How to connect Microsoft Health and Microsoft Band to Cortana for your daily summary

Microsoft has made using the Microsoft Band or Band 2 a little easier by integrating it with Cortana's daily summary. Now, instead of launching the Microsoft Health app you can see your step and calorie goals and current counts within Cortana on all your Windows 10 devices including PCs and tablets.

The feature was first discovered in back in early December when we first reported it, but now the feature has gone wide to all users.

Like many of Cortana's features, there was some A/B testing going on, and not everyone saw the linkage option when we first reported the story (including Windows Central). Reader of the site Eric reminded us today about the feature as it finally showed up for him. Likewise, we forgot about the option as well and low and behold we had the ability now too.

For all we know, it has been there for weeks, which is why we figured we would remind you of the option.

Here is how to link your accounts to Cortana.

  1. Open Cortana on your PC or Windows Phone (not available on iOS or Android)
  2. Tap the hamburger button in the upper left corner
  3. Open Notebook
  4. Choose Connected Accounts
  5. Select Microsoft Health if available

You will then proceed to login to your Microsoft Health account and be briefed on the privacy permissions. Once successful, re-launching Cortana should procure your Step and Calorie goals/results achieved for the day (assuming you synchronized your Band recently).

For those on an iPhone or Android device using Cortana and a Microsoft Band, you cannot set up the Connected Accounts on your phone directly as far as we can tell. You can, however, set it up on a Windows 10 PC and once associated the feature will appear on your iPhone or Android smartphone as well.

So far, Microsoft has five options for Connected Accounts under Cortana, including:

  • LinkedIn
  • Microsoft Health
  • Office 365
  • Uber
  • Xbox Live

While a useful feature Microsoft so far does not have a way to alert users when new options become available. Presumably, more account options will come online in 2016.

Are you using any of these features in Cortana? Let us know in comments.

For more Microsoft Band and Band 2 tips and tricks, check out our main help page:

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Thanks, Eric C., for the reminder

