Meanwhile at our local Apple Store...

Sad trombone

If you've seen our footage of the new Microsoft Store here in New York today, you will notice it was quite packed for 11 AM. In fact, we would see the opening was quite a success.

How was our local Apple Store doing, even with their big iPhone 5 launch? We walked down just a few hundred feet to find out and see above.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • They all got lost!
  • Ahahahaahahaha +1.
    Never use iMaps :D
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  • I'd say they probably did get lost....
    Is that a Macbook Air? I bet she felt out of place....
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  • In the face bitches! xD
    too funny.
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  • Half those people in there are probably trying to get their iPhone 5 replaced. 
  • Telling the employees at apple that they forgot to include a real map solution not a beta maps & where is that NFC? Apple employees say: don't worry MS just opened a store across the street they could help you out just look it up using.. BING!!!
  • Probably they were trying to check out the Microsoft Store opening, and instead ended up being the latest crop of iOS 6 Maps victims. It's like a huge worldwide episode of Punk'd.
  • Mission accomplished lol
  • I love it! Also, just got done speaking with the Global VP of IT at my work. He's trying to "wiggle" a Surface out of Microsoft and is on board with them being a great alternative to iPads at the office.
  • Maps problem, damage out of the box, and camera lens defects are alot of what I've been reading lately.
  • I haven't heard about the lens defects. What happened there?
  • Hazing on the lens.
  • Apple has to apologize for the empty store.
  • "You're shopping wrong".
  • Loo
  • Well, there is no doubt that Apple has got millions of sheep eating right out of their hands. Its like Apple can do no wrong. I commend Apple for marketing the phone to the ignorance of the few people who think they got the best phone ever made (yea, not true anymore), but they know how convince people to fork up cash right out of their pockets for simple minor upgrades and they do it well. Plus, they have the media eating right out of their pockets. Every national news had some pathetic Apple story being reported by clueless news reporters that are out of touch about cell phone technology. If they knew anything, they would have reported it with real facts about Apple's less than stellar iPhone 5, but the story was more about the sheep's lined up for weeks.
  • Never forget the power that the ownership of Apple stock wields over these reporters and any attempt at fair unbiased reporting. Most of them are simply giddy that their investments is doing so well and are not going to personally do anything to jeopardize that.
  • You got the right..
  • and this year it seems most of those lining up were promoting somthing. It's why Apple had to find someone in the Australia store to be the first iphone 5 buyers, everybody else wan't to get it for PR
  • wow, this site is getting nasty..
  • Yeah dont you just love it! :)
  • @chfhyh Just having a little fun. Though that pic is accurate...just walked down and snapped it. Thought it was good for a laugh.
  • Have you ever talked to an Apple Genius.. Apple should apologize for calling their employees Genius.. People at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory should be insulted and force Apple to stop calling their employees Geniuses. It's not right, it's far.from the truth and it needs to stop. If you are really a Genius, you would not be working at Apple.
  • +1 I agree. I was appalled when I went into a "genius" store. These people are as far from techies as I would hope to see in such a place
  • I was told by one of the employees at a local Apple store that if I run Windows, I should not open IE, because I'll get viruses. I told the guy to stop spreading fud.
  • Apple employees are a joke. Most of them think because the work at an Apple store, they know everything there is to know about computers, or phones. Yea, right
  • I had to double check, that looks as empty as the Microsoft store I went to in LA!
  • Well, lets see how things will be in November..
  • What a desperate attempt to troll
  • Its about as desperate as this post is.
    The new Microsoft Store will be dead right after launch until Surface and more windows phones come out.
    Obviously its going to be packed at a grand opening.
  • Please post your photo to prove it. Talk is cheap and trolling is even cheaper.
  • When I was last at the Bridgewater Mall in NJ the Microsoft Store was empty and the Apple Store packed. Does that really mean anything? We know that Apple Stores have the highest revenue per square foot in the retail industry. We want Microsoft Stores to have great products to sell and to be as successful as they can be. Looking for an empty Apple Store isn't going to make Microsoft's products any better.
  • It actually seems like there are quite a few people in there, just not standing in the front by the glass.
  • As someone who sees that store regularly, it seemed slow to me from the usual...especially after the big iPhone 5 launch being so recent.
  • Call them what they really are.. Apple sales representative.
  • Still quite a few people in the store though... Check back at the Microsoft store in a week and report findings.
  • You got it...I'll be there on the regular!
  • Who cares...we love windows phone and that's all that matters. All you apple fanboys intruding well get the eff out.
  • +1
  • Your article is not posting correctly. It stops after your first paragraph
  • 5,000,000 iPhone 5's sold... 5,000,000 more reasons Apple will do the same thing next year. Why fix something that ain't broken?
