Microsoft accidentally confirms Lumia 640, Lumia 640 XL in premature announcement

A premature announcement coming out of Microsoft's news center outed two devices that are likely scheduled to make their debut on March 2, the Lumia 640 and the Lumia 640 XL.

The leak coincides with earlier rumors that we'll be seeing new entry-level hardware at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where Microsoft is hosting a press conference at 7:30 am GMT on March 2. According to leaked specs of the handset, the Lumia 640 will sport a 5-inch display along with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal memory, with a Snapdragon 400 CPU powering the device. The device is said to feature an 8MP camera at the back and a 1MP shooter at the front.

As for the Lumia 640 XL, the naming convention suggests that this may be the successor to the 6-inch Lumia 1320, aka the oft-rumored Lumia 1330. Specs of the device have already leaked, which include a 5.7-inch 720p display, 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 CPU, 14 MP PureView rear camera, 5 MP front-facing camera, and 32 GB of internal memory as well as a 2500mAh battery.

We'll be bringing you all the details from Microsoft's press conference, so make sure you stay tuned to Windows Central. In the meantime, what do you guys think of the rumored specs of the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL?

Source: Microsoft (cached); Via: The Verge

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • Too many "accidental" announcements
    Huawei, Acer,HTC 9 Vdo, Now Microsoft
  • Do they run windows 10 as a preinstalled version?
  • Ha ha ha ha
  • L O L
  • probably not
  • No!
    That's impossible seeing that Win10 isn't even ready for PC not to talk about phones. But definitely upgradeable one Windows 10 is available
  • Yeah, but they should have started the x40 series with Windows 10. They are making it confusing :/
  • They can give them GDR2 instead.
  • I feel these phones will run windows10 gdr-2
  • Too many phones with very similar specs...
  • And way to many models numbers. I don't see how this helps WP. MS should be announcing a major flagship-not more budget phones..
  • I'm really confused.. 6xx should be low-end but the specs of the 640 XL is a above midrange phones .. And the x4x should start with Windows 10. they haven't even completed the x3x series.
  • It's not "above" midrange devices. It has the same chip as the 630, and 720p is a minimum at that size.
  • You people need to understand that Nokia was Nokia. Microsoft has only released a couple of phones. You cannot factor in Nokia's past with what Microsoft is doing.
  • very well said. we have to accept the changes and hope Microsoft stays consistent with w.e method they are using. so far we have 435, 532, and 535 lol we'll see
  • What about Samsung? They probably have more Galaxies than our Universe has.
  • Lol
  • +Samsung Galaxies :P
  • LOL
  • You nailed it! XD
  • This is one of the best comments I've ever read! Making a Skitch of this one!
  • to many secrets!
  • Anyone else feels like Microsoft is now basically the trashcan of Snapdragon? old tech brand new phones. :)
  • The 640 and the 640 XL!
    This naming convention will only make sense if both devices share the same specs but have a different screen size, in which case the alleged specs of the 1330 would be fake.
    If they don't, it will be confusing, IMO.
  • There are no 1520 etc anymore. The 1530 will be named 940 XL, which makes sense...
  • The 1040 will be renamed 540S. ;)
  • I actually think it makes sense then just putting a hundred thousand numbers.
  • I actually think this is a great solution to the phablet naming problem.
  • Yup agreed.
  • I totally agree, their naming scheme makes no sense now. They've messed it up.
  • So what will the Lumia 1040 name be? 740xl xD or it will stay 10xx?
  • The successor of the 1020 should be called "940 ZOOM" or "940 ProShot" or "940 ProCam" in my opinion. Also they should call the successor of the Lumia 830, "740 ProCam"   in future modles should be called 440; 440 XL -> $70 640; 640XL -> $120 740; 740XL; 740 ProCam -> $ 200-350 940; 940XL; 740 ProCam -> $ 500-650
  • To me it makes more sense now since it is actualy a solution to phablet naming problem. 1320 was a midranger, but the name would suggest it would be much higher end than 930 for example.. good decision. 
    I think 1020 and soon 1030 will be the highest lumia number :) 
  • 15XX should continue, it sounds good!
  • Yeah 15xx will be 1030xl
  • The x2x generation make complete sense until you factor in the phablets.  This "XL" label really fixes things. Nokia really screwed the x3x generation when they introduced the 630 which was inferior to the 520.
  • I feel like they can make some changes like resolution, camera and battery, but chip should be the same. For XL and non-XL devices.
  • Disagree on the camera, those should be consistent across product tiers. Cameras, processors, screen technology and body styles are what seem to distinguish phones and how they are used. The XL versions should just be larger versions with more battery, bigger screens and more storage.
  • Where is the flagship though..? Not expecting but still..!!
  • Trust your expectations
  • Supposed to come this summer
  • Flagships will come in Oct with Wp10
  • Oct. 2999
  • Oct 2999 is wishful thinking
  • I don't want a flagship.
    Only a 1030 is enough for me.
  • @Sanjeet
    So according to you what would be a flagship then..??
  • Maybe a 1530 :)
  • 1530 or m9 :P
  • They said they would be announcing flagships in late summer or so
  • Im pretty sure Microsoft wouldn't announce a flagship at MWC cause then the 640/640 XL wouldn't get any notice and people will focus at the flagship device "instead".
  • Um, not really. People not wanting a flagship will think about the 640
  • The 640xl seems good, we'll have to wait anyway
  • But 1330 sounds better
  • Thanks. I think he knew that.
  • Seems like a downgrade from the 1320 to me, unless that low power consumption processor can really make up for 900 fewer mah.
  • I would say this is more about MS correcting Nokia's android mistake.
  • That XL battery...
  • My thoughts exactly
  • It's a downgrade from the previous L1320 also the processor is a downgrade.
