX doesn't have diversity.
  • "How's the RTS games on PS4? How's the killer 1st person shooter exclusive on PS4? Hows the big 3rd person shooter eclusive on PS4?  How's the MMO exclusive on PS4?"
    Wait. So you want to judge diversity by talking about exclusive games?  The XB1 has 4 AAA exclusive. 2 racing games, 1 FPS and 1 open world third-person shooter. In terms of AAA exclusive the PS4 had 1 FPS, 2 platformers, 1 racing game, 1 open world action-adventure, 1 action-adventure 3rd person shooter, 2 Action RPG, 1 interactive survival horror, 3 action-adventure, 1 Sports and 1 open-world action RPG. Really there is no comparison here... I never said XB1 doesn't ha