Angry Birds among six new titles heading to WP7

While we have heard countless rumors about Angry Birds coming to Windows Phone 7, Microsoft has announced today that the popular game will be heading to Windows Phones. It joins five other titles that are expected to hit the Marketplace on April 6th as Xbox Live games.

The other gaming titles include:

  • Doodle Jump - Jump your way up an unending series of platforms
  • Plants vs. Zombies - Defend yourself from a Zombie attack with garden plants
  • HydroThunder Go - Long standing boat racing game
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 - Classic Sega platform game
  • GeoDefense - Tower defense game

No pricing information was available but it's nice to see several of these titles coming to the Windows Phone 7 platform.

Source: WindowsTeamBlog

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Wow, those are some of the best iOS games right there all in one shot. Now I am going to have to play all the way through Angry Birds again just for the achievements!
  • April? Heck. That's a long way from now.
  • 9 weeks? You must be very young if you think 9 weeks is a long way from now, lol.
  • That's 20% of a year dude. I'm pushing 30 here. Not old, but not terribly young either. I try to think of time as moving slow, otherwise I'll be dead before I know it. Can't believe it's 2011.
  • How about some MS exclusives? Should at least be able to get a Forza game for WP7 instead of the iphone leftovers.
  • How about that Splinter Cell: Conviction game they mentioned way before launch? That would be nice.
  • I would buy all of these. Great games, and glad to see them make the jump to WP7!
  • I won't give Rovio another dime thanks to the pathetic support they showed the webOS platform. I look forward to the other titles, though.
  • great another $6 game
  • Hydrothunder Go has my interest. But I've already played Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 on my 360. I'm not buying it again. Heck since I bought it on my 360 I should be able to play it on my WP7 device.
  • AWESOME! Another few games from the iOS that cost 2-3 bucks more than on the iphone! THANK YOU MICROSOFT. Im going to buy an iphone again. WP7 is the biggest disappointment of this year! i hate my LG Optimus 7.Only useless apps and games are just to expensive!Fruit Ninja costs 0,79€ here in germany, and on WP7 3€AWESOME! for a game that is running with 30 fps instead of 60. and the low quality graphics!COOL! * Doodle Jump = 3€ (iOS 0,79€)Yea! You will beat the iPhone with this prices microsoft! you will beat it, but only in your stupid dreams!
  • I don't think you laid the sarcasm on thick enough.
  • We don't know their prices yet. Also, maybe you need a better job if the prices hurt you so badly.
  • I completely agree with the earlier post that it is disappointing paying 3+ times as much for the same games on WP7 than on iPhone. However other than that, I love the device. I do not purchase as many apps however because of the price difference. I'm really looking forward to Plants vs. Zombies. What a great game with "replayability" to boot.
  • I'm starting to dislike my windows phone more and more. Apps that are free on Andriod are not free on Windows Phone. Case in point:Fruit Ninja - Free ad supported version on Android, must pay on Windows Phone.Angry Birds - Free ad supported version on Android, must pay on Windows Phone.Windows Phone 7 should have a new slogan: "why play games for free on Android when you can pay to play them on Windows Phone"
  • Paid apps have not been successful for developers on android....thats why majority of their apps are free. I do agree tho that the prices should come down at least a dollar for windows.
  • I dont mind playing for XBox Live games
  • C'mon MS bring on Gears, Halo or Forza games on WP7. Not stupid iPhone games.
  • Just ridiculous how stupid some people are and still complain about the prices of WP7 apps... Then don't buy a WP7 and flame around, get a shitty iPhone!Apple sells far more than 10million iPhones a year and Microsoft sold about 2million WP7 devices until now. The games are this expensive because they need to be profitable for developers and MS. Don't get me wrong I don't like paying 6.50€ for a game either but you aren't forced to so stop crying!Back to topic:Great to see some of the best mobile games coming to WP7. I'll probably give all of them a try =)
  • @hYpac0wYea, and you think this is the right way to make an OS attractive? It's the totally wrong way! When the apps are expensive, then nobody is gonna buy them....yea....very smart! With cheaper apps they won't get rich, but at least they would sell something and make the devices with WP7 more attractive and as an effect of this, they would sell more WP7 devices.....
  • Attractive to who exactly? I don't have a problem with what MS is doing at all. Complaining about prices of apps as a consumer is one thing but it would be something patently different if the actual consumers didn't buy the apps at all. Fruit Ninja has made a fair amount of money in the Marketplace already and that's a good sign for other developers to go and develop for WP7 and view it as a viable platform. Understand what you get into as an early adapter. One quick thing. In the US, most games that come out on multiple platforms are +/- $2 from one another in price with some being a little more. Are people really complaining about a $2 difference? Really? I would understand if something like the SlingBox App was $30 dollars on iOS and Android and $45 or $50 on WP7, but not the difference between a $4 game and a $2 game. This is becoming a little knit-picky.
  • I don't think app prices will affect sales of WP7 in any way, shape, or form. Nobody has any idea of the app prices until they already own the phone. I don't see people returning the phone due to this, but I guess some might. It is annoying that the apps cost a few dollars more, but in all honesty I thought apps on iOS were far too cheap. People over there complain about spending a freaking dollar on a app or game (why isn't it free they ask), expect it to be perfect in every way, and then give it terrible reviews if anything is wrong with it. The sense of entitlement amongst people is irritating to say the least.
  • Well said. App prices certainly will not affect phone sales. I'm sure $3 Xbox Live games sell way better than $7 games, but that's to be expected.
  • i have 19 xbox live titles on my Samsung Focus and dont mind the price at all. graphics are smooth, controls are fantastic (ilomilo for example) and acheivments make my xbox live friends pissed lol. i say keep them coming MS im not poor
  • for the people that are complaining about paying for games and apps, look at what happened to Android having a free Marketplace, 260,000 devices got infected. that should be enough argument right there, you dont hear of any wp7 users getting any viruses on their phones from downloading appsand who the heck likes to look at ads while they're playing a game? i sure dont.bring on the games MS