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Microsoft announces Surface Pro coming Feburary 9th

Microsoft has just made it official, the Surface Pro (starting at $899) will go on sale Saturday, February 9th online, in Microsoft Stores, Staples and Best Buy.

Featuring a Core i5 or Core i7 Intel processor (according to Cnet) with either 64GB or 128GB of storage, the high-end device with a 1080P display wont come with a Touch or Type Pad, requiring an extra purchase. However, users will get the pressure sensitive pen for note taking.

Originally expected at the end of January, the Surface Pro was bumped back a few weeks due possibly to the new CPU taking longer for production. Although the Surface Pro is slightly larger than its RT sibling, it's expected to be much more powerful and geared towards those in business or with more professional needs.

Microsoft has set up a "Help me choose" comparison chart on their site to better explain the differences between the RT and Pro versions, highlighting their core differences.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Lets roll!!! Getting tent, water, and a bag of popcorn. Who's with me!!!
  • Lol
  • Meeee!
  • Not with you. I'll either get the iPad for the good reading capabilities or more likely, the Razer Edge. Get a tablet for gaming and a dedicated graphics card, or a cheaper tablet that is good for productivity.
  • LOL!  Productivity on an iPad?  Producing what, Tic-Tac-Toe?  Other tablets only good for being consumption devices, not productivity in any real sense.  Even the Surface RT is only minimally better in that respect.  The Surface Pro (as will be the other Windows 8 tablets) will be the first truly productive tablet.
    lol.  Last weekend, I camped with the scouts for the winter Klondike.  It was -10 F!!!!  My eye's were cold!  I'll preorder and sit at home where it's warm and wait for the mailman thank you very much :).
  • Yey. The RT has been a really nice treat, but I think I would like more flexibility with applications nevermind segregating work from play content. Having witnessed the build quality of the RT I am hopeful of the PRO. Can't wait to see one.
  • Sweet!  Can't wait.
  • To keep or to not keep my RT. That is the question.
  • You can have two things. I will.
  • I'll buy your RT $250..
  • $300! Going once!
  • $350
  • Honestly I have an RT and am thinking of getting the Pro and keeping both.  I love that they will use the same chargers and covers.  I'll keep one charger at work and one at home and use the cover on whichever device im currently lugging around.
  • This is a good idea but I would want an actual laptop instead for the coin I'm spending on a 128gb.
  • PM me if you really want to sell it.
  • Corei7 option?  I only see Corei5 mentioned on Microsoft site specs listing.
  • This is the first time I've ever heard of an i7 option as well...
  • I noticed that as well, I sure do hope they are correct in reporting that there will be a core i7 option.
  • What's the difference in i5 and i7
  • The i7 has bigger tits
  • nice, blackhawk
  • Lol
  • That's what Intel was going for.
  • i7 has higher clock speed, more threads, more watt usage more cache... Better processor all around, but I can't imagine it being sqeezed into that same form factor with the heat dissipation needed to cool it over the i5, which is a feat in itself.
  • The i7 doesn't have more threads, does it? I thought both were quad-cores with 8 threads. The clock speed is higher, but that's really not a meaningful thing with a laptop/tablet. Unless the rule for te mobile processorsor different, that is, which is why I ask.
  • Depends on the i7 processor model. In a tablet form it is most likely the same as the i5 with two cores and 4 threads but higher clock speed, more cache, etc. I doubt they would be squeezing a quad core with 8 threads in there. It would be horrendous with battery life and not to mention heat but it would be ridiculously fast thought.... I can guarantee it will look similar to those found in Ultrabooks. I think an i5 Surface with the on board SSD will outperform many i7 laptops in day to day things and running desktop and legacy applications while still maintaining a good battery life... I highly doubt a 48watt charger will power an i7 processor...
  • They shouldn't release anything else Windows 8, till they get their crap in gear and fix Xbox Music and Xbox Video.
  • I dont want to but I kind of agree. :/
  • dont prolong anything win8 but also agree i think that syncing my music has to be honestly the most infuriating thing ever. i even chatted with support and they couldnt help me with anything and all i wanna do is create a got-dang playlist.
  • I love what is there of Windows 8 and my Surface, but half of my computer usage is media. And as a result, it just pisses me off. Even more angering is that Music Info has seen 10+ SIGNIFICANT updates and Xbox Music has had 1 meaningless update. They released a broken product and need to fix it PRONTO, not releasing more products that will be plagued by it.
