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OneDrive users voice their displeasure, want Microsoft to add their storage back

Use OneDrive
Use OneDrive (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft's announcement earlier this week that it plans to reduce both of the free and paid storage options for its OneDrive cloud storage service has certainly been a controversial one. That has extended over to the official OneDrive UserVoice feedback site, where a topic page asking Microsoft to reverse its decision has now generated nearly 20,000 votes as of this writing.

Microsoft says that it will no longer offer unlimited amount of space on OneDrive for Office 365 subscribers, cutting that option down to 1TB. It will also remove its stand alone 100GB and 200GB storage plans, offering just 50GB of storage for $1.99 a month, Finally, it will reduce the free amount of storage it offers from 15GB to 5GB, and eliminate the 15GB of extra free storage for people who use the Camera Roll option on OneDrive apps. Microsoft says this decision was made due to a few users exploiting the "unlimited" storage option, with some using as much as 75TB of cloud storage from a single account.

The OneDrive UserVoice topic page that has generated all these votes explains the customer's views toward Microsoft's decision.

"Recently, a blog post was announced detailing that you would be reducing our free and paid storage. Only 1TB for Office 365 customers, and only 5 GB for free customers. I have been a long-time OneDrive fan, but after this upgrade I can no longer recommend it as my promised storage has been taken away. Some of us actually store a normal amount of stuff in OneDrive. Why makes us pay for those who went over the top?

Microsoft says these changes to OneDrive will begin in early 2016.

Thanks to Istvan for the tip!

Source: OneDrive UserVoice

  • Voted 3 votes, want my storage back!
  • Yep. MS is trying to force windows users go android or ios now.
  • Yes, that is their intention. You're either not very good at sarcasm, or you actually believe what you've said, in which case Googling a psychiatrist may be of benefit to you.
  • Meh I say use Bing
  • Just to be clear, they sent me notifcation after notification about moving my Music and Videos to OneDrive so that I can share anywhere...., and one month later they are cutting storage across the board?
  • I tried to convince my wife, my mom and sister and other family members (cousins, aunt, brother in law) to start using cloud storage, but they just don't use the service since they simply don't care, my mom has a Galaxy S5 I installed OneDrive for her, but she does not use it, she has all her photos and videos stored on the phone and on whatsapp, most people just purchase a larger microSD card to store their info locally instead than on the cloud.  Cloud storage is a dead business, as much as I love OneDrive, I don't use it since I don't have a data plan on my phone and at home I prefer to use local storage.  Time to move on.
  • Cloud is not dead at all. How can you access your stuff with different devices if you have everything stored in one SD card?
  • Yes. I have more than one computer and need them all access the cloud storage so how would i do that in one MicroSD securely not by moving it?
  • Maybe you don't use it but many people use cloud storage these days and the number is only increasing. Even if MS cut the lower limit from 5GB to 0 GB free storage, then people using Windows Phones will move over to Dropbox. Android users have Google Drive which allows syncing on PC. iOS users have iCloud and if you think nobody uses cloud storage just recall the naked images of many actors leaked from iCloud last year.
  • and actresses
  • I think he was referring to as just actors including females actresses. A majority were female actresses with some guys just thrown in, primarily boyfriends of the victims. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Google drive works way better with Android. OneDrive works better with windows 10 too. If I witch to Google driver, I might as well switch to Android.
  • @Gabriel Hernandez5: Well, *I* don't use whatsapp at all. It's clearly a dead business, so I don't know why your mom bothers using it. </s>
  • Gabriel, so what will happen to all those photos and videos you've on microSD card when it gets damaged or lost? That's where cloud helps.
  • Shhh, stupid people don't like logic.
  • MicroSD has class 4-10 and it has speed read and write too. It would be better higher class and it will be expensive...
  • Snap i got the same
  • @tribexx:
    When are people gonna realize that Microsoft under Nadella is an "iOS first, Android first" company?!
    No cloud, no Windows.
    Something's gotta give... (the money, to enable Microsoft to please iOS and Android users, because these "customers" don't pay them a ducking cent).
  • Oh STFU
  • lol
  • Nope Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So How much free storage space do they offer?  
