Metro newspaper app for Windows Phone fixed

It was barely over 24 hours ago that we reported issues with the Metro newspaper app and its inability to pull content down from their servers. At that time we reached out to the developers and received word that an update was coming to fix it. Well, here we are and a fix has already been pushed out to the Marketplace and is ready for you.

If you’re from the UK you’re probably fairly familiar with Metro, but for those of us on the other side of the pond it’s your typical news outlet – with the latest headlines in news, sports, culture and more. It's a nice Windows Phone app for all our friends in the UK.

I downloaded it to make sure it works for you and while I may not be British or need to keep up to date with happenings there, I am going to keep it for the “Weird” category. The lead story as I’m writing this is “Sausage fanatic embarks on porky pilgrimage to find the planet’s best bangers”.  Cue Tobias as Mrs. Featherbottom.

Download the app here in the Marketplace or use the QR code below.


  • How about a Boston Metro for us across the pond? I know they are related, so it shouldn't be too hard to use the same template accessing the local servers. I could be wrong..
  • It's been down for a week and yet only 24hrs since you reported it. Bit slow on this story guys
  • Yep but we can only do these stories if either we notice them or someone reports it to us. This was discovered by our staff and to my knowledge we were not tipped on it. We have since reached out to the developers and hope that they will get in touch should somthing similar happen again. Apologies if we didn't match your expectations this time.
  • So if you noticed it a week ago why didn't you tip WPC? :P
  • Make one for la California