Microsoft details accessibility improvements with Halo Infinite features, Xbox Store tags, and more

Halo Infinite Multiplayer
Halo Infinite Multiplayer (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Microsoft continues its efforts in accessibility for video game players, introducing several new features to the Xbox dashboard and Microsoft Store Xbox app. In a dedicated accessibility showcase on Friday, Microsoft shared details on these features, including a Night Mode to filter Blue Light. Users can also adjust the brightness of the Xbox logo on their Xbox controller. These features can also be managed with a new Quick Settings menu, so they can be quickly turned on or off instead of navigating to the settings.

Microsoft is also introducing metadata tags, allowing game developers to tag a game with specific accessibility features on the Microsoft Store Xbox app. As a result, this will allow players to search the storefront for gaming specifically meeting certain accessibility criteria. This feature is available for Xbox Accessibility Insider members right now and will roll out to everyone later on.

343 Industries also explained some of the accessibility features being included with the upcoming Halo Infinite. These include Subtitle and Font size options, Text to Speech, Speech to Text and full controller or keyboard and mouse remapping. 343 Industries is also interested in continuing to add accessibility features post-launch, in line with player feedback. If you're interested in watching the full accessibility showcase, you can do so below.

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