  • Sure, and after Christmas, it will drop off to maybe a million/month. Meanwhile, Microsoft stays steady and sells about 150 million copies of Windows a year. And Google OEM's will sell 2-3 million phones/month. So in the grand scheme, Apple still loses.
  • I was being sarcastic my friend. I'm a happy lumia 900 user and was making a sarcastic point that @pple doesn't care about the apparent poor quality of their product this year. They still sold 5mil and they could care less as long as they continue to market the way have. Their marketing is fucking remarkable and deserves awards for the job they've done with this perception of perfection in everything that apple releases. My point was that isheep and other low information consumers will buy anything Apple puts their name on it even if it's obvious shit or not up to par as other tech out there. I'm sick of this perception that apple is the gold standard or the Cadillac of all tech.
  • It is, but I have to give Samsung credit for their Galaxy note 10.1 commercial, there at least showing people that there are other devices out their that can do what the iPad can do, hopefully MS shows the same with win 8, WP8 and surface in their marketing
  • Your numbers are way off
    Last quarter, a slow quarter for Apple, they did 26 million iPhones - roughly 9 million per month. Next quarter (starts Monday) they do much bigger numbers. All of Android is even bigger. Boyh are growing.
    Microsoft does about 400 million copies of Windows a year. That number has been relatively flat in recent years.
  • Actually the gentleman above was just pointing out facts about the iPhone 5 that have been completely ignored by the media and people like you. You like to hide the fact that you device has flaws and you're angry with anyone who points ir out. At least when there were keyboard, display color issues, and battery management issues with some of the L900 phones, it was out there and addressed. Lastly many of us here carry or own different devices and judge them justly
  • For the Apple Geniuses and fanboys, my last post was an example of sarcasm.
  • The iPhone stores are boring. Everything in them are the same, no variety; all you have is ipods, macbooks, iPhones, with only color differentiating them. At least at the MS you have variety
  • I freaking LOVE this!!! :)
  • Funny how Apple getting kicked in the teeth by its own stupid maps and iScratch Phone comes back to haunt it. The majority of good IT Engineering folks I know are OS agnostic. We all agree that Apple's arrogance is finally turning into bad karma. They set the bar high initially and enjoyed a run of success. When you reach a peek on wall street the trend is always down - do the research if you disagree. Step aside Apple, your fruit has maggots and overpriced out of date goods. No NFC - that's so 2007 =)
  • Wahaha I love it! It's good fun. You NEVER see Engadget post this article. :P
  • The guys at engaget are in love with the iPhone. I hate how they write articles about WP products. Using words like unfortunately you will have to wait till wp8 to run Nokia maps when they clearly know you could run it on wp7 or unfortunately we had to use the lumia 800 to use Nokia parking & so on.. They can't say unfortunately the new iPhone suck
  • CNN gave Apple a nice bruise!
  • While I appreciate CNN being honest, but many consumers watch their local news stations and their the ones overlooking fact and by doing so encourage them to go out and buy the iPhone. I get so sick and tire of fox 26 completely ignoring other tech advances in favor of the iPhone only I could throw up. They should be called the iphone only network. And instead of fox and friends, they should be Apple & Us
  • Half tempted to head to the mall and mess with my Nokia Drive in the Apple store... Oh, my side hurts so bad from laugh... Bad things come in threes - Apple gets two more fails before recovery!
  • The guy right in the middle looks like he is thinking about running out the door with whatever he is holding. It not in a bag..
  • What I think is funny, is how people take the Apple "Geniuses" so serious. If anybody has seen that South Park episode tjry know what I'm talking about.
  • *they, sorry
  • I strongly suspect that they already ran out of iPhone 5, and thus the store returned to a normal state. Next time try around the opening time.
    Also, with Apple having about 10 times more retail stores than Microsoft - it is not a surprise that it has less people in it on a normal day than a rare store from Microsoft on it's opening day.
  • Thanks Captain Buzz Kill...just trying to have some fun around here, sheesh.
  • Lol
  • My pleasure.
    Son of Debbie Downer
  • They don't have 10 times more in that mall or even in that area, so shut your pie hole freak
  • Close you mouth because the hot air you're spewing smells like Sh*t :-]
  • Seriously the apple is done.. There's nothing really to see about the iphone5.. Men that thing looks like a damn white board eraser... In the next 2 years we will see who is no.1
  • I am gonna be as objective as I can to this even though I am not a apple user.
     The part where microsoft was giving away free xbox's and computers probabable generated a fair amount of people plus if they did a ton of advertisting for the new store, while the iphone 5 launch has come and gone most people that needed one have one or have it on order.
    So to be fair come back a month later to that microsoft store and then go to the same apple store like you did know and see how many are at each if, That would be alot more fair and the hype for free xbox's would be gone.
