OneDrive users voice their displeasure, want Microsoft to add their storage back

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Microsoft's announcement earlier this week that it plans to reduce both of the free and paid storage options for its OneDrive cloud storage service has certainly been a controversial one. That has extended over to the official OneDrive UserVoice feedback site, where a topic page asking Microsoft to reverse its decision has now generated nearly 20,000 votes as of this writing.

Microsoft says that it will no longer offer unlimited amount of space on OneDrive for Office 365 subscribers, cutting that option down to 1TB. It will also remove its stand alone 100GB and 200GB storage plans, offering just 50GB of storage for $1.99 a month, Finally, it will reduce the free amount of storage it offers from 15GB to 5GB, and eliminate the 15GB of extra free storage for people who use the Camera Roll option on OneDrive apps. Microsoft says this decision was made due to a few users exploiting the "unlimited" storage option, with some using as much as 75TB of cloud storage from a single account.

The OneDrive UserVoice topic page that has generated all these votes explains the customer's views toward Microsoft's decision.

"Recently, a blog post was announced detailing that you would be reducing our free and paid storage. Only 1TB for Office 365 customers, and only 5 GB for free customers. I have been a long-time OneDrive fan, but after this upgrade I can no longer recommend it as my promised storage has been taken away. Some of us actually store a normal amount of stuff in OneDrive. Why makes us pay for those who went over the top?

Microsoft says these changes to OneDrive will begin in early 2016.

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Source: OneDrive UserVoice

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