  • Nothing is official l until Microsoft says so themselves
  • Yeah only the camera on the lumia 1320 is not good so I tought the 1330 would be a nice phone to upgrade. But with those specs, meh.
  • Well, MS hasn't yet said that this it a replacement for the 1320......
    It could just be another larger screen device.. People do like the larger screens, and MS might want more than two in there portfolio... These two devices could do well in the US with proper marketing.
  • C' Mon rodneyej...... You know MS has no marketing; there products are supposed to magically sell themselves ; )
  • Lol.. Yeah, I know.... But, they are doing terrific with Surface..... Whoever is in charge of Surface marketing needs to head up WP marketing.
  • As it's often the case, you're right, but Microsoft needs a phone on the level of the SP3 to market. As much as I love my 1520, as one of our members used to say, "My body's ready" for something new and not a low-end or mid range device!
  • Exactly!!!!! I still want Red polycarbonate though.... If they could do some red, yellow, and blue anodized aluminum that would be cool.... Doubt if anyone up there is that smart though.
  • I concur with you. I wish they would work with their team internally like they did with the hp spectre x360 team to create a phone as beautiful as the x360 with the colors aluminum you've mentioned.
  • You're very fast and loose with the "downgrade" term. Having already played with these phones, they are not downgrades. 1320 was an over-rated phone by many of you IMO.
  • Do digress...
  • How did you already play with those phones or I understand you incorrectly?
  • Wouldn't that make it more like being under-rated by you? ;) Big, decent screen (with Clearblack display), more or less 92x series performance, flash included for camera (flashlight), monster battery, microSD slot. Camera would probably be considered mediocre at best (though a mediocre Lumia seems to be a lot better than mediocre cams from other brands...). No option for Qi at all is about the only real stinker in the design for me. Good value phone, it seems like.
  • But downgrade is probably a wrong term - plus we should wait to see what battery spec is, and what battery life is like.
  • Daniel, you're our guy and we fully support windows central, but all of these low end phones are getting out of hand. It seems as if Microsoft really is trying to kill WP. I'm all for market penetration from the bottom up, but we have plenty low-end units now; Microsoft needs to bring it! Please send them an SOS for your followers! We need at least two high-end phones, is that to much to ask of them. The 1020/1520 are aged now, I'm itching for something new as are many WP loyalists.
  • They aren't trying to kill wp, there is just more of a market for low end phones than high end. Just look at the stats when they come out. The highest concentration is in the low end phones. Not to say we shouldn't have a flagship it two, but you have to do what makes money.
  • My 152​0 has aged well. I have no need for a 4K screen and all the other upscale check boxes. The 1520 is not even two years old yet.
  • Have you ever tried phones with the s4 and 400 processors side by side? 400 beats the shit out of the former for every task! Its the experience that matters not the numbers. you guys easily give up on the quad core 400 like its nothing...well its way better than the dual cores...and thats coming from a s800 user. most of you ppl seem to have moved in here from android...probably why most of you dont get it either...learn to love the experience and forget the rest.
  • The problem is that average consumers don't know the difference like most of us here do! Cell phone sales people will use this against WP to steer new customers away...
    I've seen it done personally. But I also want a newly designed phone with specs and designs that will compete directly against the iPhone and galaxy. Please don't mention the 1520 or HTC m one for window as they're old. New galaxies and ones are already being introduced and we still have old and low end devices being presented. All I'm asking for is two high-end devices which shouldn't be hard to come up with for a multibillion dollar company
  • Man, don't you get it...? They are holding the flood gates for as long as they can...and when they release it, it will be every kind of beast we can think of...flagship phones, win 10, office and Xbox apps at its best, new apps through new partnership...they don't want to compromise the new phones with will be reviewed jst like the rest of them cause of features still missing...
    The next time a flagship is released...there should be no excuse for a bad review...that's microsoft's plan. And I agree 100% with it.
  • Yeah, meanwhile all average consumers will be locked in to new two year contract using a new iPhone or galaxy S series phone and Microsoft's Pam will be too late again. I'm as loyal as they come to WP, but I'm realistic and I hope you're right and not me!
  • I sure hope you're right, rianext! I'm not necessarily even worried about a new phone as my 1520 does everything I need and more but for the sake of WP future, I hope what you suggest is exactly what MS is thinking too!
  • 3 phones:
    Smaller flagship (4.7" maybe)
    Phablet flagship (enbiggened)
    Camera flagship (xenon, microSD, big ol sensor) No excuses MS
  • Um, I've tried the S4 vs S800 and about the *only* difference is app loading times being a bit faster on the 800. I have the 520, 928, and Icon. They run neck and neck for most anything. App loading (fractionally) is about the only time a difference is noticed...and that's holding them up side by side and going through identical tasks. Haven't tried the lower end quad cores, but a common complaint seems to be more that the GPU in them is not up to snuff (especially if the manufacturer tries to put in to high resolution of a display).
  • MS should drop the 13xx and the 15xx line if they are starting to call phones XL
  • I think that is exactly what they will do. XL will mean that it is a phablet device.
  • They should it will be less confusing because people will see XL and see why. The number on the other hand no
  • tablets be XXL and laptops XXXL
  • Surface XXS, Surface XS ??
  • Samsung will announce the Note 5 XXL the day after :D
  • I'm confused, why are we getting x40 devices already?
    I also dislike the XL suffix, the four digit phablet system made more sense to me. Personally the Microsoft numbering system is even messier than Nokia (which certainly had its moments) as there are way too many series now, we have five *ranges* in the x30 series. None of which includes a flagship, nor does it include variations within a range. I realise my wording here completely sucks balls, but hopefully it makes some amount of sense.
  • Yeah imo the "XL" makes it sound kinda cheap and unimportant
  • I'd say the Lumia 930 (Icon) is a flagship device.
