Microsoft adds faster ways to earn Bing Rewards on mobile browsers

Microsoft is making it easier for mobile web-based users of its Bing Rewards service to earn points and redeem them for items and more with an update to its interface.

In case you have not heard of Bing Rewards before, it's a free Microsoft program for US residents only that encourages them to use the company's Bing search service. People who sign up for the program can collect points when they use Bing which can then be exchanged for items like e-gift cards and more.

Bing Rewards

If you are using Bing Rewards from your mobile phone web browser, Microsoft says you will be able to see these improvements:

"First off, as soon as you go to Bing Rewards on your phone, we show you your current balance and some great Bing experiences for the day — that naturally earn you credits. Just tap to start earning. Scroll down a little further and you will see rewards suggested for you. We'll show you things we think you'll love that you can redeem credits for.""Sometimes we all need a little motivation, so we'll also show you how far you've got to go to reach the next level with a new status card. And let's not overlook the gratification bit. We've just made redeeming credits faster and easier than ever before. Just tap on a gift card, confirm your email and your reward is on its way!"

Microsoft has also updated its Bing Rewards app for iOS and Android with these improvements, but we have yet to see these changes to the Windows Phone 8.1 version.

Source: Microsoft

  • Wen in India?
  • What is India?
  • India is a country and is one of the biggest market for Windows.
  • it was ment in a sarcastic way from a quasi racist fellow. ;)
  • It is a growing economy, second population worldwide, home of Bollywood...
  • And also the second largest English speaking nation of the world, just behind the USA
  • Bollywood and seond largest population? No thank you
  • international users plus microsoft do not mix
  • Actually, with windows phone, it's more a case of US users plus Microsoft do not mix.
  • More like WP users and Microsoft don't mix.
  • Indeed that is the ridiculousness of it all. International likes MS... MS doesn't give a damn  :)
  • Do they even use bing there?
  • We only use Google to check whether the Internet connection is working or not.
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  • Lol! Good one dude :)
  • Lol, nice one :-D
  • Lol! That's true! XD
  • Wen in windows phone?
  • Bing rewards can actually be accessed outside the US now. There is a way to do it.
  • How ?
  • See this:
  • Doesn't work for me in Australia. Not that I actually use Bing haha (cos it's shit)
  • Wensday.
  • Never
  • "Microsoft has also updated its Bing Rewards app for iOS and Android with these improvements, but we have yet to see these changes to the Windows Phone 8.1 version."   Peachy.
  • At least they are consistent.
  • Yeah I love how they don't even support their own platform as much. And they expect other developers too?
  • At this point, why is anyone even surprised anymore?
  • It's mind-boggling how they treat their biggest customers as second-class citizens, isn't it? I'll never forget when they threatened to shut down Rooms on Windows Phone and told us to use GroupMe instead. One of my family members decided to defect to iPhone at that time but the other six stayed on Windows Phone. We were all their complaining together about all of the features GroupMe lacks that Rooms had (like the ability to upload videos, for instance), and the newly defected iPhone user said with a smirk, "Oh, you can do that on the iPhone GroupMe app". It was so embarassing and infuriating. I really just want to punch pillows with Microsoft's logo printed on them, all day long.
  • I'd rather punch the MS team for that.
  • You know, at this point I really wish there was an Android phone with all scroogleware removed. And I mean all of it, nothing from Google there. I would buy that in an instant. I would get the better apps from most services that Android enjoys and at the same time I would get better versions of Microsoft apps. Win-win-win.
  • Amazon Fire Phone goes for $179 unlocked...
  • You would have a pretty gimped phone if that were the case. Android without Google services is about as functional as Windows phone if your want to use the Google ecosystem.
  • I don't want to use the Google ecosystem and I don't need the Play store. ;)   So, way off.
  • You have lots of them.. Try Jolla, Xiaomi, Cynogen-mod phones, amazon fire phones...
