McDonald’s launches official app for Sweden, teases SEQR support for mobile payments

I’m lovin’ it. Are you lovin’ it? We’re getting more and more official apps into the Windows Phone Store. Yesterday, the official McDonald’s UK app hit the Windows Phone Store. It allows you to find restaurants and filter through listings. For example, you can look only look for McDonald’s with a drive thru, baby changing facilities, free Wi-Fi, whether they’re open 24/7 or other variables. You can also use the app to view the UKs menu, get nutritional info and much more. Not to be left out, McDonald’s Sweden has released an app into the Windows Phone Store too.

The apps are nearly identical in features. In fact, we can’t find any major differences outside of branding/color differences. I mean, one is in Sweden, but that’s pretty obvious difference.

With McDonald’s Sweden you can:

  • Take advantage of our latest offers & promotions
  • Reading about our products, their nutritional & filter on allergens
  • See your nearest restaurant and filter restaurants by search results or map
  • See details of our restaurant's opening hours, facilities and how best to get there
  • Create an account to use coupons at restaurants and get extra great deals
  • Scan codes for the coffee you buy from us - when you bought four, you get the fifth for free!

Seems like a pretty cool app for our friends in Sweden. Though the way the girls look there, we doubt that McDonald’s is a staple in the Swedish diet. Nonetheless, it looks like Windows Phone is doing well when apps like this join the fray.

Inside this McDonald’s Sweden app we’ve learned that there’s a mention of SEQR ( Tomas, who tipped us on the app, noticed that SEQR integration is teased. SEQR is a very popular mobile payment platform in Sweden and Europe. Could Windows Phone support be around the corner? It’s very possible. Last summer, Microsoft and Seamless (the makers behind SEQR) announced a partnership to bring the platform to both Windows Phone and Windows 8 in 2013. That hasn’t happened yet, but it’s possible that it’s nearly ready.

In Sweden? Frequent McDonald’s? Then download the official app for free from the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks for the tip Tomas!

  • Yes, I am lovin it :P
  • Y U Know Build for USA?
  • The way the girls look? Are there really people out there that still think eating at mcdonalds == unhealthy person??
  • Who the hell thinks that eating at MacDonald's = healthy person??
  • People who understand moderation
  • +1520
  • "People who understand moderation"   So not Americans.
      ~david (american)
  • Don't make sweeping generalizations. There are many people who can moderate their diets and many that can't, in many different countries. Rates may give an indication of a country as a whole, but are woefully inadequate to predict an individual's habits.
  • Lol. Lots of truth to that, unfortunately. McDonald's really has a very good and varied menu, with plenty of choices that are, as far as fast food goes, not that bad. Out of the large chains, I'd say it's them, Subway and Wendy's that are the best in this way. Jack in the Box and Burger King are the worst, IMO.
  • Attractive person does not = healthy person fyi
  • But unhealthy does = unattractive though. :)
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, bra. I have been attracted to plenty of healthy and unhealthy women alike.
  • They released a UK app now a Swedish app what about an American app
  • It is odd to see official apps to come to other regions first but that is a good sign that WP gets decent attention in some areas.
  • I find it quite refreshing. It gets quite frustrating when things are US only - especially considering the US isn't necessarily the largest windows phone market...
  • They also released a Finnish app, but no one noticed -_-
  • The US app is here
  • Clever Chris, clever.
  • McDonalds? No i am not "Lovin It"
  • Does it list the amount of pink slime in each product?
  • What pink slime makes lettuce O.o
  • Compared to other fast food restaurants, McDonald's ain't that bad really, healthwise that is.
  • I read in a study some years ago that Burger King is considered to be the healthiest choice for Swedes
  • Well, in U.S., I think we all can agree that taco bell is probably the worst.
  • Sonic is so good but so so bad.
  • So true dude. Carnival food really.
  • But I love tacos!!!
  • Some dude wrote a book about actually losing weight and feeling good having eaten every meal at McDonalds for a long period. He just aye the healthy junk (oatmeal and salads) for breakfast and lunch and then hit up the burgers and fries for dinner. Im not vouching for this, but it might be worth looking into further for anyone that cares. For me, I just stay away from it all. There's always a line at the drive-thru, freaks and snot-filled kids in the dining area, and the McNuggets and fries make me nauseous.
  • Finally, now I can get those free deals at Donken(as swedes call it) that my friends uses
  • "Just nu" hahaha.
  • There's more nutrition in eating a windows phone than a McDonalds lol
  • There's more nutrition in eating anything, lol
  • ...and a Nokia could take it.
  • The "Extraction" process will be a one unpleasant experience lol.
  • Hey I know! Let's all make sweeping generalizations about American life on an article on a MS fan website! :D
  • McDonalds is a staple of 'Merica. Why don't we have an app yet?
  • Yay, we have an app that promotes trash food... :-\
  • I'm loving it just because I live in Sweden. Cool.
  • It's also in Finland now :)
  • Great! Sweden rules! Cortana, Swedbank, Tradera just around the corner;-)^^
  • Cortana just around the corner for Sweden? Have I missed something or are you dreaming? :)
  • Just dreaming:D
  • Damn you! I wanted to believe it so much, I started dreaming too. :)
  • The US app is here
  • Spain???
  • Seems fatter.
  • Max is the burger restaurant for me. :)
  • Yhey launched finnish app too
  • Nice that more big companies release apps in Swedish for WP.. hurra :)!!!!
  • Awesome, downloading to see what its like.
  • Did the same I'm not a fan of Mc Donalds's, but I thought the app was good
  • I want taco bell app!!!
  • Living in Sweden, but wanted to say that this app is available in France since at least 6 months.
  • Now if only we could get swedish speech recognition it would be nice.
  • Regarding SEQR for Windows Phone, it is around the corner. They had a small closed beta test for the system in December. It will be integrated in the wallet system. I have yet to hear any other from them than "its coming" though. Hoping for soon then.
  • I dunno. I feel like if I needed McDonalds there better be one near by. I'm not gonna go out of my way to find one set up a specific way
  • Yeeeeeees, I've been waiting for this. Donken
  • Downloaded.