Microsoft announces 22 console exclusives are coming to the Xbox One platform

On stage at its E3 2017 briefing, Microsoft garnered quite the response by announcing that a total of 22 new console-exclusive games are coming to the Xbox One platform. That's from a total of 42 new games that the company is showing off on stage as part of the presentation.

For a console platform that has garnered its fair share of criticism concerning a lack of exclusives, this is sure to be good news for Xbox fans. Of course, this comes on the heels of the reveal of the new Xbox One X, Microsoft's most powerful console ever.

One of the exclusives already revealed on stage is, of course, Forza Motorsport 7, which runs in 4k at an astounding 60 frames per second. We'll bring you more on the big announcements and exclusives, so keep it locked to Windows Central for all of your Microsoft E3 2017 news.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Microsofts gaming division is really powerful!!!
  • Is this sarcasm? Because these are mostly third-party things that, like we've seen thus far this generation, are unlikely to get sequels or be taken in as first-party. Heck, many might only be timed exclusives, a la Rise of the Tomb Raider.
  • Just a hunch. But so far they've only mentioned games coming to Xbox/Windows Store. Hmmm, I wonder if today is the death of physical game media. At least on the Xbox one X. Afer all, it's smaller than the current Xbox One S.
  • I really hope not, and to be honest, if it is discless I won't buy it.
  • it has a uhd bluray player
  • Nifty.
  • It depends.  A lot of the indy stuff is usually only digital unless it sells enough.  Many of the episodic games also are not released to disc initially unless it's expected to sell.  For instance, the King's Quest reboot was only released to disc AFTER it had really good sales.  I believe it took awhile for Ori and the Blind Forest to hit disc to. So don't expect Cuphead to be disc based.  It's much cheaper for an indy developer to just publish digitally.  Microsoft may help them push out a disc if the sales are high. Forza, OTOH, will have a disc option.
  • Indeed, it's cheaper to publish digitally. It's also why I won't buy full price digitally. They cut costs and pass on none of the savings to consumers who lose out on things like the secondhandmarket discounts and trade-ins. I hate the way digital sales on consoles work; they're such a bad financial deal for the consumer, even with Play Anywhere. Why bother spending $60 for a game I'll beat in 2 weeks when Best Buy allows it to drop to $50, then I can trade it in after? It's a great thing when sale prices are good, but that's pretty rare for Xbox games that are less than a year old.
  • It should be
  • Why? So you can spend $60+ on something you can never resell, or buy used?
  • Looking at the image for this article you can see a disc tray below the upper section of the Xbox One X. That and how would the system play UHD BluRays without a disc drive? It is just implied that when they mention Xbox as a platform for release it will be a digital/disc release as long as it is not an ID@Xbox title. They've never explicitly mentioned disc vs digital in the past, why would they start now?
  • Oh men Xbox one x with lg oled 😁😁😁😂😂
  • What are the games?
  • And what about 343's little something?
  • Not one thing about halo. Kind of sad. Was hoping halo 5 would get a graphical boost
  • I'm really disappointed. They started by showing the best console ever made and then they followed up with probably their weakest exclusive lineup in years. The biggest games Microsoft showed were Assassin’s Creed Origins that looked amazing on the new Xbox, Shadow of War, and Anthem that Microsoft even used to close their show. But all these are cross-platform. Of their 22 exclusives games, most of them "launch exclusives" meaning they will be out for PS4 a few months later. Forza and maybe Crackdown were the only true AAA games exclusives. Stay of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves and Ori are all nice and so were some of their other smaller game exclusives, but they aren't the type of games that sell consoles. Microsoft needs to invest in new game studios and new IP, they cant rely on Helo Forza, and Gears every year.
  • You're one of those people, nothing makes you happy!
  • No I actually kinda agree with the guy.Microsoft really should not have allowed Sony to buy most of all the marketing rights to some many loved AAA games.
  • Microsoft should have got way more pc exclusives games to the Xbox 🎮 now that would have won e3 for me.
  • That's the eventual aim of UWP games. Anything published for Win 10 will be playable on Xbox, most likely. Future though, not yet.
  • You sound like someone who'll be happy about a company's direction no matter what.
  • lol 22 "exclusives" Why don't they name them?