Manage your social profiles with FB Pages Manager for Windows Phone

Microsoft has continued to update the official Facebook app for Windows Phone, but there's still no convenient way to manage multiple pages that may be tied to an account. This has changed now with FB Pages Manager, which is now available on the Windows Phone Store. This app essentially makes it easy for administrators to manage Facebook pages.

The app is by ImaginationOverflow and was backed by numerous beta testers before being published for the general public to enjoy. As one would imagine, numerous features are included that help make it simple to get information pulled to the Windows Phone, including analytics, notifications, as well as general page management.

The interface is very Facebook-like (get it? Facebook. Like. Bad joke, I know) and fits in nicely with Microsoft's Modern UI. A page status can be updated, deleted and shared, while photos can be uploaded. Messages are synchronised for interacting with fans and / or customers and commenting is fully supported. 

The analytical side of Facebook Page management, known as Insights, can be accessed within FB Pages Manager too. This area provides a detailed analysis on how a page is performing. Whether the administrator is interested in the amount of "likes" the page has accumulated or how much reach you're able to achieve, it's all presented in an attractive interface.

Live Tiles are supported and will alert the user when new notifications have been received. Multiple pages can be pinned should you have more than one Facebook page. Finally, the default Facebook theme or the Windows Phone system theme can be configured to provide a more personalised and unique experience.

You can download FB Pages Manager from the Windows Phone Store for $1.99, as well as the free Lite version. The free edition of the app has advertisements and limitations on some features. Strongly recommended if you're looking to manage your Facebook pages while on the move.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • This is the perfect solution for power Facebook users who want to manage their Facebook Pages on a Windows Phone. Someone in the forums was just quipping that he may need to jump platforms as a consequence of being a power Facebook user with no alternative solutions (to his knowledge) existing. Good timing!
  • Thanks
  • Why its not free we need it >_
  • There is always the lite version for free, but of course you already knew it, right?
  • But not this time. But of course you already knew it. Right? It should have a trial if not lite ver.
  • There is a lite version, what are you talking about?
  • Yeah.. I guess he's drunk or something ;_:
  • The US store doesn't show one not from same dev.
    Edit dev. didn't link with his other apps. Dev. must be drunker them me to not have show in his list of apps ;)
  • Hi, the lite version is still not seachable on the market please follow this link and you can check it out ;)
  • This is not an official app from Facebook.
    I think we deserve the money for our hard work in developing this app.
  • By all means yes but a trial is a little better than a lite ver so the users can get the full features and see if they would like to buy. On the lite is say not available so how do I know if I will like they way part of the app works. In the real world most users will just move on to another app as not every WP user can buy every app they want to test like some of us can. Also your lite ver has ads if you have adds then the app should do more then just post as its from the fan page and in the long run don't most devs make more off ad supported apps anyways?
  • Hi, thanks for the feedback.
    Actually on Windows Phone is pretty hard to do money with ads, we are averaging on the other apps like 4$ a day in ad revenue, comparing with some of my android dev friends that are making between 10-200$ its nothing.
    I agree when you talk about the lite version not having all the features, but it is a compromise, remember that the app does plenty more than posting like messages, comments, notifications, background updates, etc. The only features not present on the lite (right now) is the insights, pin page and share post. 3 features in about 20 that the app contains is nothing.
    In the future we will implement a system that allow user to unlock features via in app purchases or coupon that we will distribute to translators, active users or randomly via our social accounts.
    Thanks again ;)  
  • Awesome.  Everything is coming together for my switch to WP.
  • Then it's time to switch to WP ;)
  • Nice, but I'm waiting on Flipboard. It already knows me.
  • My wife and I both downloaded the lite version of this app and it says it can't find pages associated with our accounts..i have a business page and my wife has 2 pages...very crappy app
  • Same problem here.
  • Hi, can you talk to me directly via Facebook or email?
    The app facebook page is
    The email is wpfacebookpages{at}gmail{dot]com
    Best regards
  • I don't see the free lite version.. Only the buy version.
  • Search for it in the store.
  • Here it is ;)
  • I don't see a lite version
  • If you go into marketplace and search (Facebook manager) you will find it...its on both wp7 and wp8
  • Just wanted to let everyone know that is having problems getting the lite version to work, after uninstalling the app and reinstalling it works fine now...
  • So the app is working for you now?
  • If you could also like my company on Facebook, I would really appreciate it Cheapest repair around for sure...i accept PayPal and mail ins
  • I was just looking for something like this the other day. This is great.
  • Thanks for your feedback. :)
  • I'm a little concerned about giving an unknown developer my FB creds, much less multiple FB accounts
  • The authentication is done via Facebook Website, any of your facebook data can't and won't leave the app ;)
    Best Regards
  • I can't post anything from this app, it suddenly closes automatically.
    Shit app.
  • Thanks for the feedback, actually is a know bug discovered by the users (it passed beta testing without an hitch)
    An updated is being done and will be submitted tonight ;)
  • Thanks for the review, I've been a windows phone dev for more than 2 years and always wanted one of my apps reviewed  by you guys, thanks a lot ;)
  • I've purchased the app, but it is saying there are no pages linked to my account. Unfortunately, I do have a page linked to my account. As you can imagine, this has not made me happy. Will be contacting the developer.
  •   Hi, can you talk to me directly via Facebook or email.
    The app facebook page is
    The email is wpfacebookpages{at}gmail{dot]com
    Best regards    
  • First of all I would like to thank WP Central and Rich Edmonds for reviewing this app.
    And thanks to everyone for your feedback.
    Users on WP7 are facing a problem: the app crashes when uploading photos. We are aware of this bug and developer Diogo (DVDPT) is working on fixing this bug, an update will be release as soon as possible. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
    You can contact us by messaging to our Facebook page below.
    Stay tuned on our pages:
    Thank you,
    Beta Program Manager and Social Marketing Manager,
    FB Pages Manager for Windows Phone,
  • Face Book page management is actually needed for everyone individual.FB users always find it dificult to navigate between the pages and there are cases like once the user goes to the previous page and comes back to the same page again, the page gets refreshed and the user has to proceed from first, instead of proceeding from where the user left.I would also like the user to know some good FB apps from windows 8 mobile developer.
  • v1.0.5.0 now available!
    Download it now: