Mango 7.5 now available for HTC HD7S running Mango Beta 2

Good news for the HTC HD7S owners in the house. The Mango Update is now available for your Windows Phone.

We were tipped on this and have confirmed the update. You will first go through the update to the RTM build of 7720 and then the ISV beta Bundle Cleanup. The second update is the Friends and Family update we reported on yesterday. You should only see this second update if you were running the Mango Beta.  When all is said and done (about thirty minutes) I'm now running OS version 7.10.7720.68 on the HD7S.

It's nice to see AT&T on top of things today with a really nice roll out of Mango. It's equally nice to not have to wait until the end of October to see the HD7S join the Mango crowd.

Update: Evidently this only works if you have the Mango beta on your phone and not NoDo. Sorry folks, live and learn.

Thanks goes out to Dominick for the tip!

George Ponder

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  • HTC Trophy too!
  • I'm running the Leaked RTM and I have this phone but have not received the update at all, same goes for the force trick way.
  • Working on my HD7S right now. Updating from Mango Beta 2.
  • Derp, I feel trolled with all these phones getting updated after all the "one or two weeks" and "mid-October" and "soon" comments... and I'm happy about it! ;-D
  • The bigger question is whether those with HTC HD7S on NoDo are getting the update.
  • I got it today, it takes like 10 to 15 minutes to update my phone from beta 2. I dont see any change & actually I think it isn't the final update for the HTC HD7S.
  • Doesn't seem to be working for me and I'm on NODO on my HD7S. I've spent the last 30 minutes trying to get this to work using the trick that was posted about pulling the ethernet chord. That didn't work either!
  • I've been trying to get this update to work on my NODO HD7S but haven't had any luck. I tried the update trick as well with the ethernet unplugging but that didn't work either. I guess i'll be waiting for a proper roll out.
  • Running RTM Leak, No luck. Tried Internet "skipping" trick. No dice.
  • Leaked RTM, No dice.
  • The title of this article is pretty misleading, and as a result twitter is full of retweets and misinformation.Title should be:7.5 now available for all HTC HD7S running Mango Beta.For the record, I've got an HD7s and NoDo. No update for me. The fact that this is being pushed out to people who downloaded the beta (legit or otherwise) and not everyone else is pretty lame. If it's done, then push it to everyone.
  • And to add salt to the wound, the beta program is over so we can't even put the beta on our phones to force the upgrade. Way to go, AT&T.
  • Anyone know how an unlocked AT&T Samsung Focus gets the update in Mongolia?
  • Nothing here yet :( Germany, HD7 unbranded
  • The method described here did not work on my HD7S with NoDo. Then I tried this one and it worked, now I have 7720 Mango build :)
  • Hey guys,Long time reader, first time poster here.Title is very misleading! Can one of you moderators please change the title to "Mango 7.5 now available for all HTC HD7S running Mango Beta" just like what Shippin said.Maybe someone can post a link on where we can find latest instructions on how to debrand an HTC HD7S so that we can get Mango now? :D
  • HD7S owners: You can get the final, official Mango update now from Microsoft. All you have to do is update your phone to the Mango Beta 2 so Zune allows you to update to Mango right now. Find instructions for updating to the beta at I installed the Mango Beta 2 from this site and now Zune is allowing me to update my phone to the final build. It's easy and I recommend doing it if you're like me and can't wait for AT&T to release the update for us HD7S owners in October.
  • Has anyone gotten this to work if you already have Zune 4.8? The old Windows Phone Support Tool doesn't appear to support Zune 4.8 and the new version of the Support Tool doesn't include WPUpdate.exe anymore, so the MangoForAll no longer works.
  • Just got it. By forcing ... via iMac/Virtual Box/Windows XP. Works fine.HD7, Germany, unbranded
  • Thanks, Gatlyn! it worked for me! update took about an hour, from Nodo to 7403 to 7720. Currently running Mango on HTC HD7S thanks to wpcentral as well :)
  • if you want mango on HD7S and are on nodo, these steps worked for need to make sure your version of zune (4.7.1404) matches the version of the phone support tool(4.7.1404). i used mangoforall v0.3.good luck.