Math Match makes a game out of challenging arithmetic on Windows 10 Mobile

Math Match is a casually paced puzzle game for Windows 10 Mobile that tests not only your skills at arithmetic but also your memory skills. The game presents you with a series of equations and solutions that you have to match up as quickly as possible.

While Math Match isn't an action-packed gaming title, it does offer you several gaming layouts and difficulty levels that can be appealing to all ages of gamers. While Math Match is available for Windows 10 Mobile, the free gaming title is also available for Windows Phone 8.1 (which includes low-memory devices).

Math Match has a very simple layout with main pages that offer you a gameplay menu and options menu to set up your puzzles. The gameplay menu includes options to start a game, view your gaming high scores and check out other Windows 10 games from the developer.

Math Match

The gaming options menu holds all your variables in setting up a puzzle. They include:

  • Grid Size: This determines the size of your puzzle with options for a 4x4, 5x4, 6x6 and 7x6 gaming board.
  • Difficulty Levels: Math Match offers three difficulty levels that include easy, medium and hard.
  • Rotation Speed: This variable determines how fast tiles rotate to the face-down position after you tap them. You have slow, medium and fast settings.

The gaming screen for Math Match is horizontally oriented and the goal of the game is to match all the tiles on the grid as fast as possible. While game speed is a scoring factor, Math Match lacks a gaming timer. The lack of a timer eliminates a little gaming pressure and offers a bit of a casual pace to Math Match.

Math Match

Essentially, it's a tile matching game, but with an arithmetic twist. Instead of matching "10" with "10", you're matching it with an equation that results in the number 10, such as "7+3". Easier levels are more tradition identical-tile matching, but harder levels amp it up to the equation + solution matching scheme. And higher levels will even kick it up a notch with larger numbers, multiplication, and division.

Math Match is a surprisingly challenging game, especially on the hard difficulty with the tile speed set to fast. Your brain has to process double-digit equations and only a brief moment to memorize the tile positions. Increase the size of the grid and the game's difficulty increases further.

Math Match

Math Match is a free, ad-supported gaming title that is available for Windows 10 Mobile, as well as Windows Phone 8.1. This game might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I found Math Match to be an entertaining brain game, even if it was increasingly difficult at higher levels. For younger players I can see educational qualities to Math Match, serving as an aid in developing simple math and memory skills.

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