  • I agree. I have a Galaxy Tab, and while it's great to see the Microsoft apps developed so well for Android, I have a Lumia as my daily driver, and it's getting a little tiring to see WP constantly taking a backseat to iOS and Android. I still can't believe how much better the OneNote app is on Android compared to Windows Phone.
  • Very true! All that the bunch of jokers do at MSFT is develop app and improve them for android and ios, yes the OneNote app, office and Skype are prime examples of's a shame when you compare the same app on a Windows phone to its IOS and Android pisses me off no bound..all those nincompoops do all day is update the app for ios whereas we windows die hard fan are always left in the dark.
  • GroupMe supports videos.
  • @coip, that is when you know using Windows Phone has become a lifestyle choice and that is just so wrong on so many levels. A phone o/s shouldn't be a lifestyle choice, it's an extension of communication and productivity. Microsoft keeps making epic mistakes time and time again; you know what adds more salt into the mix? Microsoft owns GroupMe via their Skype purchase.. (Edit: there might be double posts - getting network error in the phone app (now using my laptop)
  • Elop, the only one rooting for Windows Phones, was fired. That says all about Nandela.
  • You mean the Trojan Horse who took Nokia from the top to bottom was thrown off by microsoft after he served his purpose.. Sounds good to me :)
  • Thrown off like that fuckin cat on a unicorn...
  • Err Nokia was on a down hill anyway and if anything going the route where there was less competition was better in the short term as that meant they could get units into peoples hands without having to battle hundreds of other OEMs. As a result they completely owned the Windows phone market. Otherwise it was choice between that or go the other route - battle the OEMs, spend more money etc etc not a very exciting prospect when the balance sheet is not looking that green...
  • Looks like I need to go back to iPhone if I want any good Microsoft apps.
  • Becuase it's not needed. The search is integreated into the OS.
  • Why Microsoft is giving rewards only to US
  • That's a freaking good question!!!
  • One of life's greatest mysteries.
  • Because they are a bunch of arses
  • No. They're a bunch of arses with Regionalist discriminative tendencies...
  • I'm in Canada and was able to use Bing rewards and redeem them for $. There is a post in the forums on how to do it.
  • Can you please post the link
  • Now try and find a way for me to unban my rewards account. I was banned for connecting via VPN. I use vpn in the states to access Netflix, not my fault that Bing rewards was just working in the background.
  • Wen in Portugal?
  • Two days after launch in India.
  • +640
  • Microsoft has also updated its Bing Rewards app for iOS and Android with these improvements, but we have yet to see these changes to the Windows Phone 8.1 version.
    This is becoming a depressing joke...
  • Fun Fact: Bing Rewards app for WP is a web wrapper that was last updated November 11 2014.... So great to see how much Microsoft is committed to its own platform.
  • Lol more like disappointing fact
  • Well the idea is so it can be updated server-side much quicker
  • Nobody's a fan of Web Wrappers.
  • Right. I want a native app with a live tile and a reminder to do my searches every day.
  •  It was a web wrapper. I don't think it is anymore.
  • Last time I checked it was still a web wrapper. I mean a few seconds ago.
  • My version has a live tile that shows how many points I have and how many more I can get for the day.
  • That's what happens when you try to compete on three fronts: smartphone hardware, gaming, and cloud and software services. Between MS, Google, and Apple, MS is the only one with such a diversified portfolio. One area was going to lag behind, and expectedly it was the area where in all honesty, MS would stand to make the least amount of losses, which is smartphones.
    You have to remember though, MS is going through a rebuilding phase more or less. There has been a lot of reorganization and key changes in strategy. There's gonna be some growing pains, especially since they are still the new kid on the block in the smartphone market. But if Windows 10 is a resounding success and works seamlessly between all platforms, I think that will be the beginning of a major market shift.
  • Just used all my Bing Rewards points on sweepstakes. FEELING LUCKY
