MetroTube and myTube for Windows Phone updated with YouTube v3 API support

Two popular third-party YouTube apps for Windows Phone, MetroTube and myTube, have both been updated today. Both now support Google's new YouTube v3 API and will now work as planned.

As we reported earlier today, Google is now retiring the older YouTube v2 API which means any apps that used it won't work anymore. The new version of MetroTube now support v3 of the API, as does the new version of myTube. In addition, myTube has added in support for viewing comment reply threads, along with annotations and subtitles.

Thanks to Abhishek for the tips!

Download MetroTube from the Windows Phone Store (99 cents with free trial)

Download myTube from the Windows Phone Store (99 cents with free trial)

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John Callaham
  • Now Screw You Google :P
  • Haha
  • I know!
  • Why don't you screw YOUTUBE.
    And use bing videos. It is lot better than youtube.
    I don't understand why you guys stuck with youtube
  • Bing news is different
  • Because nothing is on Bing videos?
  • Wtf is a Bing video smdh
  • Exactly!
  • #slay
  • Is there a bing video app?
  • Bing Video? Wait what?
  • Because like it or not YouTube is the defacto choice for basically everyone putting video on the internet. That's not going to change any time soon.
  • Exactly.
  • Then why don't WP fans sh*t up and simple s*UK it up. Since they don't have choice
  • Sad but right :(...
  • You do realize that Bing Videos is only a search for Videos on the web and has no own content?
  • In certain countries, Bing is not that useful. *cough* *Malaysia* *cough*. Seriously, I can't even use Bing reward. A lot of features is disabled
  • India too
  • I'm using Bing and I live in Malaysia. Even though there is no Bing reward in Malaysia. For me the result is comparable to google search. Me and my wife both use Bing as our search engine. ;) Note: Both of us also change region to US so that we can have Cortana.
  • So, when will mytube! come to WIndows8.1 and become universal?
  • He's working on it.
  • This! ⬆, I want myTube on my PC so badly XD
  • Mytube is crashing. Not opening at all
  • Same here
  • Does the API change bring anything beneficial?
  • Yes.
    to Google.
  • Just more limitations !!
  • As far as I know "No". They changed the way subscriptions are presented to you. They show what they believe is better suitable for you.
  • Sweet! Because picking from my own list of subscriptions was too much thinking! ;)
  • Lol
  • Awesome! That was quick!
  • Both apps are awesome. I use them all the time. Thanks devs!
  • That was fast........
    Speaking of companies who make it hard on WP users,,,, I was thinking about Instagram earlier, and how it hasn't been updated in centuries...
    Is there a possibility MS could be working with Instagram on OS integration, like we see with the Facebook app, and that's why they're holding back on the current❓❓❓
  • The API has been out for about a month now. Devs just had to stop using the old one by today.
  • Ohhh, so they most likely had this update ready... I see.
    BTW, Tubecast is awesome....
  • I like the settings of mytube better. Also, how do you see your subscription video feed in tubecast? I can only find suggested videos, news feed doesn't do anything...
  • Not sure about that.
  • Bar on the right side
  • What is it called?
  • I'm waiting for Whatsapp & OS integration like FB, Telegram & Skype have!
  • That kind of integration is dead in WP and buried and decaying in Win 10.
  • No, no this kind is not.... Facebook still plugs into the OS, the same way Skype does... There's no reason why any other app can't do the same.
  • This doesn't make sense though. I'm still getting new videos in my subscription feed.
  • When in indi........ :P
  • Supertube as well!
  • Noice
  • Why do I have to buy these apps again to install on my second phone?
  • May b coz of using a different MS id.
  • Nope its the same
  • Just click on buy and see if it actually prompts you to buy them
  • Good
  • Like!
  • Only getting error when trying to update
  • Is it only me or anyone else experiencing sign in issues on metrotube?
  • I'm also unable to sign in.
  • try tubecast app
  • Not just you
  • My 1520 sign in is fine, but my son's 1020 gets stuck after tapping Accept on the Google permission screen. Yet his Google account shows Metrotube as having been given permission. I've already tried revoking and re-accepting permission, to no avail.
  • :'( :'( :'( no more subscriptions feed!!!!! What is Google thinking?!?!?!
  • The new API does have some issue for new feed, for tubecast,the new feed take forever to load... for all third party YouTube, everytime you hit the refresh, different result you'll get mess it up
  • I am also experiencing issues with pinned channel tiles updating in Metrotube
  • What's the difference between these two apps iuse metro tube?
  • I still prefer Tubecast for one reason: Casting to other screens (chromecast, tvs, Xbox play to, xbmc/kodi, etc). Without this app, not sure we would ever have this capability on windows phone. Aside from that, Tubecast is a solid app, the only fault some would say is no downloading to storage, which I don't care about anyways.
  • MyTube now has support for annotations and comment threads
  • Fuck you Google!
  • When I look in my subscription feed on metro tube all the videos are in the wrong order!!! So basically videos from around two days ago are coming up in my feed even though I've already watched them all!!
  • That's weird. For me metrotube shows my subscription feed normal but mytube has videos from 5 days ago, and tubecast sometimes it does not show anything at all.
  • Both apps are great, I liked metrotube but now using Tubecast. Wonderful app! Got support for this v3 LAST week.
  • They (metro and my) were probably holding the update to the new API because It has more restrictions.
  • Someone needs to take YouTube away from Google.
  • Impossible
  • Microsoft should be coding a youtube app using this API ... they just walked away when google shut them down with the mega cool youtube app ... they could have just coded us a basic app like these 3rd parties did ... 
  • myTube is crashing and is not opening.
  • Thanks for the quick update Metrotube and Mytube!
  • I just wish that there is alternative to youtube. It's the only google service that I still can't avoid.
  • Metrotube is now a mess and not working with subscriptions.
  • I had to change to tubecast after mytube had that update problem, so good so far
  • Is MetroTube finally a true Universal app with feature parity between the phone and desktop version? Specifically downloadable videos on the desktop version? I'm tired of having to suggest Hyper to people due to its horrible UI.
  • Metrotube doesn't work at all for me
  • A separate apparently for Bing video sounds great actually. Only problem with is that YouTube is the world's biggest video source so big would heavily rely on it. A partnership to advertise Bing and or Windows Phone through YouTubes services would work considering how much Traffic YouTube gets. NR
  • Damn, what a bumpy ride.
  • Can you cast to a smart tv or Xbox with the new update on metrotube? Please help. Thanks
  • Crashing now
  • Always crashing 1320
  • I really hope Metrotube update their Windows8.1 app ASAP! It's the main app I use on my Surface RT... and now no Youtube apps work on it! Using the website is just a horrendous experience...
  • The best YouTube app for Windows Phone is here. Check out Teewe -