Get ready to take off with Microsoft and British Airway's new digital bag tag

What is the worst part of departing on your overseas flight? Bag drop-off, of course. Dropping your bags off in one country and hoping they will be with you when you arrive elsewhere can be a real nightmare. Luckily, British Airways and Microsoft have partnered up to create a new Digital Bag Technology.

You can even see it in action in the creepy demo video below.

The new bag technology replaces the old standard of waiting in line for a sticker print out and allows travelers to simply drop their luggage off at a designated location. The bag tags themselves are NFC compliant and store personalized messages about travelers including all of the customer’s flight details.

British Airway’s head of service transformation released a statement regarding the company’s latest innovation:

“The customer trials take us another step closer to making the personalized digital bag tag a reality for our customers. We’re grateful for Microsoft’s support during the trial, which will help us shape the future of checking in for flights.”

Microsoft is happy to be working with British Airways and say they are proud to “help shape the future of one of [British Airway’s] key customer experiences”. The international transportation company is set to invest another 5 Billion Euros in an effort to make travelers “happier and more satisfied”.

While many consumers may view Microsoft as a simple company that puts out Windows, Xbox Consoles, and Surface Tablets, the boys in Redmond are doing much more to advance our future. This partnership is just one more way that Microsoft is trying to make our everyday lives better.

So, if you are planning to go on an international trip now, what better way than to do so while checking out new tech? The digital bag tags are now available and ready to come aboard your next flight. Make sure to visit our writer, Rich Edmonds, in the UK.

Source:; via WinBeta

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  • They won't remove NFC because NFC is the only standard. Wireless charging is different.
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  • Get on this Southwest
  • *British Airways'
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