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What you need to know

  • Metro Exodus released back in 2019 and was developed by 4A Games.
  • 4A Games is working on a free upgrade for the game that is coming in 2021.
  • This update will add ray-tracing, faster framerates, quicker loading times and more.

Metro series developer 4A Games was acquired by Embracer Group earlier this year and is already sharing more details on its plans for the future. Today, for the studio's 10 anniversary, 4A Games confirmed that the 2019 shooter Metro Exodus is going receive a free next-generation update on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5.

We don't have exact details right now but this update will include faster loading times, higher framerates, increased resolution and ray-tracing. Additionally, you won't have to rebuy the game as long as you're upgrading within the same console family, so you can enjoy the main content and any DLC you've already purchased without spending anything extra.

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In addition to these upgrades for Metro Exodus, the now 150-strong team is working on the next Metro game, which is being developed for PC and the newest consoles. A singleplayer story will be at the center of the experience but the team is also looking into multiplayer alongside Saber Interactive. 4A Games emphasizes however that it's "early days" and things could change, as the multiplayer might not even be packaged in with the singleplayer game.

A gorgeous 4K apocalypse

Metro Exodus

A defining shooter

Metro Exodus is one of the most visually impressive shooters available, boasting incredible effects, vast detailed 4K environments, and tight survival shooter gameplay. Get it now, then enjoy a free next-gen update in 2021.

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