  • It's going from 30GB to 5GB. They say they're cutting it from 15 to 5, but they were also offering a free 15GB (which they're getting rid of) for setting up automatically backing up your photos from your phone to OneDrive. They should at least let anyone who took advantage of that, keep that storage. I don't mind them stopping the promo and not giving that storage away anymore, but don't take it away from people who use it.
  • Totally agree...have to honor the size offered to original customers. The unlimited option on 365 is trickier, but TBH 1TB is plenty for most people.
  • Espacially when it was meant for typical office files and not music and movies... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Its going from 15 to 5 gb. They had a promo for camera rolls for an extra 15 gb that is also going away. Basically if you want free storage over 5 gb there is google drive, box, and mega. If you want paid storage get the $7 1TB package and its the cheapest solution.
  • Considering iOS only give 5GB as well, you've just gone full retard with your comment.
  • Apple offers 100GB for 1.99$ a month when MS offers now only 50GB... So, really, doesn't understand MS's strategy here.
  • It's not difficult to understand. For like $70/year you get 1TB plus an always up to date office suite with full support. Apple doesn't offer anything close to that.
  • Yea and if you use Word from "Office 365 Personal" to edit more than 30 documents per month they tell you you're an abuser and are using the program for business proposals. Then you'll only be allowed to edit 5 documents per month. And people here on WC will tell you that 5 documents per months is enough for them.
  • Yeah because that's such an intelligent argument. Come back when you have something that actually makes sense instead of being just another retard.
  • It's Microsoft. They cancel and change their services all the time. And always remember: Windows 10 Mobile is a service now...
  • Lots of retard hate today...
  • @DancingDave: What part of "don't go full retard" was unclear to you? Even children are able to have a more intelligent conversation than you and your ridiculous red herring.
  • You're a fucking idiot.
  • I use Onedrive only to store my Camera Roll. Now tell me why I should spend money over it. They should keep the free storage how it is.
  • How much are you using for your camera roll? And how much could you delete from the same camera roll because they are either blurry, multiple shots, accidental shots, or stupid selfies?
  • @Axmantim I have been here for long time.... Just my camera roll has around 3gb usage after I sort my pics nearly every two month. Anyways who are you to say those selfies are stupid or not .... Its not for you... People are amused coz they were promised something and if it ain't fulfilled they have right to show their frustration. If it doesn't bother you it doesn't mean it doesn't bother anyone else.... So keep your retard theory to your self
  • No body was promised anything. You were given something for free, and then in accordance with the agreement you entered into with Microsoft, they changed the thing they gave you for free. No free storage solution is intended as a forever solution, that's just foolish to believe such a thing. The intention is to give a person a taste of what you can have, and then intice them to purchase one of the paid solutions. It's the same for all of them, they take the hit for the people that need a couple GB and don't pay and make a killing by charging a bunch more than they spend for the storage you pay for. It's a simple thing. If you can't understand that (or others that load up their OneDrive they don't pay for with pics they never look at again) they are in fact the problem. If people would take a little time and pay attention to what they are doing with a computer, half, if not more, of the problems/complaints would go away. It's sad that people are so up in arms over something they get for FREE. 
  • Free? You're crazy, there's no such thing. Google make money on ads, Microsoft monetize their service making money in other ways knowing that you have a link with their platform (OneDrive and Windows ecosystem). You'll not give them your money for the 15gb, but you'll give something that's yours to them and they'll find a way to make money using it. So, is it really FREE?          
  • Yo, Axmantim...stop trying to cover Microsoft on this.
    MS have used bait and switch tactics, and are now trying to strongarm people into buying unnecessary 365 subs.
    Google don't do this. They give you 20,000 songs worth of Google Drive space for free AND 15GB of storage.
    Microsoft now only offer 5GB of free storage space...down from 30 in most cases.
    How on earth do Microsoft expect to compete?!
    I for one will not be renewing my 365 subs....
  • True
  • Every present in life you got for free. No biggie when somebody comes and gets it back then? It's like MSFT coming to my home to take back the free cover we got for our Surface. Anyway, this is an endless discussion between those who are really not affected at all and/or can afford Office 365 and/or are excessive users of the cloud (which I am not). I'm really pissed that MSFT doesn't seem to be able to make up its mind, by changing the rules again and again. I'm getting sick of it. I stuck with MSFT despite the consquences (apps for phones and tablets), I can say farewell despite a few disadvantages as well. I thought that MSFT had learned its lesson and that it finally realised that it wasn't in a particularly good position with everyday consumers (Joe Sixpack if you will), clearly it hasn't. After jumping on board with WP7 and practically forcing my entire family to go Microsoft, since yesterday I'm checking my options. And there are plenty  (OpenOffice/LibreOffice, Google Drive, Android). The only thing I'm truely stuck with is Windows. Needing Windows, wanting Windows, loving Windows? A lot is going to have to change before that will happen.
