Microsoft and Nokia holding "Free time machine in your pocket" contest on April 9th

As we approach the release of the AT&T Lumia 900 this weekend, Nokia and Microsoft have a few tricks up their sleeves for promotions. The first of which is the Times Square event here in New York City on Friday night at 7pm. That event, which is open to the public, will involves some live performance(s) of some kind and presumably some other publicity stunts to drum up attention. And yes, WPCentral will be there to document everything, we have you covered.

Now MS_Nerd has Tweeted that another promotion will be happening on Monday, April 9th. Details are scarce but it involves the slogan "Free time machine in your pocket" which seemingly is referencing the whole "glance and go" efficiency of Windows Phones.  This seems to be a theme along the lines of the "24 hours with the Lumia 900" web video posted earlier today.

There is also a corresponding website already up for the event which is to take place in New York City, San Francisco and Chicago.

MS_Nerd notes that this will be an event to win a Nokia Lumia 900, perhaps in the form of a "Smoked by Windows Phone" type contest or other method. No other details are known at this time but we're sure to find out more soon enough. (Interestingly, if you enter in a wrong sub-address, you get an error message with an ePrize logo. That's a marketing group for promotions and social media who specialize in mobile in addition to working with Microsoft on Xbox rewards.)

Source: MS_Nerd (Twitter); via Mobility Digest

Daniel Rubino

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  • I knew u would go Dan lol I wander what they will do
  • There are more hints in the HTML source of the page. For example, hero.png shows the hero device you know.
    Unfortunately I cannot see the Official Rule pdf because of not found.
  • Funny.. I usually try to do the same thing :D.. See if you can find something in coz I didn't.
  • Oooooh.... Sure hope they don't make a strong tie between glance-n-go and that 24-hours video. Much of the time the woman was demonstrating anything but glance-n-go.