Mass Effect: Andromeda receives a last minute patch on Xbox One

While every other Mass Effect game resides in the 90s on Metacritic, Andromeda is currently sitting in the 70s, as reviewers cite the litany of bugs plaguing the fun. Thankfully, it seems as though BioWare isn't ready to call it quits.

Mass Effect Andromeda just picked up a 775MB patch on Xbox One, bringing it to version 1.04 in-line with PS4 and PC.

The update features "various improvements and bug fixes." I haven't been able to find more specific patch notes at this time, but the fixes as described by the same version update on the PlayStation 4 (via GamesRadar).

I had heard that an additional patch was on the way, which is why I decided to hold off scoring our review until after the fact.

Most of the issues I discovered in my in-progress Mass Effect: Andromeda review pertain to bad frame rate issues on certain planets and in certain areas, strange character duplication bugs, and various glitches with animations and conversational sequencing.

Over all, I'm enjoying Mass Effect: Andromeda, but it's clear that the switch to open world created a diffuse focus on quantity over quality. At least BioWare is hard at work improving the game.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is available now for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Bought my limited edition mass effect Andromeda loot crate!!
  • I want that but I have to hope they still have some at the end of the month when I get paid
  • It ships in June. So maybe you can place the order and cancel if you change your mind?
  • Your a cool friend.
  • *you're
  • It's not available outside the US yet AFAIK. Thursday is the release date in the UK.
  • Bioware has already confirmed animations, facial animations and such will NOT be fixed. It's all over the internet. To rework animations takes months of work. Below is a link.
  • lmao and people will still buy this garbage because "MUH AAA TITLE"
  • Garbage? I haven't had any glitches or lip sync issues. Really I don't see any issues or even pop ins
  • I still purchased it as I love the Mass Effect series. Some of my favorite games of all time! I played the 10 hour trial and really enjoyed it. The facial animations to not bother me. If anything, we few times i saw a janky animation i thought it was funny and laughed. As for bugs, I didnt really see any.
  • So a game is unplayable because of a few glitches? As long as its not a game ending bug, then its annoying, but forgivable.
  • @Richard Loveridge, that article in the link you posted is a little unclear, but it reads to me like they're saying they WILL fix those problems, but the fix won't be part of the Day One update and won't even be out for a while, because it will take weeks (possibly months) to re-do them. That kind of timeframe explanation could also be an attempt to get ahead of the problem and under-promise with a hope of over-delivering. In this case, that would probably mean having the animations fixed in mid-late April (assuming they don't run into some other new major problem).
  • I haven't been bothered by the facial animations, not until people started to mention how bad it was
  • I played it early via EA Access, and I've noticed way less glitches and frame rate issues since the patch. I'm living the game.
  • They must've added on to their patch, then. My Xbox One is downloading a 2 gig update for the game
  • Yep.... Its pretty awesome that it downloads the update at the same time as the disc installs too. Didn't know the Xbox did this.
  • Oh, really? That's sweet, didn't know that either. I pre-ordered the digital version, so my game was already installed