Cortana-Uber integration for Windows 10 is almost here

Looks like the Cortana team is putting the final touches on their Uber integration. Starting today some users, including ourselves, noticed that under Cortana's Notebook > Connected Accounts an option for the call-up car service has appeared. The ability appears only to be for those using Insider releases of Windows 10 and not build 10240.

Unfortunately, once you begin the process of linking Cortana to Uber, it appears to fail. This issue is likely due to something on Uber's end as the coordinated effort goes forward.

The option for Connected Uber accounts also appears under Cortana in Windows 10 Mobile. However, it refers you back to the PC for further setup.

Microsoft announced their Cortana-Uber integration back in May during Build. From the announcement:

"Universal Windows apps integrate with Cortana through the Voice Command Definition extensibility API. When integrating with Cortana, an application can choose to get launched or choose to interact with customers through Cortana's user interface canvas. Immaterial of the actual method an app chooses to integrate with Cortana, she will always preserve and provide all context she has about the specific task at hand."

Microsoft offered an example of how the Uber driver app for Windows 10 will use Cortana:

"By integrating with Uber, Cortana will not only recommend a Uber for you at the exact time you need it based on your schedule but will also order it for you. For example, let's say you've purchased a movie ticket online and received an email confirmation. Cortana has this information and will display a reminder to you prior to the movie start time. Along with that reminder, Cortana will also give you the option to get a ride with Uber. If you choose Uber, Cortana will automatically fill in the pick-up and drop-off details and request you a ride. You have the option of editing the pick-up and drop-off location. Finally, track the location of your Uber, all from within Cortana.

Uber is but one example of Cortana integration that is coming. Beginning last week, some users were able to connect up LinkedIn to Cortana and more services like Viber and Shopular are expected to come to the personal digital assistant.

Thanks, Jonathan T., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Would be nice if the Uber driver app was available on Windows Phone too. The regular Uber app is but not the one for drivers.
  • Maybe it is a private link on the store that they send to drivers when they are employed
  • No, if you inquire they show links to iTunes and Google Play but no Windows Store.
  • Uber lets you know that their DRIVER APP is not available for Windows Phone
  • How about ola? In India most people use OLA
  • I sense a "when in india" disguised comment here
  • Seemed more like a suggestion for OLA to get integrated with Cortana to me.
  • LIES. This is wen in India
  • Yup integration with REDBUS and OLA should be awesome!
  • Check how google now works. For decades Cortana is still in BETA and many countries are even yet to get ALPHA version of Cortana? With what pride are u seriously commenting against a person who had just suggested a feature, even though knowing it is only his grand child who would be enjoying(if implemented) the ALPHA version of the feature suggested in some 25years of timeline.
  • Exactly. They'll hire the talented folk from only the most reputed colleges in India but 1 year isn't enough for them to bring their differentiator service here. Dumbest smart people ever.
  • If they start integrating with every regional cab service it will be havoc. Besides, me or other people around me never use ola. Their service sucks. Uber is better.
  • Microsoft India, wake up and smell the bloody coffee!
  • This looks awesome!
  • Try sending email with Cortana. That's new as well. Don't know if Windows Central was tipped on that or not. If not consider this the tip.
  • This is so cool! I miss using Cortana but switching regions just to buy things from the app store or pay for MS services has led to all sorts of nasty issues. I'll wait and wait til they bring it to South Africa which will certainly be years from now.
  • This is what we need on Windows. Integration of such services with Cortana. The current uber app doesn't work for me, I tried it once. Does it work for anyone else??
  • Works for me! I'm in the USA.
  • It works only if there is uber in your area
  • Works great for me (in California) Though sometimes the real time position of the car is about 10 minutes behind.
  • Works for me in the UK (It's in certain cities here)
  • I want this level of Cortana integration with, Xbox too :/ I have three Xbox apps on my W10M 1520 cause reasons I guess MS. Plus a new Microsoft Messaging update earlier that still won't do things that Messaging Skype Preview does...I hope they are working on more of these kinda third party integration needs with other big apps, but please come November, have your house cleaned up too!
  • If only the uber app in the windows store doesn't be a garbage...
  • Here's a novel idea.... Make a driver app. Uber and MS have dropped the ball on this
  • Hopefully developers get on board and start integrating into Cortana themselves.
  • So this may be a long shot, but I would like this type of integration for GPS on pictures... Like hey you took a picture here before X years should take another but have it be at least two years or a non recent location.
  • Uber is illegal in many countries, so why not sell other illegal things too.
  • Driver app is needed badly.
  • Cortana should turn n become like iron man jarva call it's name n it answers you id so pay to have that !!!!!!!!!!
  • It works for me.  I just connected Uber and it went through seemlessly.
  • they have just got to get Uber to get a service which is less than 100 miles away from me. I guess this is true of the majority of people :(
  • illegal crap uber... I really not have a like for them
  • Works for me? LinkedIn, not.
  • Was there any word if this will come to the UK? I don't get taxis very often, but when I do it's an Uber wherever possible. I don't see the LinkedIn option yet, on the latest insider build. Maybe these are just going to specific countries to start with?
  • Still waiting for official Cortana in Australia. So tired of waiting
  • They're looking for a Jen Taylor with Aussie accent.
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  • i was able to book an Uber from Cortana :)