    Now I just need a microsoft store in my area (I don't even have a apple store here)
  • I mean...we're all aware of that. This post was tongue in cheek, a bone to our readers to rally some enthusiasm. It wasn't meant to say "Apple is finished", we're just taking a light hearted jab. You guys get too serious sometimes... ;-)
  • oh I get that I ment more at everyone else saying apple is finished and yatta yatta yatta, I assume if you were serious this site would be in trouble :P
  • I actually like to see more iPhone sold for Nokia's sake.  Nokia is getting $8 Euro ($10.35) royalty from Apple for each iPhone sold.  Nokia probably could get more from its patent revenue than from Lumia sales. :)

  • I read the Microsoft store news, scroll up and the "-Meanwhile in.." thing appears, LOL. Thnx for the free laughs.
  • Zzzzzzzzzzzz
  • This article in WP central? Really?
    Stop acting like we are 6 yrs old, can we?
  • Yes, internetz iz srs bzns.
  • i'm all for microsoft and stuff but this kind of posts are useless, ridiculous and nonsense. All you guys know why there are more people in the MS store and that day. Compare that in two weeks and we see again.
    Also i thought this site is about Microsoft / Windows Phone / related Stuff- News and shows some kind of profesionality as it did until now as far as i remember. But this is a fanboy post making fun of apple... just lame.
    You should stop this kind of posts...
    Whenever I had walked into a Apple store near where I live there is really no one buying anything it's usually full of people just hogin on the free internet! I wanted to look at their laptops but there were these kids just surfing was annoying...
    If Microsoft does it right they will allow people to use their stuff but there should be something in place where people are either told to not just loiter in the store or have an area for people who are acually planning on buying something!
    I think Apple puts all that crap near the window to make it look like their stores really busy!
  • Looks pretty busy, so I'm not sure what I'm missing.  I also don't get why the Microsoft store would be so packed for its opening.  Not that I'm knocking them or anything; it just seems weird to me, like hundreds of people woke up and thought "Oh damn, I need to go down to the new Microsoft store and buy me a bunch of expensive electronics!"  Of course, I've never seen one of these Apple or Microsoft stores, so maybe there's more to it that I don't know about.  Whatever the case may be, I'm glad it went well for them.
  • Hahaha apple store.looks gay and boring. Who wants see some wannabe apple employee thinking he/she a genius lol....
  • This article is pretty silly to begin with, but the comments just take it into crazy-land. First, how in god's name is the comparison of the number of people in a Microsoft Store ON GRAND OPENING DAY with the number of people in a long-established Apple Store relevant or meaningful in any way? Maybe you didn't notice that Apple, just like a week ago, sold more iPhone 5s at launch than ANY PREVIOUS VERSION . . . EVER. So . . . the already most successful phone in history was just a week ago more succesful than it had ever been before, but we're supposed to take . . . what from this photo?
    Second, the iPhone is clearly a flawed product in many ways, but it has extraordinary strengths. Look how tiny, thin, and light it is, yet it is powerful. And it's easily the most beautiful piece of industrial design in the industry. Nobody else comes close. Nokia comes closest, but even Nokia doesn't touch Apple's hardware design.
    Windows 8 runs circles around iOS. Windows 8 (and Windows 7.x), frankly, looks like something that should have come from Apple, while iOS, with its mess of disorganized (and unorganizable) icons on a desktop background looks exactly like what Microsoft has been giving us for the better part of its existence. Nevertheless, Microsoft, against type, has given the world an utterly beautiful, brilliantly designed OS.
    But not everything in softwareland favors Microsoft, as you all well know. Apple has an enormous app advantage over Microsoft. And since Apps are literally nothing more than functionality, that gives Apple a functionality advantage. I'm personally planning to get a Windows 8 phone (prob a 920) because MS has taken care of most of the Apps that are important to me, and I love the OS. But this isn't something to be taken lightly.
    What you people derisively refer to as sheeple bahavior is nothing more than hard-earned brand equity. Apple was on the brink of bankruptcy when Steve Jobs came back and, over a long period of time, turned the sinking ship around and made it the most valuable tech company in history. They did this with incredible levels of innovation. People didn't just buy whatever Apple made. People didn't buy anything Apple made. The company was dying. The Windows Marketplace, the App ecosystem, the whole modern smart phone formfactor, hell . . . the Microsoft Store that this article is about . . . Apple invented all of that. Microsoft is cribbing it, right down the the interior design of the store. People act like "sheeple" w/r/t/ Apple because Apple changed thier lives. The original iPhone came out in 2007. Think about that. The Lumia 900 (aka the first Windows Phone that could seriously go toe-to-toe with an iPhone) came out this year. People buy what Apple releases because Apple has been consistently releasing products that delight them for many years. They deserve props. And they make damned excellent products (even if Windows 8 is superior to iOS 6).
  • did anyone see the Samsung galaxy 3 commercial? They went in on apple iphne 5......hilarious
  • That looks pretty packed for a mall at 11AM :o/