Microsoft again shows Edge to be better on your battery than Chrome, Firefox and Opera

In an effort to show off some of the battery-saving improvements made to Microsoft Edge in the Windows 10 anniversary update, Microsoft has conducted a new round of tests to compare the browser to its competition. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this new round of tests echoes previous testing done prior to the Anniversary Update, with Edge edging out Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

In the Netflix streaming test show in the video above, Edge lasted 69% longer than Firefox, 45% longer than Chrome and 23% longer than Opera. As for general web browsing, Microsoft claims the Anniversary Update allowed it to boost efficiency by 12% over Edge running on Windows 10 version 1511. As for the competition, Edge won out once again, with Microsoft stating:

We're thrilled to see improvements across the board, but the trend may look familiar! Microsoft Edge remains the most efficient browser on Windows 10, offering 24%-43% more efficiency across a sample of typical activities including video playback, multi-tab productivity, shopping, social media, and more.

Browser Efficiency Test

Of course, choosing a browser can often have a lot more to do with desired features or integrations than battery life. However, for fans of Microsoft's browser, Edge is clearly standing tall in Microsoft's tests. For more on Microsoft's methodology, be sure to read up on the full blog post.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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