Microsoft Wireless HeadsetSource: Microsoft

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has unveiled new accessories for its Modern line of gear.
  • New accessories include a webcam, wired and wireless headset, and a USB-C speaker.
  • All accessories will begin shipping in June.

Microsoft has announced a handful of new devices and accessories today, including the new Surface Laptop 4 and Surface Headphones 2+. In addition, Microsoft has unveiled new PC accessories in the form of a webcam, wired and wireless headsets, and a USB-C speaker.

These new accessories join the Microsoft Modern line of devices, joining the likes the Microsoft Modern Keyboard and Microsoft Modern Bluetooth Mouse. The new accessories are expected to start shipping in June. Here's everything you need to know.

HD clarity

Microsoft Modern Webcam

Microsoft Modern WebcamSource: Microsoft

The new Microsoft Modern Webcam features high-quality video with HDR and 'True Look' features that deliver facial retouch, fixed light adjustment, and autofocus functionality. The device has an integrated privacy shutter, a USB-A connection, and is certified for Microsoft Teams.

  • High-quality video with HDR and True Look that deliver facial retouch, fixed light adjustment, and autofocus to help you look your best.
  • Integrated privacy shutter you can easily slide open and close over the camera lens. Plus, LED status light lets you quickly see if your camera is on.
  • Versatile mounting system, you can secure to your monitor, laptop, desk, or tripod.
  • Certified for Microsoft Teams, with up to 1080p video and expansive 78° field of view.
  • USB-A connection, for convenient plug-and-play design.

The webcam supports 1080p 30fps video output, with auto exposure, auto white balance, and auto anti-flicker technology built right in. It also has a relatively wide 78-degree field of view.

Category Microsoft Modern Webcam
Dimensions (LxWxD) 1.99" (50.53 mm) x 1.42" (36.05 mm) x 2.94" (74.58 mm)
Front window glass, polished black
Tripod mount copper, glossy silver
Other components plastic/TPE/rubber, matte black
Buttons Integrated privacy shutter to turn video stream on/off
Weight 0.21 lbs (88.3 g)

Unfortunately, the new webcam doesn't support Windows Hello face authentication, likely to keep the price down a much as possible.

The Microsoft Modern Webcam costs $69.99 and will begin shipping in June.

PC camera

Microsoft Modern Webcam Se

Microsoft Modern Webcam

Video conferencing made easy

Featuring a 1080p resolution and integrated privacy shutter, the Modern Webcam by Microsoft is the perfect fit for those who freqent on Teams or Zoom calls.

Talk like a pro

Microsoft Modern USB and Wireless Headsets

Microsoft Modern Usb HeadsetSource: Microsoft

Microsoft has also unveiled new wired and wireless headsets, designed for businesses in mind. Featuring Teams certification, high-quality stereo speakers, a comfortable on-ear design, and on-device controls for music, volume, and mute.

The wireless headset features a dial on the right earcup for adjusting volume, similar to the Surface Headphones and Xbox Wireless Headset. Microsoft is touting 50 hours of listening time too, a huge jump over the Surface Headphones 2+ which tout just 18.5 hours.

Category Microsoft Modern USB Headset Microsoft Modern Wireless Headset
Dimensions (LxWxD) 172 x 164 x 60 mm 173 x 167mm x 60 mm
Colors Black Black
Weight 0.30 lbs (136 g) 0.31 lbs(142 g)
Frequencyresponse Mic 100Hz-10KHz
Speaker: 100Hz-20KHz
Mic 100Hz-10KHz
Speaker: 100Hz-20KHz
Noise Cancellation Beamforming with 2 mems mic
Speaker: 28mm moving-coil
Beamforming with 2 mems mic
Speaker: 28mm moving-coil
Sound Pressure Level Output Up to 91 dB Up to 91 dB
Charging Full charge in 2.5 hours N/A
Battery Up to 50hours of music listening
Up to 30 hours of talk time on a Microsoft Teams call
Simultaneous Connection Up to 2 N/A
Audio Codec SBC PCM
Inputs USB A dongle
Bluetooth Compatibility
Cord Length N/A 39.4" (1.5 m)
Audio Cable Length N/A 29.5" (0.75 m)
Microsoft Teams Cert Microsoft Teams and Mute LED Microsoft Teams/Hook/Mute LED indicator
Compatibility Windows 10: 20H1, 19H1, RS5
Windows 8, Windows 7
Mac OS, Android, iOS
Microsoft Teams Certification compatible with Windows 10 and Mac OS
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8
Mac OS 11.0/10.15

These new headsets are designed primarily for voice calls rather than music listening, though Microsoft says they will deliver a high-quality listening experience.

The Microsoft Wired USB Headset will retail for $49.99, and the Microsoft Modern Wireless Headset will retail for $99.99.

Both headsets will begin shipping in June.

Related to these new office accessories, Microsoft announced Surface Laptop 4 with AMD or Intel processors, Surface Headphones 2+, and a wider Surface Duo availability.

Wireless audio conferencing

Microsoft Modern Headset Se

Microsoft Modern Wireless Headset

Wireless headphones for the workplace

Featuring the same design as Microsoft's Modern Headset, the Wireless Modern Headset brings that simple design over to the Bluetooth arena.

Audio conferencing

Microsoft Modern Headset Se

Microsoft Modern USB Headset

Headphones for the workplace

If you're in need of a basic wired headset for video meetings and conference calls, you can't go wrong with Microsoft's new Modern Headset with high quality audio and a boom mic built-in.

We can hear you

Microsoft Modern USB-C speaker

Microsoft Modern Usb C SpeakerSource: Microsoft

Finally, Microsoft has also announced a new USB-C speaker peripheral that can connect to your PC and output high-quality audio with voice optimization for Teams meetings. The device has meeting control buttons built right in, and omni-directional background noise cancelling microphones.

Category Microsoft Modern USB-C speaker
Color Matte Black
Materials Fabric + Silicone
Dimensions (LxWxD) 138 mm (5.43") x 70 mm (2.756") x 29 mm (1.142")
Weight 191 g (0.426 lbs)
Frequency response 200Hz – 20kHz for music
300Hz-10KHz for conference
Microphone Two omni-directional
Speaker 50 mm full range driver
Cable Length 680 mm (26.9")
Inputs USB-C connector
Compatibility Windows 10
Windows 8/8.1
Mac OS X 10.15
Mac OS 11.0
Microsoft Teams Certification Pass 1.5 m conference room Spec
Buttons/Controls Microsoft Teams button, Mute button, Volume up button, Volume down button, Hook Switch button

This USB-C speaker is very much built for meeting rooms or environments were multiple people are listening in to a Teams call in one room. With this peripheral, you no longer need to rely on your laptop's built in speakers and microphone.

The Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker will begin shipping in June for $99.99.

For the meeting room

Microsoft Modern Usbc Speaker Se

Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker

Audio conferencing made easy

If you're in need of a high-quality speaker for the workplace meeting room, the Modern USB-C Speaker from Microsoft is a great choice featuring plug and play support and dedicated on-device buttons for call controls.

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