Microsoft and Rovio team up for Bing/Angry Birds tie-in

According to Bing's YouTube channel, "Bing is now the official decision engine of Angry Birds."  The two have teamed up with a series of videos to promote the partnership, which has resulted in Bing links between levels of the game itself.  If you need tips on beating a level you can touch the button in-game and be whisked away to Bing results for that query.  The first two videos of the scheming pigs are available now on YouTube, with two more on the way.

The recent team-up comes in the wake of the announcement that Angry Birds is on its way to both Windows Phone 7 and XBox Live.  It also points to something much bigger, perhaps a multi-game deal between Rovio and Microsoft?

Source: Bing; Via TheUnwired

Seth Brodeur