Meet the new Windows Phone Marketplace

I've gone on record several times as saying that the Windows Marketplace for Mobile, which debuted last fall alongside Windows Mobile 6.5, felt rushed at best, and half-baked at worst, at least as far as the user experience goes.

You can cast any such feelings aside, it appears, with Windows Phone 7 Series. The Windows Phone Marketplace ties right in with the Metro interface and finally -- at least in appearance -- seems to be worthy of the operating system on which it resides.

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  • Eww looks to be a locked down app store a la iTunes. Shame.
  • you are wrong. read a bit more about wp7s
  • Clearly I'm not. Look at the latest info. It's a locked down walled garden. It's MS does apple.
  • It looks like Microsoft did a great job in Windows Phone 7. But based on it's previous track records, I just don't think they have what it takes for the mobile industry. Just let this one go Microsoft...focus on what you guys are good at.