Memory Crush – Test your powers of recall with this tile matching Windows Phone game

Memory Crush is a simple Windows Phone game that is designed to test your skills at memory recall and speed. The game presents you with a series of tiles that are faced down and your job is to find matching tiles.

Each game has a set number of matches that have to be made and the challenge comes into play in that the field of tiles will begin to grow and move up the screen. If the tiles reach the top of the screen, the game is over.

The game includes two gaming modes, over sixty different pairs collections and in tinkering with Memory Crush for a short time, the game comes across as a fun was to exercise your brain.

Memory Crush

The primary menu for Memory Crush tosses out options to jump into game play, view the game's leaderboard, tap into the game's settings, view the Help Screen and visit the game's various social sites.

Memory Crush does require a user account to participate in the online gaming mode. You can play as a guest but will be restricted to the local gaming mode. Should you opt out of creating a user account and later change your mind, you can always register in the game's settings. Just delete your offline profile and create a new, online profile.

Additional settings cover the sound settings, establishing your nickname and country choice.

Memory Crush Offline Games

Here is how the two gaming modes break down.

  • Offline Mode: You are presented with a series of face-down tiles and have to find the matches. Tap a tile to reveal its face and then tap another tile to find its match. You have to create a set number of matches (displayed at the top of the screen) to complete the level and as you play the game, the number of tiles on the screen will increase. If the tiles reach the top of the screen, the game is over.
  • Online Mode: This is a turn based game that pits you against another Memory Crush player. You are provided a field of face-down tiles and take turns to see who can find the most matches.

The Offline Mode levels begin with only two pairs included in the deck of tiles and as you advance through the game, additional pairs are tossed into the mix. The pace in which the tiles work their way up the gaming screen will also increase as you advance through this gaming mode.

The turns in the Online Mode are timed, which helps prevent the game from dragging out should your opponent decide to grab a snack in the middle of the game. While the Offline Mode has a limit on the number of pairs in play, the Online Mode will only include one set of each pair within the tiles.

Memory Crush Online Games

Speaking of pairs, they range from drawings of objects to matching names with pictures. The backdrop wallpaper on the gaming screen will reflect the theme of the pairs that are in play.

I have to admit the Offline Mode is surprisingly challenging. It will not only test your memory skills but also your speed. It doesn't take long before the tiles begin to fly up the screen. It can be tough to keep pace with the tile's movement in creating matches and removing the tiles.

If I had to find something to complain about with Memory Crush, it would have to be with the Help Screen. The Help Screen tosses out the basic information but could go a little further. For example, when you are challenged to a match a navigation bar appears with several symbols on it. I get the X button to decline and the > button to accept, but the other symbols are not as obvious. It's not a major issue and definitely not an issue that would cause to scramble for the uninstall command.

All in all, Memory Crush is an entertaining, challenging Windows Phone game. It isn't an overly difficult game to pick up, but it will test your skills at memory recall. I don't know if I could sit down and play Memory Crush for a marathon session, but for short spurts I can see the Windows Phone game being a solid option.

If you give Memory Crush a try, let us know what you think of things in the comments below.

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