  • It is, but it's not available in the biggest market for flagships: North America.
  • I hate it. XL is a name for condoms not phones.
  • Trojan Man..
  • 640xL seems awesome...
  • Yeah :D about time Microsoft put out some big phones!
  • XL=extra large?
  • Hmm may be..!
  • That's right.
  • Haha..nice!!
  • Cool
  • Nokia's naming convention was always frustratingly confusing. At least this new "XL" convention may bring some semblance of order - with the number being relative to the spec and the XL indicating the large sized variant. 
  • Agreed
  • I agree that the XL should mean bigger screens, with the same specs. But Tha is not what they have done here. The XL has better cameras.
  • Larger Screen, larger MP of camera, larger Internal Memory.
  • So does the iphone 6+ better screen and battery too the XL range will be of a similar user experience quality and maybe that's why they're grouping them this way
  • Yup, camera tech should be linked to the model number. All 500 series have the same potato camera. All 600 series have the same good enough cameras. All 700 series have the better selfie cameras. All 900 series have same the top of the line cameras. Ditto with screen tech and processors. They need to avoid scenarios where important features on a lesser phone of the same generation trump those of the higher model line. This is part of what bedeviled the 73x/63x/53x series phones.
  • People will confuse it with the nokia XL series..
  • No I think most people have forgotten about that.
  • People wouldn't..... Actually I become more angry when people say my Lumia 1320 as a Nokia XL , as they don't know what is Windowsphone
  • I dont want my 1320's successor to be a 640xl !! Will hate if microsoft have makeup their minds with this decision :/ :/
  • That's what I thought when I saw the headline but having read the article and some comments, this make sense as all the numbers were starting to become confusing just like Nokia before.
  • That's been discontinued, so now Microsoft has taken it up. Those Nokia XL phones did nothing to begin with, they were so bad.
  • Exactly they were bad so the name XL might have a negative impression on many
  • Nintendo 3DS XL stands for great massive screened quality :)
  • Hmm, now there's something I had overlooked. Few people will be put off by the name because of the reputation of those dumbphones.
  • It is interesting to find out display resolution on Nokia 640. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I sure hope it's better than 1320.
  • The resolution is pretty decent in the L1320. It's a 720p in a mid-range phablet. So?
  • There's no Nokia.
  • XL actually sounds better then 1340 least confusion. Trying to clean up the numbers.
  • Don't call clean up bro.... They might bring newer 64-bit powered hardware to next numbers
  • hey microsoft....!! where are your 64-bit running mobiles... ? launching moblies having 32-bit processors in 2015.. lol....
  • Calm your tits. Its a low-mid device
  • The new cheapo Moto E has a 64bit Snapdragon 410. How long does MS plan on using the SD400?
  • 64-bit processors are only good when you have more than 4GB of RAM. And I don't think Windows 10 needs so much RAM right now.. So forget 64-bit processors for now.
  • If the registers are twice as large you may just have a faster CPU anyway.
    There could be other enhancements, too...
  • that statement only applies to the  x86 chipset world ... ARM is a different animal
  • so iPhone 5s have more than 4GB ram to have 64-bit processor..! what's ur thinking bro...!
  • 64 bit does bring some efficiency in performance with out the added memory. Do a little research.
  • This article says "There are two things you need to run lots of apps in parallel. CPU power and memory." I'd ague that the author missed sufficient battery power. Given that we don't have that yet, both iOS and Windows have chosen to change the app lifecycle to emphasize power constraints over parallel execution. This has resulted in an app lifecycle that's different than we're used to on PCs and in Android.
  • Waiting for accidental announcement of 1030 or 1530...
  • I hope they have something else to.
  • Apps!!
  • XL Entry level? Sound like mid range device. Like it.
  • Don't name 1320 successor as 640xl, name it as 1330 that's better
  • Yupz wil hate microsoft's decison if did so !!! >:(
  • Well, people will assume XL means bigger, it's easier and cleaner than having 13xx and 15xx
  • Stacks of Lumias, yet only three of them support NFC. This supposed XL needs to have it! So do some others to.
  • Eh, not like we'll need it for tap-to-pay, ever. /grumble
  • No that's true, but I'm so used to banging my 820 against my Nokia speakers and sharing photos on her 830.
  • Hope it comes soon to Indonesia, lol, and in mid-range price (640)
  • Also where is snapdragon 615 chipset or at least snapdragon 410, windows phones are always 1 year back hardware,pathetic decision by Microsoft
  • Rumors
  • B​FD. I'm out. OnePlus 1 arrives tomorrow. I'll check back in however many months it is till Christmas. This is shit. Non 3rd world countries need flagships.
  • Sorry that Microsoft can't match their release timeline to your contract renewal dates.
  • They should, though.  The 920 was released as a flagship, Microsoft knew people would be looking to upgrade in 18m to 2 years, they should have had a successor ready, otherwise they'll lose customers.  That's what other manufacturers do, they're not stupid.
  • Wasn't the 930 a successor?
  • Not really.  It wasn't exactly a flagship, it was a year out of date technology-wise.  I wouldn't upgrade my 920 to a 930 anyway.
  • A year and a half gap between flagships is ridiculous busyman. Microsoft has made it pretty much impossible to blame anyone for leaving the fold. They have completely blown off all of their high end customers for a year now, and have no plans to change their ways for at least six more months.
  • Satya is so smart isn't he??? He's one first, Mobil later should be his motto
  • Business first, personal on other platforms also first, our own users in any and every category, F-EM.
  • Yeah same, I'm over it although I won't be getting rid of my 930 coz imaging is important to me but its probably time I found out what I'm missing out on app wise as I've only ever used Nokia + Lumia.