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Nice
  • Don't have Microsoft Health listed also Office 365 does not reconise my Microsoft email address. It says is not in the system.
  • It does not work with office 365 home or personal and this is expected and explained in the description. Probably not very clear but it only works with O365 work or school (business and enterprise edition)
  • Same problem here with Mailadress (and also no Health Service available here in Austria...)
  • Not on UK Cortana that I can see.
  • I can't see it in UK either
  • So here in Germany the possible connected accounts are still only LinkedIn and Office 365 (Education/Business).
  • The same in France.   US only as always.
  • Amer-i-ca!
  • :)
  • lol :D
  • *United States of
  • Not in Canada either, but that's typical Microsoft.
  • really? I got them. and my computer region is set as Canadian
  • Not showing on my Lumia 920, so possibly computers but not phones up here in the country with the crappy $ right now.:)
  • but it is kind of nt need for phone anyway sinceyou already have microsoft health app.
  • Doesn't matter. If it shows up for the computer, it'll apply to your phone as well (sort of like the iOS/Android scenario... you need to set it up on PC for it to work on your phone). It doesn't matter where you perform the connection, just that it's there. The article mentioned how this roll out wasn't to everyone immediately, so its possible it still hasn't rolled out entirely.
  • Not showing on my 950 UK
  • I didn't know that this was available to the public yet. Thanks for the info and hopefully Microsoft can communicate these features to us in the future somehow (maybe even through Cortana?). Tip: mine didn't show up right away on my 950XL, so I went into the "Health & fitness" section of the Notebook and turned off the cards. Hold down the Back button to terminate Cortana and then re-launch her. Turn the cards back on, terminate, and re-launch again. My Health & fitness card is showing up now and I obviously need to go out for a walk. :)
  • Interesting - I see the option to connect Microsoft Health in Cortana's notebook. And I can go through the steps to connect it. But when I go through them, Cortana relaunches, and nothing changes. It's still not connected. Maybe a bug?   Edit: Did a soft reset and tried again. MS Health and Cortana are now connected. Now awaiting the summary to happen :)
  • I had to sync up health before it started showing info on Cortana.  Makes sense.
  • How does its step counting work if you have a band and a sensor core phone? Average? Highest? Looks at times and what device had activity adding them together?
  • Very good question. We could probably dedicate an article or thread to this.
  • Takes the band figure if using Ms health, and Fitbit app takes highest.
  • Well that isn't the whole picture.
  • My 950xl only shows Linkedin, Office, Xbox Live. I was surprised that my Xbox Fitness usage last night showed up in my MS Health even though I forgot to put my band on.
    Didn't realise this was possible.
  • Connected even though I don't have a Band. Hopefully, Cortana will update from my Lumia 640. Sensor.
  • Not showing on my Lumia 950 in the uk
  • Still not showing for me
  • No option for me either on my Lumia 930.
  • Unfortunately, tapping the "Click to see your data" launches Edge instead of taking you into the MS Health app. Hopefully they link this up at some point.  Liking the comparative data from previous day. many ideas of where they could go with this.
  • Agree. They should redirect us to the app...
  • Yup. Funny that it the landing page nags to download the app...that I already have installed.
  • I use Fitbit app, Ms health is not very good.
  • Sweet. Good to hear.
  • Yeah, I was just about to comment on that. It really should open the app instead of the Dashboard website.
  • Thanks for the reminder. Easy setup on my 950xl. More Cortana is good.
  • Xbox, 365 and LinkedIn currently on UK phone.
  • Not available for my country (Spain). Nowhere near all those options in the list. just LinkedIn and Office. Crappy.
  • BUG: does not work with email account, I can login to Health dashboard or O365 via browser using that email address with no issue...
  • Thanks for the info as I've connected it to my HTC One M8 ... Jamaica.
  • Not available in Canada.
  • Confirmed.
  • And Only have office365 and Linkedin! :(
  • Ya  I would.. except my Band 2 quit charging...   here we go again with warranty BS...  Band 1 failed and they sent back saying it had been "wet"  the only wet that thing had was from sweat worked out.!!!!!  
  • Not in uk
  • Thanks for this. 
  • It shows up, but when I try to connect it displays an error message: "We can't connect to the service you need right now, try again later"
  • Same here! I get this error with Microsoft Health, but also with the Xbox Live connection. I do have my region set to US-English though, even though I live in a different region (and my MS account is non-US), maybe that's why...
  • I do live in the U.S. and have it set to US-english. So I don't think that's the problem.
  • My hamburger button is on the right and those options aren't available for me on my 640.
  • I agree. Icon with menu on right and no option for "connected accounts". Maybe it is a W10M feature?
  • Shockingly....neither the health or uber option is available in the UK version. I just gotta say it....18 months on and cortana uk hasn't improved one inch. Its kinda sucky :(
  • Agree
  • Not available in Australia sadly. Australia is missing a lot of great Cortana features like sport tracking.
  • This only works with Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10, not 8.1. Or at least, it's not working for me, even when I add it from my W10 SP3.
  • I have only ever seen LinkedIn and Office365 under connected accounts.
  • The health and fitness app got moved.... Wonder why?
  • Not seeing on 930 UK, then again Cortana is now a complete basket case. How the heck can a beta outshine w10m tile broken, ie: stops working after a couple of minutes etc.....
  • I've connected to the Health App through Cortana, synced my Band and done a soft reset but not getting any Health tracking info on Cortana unfortunately, my Uber details used to show up but not anymore
  • What's frustrating is how Windows Phone/Mobile is FAR more popular outside the USA than within it and yet Microsoft seems to ignore those markets where it has traction, pining for the day when they get some market share in the States. All the while, in ignoring those markets where they have a notable presence they risk squandering the customer goodwill that they've built up there.
  • I don't have Uber or MS Health. But do have Dynamics CRM