Microsoft adds Dynamics CRM support to Cortana through Connected Accounts

Microsoft is continuing to add the ability to link Cortana up to their many services. The latest to get the Cortana linkage treatment is none other than Microsoft Dynamics CRM (opens in new tab) (with the CRM standing for customer relationship management for those not familiar).

If you are a regular ol' consumer reading that your eyes may have glazed over as this addition is for the "Sales, Marketing, and Service (help desk) sectors" out in the world and is not something your average Joe will utilize.

To link your Dynamics CRM account to Cortana just take the following steps:

  1. Open Cortana on your PC or Windows Phone (not available on iOS or Android)
  2. Tap the hamburger button in the upper left corner
  3. Open Notebook
  4. Choose Connected Accounts
  5. Select Dynamics CRM if available

Since we don't quite have our own Dynamics CRM account, we won't be able to see theCortana integration to give a more detailed report. Going by previous Cortana connected account options Dynamics CRM likely shows the latest information from the report and any relevant notifications.

Additionally, since this is likely rolling out to users it is not clear yet if this is a US-only option or other Cortana regions have the ability as well.

Dynamics CRM marks the sixth connected Account for Cortana, with the others being:

By chance if you are a Cortana user who can link up Microsoft Dynamics CRM feel free to share your experience with us in comments!

Thanks, @Caio_Doctor, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • At last a Microsoft Service that is not available on iOS and Android and is first launched in WP...
  • Coming soon!
  • Yes true..came first WP..surprise..
  • At least something that is ours
  • Nope lol they'll remove it when it has a build breaking bug then they will bring it to ios and android tell users it just won't work on windows and everybody in windows central will have a comment as long as my foot explaining why windows just doesn't need or some perfect explanation of the stars aligned and how its the end of the story as windows phone looses die hard fans...consumer is always right not the 1% lol
  • Ha!
  • What if they could bring up stuff equally for all the three platfroms? :D It would be cool because usually people choose their OS of choice because they like OS itself. Ofcourse sometimes app gap or something else can effect to this. 
  • We have been telling that to Microsoft since ages...
  • This awesome! Too bad the corporation I work for is still running Windows 7, Office 2010, and CRM2011. I really hope MS can drag their corporate partners into the future.
  • Only if Cortana were available but in few regions.
  • I have connected my Health and Fitness, but have yet to see steps it calories listed in Cortana.
  • L 1520 ATT I've had that feature since it was announced. It works quit well you have sync it with the band and that shows up in cortana quite nicely
  • At least you got it connected. I'm trying to connect cortana to 2 different organisations i administer, yet it won't work as at says it's an invalid URL. I think it's not compatible to CRM 2011
  • Yes it's not U.S only..
    Available in India..
    And Since I don't have my Dynamics CRM Account , I won't be able to see Cortana Integration to give a more detailed Report..
  • Lol('o')('o')
  • Do you even know what Dynamics CRM is? It's not Facebook lol.
  • Cool buddy..
    I'm not a kid compare D. CRM with Fb..
    I just posted the same thing what's there in article..
  • Available on UK mobile 950xl
  • OK, so how's this gonna Help me in my regular day?
  • For those who use Dynamics CRM it's probably a big deal.
  • Why are you asking that question... Do you use CRM ??
  • It's not. This is a token gesture for business use. My company uses CRM, but we are not on 10 yet. Here's how it would help a sales rep. Your driving through a town, Cortona reminds you that the next time you were near this area to call on a particular customer.
  • You could also query Cortana with certain customer filter criteria. It's just as simple as instead of using your keyboard to query and pull up information, you just command Cortana.
  • Exactly and also able to analyze customer to be able to predict behavior to help drive the sales force. I see it.
  • Does not seem to work. Cannot connect my org.
  • Wait, Office 365 can integrate with Cortana? Even on WP 8.1?
  • Win10M.
  • Is Microsoft still behind sales force?
  • Went don't you ask Cortana. Lol.
  • Great, but still no cortana in the netherlands...?
  • You might have to change your region to make Cortona work for you.
  • I wish it were possible to choose U.S. Cortana in all regions.
  • You can
  • How can I, short of changing the region? Please elaborate.
  • i got it in india
  • This feature is on Cortana phones too, I'm in uk and have it
  • Cortona has her own phone... Shsss... Everybody will go crazy and Microsoft is working on crowd control... Hehehe... You didn't get the last memo in the TPS reports...
  • I noticed Dynamics CRM in the Connected Accounts section of Cortana yesterday (UK). I'm yet to see Uber or Microsoft Health integration despite those being services I actually use, so I'm a little confused with the inconsistency. Is it just a/b testing for now?
  • Exactly, they seem to be bothered to give us UK users Dynamics CRM support but CBA to give us Uber and Microsoft Health integration!!!
  • Coming soon windows central uwp......
  • I have no idea what it is.
  • Daniel already said in the article this service is not something an average Joe can utilize...
  • Check in the settings or uber and you can see the commands for uber and MS Health. I have heard of the integration for uber but can remember where I saw it. It also might a windows 10 feature only. But more and more apps are getting integration. I like my Pandora integrated with Cortana.
  • MS is the worst company on planet earth when it comes to communicating with customers. Shame on them.
  • True
  • Lol, that would be Valve.
  • In India Dynamic CRM is showing, but no XBox Uber, etc.. Why so? :(
  • No mention of Microsoft BCM (Business Contact Manager) their neglected crm solution for small businesses.
  • It looks like this needs your Dynamics CRM org to be upgraded to the latest 2016 release...