  • The iPhone 6 plus camera will meet or exceed your experience with tbe 930. Give it a shot
  • In my experience it has not, however, for some reason, when shooting a snap chat photo using it's own lens, the quality of an iPhone picture looks astounding, in all other use, it is a very good camera, but not as good as a 930's
  • The 6 plus has an excellent camera. I was shocked at how close the quality seemed when compared to even the 1020.
  • Look at the pictures on a high resolution computer screen instead of just the screen of your phone. The difference will become apparent immediately, unless you're legally blind...
  • The 6+ does indeed have a good camera, but comparing the images to the 1020's in any way other than colour reproduction is pointless.
  • IPhone 8 will be available by the time Microsoft has a new flagship :)
  • Lol, it can't even come near 930. It only exceeds 930 with OIS, everything else is funny compared to 930.
  • Sowii, first world country man. You can't have everything you desire. Be patient!
  • Don't blame you for losing patience. It's been too long since the last high end, even though I still have faith in them to turn things around.
  • I wish they accidentally leak the plan for denim update for Lumia 1320 in India
  • Super.... My thoughts also... Instead of this, they could have accidentally press the denim release button for rest of the Lumias..
  • Re. 640XL rumoured specs: Would an S400 CPU, 2500mAh battery or even 1GB RAM be enough to power a smooth experience for a 5.7" 720p device? It seema a little under-powered. I'm hoping it won't be as sluggish as other under-powered large screen Lumias like the 625 and 535.
  • 535 does have 1 GB RAM and quad core, but it's Snapdragon 200 quad
    625 has only ½GB RAM
    When you combine these you have either the special 635 with 1 GB
    Lumia 640!?
    Maybe there's something else included?
  • Which part of that seems underpowered? 
  • If the price is right this could really be good competition for Moto G
  • That's all cool but entry level is getting annoying, give us flagship or at least decent mid range phones FFS.
  • Seriously man...? 8mp and 14mp PureView doesn't feel good enough for decent midrange??
  • 1330 Aka 640 XL is a new beast!!
  • Seriously? Of all the specs in the article you picked camera? As far as I'm concerned it can have full frame camera, but this is still another entry level phone
  • We are talking windows here not android...on a processor level it doesn't have to be a specs war with android...just like how iPhone still runs on a 1gb ram and dual core processors and still goes circles around android's flagships...nobody really needs to care as long as the phone works smooth and runs the apps fast...which they do with these specs...where it matters for the majority is the camera...and they are differentiating themselves in that field...
    Forget the core count...enjoy the phones...
  • I never said cores make flagship, but if you look at it all together, apart from camera it's typical low end device. 8Gb of storage screams LOW END :)
  • Your scale is based on similar priced android saying forget that...when the android OEMs produce WPs we have similar specs such as these...and I think the reason is that most OEMs would agree that these specs are more than sufficient to run the phones...
    Yeah 8GB sucks...but expandable storage has never worked as well as it does now on WP on android...a few more bucks and you get double the I think that's easily a win...
  • Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's bad phone or it won't run smoothly, but that's not the point. But judging by this it will lack many features high end should have. No NFC, compass and other sensors that are to many people way more important than camera. And I want to see a beast on WP. It's been a while, don't you think? ;)
  • Yup we need a beast alright...but this is Microsoft, not xiaomi or one plus to push really high spec phones to this sure the flagship is coming...but they are waiting to unleash many beasts altogether...win10, flagship phone, revamped office and xbox apps, new partnerships and apps...patience is key brother...:)
  • It's a phone ,not a camera...
  • If you see Lumias like that...then maybe you shouldn't be getting one...? Cause that's one of their major selling points...
  • It is a phone is the point of a good camera if you can't effing call for help if your totally stuck, arm pinned on a rock kind of shit, or whatever...i suppose one could take images of ones self decaying away for posterity
    You think every Lumia owner is here for the camera? Really...maybe if you own a 1020
  • Lol...ofc it is a phone first...but you waved aside the camera like the 14mp doesn't WOULD matter to a lot of people cause who would pass on a camera like that for a decent price...? Lumias are generally phone first, but definitely camera second by a smaller margin (especially mid range onwards) than one would think...its a selling point...
  • Now, I can agree with your statement. I have my 1520 for many features, os, display, soc, battery...then somewhere the camera. Truth is, most decent phones have a decent cam...I think, mind you I said decent.
  • Heh heh...truce...:)
  • :)
  • *mid-range. 640 XL is not entry level.
  • 640 specs are better than 535. Hoping for a reasonable price.
  • Around Lumia 730 pricing?
  • Really don't hope the phablets are getting bounced down to 5,7" rather than 6" :P
  • 6 is much bigger bro.... 5.7 would be perfect with reduced bezels
  • I have a 1520 and I will be really sorry to so those 0,3" go if that's to be the new phablet norm... I would much more prefer if the added 0,3"...
  • I'd like to have a Lumia 1040 XXL with 7.7" LCD (1920x1080 & Miracast)
    and that 41MP camera with better optics
    I can settle for 0.2" less though...
  • No effing way....get a Sony xperia z phone
  • Hope GDR2 will be announced tomorrow with a firmware
  • +720
    New hardware :)
  • We don't need a new firmware yet... Some of us are still on Cyan (or even older)! :)
  • Microsoft need to think about their approach to naming devices. It was simpler before when the phones got bigger and better with the increase in numbering, now the specs are over lapping, messy, and for every variation the phone has a new number and now there are letters in. The mix. Customers want to easily understand their options and make a simple decision about what phone is best for them.
  • MS is just trying as much as possible we need more people on the wp10 preview and more phones. Waiting for the final announcement about the 2 phones
  • Nice. Finally a less confusing nomenclature
  • 640 XL surely gonna be mine
  • Anyone else think there is just too many devices? Microsoft should have released three at the most covering the cheap, the par for the course, and a flagship... Or at least that is my feeling (which is often more wrong than it is right).