  • i understand, but i gave up trying to sync anything on my Rt or win8pc and just do everything from the phone (which is a pain) but i am sure they cant stop producing windows 8 pcs. i do think that someone needs to get their poop (lol poop) together and create a music app and a syncing client that works.... my media is important to me and they arent getting it right (Failing miserably at it) Its their duty to do it (hehehee duty)
  • Problem with this is, I don't always get my music through XBox. Some is ripped, some bought else where because they don't offer it. I have 6 new pieces of music on my PC and the first nightmare is getting the tagging info and art to work correctly. If I am lucky enough to get by that issue, the next obstacle is manually moving each file to my phone, then the surface because syncing is a joke
  • i feel your pain. i get all my music though xbox and its still a major pain i can imagine when it isnt from xbox music.
  • Same here I buy mostly CDs. However i rip them using WMP and then use MP3Tag to get the tag/artwork if WMP didn't find it. From there I right click, match, and it shows up on my phone via the cloud. Works great for me.
    I just started using Xbox Music Pass and now I download more mp3s than i used to through Zune. Then i strip the drm and move them to my Cowon J3. Either way with Windows 8 i can select them and click match (if it is in the Xbox db) and it will show up on my phone. I don't know how it would work for Surface.
  • +111111111111
  • I'll be that guy with you.  Just let me use Zune software on my WP8.  
  • Its been said a million times...and it still hasn't been said enough. Should have kept Zune, tweeked it for touch screens, and replaced the Zune logos with Xbox Logos. Want proof that they had something good going? Everyone when they mention the new iTunes, makes reference to the fact that they tried to make it look like the Zune setup. Apple didn't try to mimic them because it sucked. They may have kept laughing at the Zune and trying to publicly mock it but when you change up your successful program to try and mimic the Zune, that tells you they thought a lot more about it than they let on publicly..
  • Benefit to Windows 8 is that you can just use Zune and VLC on there.
  • Not on WindowsRT/Surface :(
  • Yup
  • Your post is a lil confusing. You can use Zune and VLC with a Surface, just not a Surface RT.
  • Hmmm...that's what I said...and currently the Surface RT is the only Surface in anyone's hands. My complaint is, that since the Pro is coming and those people can just use VLC or Zune, the whole Xbox music/Video will be swept under the rug, because it works for "most" of the surface owners if they switch to VLC. Even scarier is that Microsoft hasn't even acknowledged its awareness of the mess they have made. At least pull an "Apple's Street" and announce you know it sucks and are working on it.
  • But the people who made VLC are also making a Metro version of it, thanks to a kickstarter effort, so it'll essentially be even less of a problem.
  • Now, where is the raise you promised me, Mr. Manager??! #needit #wantit
  • Lets hope for some nice promotions for first 100 in line. A year of Xbox music like they did for RT would be nice.
  • US only though - no global rollout - how long for UK release? and rest of the world?
  • Us and Canada
  • And price for the UK
  • Yup already knew this when I went to CES event. Let's see if he will bug me on my comments. :-P
  • I dunno this plus Asus VivoTab Smart with Win 8 for only £399 makes my Surface RT looks a little bit less exciting.
  • It's not a new CPU, it's the same Ivy Bridge every other ultrabook uses, so that has nothing to do with the slight bump in release date.
  • Now to sell the RT I bought. $425 too much to ask? Biggest advantage is that I'll be able to install Zune software to manage my music. :)
  • Amen Brother!
  • I'm curious about the i7 option as well. This is the first time I heard about it, besides from a coworker who thought he could have been mistaken.
  • No thanx =)  I'm waiting for Haswell or Broadwell (14nm)   ))))
  • This is what I've been waiting for!!
  • Here comes the perfect companion to my Nokia 920!!
  • I want it but with LTE.
  • me too, for Verizon. And please don't say just use your phone's hotspot. Nice to have it all in one like some android or iPad's that use some secret technology and common sense unbeknownst to MS or any PC maker. <\bitterness>
  • Magnesium casing!
  • Daniel,
    You mentioned core i5 and i7 as options. Where did you get that information? I read the official blog and I only saw i5 mentioned.
  • After searching the web, I am beginning to think the i7 is an errant comment made last fall that won't go away. The news as posted on The Official Microsoft Blog on TechNet: The official press release:
  • When was it ever even said last fall?
