Keep up with past and present U.S. presidential debates with Microsoft's new site

Builiding (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has teamed up with the PBS NewsHour program to launch It offers archived videos of all the televised U.S. Presidential debates and will offer live streams and online polling for all four upcoming 2016 Presidential debates.

Microsoft stated (opens in new tab) the features of the new website, which was created in partnership with the Commission for Presidential Debates, the official organizer and sponsor of all the U.S. Presidential general election debates since 1988:

  • Livestreams of the four 2016 general election debates
  • Full debate footage from 39 previously broadcast debates
  • Online rating and audience engagement of previous and this year's debates, powered by Microsoft Pulse
  • Highlight reels of memorable moments from all televised debates between 1960-2016
  • Issue-based reels looking at the evolution of key policy and political issues through the years

The first of the four general election U.S. Presidential debates will be held on Monday, Sept. 26.

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John Callaham
  • Please please don't make this idiot your president. Think about the rest of the world as well.
  • Unfortunately, it's probably too late. People want to shake things up, and this type of shaking could only be compared to a husband bringing home a new sex toy that has nails running through the entirety.
  • I could totally see Bill Clinton doing that.
  • No worries, we won't let that woman who race baits, uses hate speech, and has an IT department using Reddit to help coverup her crimes be in charge.
  • True. A lot of democrats most likely are having doubts about their choice of candidate now. Bernie Sanders would have been a TRUE alternative for once. But you guys blew it. Because your education system is not good enough, because you still have a MASSIVE racial problem, because you tipped capitalism over the edge, because you're still behind in having any functioning form of a social welfare system. Make no mistake. NONE of the promises Mr. Trump is making now will he keep. Why? Because he is a very very rich person. Rich people are naturally self centered. If not (Bill Gates) they are an EXCEPTION. Mr. Trump seems like the average red neck American to me. Just sayin...
  • Don't worry.  After the lanslide, there will be no war with Russia.  And ISIS will be crushed.
  • Please don't wag your syphilis inflamed tongue on a tech site.
  • Which idiot? There's two.
  • It was generic enough I figured they meant both of them ;). If I had a time machine I would think about going 4 years into the future... We HAVE to have better options in 4 years, right? Right!?
  • Honestly I think the issue is not who is available to run, it's the people that vote. Not only do we have horrible voter turn out for big elections, we get worse for the smaller ones, and honestly those are most important. So many people complain that their rep or senator or mayor or what ever doesn't share their voice, but don't go vote for those people. Hell if you go vote for even the really small people, it makes a difference as it goes up the chain. I swear civics should be taught more heavily in school to kids to they understand it's real importance, or else you get what we currently have.
  • In studies they found, voters typically hate Congress, but like their own senator/congressman. It's the other members they dislike & the institution as a whole. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Exactly. Keep Hillary away from the White House! Wait... Wrong idiot? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • How many candidates are present on these debates?
  • Only two: Grandma Nixon and Orange Hitler
  • That is somewhat humorous.
  • I can't take credit for the joke. Someone somewhere on the internet thought of it.
  • I pegged the two as Grandma Goldwater and Orange Mussolini. Hillary will always be the Goldwater Girl and Trump has a thing for Benito Mussolini.
  • Remember that Microsoft is not unbiased. They donate to Clinton. I don't trust biased polling results; when you're supposedly being unbiased, don't make it so easy to see that lie shine through.
  • They're very opportunistic, they were also the technology providers for both conventions this summer. Also, Google AKA Alphabet Inc. is the largest single lobbyist group on Capitol Hill. So hey, there's that.   So, Uhm, Uh, I don't really see where you're coming from. 
  • Most poll sources are biased, and most people choosing which ones to believe are biased as well. In the end, you get the best picture by comparing and averaging them out. That's the reason I like RealClearPolitics; you can see all of them in one place. We'll see how MS does, it might prove to be skewed but mostly because younger people tend to favor Clinton and are also more prone to use these tools than older people.
  • I don't understand all of these big businesses who donate to the political party that always complains about big business. All of these media outlets as well, hyping up certain issues, which detract from the economy and the candidate who has much better business sense and will actually help the economy to prosper. Then we have this racism issue which is being blown up (inaccurately) and creating division, so that even if Trump wins, will fuel more violence in the streets.
  • They both complain about big businesses. But government is run by big businesses and a bunch of powerful people regardless, it's just a façade to earn votes.
  • By donating, they gain access to lobby their position if the candidate wins. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Monday's debate will be very interesting.
  • Where is the MS building in he lead photo located? I like it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I was wondering about that too...
  • Apparently it still is true, based on a lot of people above, that the loudest voice is often the least informed.