Google Voice app MetroTalk fixes offline calling method in latest update

There’s no official Google Voice application for Windows Phone, but there’s a third party application that works really well. It’s called MetroTalk. Support for the application ends in May, 2014, but the good news is that the app will remain available and fully functional until then. Call us surprised when an update for MetroTalk has just appeared at the Windows Phone Store. It brings a couple of bug fixes and an update to offline calling.

What’s new in MetroTalk version 3.4.3:

  • Update: PIN is now optional for offline calling
  • Bug fix: Offline calling functionality has been updated to include recent changes introduced by Google Voice
  • Bug fix: The "send text" option is now working again

A recent change to the Google Voice service now requires the pound key (#) after entering the pin number. That has broken the offline dialing option on MetroTalk, so the recent update addresses that issue.

Since we usually have good network and Wi-Fi coverage, we rarely use Google Voice’s offline dialing method. It’s great for those with poor connection. The whole process sounds complicated, but MetroTalk and Google Voice takes care of everything for you. With offline calling method enabled, the app dials your Google Voice number first and then automatically executes all the required steps (key presses) for connecting you to your destination. It works without a data connection.

What is Google Voice? In short, it gives you one number for all your phones. When friends or family dial that number, you control which of your connected phones will ring - your office phone, landline, or multiple cell phones. There are more uses for the service. Learn all about it in this video.

MetroTalk has two versions of the application at the Windows Phone Store. You can download the free ad-supported version or the paid version without ads for $1.99.

If you depend on Google Voice, then MetroTalk is probably a very important app for you. How do you feel about the impending end to this application? Sound off in the comments!

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Any other app available after the app is withdrawn ?
  • No,all third party apps have been sent cease and desist notices. Meaning wp will be left with no way to access google voice after 15 May 2014.
  • Google voice is usable through the GMail website.  It is also usable directly by calling your own Google Voice phone number directly.  I guess that apps cannot use the phone directly?  They cannot emulate a web browser using google voice? I have no answers, I am only asking questions.  Using Google Voice in the browser causes it to call your phone (it could call your cell and then connect you)  The point is to use the data connection only, I suppose, which this does not do.
  • This is why I will never use Google services. Until they are interested in supporting all the major platforms, and stop jerking their user around by allowing things one day and disallowing them the next I will never support or recommend them. It's too bad others don't seem too picky about such things and seem to think Google is God's gift to tech. Personally, I think they're a bunch of jackasses.
  • What are the options. Microsoft is charging $5.00 a month to get a skype number.
  • Google is planning to charge for their phone service as well. The free service was suppose to end in 2012 or 2013. I don't remember when I saw the article.
  • If I needed a service such as this, I wouldn't mind paying $5 a month for it. Seems like a very reasonable fee. People didn't used to mind paying for useful services... nothing is free... Google is just getting it from you in some other way. However, if I recall correctly, the Skype version doesn't really have all the features to replace Google Voice.
  • Honestly, if I can get the same functionality from paying for a Skype number on my WP8 phone that I was getting with Google Voice on my Android phone, I'd gladly pay the $5 for it. The only way this is even remotely acceptable to me is if Google will be rolling out their OWN Voice app for Windows Phone in April. Still, I hate that Google isn't allowing their services to be properly used on WP.
  • Nope, which is why I bring an Android along with my 625. Works for me. Getting worked up because something doesn't work for _________ (insert favorite OS) is just stupid fanboyism.
  • There's something called business ethics. Microsoft makes plenty of apps for Google. Google should do the same.
  • Yeah because everyone wants to walk around with two phones...
  • Not "worked up". Just don't use their services. And I can definitely think they're jackasses without getting worked up. As for two phones... that's pretty silly.
  • Uh, Google *who*?
  • Exactly
  • I got the paid version. Works great. Google shouldn't blacklist WP users like this until they intend on supporting the platform. So lame.
  • They are discontinuing ALL 3rd party apps. Not just WP.
  • Sure, but that HAVE an official app for iOS, they Do not have one for Winphone. That is the difference.
  • How can you be so sure? :P
  • Hehehe. Ok, I think I'm done for the day. Merry Christmas =)
  • Someone make hangouts app ..
  • +928
  • IM + is a good alternative for now, btw.
  • Can't believe how dedicated the developer is for this app. It'll be dead in just 5 months and they're still working on it.
  • I don't care about these updates, j want the Nokia Black!
  • $5 per month is not cheap at all! actually, I don't prefer to use Google Voice app.
  • F*** google+ and youtube's new comments system.
  • What's a Google?
  • Skype on Windows Phone sucks - which is unbelievable:-) can't send SMS. Can't manage voicemails. & lets not forget many people (including me) can't get their voicemail working regardless of platform (check out the support sites). Personally, I'm looking forward to Viber implementing these functions. & $5/month if the service delivered reliable value isn't a lot. Just my $.02...
  • I hate to agree, but I pay for skype.  On the desktop it is great.  The fact that I can't get my skype voicemails on my WindowsPhone is amazingly sad.  I understand it can take time to get all features added, but this has been going on for a long time now.
  • What other company offers free visual voicemail? Only reason I still have a google voice account. If MS offered working solution I would be on that but have not seen MS offer anything close enough onto it (or working *cough* Skype).
  • If I cannot get Google Voice functionality on Windows Phone, it would seriously affect my decision to remain on the platform.  I'm very dependent on it, and have given out my Google Voice number to many people.  I hope Google eventually consents to developing an app for WP, but sadly, it is not likely.
  • Disabling third-party options....fair enough. But not allowing even a first-party solution for the service? I thought the company supports an open Internet...hmmm. ....le sigh.....
  • Does this do Voice over IP calls ? (no call back, just dat calls), there is a Spare Phone app in the marketplace that works pretty well for a VOIP app but, lacks any other features (also is $3.49, with google shutting off features in a few months, it seems a bit much for a temp app)