  • I am with you there bro :-)
  • i want high end :'(
  • yea sure....why use 1330 when you can confuse even more your customers by adding it as 640 XL in already too crouded 6xx family......
  • By eliminating 13xx range, we can easily explain any one that the higher the number, the better the specs. 13xx is the odd man out there. However, they could have used something other than XL though.
  • I dont see any changes specwise between 640xl and 1320?
  • The difference is 640xl will have more usable(than 6") size, quad core processor, much improved front and back cameras. Any other difference? Windows central will let us know tomorrow :-)
  • 6" is very usable
  • Yes. It is. I just mentioned that 5.7" is comparatively more usable than 6" as with a reduced bezel and trimmed size is an easy fit for many.
  • Thats right. I have the Nokia flip cover on ny 1520. That way i can use it with one hand if needed. I simply hold the flippy part of the cover between two fingers. And I don't have big hands.
  • 14MP PureView.
  • Would have started the x40 series only with win10 preinstalled...
  • Is the 640XL a dual-core or a quad-core processor ? THX!
  • Quad.
  • Awesome. THX!
  • 5.7" screen, heck yeah!
  • Great idea. Trying to explain the numbering system to people when the 13xx series was less spec than the 9xx or 10xx series but telling them generally the higher the number the higher the spec. Naming the spec as a number range and the screen size as XL or non XL is a brilliant move by Microsoft. I'm on board!
  • extra large? for extremely large hands?
  • Interesting
  • If it doesn't have "hey Cortana" I don't care. And since her passive voice runs on snap dragon 800....well...
  • So... Seems faster? :-P
    And wen in India? ;-)
  • Atleast 2MP at the front would make sense
  • 7h30 GMT? What about letting people sleep? :(
  • On the other sides of the planet people just might slightly
    disagree with YOU!!
  • Ahah first world problems :) hoping for something great!
  • Yeah I'll be at school at that time GMT +2
  • Price in India?
  • Let it launch, mate? Announcement and launching are two different things.
  • What is this 640, the 830 with lower screen resolution, no Qi and a camera downgrade? Like the 535 with S400? Too confusing for me. 
  • What??? You call a 14MP pureview, a downgrade from 830???
  • Better read that text again: the 640 is supposed to have 8MP, the 640XL ist the one with the 14MP - which is an upgrade from the 1320. The 640 is still lower in specs than the 830.
  • Just name 640 XL as 1330. Not that name. Please.
  • :/ 1330 is better
  • Yes. That's what I mean.
  • I thought the Lumia 640 would have a screen size lesser than 5 inch. Most or all 6xx have screen size lesser than 5 inch.
    Not everyone needs a big screen.
  • Crikey, there are too many models and variants, no wonder consumers get confused and just go for an Android or iPhone instead. What MSFT needs is a straightforward lineup of phones, not all these 5,6,7,8,9 & 10 series phones!
  • All that matter is the price at which these specs will be available!
  • How can you accidently announce it ?
  • With the specs, they should have named it 740XL...
  • Lets get a flagship already. I'm trying my best to wait for the 1020 successor.
  • come the sad owner for Lumia 535
  • Another low end. Yawn.....
  • or mid range? - Yawn anyway...
  • Logically thinking suffixing XL makes for a good nomenclature for the mid range lumia phablet. Can't wait for MS's official unveiling. 14 mp pure view camera and 5.7 inch display supposing it had CBD with living images would be a superb mid range device. More anxious for the phablet here. Hope the exterior design isn't quite as bland as 535 for aesthetics and differentiation purpose.
  • Too many phones. Its all confusing for the average Joe. Just make a flagship, midrange and budget phone.
  • and XL on everything and the 41MP 1040 & 1040 XL and...
    OH, NO! (I think I'm suitable for a job in MixedSoft)
    The DS models
    Lumia 440,  Lumia 440DS,   Lumia 440 XL,    Lumia 440 XL DS
    Lumia 640,  Lumia 640DS,   Lumia 640 XL,    Lumia 640 XL DS
    Lumia 940,  Lumia 940DS,   Lumia 940 XL,    Lumia 940 XL DS
    Lumia 1040, Lumia 1040DS, Lumia 1040 XL, Lumia 1040 XL DS Good?! => "You're HIRED!" Just make *EVERYTHING* DS Lumia 440,  Lumia 440 XL
    Lumia 640,  Lumia 640 XL
    Lumia 940,  Lumia 940 XL
    Lumia 1040,Lumia 1040 XL better? => "You're FIRED!!"
  • Are they dual sim phones? Like lumia 730?
  • The Lumia naming schema is even more of a joke of they plan to add "XL" as a screen size suffix. I'd the most cliche option available
    Note (Samsung), Plus (Apple) and Maxx (HTC) were all better.
  • I think every manufacturer out there has a flagship phone with a flagship name: HTC ONE, SAMSUNG GALAXY S and others. I believe MSFT should do so for the upcoming flagship so as it is distinguished from the rest of the crowd and keep refining the model every year whilst keeping the same name. We should suggest this to MSFT on user forums. This could atleast give us a flagship name for the flagship Lumia so other people can know that it isn't just another Lumia.
  • McLaren???
  • Or how about Lumia Spartan?
  • Anything would do actually. As long as it's different from the rest of the Lumias.
  • I like that name over something like Lumia 640 and XL. They have been using some names from Halo. Microsoft Lumia Spartan (XL) has a nice ring to it. A mouthful but a better sound than numbers.
  • Lumia 41 Pureview
  • Just as long as they come with a "XL" version of the 1020 successor. How can we start a petition or something?
  • I'm in!
