Keep up with past and present U.S. presidential debates with Microsoft's new site

Builiding (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has teamed up with the PBS NewsHour program to launch It offers archived videos of all the televised U.S. Presidential debates and will offer live streams and online polling for all four upcoming 2016 Presidential debates.

Microsoft stated the features of the new website, which was created in partnership with the Commission for Presidential Debates, the official organizer and sponsor of all the U.S. Presidential general election debates since 1988:

  • Livestreams of the four 2016 general election debates
  • Full debate footage from 39 previously broadcast debates
  • Online rating and audience engagement of previous and this year's debates, powered by Microsoft Pulse
  • Highlight reels of memorable moments from all televised debates between 1960-2016
  • Issue-based reels looking at the evolution of key policy and political issues through the years

The first of the four general election U.S. Presidential debates will be held on Monday, Sept. 26.

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John Callaham