  • Bait and switch, then?
  • For me, I got extra 200GB for 2years for buying a Surface 2 when it launched, 200GB for 2years too from Lumia 930 sales, extra 10GB for turning on photo upload on all devices and 30GB default being one of the first to open an account. So if I loose these things middle next year, I will be left with about 17GB having used 23GB. This can't work for me because I intended saving my docs from my coming Surface Pro 4 and external HDD to OneDrive. Horrible decision Microsoft. Apple here I come! iPhone 6s Plus it is!!
  • So, tell me, what are you going to do with the 5GB you'll get from Apple? And how will it be better than the 17GB you're saying you have from OneDrive?
  • + we need onedrive smart files!!!
  • If Microsoft have us the Carl Zeiss camera phone then respect that 15GB for the phone. At least I can show photos anytime anywhere I took with my Lumia phone for years. If they don't, what respect do they really have with the cameras?
  • ^ this guy...not much fun at parties I reckon.
  • Sorry, but that's irrelevant. You're trying to defend MSFT by making us do the work. Was the 15 GB really necessary? Not for me, no. But a mere 5GB + the basic 5GB would have been nice.
  • I take 10 times less pictures on trips, parties and other events than an average person and quickly trim my camera roll to only keep the best shots. My photo collection from the last 4 or 5 years (since I got my first HTC Mozart WP7) is only a little over 5GB. And my important documents take less than 400MB. I've used Skydrive since it was 25GB for free, than it got converted to 7 plus a loyalty bonus, then again 15 plus a smaller loyalty bonus plus a camera roll bonus equalling up 40GB, and suddenly it gets cut down from 40 to 5GB? That is just insane.
    And now I am supposed to purchase additional 50GBs to keep my 6GBs of files? Ridiculous.
  • I also had a total of 40 GB and maybe that's going away(will they also take away the loyalty bonus?)
    Anyway, inconvenience or not, I'll find a way around it.
  • There's a chance the loyalty bonus stays, as it is not mentioned per se in their shamefull announcement, in which they claim that other bonuses an plans remain unchanged.
    Anywho, reducing storage for existing accounts is a dick move and deserves a class action suite.
  • Here's your workaround;
    Buy 4x Office Personal codes. Stack them...then pay for 1x month of Office 365 HOME.
    All four licences will convert to Home subs...which you can then share with others.
    If you get 5 people on board, it works out at £4/$3 per person, per year..
  • +929
  • Because you should pay if u require more storage regardless of if they are photos or not? I don't understand your shithouse logic.
  • Me too? 15GB is for my Lumia phone and not dedicated for office work. Why pay 100GB + Office 365 and share my copyright photos?
  • Apple give away their office suite with all new devices and provide access via Also the same amount of cloud storage is 50% cheaper than Onedrive at 99c for 50GB compared to $1.99. Anyway you try to look at this, it's a bad move by Microsoft that has generated a lot of bad PR. Supporting MS is really a fools game, they can't help themselves, everytime they have a leading position and a good product they shoot themselves in the foot and burn their users. Way I see it is you can go to Google and get unlimited photo storage for free, 15GB of drive space for free, free upload of 50,000 music tracks to Google Play Music and access to their office tools for free. Go to Apple and get high quality free office tools for free and pay 99c for 50GB or go to MS, pay $1.99 for 50GB and no office tools or pay up to $100 for a 365 annual subscription which is what they are really trying to push people toward with this move. Basically they've gone from being in the most competitive position to the lousiest option overnight.
  • I NEED Word, Excel and OneNote so got Office365 which gives me 1TB of storage included - I will not use all of this so I'm good. Plus, 4 other users can have the same, which I can pass on to my family, so again I'm good. But, I took a 4K video at a concert which was just one song and that was 1,6GB - so 5GB would be pretty useless anyway!
  • No, they can't.  Its 1Tb SHARED between all users on a single sub.
  • No. It isn't.
