Mega Privacy testing update with automatic camera uploads

Secure cloud storage service Mega Privacy has announced that it has a new version of its Windows Phone app in the works that brings automatic camera uploads. While not available for public consumption just yet, Mega is allowing interested users to request testing invites. From Mega on Twitter:

Would you like to test the new Windows Phone v.3 beta app with automated camera uploads? Email for invite

Admittedly, we're a little late to this one, as the Tweet was posted on October 26. Still, in the wake of the recent controversy surrounding OneDrive storage, some users might be looking to check out an alternative.

If you're interested in checking out Mega Privacy, you can hit up the Windows Store link below to give it a shot. If you're feeling a bit more adventurous, however, you can apply to test out Mega Privacy v.3 with automatic camera uploads by sending an email to the address above.

Download Mega Privacy from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: Mega Privacy

Source: Mega (Twitter)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Seize the moment Mega, there's never been a better time
  • Bingo
  • Never a better time to supply storage for free to a lot of people who will never pay for it. ;)
  • Oh so true...
  • Their office is having a party.
  • I already did :D It is cool :)
  • WP???.... Why aren't they making a W10 Universal app❓❓❓
  • What's the point? You don't need an app to use it on a Windows 10 tablet or desktop. Be glad they're still spending time even developing a WP app, Rod. Don't be ungrateful, child! ;P
  • Because XBone...
  • The XBone store isn't is to UWA yet and there's no indication of when that may happen so you can't blame developers for not getting concerned about it. Also, I don't think the XBone is a priority for developers of things like MEGA. Its use on a console is pretty limited. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That the same question I have whenever I see folks developing/updating WP apps. Yes it takes resources to transition to universal apps but a guy can always hope.
  • Interesting timing.
  • How much storage do they offer?
  • 50GB !
  • Better than OneDrive. 50GB free.
  • I think 50Gb
  • Signed up!
  • Hopefully they will make the app look a bit more attractive.
  • Automatic camera upload? Bye,bye OneDrive, it was nice, while it lasted.
  • Plus they don't scan your nakie pics!
  • lol
  • You never know that.
  • To bad synology can't seem to do this with ds photo like they do on Android!
  • Yeah. Big disappointment...
  • With one drive limited people will move Microsoft
  • Didn't Kim Dotcom abandon this and start another storage service cos he claimed it had been compromised by the New Zealand government? Plus I'm not sure why anyone would trust another cloud storage provider after what Microsoft pulled.
  • Because all the other cloud providers are not MSFT and manage not to screw with their userbase
  • Should note that non-outlook domain .net passports they wont accept for beta. Tried getting into 1st beta & thats what they said
  • Yes, their 50 free gigabytes of storage definitely comes in handy (take note Microsoft). Hopefully more cloud services take advantage of the disaster Microsoft brought to themselves and reap new customers. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft needs competitive prices if they want stay in the game. Mega gives us 50 free and one drive 2 per month for has unlimited for 60 a year...sounds like amazon is having some good deals..
  • Competitive prices? How much will Mega make on all these users who wont pay for storage and get 50 gigs free?
  • For $60 you can get personal o365 and get a terabyte 
  • Maybe until MS decides otherwise....
  • How to uninstall Onedrive? Because I have this OCD about keeping useless apps on my phone.
  • Get a new phone that isn't a Windows Phone. I recommend a Nexus 6P and of you wanna go iPhone I recommend a iPhone 6s of the 64 gigabyte variant. 16 is useless these days Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Doh... apps use it... and backups.
  • Bye bye onedrive(if the upgraded plans are not reverted)
  • Start giving poor rating to onedrive on store they might see the people's grievances
  • Have on several of my accounts in the Play Store. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 1 Star
  • The days ago I would have ignored this. Now, I'm interested
  • I love how theres never download links anymore in the app. Woot so fun!!!
  • Thank you MEGA
  • Holy smokes! 50gb free -- juicy! And we can transfer entire folders? Wow. 21GB worth of photos and videos from my phone have just been transferred to mega. Thank you for posting this.
  • The thing is with mega is there ugly interface compared to other apps
  • If this is true, then goodbye Onedrive and your 5GB