    I would pay Apple prices for a SnapDragon 810, 4GB, 64GB + SD & uSD + 3* USB 3.1, KEEP 1920x1080 (Miracast to FHDTV)
    XXL model (>7") with huge battery and Surface-style flat screen cover-keyboard combo, much better MS Office Touch
  • but snapdragon 810 will be old by the time ms has a new flagship
  • Ooops!
  • If the 640 xl is a replacement to the 1320, will a 940 xl replace the 1520?
  • I'm guessing so
  • More like attention seeking than "accidental leaked"
  • Boring Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Lumia 640 XL sounds stupid. 640 and 1330 would be ok. things like XL, Pro etc. is no good ;)
  • No sense in 1330 if they are already launching the x40 line. Besides, everybody understands that XL means big, what about 1330? People could be confused and think that it is better than the 9xx line
  • Totally agreed :D
  • Verge and Engadget says 2 phones will launched by Microsoft but adduplex says 4. Who is right? Guess will find out tomorrow.
  • Maybe 3 phones??
  • Hope there is a metal body phone as well
  • I repeat that again The snapdragon 400 supports up to 13.5 mpxl
    Hoe can it be 14 mpxl ? Maybe the processor is not 400 or the camera pixel count is less than this
  • May be it will be slow like the Lumia 1020.
  • Hope they surprise us with grd2 with SD 410 support ?
  • Why not give us a real phone? Nobody cares about the low level crap!
  • The 535 is selling well, and low end phones are the best selling WP devices, so people care.
  • I care
  • There's no low level crap as the pricing at the moment is preventing that
  • The specs are pretty nice. Microsoft has finally beginning to learn. Let's hope that price is nice too. Also, here is to hoping that MS sorts out its software issues mainly less features and bad browsing experience with Windows 10 for phones without deviating from the metro/modern design language.
  • Nice ? Though windows runs smooth on any low end crap, they seriously need to upgrade their processor to the latest mid range one like the snapdragon 410,615,etc
  • The biggest surprise is yet to be delivered,?????
  • to everyone griping about the naming:  there is no confuison between the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus ... same naming scheme ... easy enought for all to understand
  • XL name is cheap. They should have a better naming scheme! Have a new series name.. Something like Note!
  • I agree, but let's not copy names, especially anything from a Google or Android. Also, since Microsoft is making alot of low-end/mid-range phones, they have to name them something, right?
  • Zzzzz
  • Price point of the XL will be most important
  • Another meh phone from a meh company.
  • Nothing is accidental... They r nt fools... Everythng is planned ... Their plans are well-planned... :D
  • I like the 640 XL
  • Fuck you Lumia 535 don't touch screen
  • This is why MS should have changed the nomenclature system at least from 535 onwards.
    Now it just doesn't make sense.
  • Really sick of these crap devices. We have enough. Stop wasting resources!!!!.
  • Why didn't they call the 640 XL as 1330?
    All this numbers just drive me crazy, I often get confused
  • Lumia phone names are confusing and lol to say. Just name it phone Lumia + screen size and the higher the screen size include better specs. Reminds me of when android first started with all those ridiculous names. It's not the amount of phones that will have consumers running to Windows but the fluentness of the OS. Apple has one phone name with different minor numbers attached with millions of fans! IMO, the flooding and names of the phone are tragic....
  • The 640xl is the successor to the 1320. Yeah, because that makes sense and is easy to understand???????? Again.... more unnecessary model numbers = more confusion. Stephen Elop is going to destroy this entire division of Microsoft.
  • T-Mobile passed paperwork for one of these 2 weeks ago.
  • I want a Microsoft phone with a 5inch screen. 2GB ram and 32GB HD
  • So let me make sure I get in the mandatory "where's the flagship??!!?" and "way too many budget and mid range phones" and "these model numbers are so confusing" and "not enough ram, no thanks" crying and bitching. Glad I got that out of the way.
  • 1MP FFC is a bit lower than I expected given their recent budget offerings... But then one of the 735's selling points was it's FFC, so maybe I shouldn't have assumed they'd offer that on all their phones...or indeed that folk would want/need such a camera at the front.
  • 640 XL
  • This isn't the phone that you were looking for; move along.
  • Lumia 640 XL > Lumia 830... Ouch.
  • XL = windows 10 ( X ) for ( L )umia... lol
  • Everybody needs to chill! We shouldn't be expecting any flagship until Windows 10 is ready! This new naming strategy is perfect, as it seems that the successor of the Lumia Icon/930 and 1520 maybe the Lumia 940 and 940 XL
  • Oops
  • Whats up with the 32gb but no sd design
  • 640 XL?? Next model could be 680 WTF !! MS has completely messed it up while naming their phone models.
  • They're copying the iPhone 6 and 6 plus naming scheme because this phone models competition is the iPhone directly.
  • Lots of confused people here.  How are you guys even able to use smart phones in the first place?
  • Nobody cares about all these f__kin mid-range phones...
  • Let's hope the x40 series has a much tidier line-up. At the moment, in the x30 series, we have: Lumia 435 Lumia 530 Lumia 532 Lumia 535 Lumia 630 Lumia 634 Lumia 635 Lumia 636 Lumia 638 Lumia 635 1GB RAM Lumia 730 Lumia 735 Lumia 830 Lumia 930 Lumia Icon .-.
  • MS is SAMSUNG in WP.. 10000 models pretty much the same s#*@ different number.. Still waiting for 1030 or 1530 whatever their name is.. Sick of cheap same crap.. There are enough cheap and mid-range models already.
  • Next Lumia 540, 540 XL, 740, 740 XL, 840, 840 XL, 440, 440 XL, not to mention all the *41 and *45 models... then maybe if we are lucky, a flagship or are they gonna go through another entire cycle of refreshes without any?