  • Subscription benefits for up to 5 users Each user gets 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage, plus 60 Skype minutes of calling per month to mobile phones and landlines.
  • NO! It is 1TB per user as per their site for 5 users in total. Subscription benefits for up to 5 users Each user gets 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage, plus 60 Skype minutes of calling per month to mobile phones and landlines.
  • Apple could offer unlimited, I still wouldn't use.
  • They're not going into partnership with Activision are they.
  • You never go full retard.
  • 5 GB is enough for me. Hahaha I have uploaded only 1 GB of documents and pictures. So yeah 5 GB enough for me.
  • So, how are you liking your 640Kb of RAM?
  • I'd cause because your phone is 1-series phone with 3mp. Mine is 9-series with 20mp.
  • I had a Lumia 1020. My Camera Roll alone is 80GB.
  • Don't go full retard, ever.
  • I can not help but laugh every time I see "full retard" in a comment. It makes my day each time. Not just on here either. I do have a question though.... Would not the amount of "retard" be subjective and/or imeassurable?
  • I agree, Android is looking prettier and prettier
  • Yeah, specially with all those forever-unpatched security holes and bugs... Just peachy!!!
  • While I think they're overreacting, this wouldn't make me switch ty Android or IOS. Windows 10 mobile, however, has made up my mind: I'll be switching to Android or iPhone. Microsoft took the greatness of 8.1 and completely ruined it. 10 mobile is garbage.
  • Thats pretty much the same with me as well, but I'm NOT be giving google anything.  iPhone (whatever the 7 will be) here I come. Its a shame as the 950XL looked sweet.
  • @Jason, first W10M has not been released. So any version of it has some bugs and hiccups. Second, I don't know if any requirement to upgrade your current device to the official release of W10M when it is ready. You should be able to stay on 8.1
  • Microsoft is basically saying "Fuck You Lumia 950/950 XL" because from what I see, the Lumia 1520 uses 3-6 mb each photo I take. Fact that Microsoft's new Lumia 950/950 XL's camera is so advance I can expect it to use 10-15 mb each photo. OneDrive by 2016 = $1.99 a month for 50 GB. So the Lumia 950 XL would be $649 USD + $2/month. Great Job Microsoft! By 2017 I am looking forward to $1.99/month for 15 GB! Then by 2018 I am looking forward to $1.99/month for 5 GB and hopefully by 2020 I am looking forward to $0.10/KB! I fucken love your new stradegy! Keep up the good work!
  • Microsoft is telling us Lumia is dead! I guess I have to sell all my unlocked Lumia phone to get iPhone or Android phone. Got to go shopping!
  • Cloud Firrst!
  • Yes, I bought my new mobile yesterday. An this give me a hint that next mobile gona be a Android and now is true. G-drive gaves 15 GB storage and Google Drive doesn't even count photos under 2048x2048 against that 15GB storage limit! Godbye Windows Phone and hello Android!
  • I don't plan on using more than 1 TB but I can see people being inconvenienced by the 15GB down to 5GB.
  • Getting rid of The 15GB is the dumbest move ever. It was what made OneDrive that much more attractive as a free service. Now it is worse than Google drive and icloud. 1 TB is an obscene amount of storage, only the abusers are going to use much more than that.
  • How is it worse than iCloud. I agree i'd rather more storage (who wouldn't) but they both offer the same amount of storage for FREE.
  • Sorry but defending M($) will not cut it.
    It's their fault and iCloud is now noticeably a cheaper option in terms of tiers for more storage Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • But the service is shit. Go enjoy icloud then.
  • PS the dollar sign for an S makes you look SO fucking stupid.
  • Thank you only the stupid people would see that.
    Nice to see an idiot respond but of course here Microsoft does nothing wrong. And no thanks I'll rather enjoy Google Drive, MEGA, SD cards and my own computer. Funny thing OneDrive service will soon become shit also.... Irony Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 1TB is not that obscene for some users. Personally I don't use more than 1TB in OneDrive and I have office 365 so I'm not affected. However, if I used OneDrive for everything, 1TB would run out fast. Mostly I use it for pictures and documents, don't bother with music or movies etc (just camera upload movies). But if I were to keep my personal work on OneDrive I would need 1.5-2TB limit to stay covered.
  • yeah...I've been ignoring the marketing to put my music on OneDrive as well. sounds good in theory, but seems like it would be too expensive.
