Microsoft aims for enterprise with Windows Phone 7 Small Business Mobility Kit

Though we know Microsoft built Windows Phone 7 1.0 around consumers first, it sure has a lot to offer businesses as well. To get that message across, Microsoft just put out a "Small Business Mobility Kit (opens in new tab)" which consists of one PowerPoint file and one PDF documenting in detail how and why Windows Phone 7 will work for you. They even have a new website focusing just on this area: (opens in new tab).

The main thrust is of course Office, Shareppoint and the new Office 365 (cloud service). At the very least we know Microsoft hasn't forgotten about their bread and butter that is enterprise. We'll be watching to see adoption rates over the next six to twelve months to see if it pans out.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Daniel Rubino

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  • They are going to have a hard time convincing enterprises to go with WP7 unless they allow sideloading of apps, and apps that can work with each other. Our company dropped Windows Mobile development because of that. We don't want to have to distribute our private app to the world simply to get it on our phones. Mebby WP7 v2.0??!?
  • Agree about the sideloading thing but MS has said that feature is a priority for them to deliver to enterprise; wouldn't be surprised if we see it 1Q 2011.
  • I agree, I think that option for enterprise/business will come sooner rather then later.