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Microsoft acquires Beam to offer gaming livestreamers a more interactive experience

Microsoft has acquired Beam, a Seattle-based company that offers a game livestreaming service where the audience can actually give challenges to the person playing the game on the video stream. Beam will be a part of Microsoft's Xbox division.

In a blog post, Microsoft stated

Bringing Beam, their award-winning team and their inventive technology into the Xbox family supports our ongoing commitment to make Xbox Live more social and fun. Using "Minecraft" as one example, with Beam you don't just watch your favorite streamer play, you play along with them. You can give them new challenges and make real-time choices that affect their gameplay, from tool selection to quests to movement; all through simple visual controls. In the highly anticipated "Sea of Thieves," which is all about emergent adventures in a shared world, you can watch the drama play out between different crews from multiple player perspectives.

The specific financial terms of Microsoft's acquisition of Beam were not disclosed. Beam currently has apps available for iOS and Android and it can also be accessed on the web via most browsers.

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  • How about acquiring prisma
  • What's the probability of them now making a Windows Phone app? Given Microsoft's history, still near zero.
  • This is heading towards something beyond your thinking. They're creating the future with their own set of products pieced together in one ecosystem. Soon, ppl would no longer take their phone of out their pocket to take calls, ppl wouldn't sit on their couch all day to play games... These stuff are essential for msft to survive in the competition of tomorrow. After all, apps wouldn't be a concern in the future, you want something, you'll have it in a snap. One thing to get you everything. Bots are the future. All you have to do is think ahead.
  • Do explain how bots--i.e. software--will enable me to "no longer take [my] phone out of [my] pocket to take calls". The reason people hold phones up to their ears and mouths when taking calls is because phones have the hardware needed--microphones, speakers, antennas, etc.--to make phone calls. A bot isn't going to magically spawn a speaker next to my face just so I can leave my phone in my pocket.
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  • Happy to see another person who gets the vision.
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  • Sadly he probably isn't wrong.
  • for a second i thought it is about CASEY NEISTAT
  • Pretty cool really Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Xbox One app I hope