Microsoft unveils Surface Headphones 2 Plus for Business with new 'Teams Certified' dongle

Surface Headphones 2
Surface Headphones 2 (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Surface Headphones 2+ are official.
  • Launching this month for commercial markets.
  • Featuring "Teams Certification" and a new wireless dongle.

Microsoft has announced a handful of new devices and accessories today, one of which is an updated pair of Surface Headphones, dubbed the Surface Headphones 2+. Just like the Surface Pro 7+ anounced back in January, the Surface Headphones 2+ are a product built for Microsoft's commercial customers only.

Overall, the Surface Headphones 2+ are much the same as the standard Surface Headphones 2 that have been on the market for over a year. New additions with the Surface Headphones 2+ include an official "Teams Certified" stamp of approval by Microsoft when paired with a new included wireless dongle.

The dongle allows for a direct connection between the Surface Headphones 2+ and your PC, bypassing Bluetooth altogether for a stronger and more stable connection. In addition, the dongle has different light states that will come on to let you know when you're on mute, and there's now a dedicated Microsoft Teams button directly on the headphones.

Surface Headphones 2 Plus Dongle

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

Other than that, the Surface Headphones 2+ are the same as the Surface Headphones 2, in sound quality and design. Microsoft will continue to sell the Surface Headphones 2 alongside the Surface Headphones 2+ for commercial markets, as most people won't need the additional Microsoft Teams features that are new on the latest model.

Here are the top features and benefits that Microsoft is touting with the Surface Headphones 2+

  • Certified for Microsoft Teams for the best meeting experience. Empower employees with high-quality Microsoft Teams calls, a rock-solid connection with plug and play functionality, a dedicated Teams button, synchronized call controls to avoid the "you're on mute," and light states on the included dongle.
  • Turn it up, tune it out. Experience your calls, music, and shows like never before with rich, immersive Omnisonic sound and 13 levels of adjustable noise cancellation. Use the on-ear dials to easily turn up the volume or tune out background noise. Advanced microphones ensure you are heard loud and clear on calls. Enjoy music, podcasts, exceptional call quality, or peace and quiet all day.
  • Power through an entire day of meetings in comfort and control with up to 15 hours of voice calling time and up to 18.5 hours of music listening time.
  • Intuitively change volume and noise-cancellation levels with touch controls and dials on the soft, breathable, lightweight earcups that make our headphones a joy to wear.
  • Amplify your productivity with the power of voice in Microsoft 365 apps like Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint.4 Voice controls vary by operating system. Be more productive using your voice to talk rather than type and enabling live captions and translation in PowerPoint.

Interestingly, Microsoft is citing slightly worse battery life with the Surface Headphones 2+, with just 18.5 hours of music listening time compared to the Surface Headphones 2's claimed 20 hours.

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CategorySurface Headphones 2+
Dimensions8.03" (204mm) x 7.68" (195mm) x 1.89" (48mm)
ColorMatte Black
Weight0.64lbs (290g)
Speaker40mm Free Edge driver
Noise CancellationUp to 30db for active noise cancellation
Up to 40db for passive noise cancellation
Frequency Response20-20kHz
Sound Pressure Level OutputUp to 115db
BatteryUp to 18.5 hours of music listening time
Up to 15 hours of voice calling on Microsoft Teams
Buttons/ControlsPower button
Microsoft Teams button
Volume dial (right ear)
Noise Cancellation dial (left ear)
Single earcup tap (mute)

Related to Surface Headphones 2+ announcement, Microsoft announced an array of new connected-office accessories (headphones, speakers, webcam), Surface Laptop 4 with AMD or Intel processors, and a wider Surface Duo availability.

Surface Headphones 2+ are priced at $299 with shipping expected to begin later this month. What are your thoughts on the new Surface Headphones 2+? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Odd choice. Adding a dongle seems like we are going in reverse. I understand why having a discrete comm channel is good but I don't see how too many people will get excited about this. Personally, I enjoy using the Earbuds because I can still hear ambient sound. The feature I want in a headset is a Bluetooth headset with a physical A/B switch. I want to easily switch between phone or laptop without having to go into settings. In theory, this isn't necessary w/ 5.0 but in reality one device dominates and won't allow the other to connect consistently. My 8yo Logitech mouse has this and works great.
  • I don't think Teams will certify devices that connect over BT. That's the reason for the dongle. I use to have constant connectivity issues with my Surface Headphones. Although things have gotten better, I still have to power cycle the headphones from time to time for Teams to correctly switch.
  • 'I understand why having a discrete comm channel is good but I don't see how too many people will get excited about this."
    It's not about excitement. It's 100% about being Microsoft Teams certified. That's it. This is a move for commercial customers and has zero to do with consumers.
  • I didn't say "consumer". Commercial customers are "people" too. I'm a CX consultant and routinely remind my B2B clients that companies are filled with humans. I doubt corporate IT Departments or end-users are clamoring for this. Just my $.02. I could be wrong ...but I doubt it.
  • I have been waiting for this device since the first Surface Headphones. At Ignite, I wasn't the only one asking for Teams certified Microsoft Audio devices. The Dongle makes a pretty big difference in call experience / control if you use Teams on a desktop all day long. It's why I use a Plantronics device instead of my Surface Headphones for most meetings.
  • This is a device intended for business and education use, not general consumer use (that's what the Surface Headphones 2 are for). Higher end use cases require better, more stable connectivity and my experience in IT with Windows Bluetooth is that it doesn't currently provide that level of stability or quality. Since a dongle can circumvent this shortcoming and provide the kind quality wireless connection you would want in a business educational setting Teams session, this makes perfect sense. It may not be to your preference, but it perfectly addresses the intended use case.
  • Higher end use cases require wired solutions, no? Wireless is what it is. Anyway, Teams is definitely blowing up given the number of products out there natively supporting it. Teams IP Phones are cool. As an aside, it would have been cool if the HK Invoke could have been used as a speaker phone.
  • No, wireless is not what it is. BT is what it is. XBox headphones use other than BT RF for transmission for this very reason. Apple AirPlay doesn't use BT either. I won't go so far as to say WiFi audio, but it is other than BT.
  • It would have been nice if that dongle made the headphones Xbox compatible.
  • Wouldn't have needed the dongle for that. Could have been built into the headphones. Would have had to have been built into the headphones.
  • There was a rumor of replaceable ear muffs. My og Headphones are peeling and the covering material has split, exposing the interior foam to water damage. Any advice on covers if there will be no replacement option?!