  • How many points did you burn?  I wondered if burning all my points on a sweepstake could vastly improve my odds of winning. I usually just get $5 xbox gift cards.  I have about $25 ready to go.  Maybe I'll use them to buy Halo 5 or the new Tomb Raider.  I will definitely use my rewards to be a day-one buyer of Titanfall 2 whenever that comes out.
  • I wish I could get points for using Cortana. Usually I get what I need right off the bat w/o clicking on various links on the result page, so therefore my browser per se doesn't see lots of action. Oh well.
  • Using Cortana does add to your Bing rewards.
  • Yes and no.  If you use Cortana to control phone functions, like text someone, I do not think it adds to your rewards.  If you search for something it definitely does.
  • The Bing Rewards app sucks on WP. Just a web wrapper. Can't speak to Android or IOS. Just go to Bing Rewards on your mobile phone web browser
  • Mobile first cloud first, lmfao u Mean people who don't use or care about your company first, the people who support you last, or if at all
  • ^This exactly!!!
  • True!
  • Expectations are pretty low when your OS company support the competition better than their own users.
  • It works on my android device but when using surfy on windows phone the webpage will not load it just stays blank. Anyone know why?
  • Try UC or IE instead.
  • Any tips on getting an account reinstated? Mine appears to be locked when I try to log in and look.
  • Love Bing Rewards...since it started I've averaged over $120 in gift certificates and discounts. That's money in the bank!
  • For me, it's freebies on my Xbox One.
  • LOL, can't be Microsoft if it doesn't ignore its own platform in the pieces.
  • Once again WindowsPhones to get the update.  Its a shame that WindowsPnones are a 3rd class citizen for Microsoft software. 
  • Microsoft is telling us, they don't care about us. Yet we stay? (We'll see how long that lasts?). The reasonable thing would be to support Windows phone "equally" at the same time, as the other OS's.
  • I recommend this on user voice a while ago, it got little votes, but the admin said the team liked it and it was gettign picked up and worked on. VERY happy to see it being a thing. Bing on Mobile was just bad before this. I'm happy there is a new interface. 
  • Love Bing Rewards. Every month I get enough points for either $5 to Amazon or Xbox games.
  • In the US, Microsoft pays you to use Bing. In the rest of the world, I'm not sure everyone would accept to use the service, even if they were payed to do so. At least, the Bing team acknowledges the inferiority of the search engine outside the US, so we can suppose they're working hard to improve it.
  • Outside the US, Bing is even not half as good, I agree, but I use Bing search 9/10 times, because I dislike google and its services, they are plain ugly to the core. But had they been working half enough as Google they would have shown some results.. Google search is amazing here. Bing, not so even worthy to talk about
  • Yeah, I don't even bother with Bing anymore (Australia). I only use on my mobile now, and quite often I get infuriated with the shitty results, so I type Google into Bing (just so MS know I want to use Google instead) and use Google for proper results.
  • Since when is there ever 11! Daily activities!! Lol
  • Is one of those a method to access Bing Rewards outside of the US?
  • I think they should work on offering international rewards instead.
  • Fail
  • Wow, fantastic...
    For everyone in the US...
  • Has anyone won sweepstakes? I've wasted so many and no wins yet
  • It is banned in Syria (by Microshit).
    Fu** you microsoft .
  • My Bing is stuck in US version, yes I have Bing reward, but search results becomes US results, and I can't redeem it either.
  • When is Australia getting Bing rewards?
  • Microsoft, there's also a world outside US, in case you missed :-)
  • This is how I buy video games.
  • HO HUM yet another USA ONLY geolocked bonus
  • Its damn ridiculous that they focus on other platforms first!!!! I do not think 10 will change anything.
  • I've been using Bing solely for everything for almost 3+ years now, and I live outside US. I could've accumulated so many Bing rewards in that period. I even use Bing as default search engine on my android tablet. That's how much I am into using Bing.
  • How about Philippines?
  • Grrr... Australia?? :(
  • So why did they cancel my account & refuse to give me a reason????  I had unused points!!! NOT HAPPY