  • Would take me years to upload with uk p*** poor upload speeds ;)
  • Get the EE Christmas pay as you go 4G sim. Comes with 200GB of data for the next two months - with upload speeds of up to 40Mbps!
  • Yes to this 15gb was the sweet spot
  • I can see changing the unlimited amount to 1 Tb and allowing promotions to expire without renewal options, but to change 15 to 5 takes them out of being competitive.
    Not sure what's *really* going on. A victim of success and having problems physically or financially keeping up with storage or a deal with Dropbox and the likes? IDK. This is extreme and may adversely affect them badly, at the very least in PR.
  • They should at the very least keep the 15 GB. Heck at the very tiny least they could keep it as camera roll auto upload.
  • I agree. I was bummed I missed the earlier 10 gig bonus others got for being loyal users. The camera roll bonus was almost like a loyal windows phone user bonus.
  • the camera roll bonus is available to android users (and i believe iOS users as well) though I'm not certain.
  • I've voted too, every so often Microsoft messes up last time it was this bad was xbox one announcement. Its cost them a heck of a lot more than they saved
  • Unlimited WiFi provider didn't stop their plan for abusing that much data why did you MS
  • Yeah! Exactly
  • People should be happy they had that much free storage for so long. 1TB With Office 365 is still way more cost effective than the other providers.
  • Only if you need that much storage and/or Office. Otherwise, it's just bad value!
  • me too!!!!!this sh*t made me mad as f*c*!!!
  • I love how the first comment always garners hundreds of replies... Well here's hundreds+1 :P
  • yes we need it back :)
  • No shit they are voicing their opinions after that classic bait and switch move. The right move would have been to ban those abusers instead or notify them of their excessive usage.
  • +635 +SE
  • Well when someone is sold "Unlimited" data it's a bit harsh to ban them for using unlimited data. Personally I think they could have avoided the backlash by just making these changes for new customers and any existing customer keeps what they were sold. They could also chase the 75TB type users to get it resolved privately. The way Microsoft is handling this just pisses people off, the large majority of customers won't even know or care but the large amount of people who do care are very vocal about it obviously. However, in the long run this will be good for profits, if you noticed they said the average user has like 5.7GB of data, so by cutting the free allowance to 5GB millions of customers will get emailed asking them to pay extra and a lot of those people will hence better profits in the long run and most likely bigger profits than the loss of a few million customers.
  • Exactly. 100% agree. It's like they have some MBAs who make these stupid sweeping decisions, and then have to backtrack later because there's (obviously) a huge outcry.
  • Well said! When you realize that they are not just going after the people who "abused" their unlimited data plan by using it as advertised, it means you simply can't trust this company.
    Note please, that they are canceling small Gigabyte data storage like the amount they gave to Windows Phone loyalists. THAT is the smoking gun that puts the lie to the distracting notion that this is about "abusers". It isn't.
    This is about the fact that Wall Street was surprised and thrilled with the sudden growth in profitability of MS's Cloud business, and rewarded Management with a nice bump in stock prices that makes their options worth a lot more.
    How will they sustain this growth for the next quarter? The next year? Well forcing existing customers to pay more is the obvious and easy route. And since MS has never cared much for Consumers (it's an Enterprise-first business folks) the head of clouds services division doesn't care if they hose Consumers, even the most loyal of them.
    It also free up server space and decreases the expense of building more, further enhancing the bottom line for Cloud Services, even while it drives away consumer Customers.
    Among the bad things this says about Microsoft, it's clear that the old ways of each division pursuing it's own agenda at the expense of the others is alive and well.
  • This^
  • Banning abusers is stupid. Then they would have been accused of not actually providing unlimited, just like the wireless carriers.
  • Exactly. Ironically, given that most people don't upload terabytes and have no plans to, if they'd just said they're lowering the cap to 5TB (or whatever's reasonable) then the loyal consumers who use it on their devices would've barely even noticed.
  • Exactly! If they wanted people to actually take advantage of their "unlimited" storage etc. Then they should've put some barriers in the first place! But nope, lets have users take advantage of it after all you said its unlimited but sorry it really isn't... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So instead of getting rid of the abusers, they instead get rid of them PLUS everyone else. Yeah, makes perfect sense.