  • Cute, Bing, the way you have changed the search results since this afternoon. Anyway, here is what I find as I write this: ThinkDigit, 16-Nov-2012, "Microsoft’s own Surface Pro tablet will be powered by Intel’s Core i5 and i7 chips..." Tech Productivity, 06-Dec-2012, "Surface Pro boasts of an Intel Core i7-3517U Ivy Bridge chip."    I haven't found anything earlier in this round of searches, but a few hours ago I found news reports dated September and October 2012 indicating i7. Problem is tech media, our dear WPCentral included on rare occasion, falls for the trap of repeating other tech media's misinformation instead of going to the original source for informtion. Last time Surface specs misinformation spread through techmedia, everyone, and I mean everyone, was quoting Engadget's incorrect Surface specs, even though had them plainly available for all to see.  
  • finally on sale in Europe and Switzerland (at least the RT version is). Almost gave up hope it'd ever come here :D
  • Really? Where?
  • So want this! My Surface RT just needs Windows Pro. :(
  • When released in european markets?
  • Happy with my Acer w510 and its 17 hour battery life. Surface Pro is tempting though
  • Now the question is whether or not I get the Surface Pro or the ThinkPad Helix. 
  • I like the ThinkPad Helix too :-)
  • if it has Haswell i5, getting dat shit right on the spot!
  • It doesn't
  • Anyone know if this will have Intel WiDi or not? My Samsung ativ has it
  • WIDI should work on all i5 and higher, so most likely; my Samsung Series 7 slate works and has an i5
  • But doesn't the computer have to have a certain intel wirless wifi chip? not just any off market branch chip will do i though.
  • Intel's site says all 3rd Gen core i5, i7 and i3 so I would assume the WiFi chipset on all these devices would be made compatible or it wouldn't make sense; surface pro will have the HD 4000 graphics too
  • Getting the 64gb. You have no idea, how hard it was to wait for this, passing up the RT, Samsung, Asus, etc.
  • Too pricey, especially with keypad. 
  • How is it pricey?  What other Core i5 tablets with both capacitive touch and active digitizers are out there, and how much are they going for?
  • I will only comes with a core i5.
  • Ehhhh I wonder what the profit margin is on this. I am thinking about buying one but the price is extremely high. I need something that can do textbooks well, as well as other things such as different video media types. My cellphone is android but I am very intrigued by the Microsoft Surface line.
    It would be awesome to be able to dual boot Linux or Android with it.
  • unless you have alot of time on your hands i wouldnt bother with it, the surface pro is a full fledged pc so if you can use windows 7 for the things you need you can use windows 8 pro for the things you need. The surface pro is windows 7 with the added benefit of a tablet interface for stuff on the go.
  • I just spoke with a surface rep. Any word on battery life?
  • About half that of the Surface running RT.
  • Wonder if this means Surface RT will come down in price?
  • Starting at 900$? LOL Why the hell would I pay SO MUCH for that Surface when I can easly get an Asus running W8 for much less?
    I don't get Microsoft and their price policy. Do they think that they are still ahead of the game? Do they think that, with these prices, they stand a chance against the iPad? I just don't understand what's going through the brains of the people at Redmond.
  • Do not dare to compare the Pro with an iPad... Apples and oranges. IPad doesn't even see the tail lights of the Pro when it comes to functionality.
  • True, but it's what it will be in competition with. And these prices aren't attractive at all. In the end of the day, they're just two tablets. And I think they should aim to the average consumer. And the average consumer never goes into technical details. Plus, Microsoft isn't popular as it once was. So I was expecting them to go with a more aggressive campaign. Well, unless they want the Surface venture to flop badly. And the RT isn't doing that well already. Introducing a better one but way more expensive doesn't seem like a good move.
  • I disagree. The Pro is going head to head with the MBP; not the iPad. It's cheaper than the MBP, has a touch screen, detacvhable keyboard, and runs legacy Windows software. I don't see the price being unreasonable at all.
  • DJCBS, go back to your toy iCrap.
  • You just lost an excellent opportunity to stay silent. I don't own any iPad (nor do I want to). time, stay silent and you'll look less like an ass ;)
  • And you're making yourself one look like one hell of an ass AND a moron; How could you even begin to compare the Pro with an iPad, apples and oranges really (no pun intended), heck, the surface looks more like a PC if anything, not a tablet.. --one hell of a portable one too.
    I've personally used an iPad recently and frankly I think it sucks. I don't understand why people love it so much. Maybe I just prefer productivity and functionality over gimmicks. *shrugs*
  • I think that it's actually Microsoft's fault that people repeatedly compare the Pro to an iPad; they should make their advertising clearer in my opinion. The reality is that Microsoft have been referring to the Pro as a 'laptop' and with its specs, it is competing with the MacBook Air, not any iPad.
    For example, the iPad cannot run the Apple desktop equivalent of Mountain Lion, so it is not fair to compare it to the Surface Pro which can run Microsoft's equivalent desktop software, Windows 8. In which case, the Surface is the cheaper of the two!
