Microsoft and CD Projekt may partner up for GOG Galaxy 2.0

What you need to know

  • GOG is a PC gaming platform just like Steam.
  • With its upcoming "GOG Galaxy 2.0" software, the developer wants to bring everyone together.
  • GOG Galaxy 2.0 may feature Xbox Game Pass for PC integration and even chat one day.

GOG is a platform similar to Steam where you can purchase games for PC. However, unlike Steam, it doesn't feature any form of digital rights management (DRM) and you can play games completely offline for as long as you want.

Just like Steam, GOG has a dedicated program that can be downloaded on your PC called "GOG Galaxy." While it's a satisfactory experience, developer CD Projekt wants to make it even better with GOG Galaxy 2.0 in the coming months. GOG Galaxy 2.0 aims to bring friends together and be a central portal for different services.

According to the company, even Microsoft is on board. An article in GameStar quoted CD Projekt head Piotr Karwoski as saying the following.

We showed Phil Spencer our application and he was immediately enthusiastic because this merge of platforms is exactly what Microsoft also wants to promote.

It seems like services like Xbox Game Pass for PC may be accessible through GOG Galaxy 2.0 down the line. However, only time will tell. It also leaves the possibility of cross-platform chat on the table.

The PC gaming ecosystem seems quite fragmented at the moment because GOG, the Microsoft Store, Steam, and the Epic Games Store have their own "hub" software. Hopefully the major players will come together in a meaningful way for a consumer-centric approach.

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  • Maybe Microsoft will take a leaf out of CD Projekt Red's galaxy interface and give us a proper library for Windows store. They've made a great start with the the Xbox (beta) compaionion library on the PC. What really needs to happen, some backend API where all the companies, like steam, gog, epic store, uplay etc can connect accounts and just buy/install (or at the lease launch) from who ever's service/client you have installed. Microsoft should have been leading this from the start, unfortunately I think Gabes hate of Windows 8's storefront probably put a spanner in that works.
  • That would be the game version of Movies Anywhere, buying games and connecting accounts and getting playing them in one place from one store or app. That would be great.
  • By 'proper library', I am assuming you mean the half assed sections where you can see your pruchase history? Not that it's really that terrible, but it can certainly be improved.
  • The new Xbox App is only for Gamepass games for some reason, so games like Horizon 3 and Motorsport 7 don't even show up on there.
  • Would love if this happens. GoG is an excellent store and Xbox is bringing platforms together. One place for games, no matter the store you bought it from, would be ideal.
  • I'm ok with this.
    Cool but bully Epic out of the picture ty
  • Microsoft already started this with game Explorer.
  • If Galaxy was preinstalled in Windows instead of the new ****** Xbox GamePass app it would be awesome, especially if Microsoft allowed them to install games through GoG.
  • They wouldn't do that, CD Projekt don't even make people use their launcher, I doubt they would work to get it preloaded in the OS.
  • This was meant to be a response to dustojnik.
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