  • Lol why is this confusing? You people would be going crazy if you followed LG, Sony, Samsung or HTC releases. Microsoft will end up with 10 models.. 435
    640/640 XL
    940/940 XL
    1040 This makes sense! Easy to understand and explain.
  • Damn my Lumia 730, is only numbered ahead but in terms of specifications it way behind :(
  • Blah blah non flagship , how is that working out MSFT? Make an ultimate surface phone to compete.
  • Why? Microsoft has a smaller market with their phones. Making just one to two flagship phones... I don't know, they're not Apple. There will be a flagship or two.
  • It seems that Microsoft is following the path of Samsung and releasing thousands of models...
  • 1320 has snapdragon 400 with dual core krait 300 cpu which is more powerful than current snapdragon 400 with quad core cortex a7,coz krait 300 is much more powerful than cortex a7.
  • I was playing Asphalt 8 on my 1320 only lagged once.
    My 830 I recently got more than once.
  • So cpu wise it's downgrade,they should give quad core krait 300 which makes much sense.
  •   PLEASE PLEASE Gorilla Glass 3 or 4 PLUS Amoled.....amd I dreaming?  
  • Lumia 640 XL will be the perfect replacement for my beloved Lumia 920.
  • Hmm kinda like the 1330.
  • I think the 640 would be my next phone if I save enough money.
  • honestly for me who are using Lumia 925, the specs of 640XL is Nice, came on guys we are using WP not android. 1 GB is more than enough, with Beast Camera, (hopefully with Carl Zeiss)
  • They should have gone with the snapdragon 600, so it would have The hey Cortana feature. And why no 1520 successor ? . I hope the 1520 successor has less bezel while maintaining the same screen size. They also need to upgrade the rear camera to 30mp and the front facing to 5mp. Come with windows 10, a preinstalled demo of forza horizon for windows phone. That would be awesome
  • These look to simply be those recycled Nokia X and XL Android experiments.... Remember? I honestly hope Panyos Panay has gone dark for a very good reasons......MS band 2, SP4, and a new flagship phone.
  • Waiting for 640XL really want it
  • FINALLY, the 640 XL might be the phone for me - a larger screen but not so gangly like the 1520/1320!!!!! I briefly glanced over the comments and it seems like the specs are pretty nice. Crossing my fingers on this one and may be selling my Note 3 soon!
  • Oooh, entry-level phones! So exciting.....
  • Lol,wow,yeah
  • For me, even handset upgrade cycle upon expiration of mobile service contract is a milestone, and i would like to use it on a decent device. After using 800, 920, 925 and 1520 I will be more choosy about WP. Sure, Windows 10 looks great but I'm not getting all its features even for 8.1. Eg Cortana.
  • Another entry level phone????
  • Did anyone else notice the 1/2 page dedicated to the Lumia 635 (on 4 diff. carrier's no contract plans) in this weeks Best Buy sales paper? Microsoft needs to get these phones in people's faces, so I'm very glad to see this.
  • I know mid to low end is a moneymaker...but I need a flagship to happen like stat! I desperately want something that looks like the 925, is bigger, 64gb, and can record 4k better than a Red Epic. Lol
  • I might pick up an XL with those specs as a fool-around device
  • Why
  • Hmm, a 600 series with a 14megapixel cam? Might have been a better idea to have a 1080p screen on that 5.7 inch device though.
  • Lumia be like "I forgot my name, I forgot my telephone number..." *sings*
  • I would like to see what will be offered in a flag ship and ultra high end device actually these low to mid range cellular devices are just so so nothing really worth looking at if you have a 900 or higher device but I guess that are great for other regions but I want all the bells and whistles and the kitchen sink.
  • When they going to make 2gb of ram for mid range phone..
  • Too many phones, an idiotic branding scheme with numbered phones that nobody can keep track of, and still behind in specs. Look, if your going to make a midrange phone Microsoft, why not move up to the newer 64-bit Snapdragon 410 series. It's a better midrange chip than the old Snapdragon 400. Get rid of the damn numbered names and simplify your phone lineup. These simple steps would at least help. I sometimes wonder if anyone in the Windows Phone department at Microsoft has a damn clue what the hell they're doing. This is the company that released the Icon, which is a perfect name, and then released the exact same phone for international customers and stupidly called it the 930. How can you be so damn dumb? The actual sales people at the carrier are just as confused, in addition to being bastards.
  • how the f*ck it is 640 XL, that is an awful naming
  • iPhone 6 plus ring a bell?
  • I think by the end of this yr all of the numbering and specs will make sense. Good to see 1330 changing to 640 as a mid range due to specs. Anything above 9xx, 10xx should have the highest available specs.
  • Successor to Lumia 630
  • The XL don't sound all that bad
  • Look newly launch 435 &532 surely difference between nokia & Microsoft, not like a feel like nokia
  • Looks like my L535 is for sale when this thing shows up :)
  • Nice upgrade to the 635, i would take both but maybe the 640 w/o the XL first the bigger phones should have stronger processors in my mind
  • What would be awesome is if Microsoft actually did some creative viral marketing and the "accidental" posting ALSO had typos and errors... and the phones they were unveiling were actually the 940 and 940XL FLAGSHIP PHONES!!! Eh oh well, I guess that would be too much like right to be a possibility.
  • Hah, sounds really close to the "affordable flagship" 830. Maybe we'll hear about a legitimate flagship tomorrow.
  • I hope you're not holding your breath because you'll suffocate to death....... We're taking about a company led by Satya (cloud first, Mobil last) Ballmer was working on both simultaneously ensuring we got the apps first, Satya is the opposite, make sure everyone else gets the apps first and ignore your own platform for at least a year first, also only make lowered hardware. Do you guys think that if Ballmer hasn't presented the surface lineup would we have ever seen it under Satya??? I respect his intelligence, but he could at least let us have apps at the same time as others and phones on par with competitors phone besides just low end junk! 1020/1520 don't count as they're old now!