  • They were not abusing, they advertised Unlimited storage
  • Me to. Use it allot
  • Darn straight people don't want these changes! This hobbles OneDrive's ease of use within the Windows ecosystem, it's a PR nightmare, and it's a betrayal of trust by Microsoft.
  • Good going Microsoft. Get in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.
  • Sheet fack yolosoft. Nah Just kidding
  • Wtf are you saying, man?
  • You could've just said fuck Microsoft. How hard is it to correctly state what you wanted to type.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah give us back!!!!!
  • It is really such a strange move by Microsoft! They've been showing nothing but great support and clean competition for a long time, then comes this!! I mean if the issue was really due to some users abusing their unlimited storage, why not warn or penalize these users individually? Completely mind boggling.
  • Agreed.
  • Agreed....
  • The thing to remember is : how can you "abuse" an "unlimited storage" ? Even if they had put 2000TB, they could have, as the storage sold to them was unlimited... If they could really provide an unlimited storage, then they should have provided a capped storage, even a big cap, to prevent these "abuse", but never advertise what they couldn't deliver.    
  • you can abuse a free system. when someone says all you can eat at a buffet, they don't expect you to be a bottomless pit. if you continually eat a whole lot more than average, you're abusing the system. an "unlimited" or "all you can eat" system is general predicated on users falling on a bell curve of usage with most being a low amount. however, if you get a few people that throw off the curve, it changes the dynamics drastically and makes it unsupportable. so now, if they do have to provide capped storage, its quite possible they can allow some users to go above that cap, but they'll be arbitrarily limited because of the behavior of a few people.   so, yeah, i can see where MS is coming from and I understand why they didn't want caps. it allowed storage to be used more efficiently. now they're forced to use it inefficiently. do i agree with their chosen cap? no. i think if the original plan was 1TB and then you raised it to unlimited, you should at least be able to be expected to support a higher cap than that.   also, i entirely disagree with cutting free storage. that's just going to hurt them in the long run. cutting unlimited will hurt too, but if they can't sustain it, they have to fix it.
  • I like a rational explanation like this. Many MS fans have been grumpy all the way.
  • +1 on that and we want Placeholders back.
  • Place holders don't scale well. They won't come back.
  • Having to sync your entire OneDrive contents doesn't scale well.
  • +75tb
  • supposedly the mythical Windows 10 Universal app will help in this area. Then it works similar to your phone. that was supposedly coming this fall, but since i've heard nothing about it, i'm not keeping my hopes up.
  • Not good. How does it compare to google or other cloud storage competitors?
  • Google Drive provides 100 GB per month for $1.99. Cheap Cloud Storage — which one saves you the most? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's almost 7k people, assuming everyone did the max 3 votes each.
  • We want that 30GB storage back
  • Very good article John!
  • Its very good and trustable cloud storage and i'm people who usr i'm damn sure they know what is onedrive when compared to others
  • Camera role alone takes more storage as the pics store in two is rich and the other is around 350 pics and ur one drive storage is full....are they kidding by giving only 5 Gb...
  • I took a 4K video at a concert, it was only one song but came out at 1.6GB, so yeah, 5GB wont do much!
  • Ha ha ha yeah lol.
  • And they're proud with new flagships able to shoot 4K and they'll offer just 5GB? Yeah right Microsoft, talking about nagging that the OneDrive storage is full after few shots.
  • What? My Lumia 930 only uploads one final copy of my photos to OneDrive.
  • Camera roll from a windows phone or tablet, I think shouldn't be limited.
  • Why would they penalize everyone for the actions of a few. Cut the offenders off with a cap. Surely they can monitor the size of our One Drive account and set a free cap of 1 or 5 TB and then charge 10/mo for each additional TB or is that too logical
  • MS offered unlimited cloud storage so there are no offenders.
  • i don't see why people think you can't abuse an unlimited system. abusing an unlimited system means using way more than any one person should reasonably be expected to use it. i'm sure if someone at netflix took 1 year of vacation (even though they have unlimited vacation), one would call that abusing the system.   edit: as a note, i still disagree with the cut and think they're doing horrible things. i think a 5 or 10TB limit for O365 would make more sense and i think cutting any free storage is stupid.
  • Thoug I haven't read the EULA, I'm pretty sure there will be an Acceptable Usage Policy section that would specifically prohibit the 75Tb+ accoun