Microsoft again offers 4 free months of Groove Music Pass for new subscribers

If you're looking to see what Groove Music is all about, Microsoft is again offering an extended 4-month trial for new subscribers. With this subscription deal, you can freely access millions of songs, playlists, radio and more without paying for 4 months.

This isn't the first time Microsoft has offered this deal, and it's been extended a fair few times by now. All you have to do to take advantage of the offer is sign up for the initial 30-day free Groove Music Pass trial. Once the first 30 days are up, Microsoft will email you a promo code to add an additional 3 months subscription for free. While you do have to hand over your credit card details at sign-up, you can cancel before the 4 months is over to avoid being charged.

Again, this offer is only available for new subscribers. If you've previously subscribed to Zune, Xbox Music, or Groove Music, then you won't be able to take advantage of this deal. New subscribers can grab the offer through July 1, though it wouldn't be surprising if it's extended again in the future.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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