Microsoft announces general availability of new Teams features for presenters

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What you need to know

  • Teams is getting new presenter features today.
  • New features include PowerPoint Live, Presenter Mode, and Dynamic View.
  • All features enhance presenting in mettings and webinars using Teams.

Microsoft is announcing a handful of new features in Teams today that have been built to enhance using the platform for presentations. At Ignite, the company showcased three features including PowerPoint Live in Teams, a new Presenter Mode, and Dynamic View which are all becoming generally available this month.

PowerPoint Live in Teams was announced previously, and is now generally available today. PowerPoint Live in Teams enables presenters to deliver richer, more inclusive experiences and lead meetings more confidently with notes, slides, meting chat, and participants all in a single view within Microsoft Teams.

Presenter Mode is coming later this month and enables presenters to customize how their video feed and content appear to an audience tuned in using Microsoft Teams. New options coming soon include Standout, which shows the speaker's video feed in front of the shared content, and Reporter which shows the presenter's video feed alongside their content as they present.

Finally, Dynamic View is becoming generally available later this month and enables Teams to intelligently arrange meeting elements for an optimal presentation. Presenters can now place the gallery on top so participants appear at the top of the meeting window, which provides a more natural meeting flow as your eyes are closer to your webcam.

These new features will help presenters delivery content in a more professional manner while also offering meeting participants dynamic experiences to keep them more engaged. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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