Make it Rain: The Love of Money snags fresh interface, new items and more

Popular Game Troopers game Make it Rain: The Love of Money has received a pretty big update on both desktop and mobile, bringing a revamped user interface, new customizations and more. Gamers can now take advantage of new auto-swipe, double inheritance and cheat death items, along with new background image and music customizations. Here's the full breakdown:

  • Revamped user interface
  • New and engaging level progression system: spoon rewards, auto-swipe, golden minutes and many other available stuff
  • Change the background image and the music of the game
  • Customize your money clip
  • Rewards after watching videos! (only in desktop version)
  • New purchasable items: auto-swipe time, double inheritance and cheat the death
  • Lots of new missions
  • Endless hours of fresh and new content

If you're a big fan of Make it Rain, you can check out the latest features by snagging the update on the Windows Store now. Also be sure to let us know what you think of the changes in the comments below.

Download Make it Rain: The Love of Money from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: Make it Rain

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  • So does this mean it's going to work with W10? No lag.. And no complete game data wipe?
  • it does, now that w10m is not a beta
  • Not a beta..hahahahah good one :))
  • Please tell me there are no added achievements? I don't ever want to go back to this "game" lol.
  • I had the exact same thought. isn't showing anything new, so I think we're safe.
  • Same here I really like my fingers.
  • I'm afraid....I spent way too much time.flicking fake bills to get cheevos until I realized how dumb that was lol
  • I got 100% achievements on this. I never ever want to play this game again. I feel ashamed of how much time I wasted fake swiping. Especially all the time I took going for the 100k swipes achievement.
  • That's the only achievement I'm missing. I was probably half way there when my 920 died,I haven't had the will to try it again
  • I love that game but I have to play for monts because I wasn't able
    to save my progress. I don't have a Facebook account. So every time
    When I make a hard reset to my phone w10 i wasn't able to continue.
  • My name is Oliver queen, after spending a year on hellish W10, I come with only one goal, to never return to W10M again.
  • Jeez
  • There is only one Ollie, and you friend are not him.
  • Got all the achievements a while back and deleted the game. Cool it got updates though! Thanks Dan!
  • If no new achievements I'm not going back, if new achievements I have saved my ahk script...
  • Already got all the achievements on this game. The update wont be enough to lure me back.
  • Terrible game.
  • What they need to do is add a swipe counter so I can tell how much longer I have to endure that 100,000 swipe achievement. :(
  • ^this. I've been asking for this for the last several updates. I've been casually playing since day one and still haven't gotten this achievement and have no idea how much further I need to go. Very frustrating since they've put in progress counters in the mission structure but not for this.
  • Proof that you can polish a tvrd.
  • This Windows phone fan is just waiting for clash of clans & is reluctant to switch to Android!