  • Woohoo! More low end devices! I was getting worried we'd never see another one! /sarcasm
  • Need a flagship!
  • More confusing derivations od junk phones. Wp is a cheap junk phone exclusive platform. Meanwhile Samsung and htc are making high end groundbreaking hardware for android.
  • And both Samsung and HTC are having VERY negative trends atm while Microsoft keeps selling more phones without economic hits... Go figure.
  • Microsoft's focus seems to really be in the budget market, which makes sense because they've had good sales with budget models. But I think its also clear they aren't as focused on the high end, and sadly this is what will probably drive me and many other WP loyalists away in the next couple of years. One flagship at very long intervals that isn't available on all carriers is going to alienate the enthusiast community.
  • Can I have an high end device T^T
  • Cool
  • Will this be yet another budget phone? Yawn
  • Hmmmm. Seems oddly "iPhone 6" and "iPhone 6 plus" sized....
  • Suspect they are more mid range. Digital TV on board.? What's that all about.
  • Personally, I don't really care what they call it. I'm excited for the 640XL. The 1320 has been the best Windows phone I've used in a long while. I've gone through 3 1520s all with rampant issues. My only complaints with the 1320 were that even with my larger hands, 6" still feels a little big to handle & the camera. Both of which are solved with the 630XL. So I say bring it on! Hopefully, it comes to the US soon, namely Cricket...
  • Everytime "accidentally".... Come on lets be serious... Everytime I hear this and it looks like you joke the people....
  • No new 410 processors?
  • I hear a lot of people on this thread saying the 640 XL is entry level but performance was not what lured me away from my 920. I left WP for three reasons, one was screen size, I wanted a phone size larger than 5.5 inches and the 1520 with it's squarish design just seemed too large and unwieldy. Second was lack of hardware choices on Sprint (read screen size or any WP phone not 2 years old). And finally, I had this strange dream I would find better games and software on Android. Well, the Note 3 I got is a great piece of hardware and the screen size and fit is almost perfect, but software and games turned out to be a dud. If it wasn't for Launcher 8 that gave me some mock WP functionality on Android I would have probably sold my Note and gone back to AT&T for a HTC M8 (and pined for more screen size). There may be a ton of apps and games and Android but (and yes, all of this is my opinion and based on my own usage) the OS seems bloated and too disjointed, there are ads in everything including the built-in answering machine, and although there may be more games than WP there doesn't seem to be any more quality games. In fact the games I still play on Andoird are the ones I used to plan on WP. Android is fine for some, but if the 640 XL performs as well as my 920 there's a 90% chance I will be getting one. If it comes out for Sprint any time soon make that 100%.
  • A bit faster? Are you kidding me? My 521 used to lag at every point possible. From opening apps to switching apps to doing anything, moving to my One M8 with a SD 801 everything is dramatically faster.
  • Stop with these crappy budget phones already. Its too much
  • Like I said before Microsoft knows Nokia wil probably be making smart phones in 2016 so to avoid brand name confusion ALL Nokia brand Windows 8/8.1 lumia smart will be replaced by Microsoft brand Lumia smart phones. Microsoft has Replaced about all it's low price and mid range Nokia Lumia brand smart phones now the Nokia Lumia 920, 925, 928 930.1020.and 1520 have to be replaced these Nokia Lumia smrt phones are the Heavy hitters the Glory Windows 8.1 smart phones I want to see what microsoft replaces the nokia lumia 920, 1020 and 1520 with.will they have better specs than the Nokia models are fall short of Nokia's original specs
  • Microsoft it would seem is after volumes , market share and brand recognition in the smartphone business . Without it no developers and no apps . Only way to do that is more models in the low and mid range . For the high end they have the Nokia Lumia 830 and 930 for now . Very risky to try to compete with Apple or Android on high end with one third of the apps number .
  • What ppi on those screens?
  • 1320 was around 200 something right.
  • I'm really curious what this means for their overall lineup strategy.  Phablets in all price ranges?
  • Talk about overkill.
  • The reason they are not releasing the flagship device is because they are waiting for their hardware partners like HTC,Samsung to release flagship devices. If Microsoft release a flagship,then it will be far more superior in features compared to phones released by these companies. So,they want other companies to release flagship devices and then they will release the flagship devices.
  • Duh Like Surface line paved way.
  • But what about the processor? I thought that they would have the 610,620 chipsets of Snapdragon's new processors?
  • Hmmm... I kind of like the sound of the 640 XL.
  • Glad to see Microsoft change the naming convention, but they should go further and get rid of the 3 digit numbers, regular consumers can't keep track of this.  They need normal names like all successful phones/devices. Microsoft Lumia _ _
    Microsoft Lumia Pro  _ _  (for phablets)
    Samsung Galaxy _ _
    Samsung Galaxy Tab _ _ (for phablets)
    Apple iPhone _ _
  • Ok i want the 640. Come on at&t pick this up as the new Windows Gophone. I'll take a black one but a green one would be nice change. $149 dollars or less and I'll take two. One of each color.
  • 640 XL looks a good alternative to my 1320.
  • I honestly just need to hear news about several high end Windows phones, I'm not remotely interested in budget or mid range phones. Windows phones (Lumia) have no rep in Verizon Wireless and it's sad. Microsoft stop playing around and release a beast high end to end all this bullcrap!
  • Crap
  • Now these are affordable flagships not that 830 crap. Posted via the Nexus 1520!
  • Ohhhhoooo come on Microsoft have a look at Samsung and HTC flagships.... Again u made a delay for 1030...... By the time u guys release a flagship most of them will buy android flagships.... Please bring some change... Where is windows phone 10....?????