    Also, DJCBS, you may be unaware of this so if you go onto the Surface's official YouTube channel, they just posted a video showing how this is a professional device, not a mainstream device like the iPad. You've got your mindset in the wrong market. This is a *read* PREMIUM device. Of course you will find other tablets running Win8 for cheaper, but they won't be to the same build quality, have the same set of features (pen-input, DisplayPort, USB 3.0, keyboard cover, stand) and have the same specs (Full HD screen, Core i5, 4GB RAM).
    If you think it's too expensive for what it is, it's clearly not for you. But that doesn't make it expensive for others.
    Personally, I cannot wait to get this when it's available in the UK! I'll be starting Uni this year (I'm 18) and it's exactly what I need in every way. Being able to plug it into a big display and use it like a desktop means I won't have any other computing expenses to worry about, not to mention this is the perfect tool for note-taking using the pen with OneNote, which is free on the Store.
  • Exactly. Couldn't agree with you more.
  • DJCBS is a known troll, especially with his internet explorer bashing comments.
  • Oh gosh, well he'll hate me then as I have been using IE10 exclusively ever since having Windows 8, having used Chrome before then! It just runs faster now.
  • +1
    I'll be grabbing one for my TAFE classes when my semester starts (17, no uni yet :P)
    Everything I wanted in mobile computing; A PC in tablet form. Though an extra USB port would've been nice.
  • Oh awesome! And btw high-five for being one of the few teens on this site :-P But I thought the Surface had more than one USB port? You could always attach a hub though.
  • Waiting to pre-order one!
  • Any word on batter life? I've seen a few rumors, but haven't seen a claim from Microsoft yet.
  • i7? Please confirm. Someone send me a link with proof of i7 processor. Official site says only i5.
  • There is no i7 version. Microsoft's press release:
  • No Office installed is a real bummer
  • They were always pretty clear about this.
  • They might have been still doesn't mean its not a bummer.
  • I would like to know where you pulled the i7 thing from, too.
    Name the source, otherwise its just careless unproffesional reporting.
  • Cnet. Nice attitude, by the way.
  • Sorry if it souded harsh, but I have been reading a lot of articles lately where one site publishes rumors/unreliable stuff and then all others follow and just repeat the stuff instead of going to the source and stating the facts (in this case the MS Press release). Was getting a bit annoyed with this type of reporting. thx for the source.
  • Out of all the other comments who asked the same thing of you, you respond to this guy hahaha hilarious.
  • Haha. It always brings a smile to my face when you shut down a hater.
  • Cool! So hopefully this means that RT will get a price drop soon? What do u think? If not, well then we'll see alot more people selling their Surface RT's on eBay and Amazon!
  • If the Surface Pro honestly has an i7 option, it is the hulk of all tablet/slate PC options.
  • Cool for the U. S., happy for you guys!
    Well, The day this thing is sold in my country, it' will be already outdated ... We don't even get the surface RT here. I guess that whenever I buy anything Windows 8, MS won't be the manufacturer (heck, even Bing is still in Beta here, that's how much MS values my country. :-(
    If course I could import, but I rarely buy before being able to try it out.
    Thanks god for OEMs! :-)
  • Maybe it's fair trade for most of us not having the option of buying a Lumia 920. ;)
  • Happy with my Surface RT, though this is tempting. But I cant think of one desktop app I need so bad to run my tablet.
  • Hamachi
    Unify server
    Mouse w/o boarders
    Outlook And many more.
  • fInally!! been waiting for this one.....
  • I love my RT, but having a stylus input, Zune S/W, and other standard Windows applications makes this very tempting.
  • Where are all the people who said this was vaporware?
    "Feburary" seriously?  In the title?
  • LMFAO! Good Eye gavhamer, good eye!
  • Lol I didn't even see that
  • There are people who pronounce it like that.
  • If the Surface Pro will have windows 8 RT then ill not buy yet... The hardware can easily run windows 8.. Let wait and see 
  • What the what?
  • Yeah dude, im talking about Windows 8 that is found on the PC. Where you can install programs on the Tablet rather then using the windows store applications. get it? 
  • The whole point of the Surface Pro is to run the full Windows 8.
  • Are you sure its windows 8 not windows 8 RT?
  • YES.
  • If the image doesn't show up - THIS
  • Will it only be available for purchase on the 9th or will I be able to get my hands on one that same day? Likewise, is there going to be a pre-sale in the coming days?
  • According to @surface Twitter account,
    Hey, @surface, great news! Can I preorder my Pro for arrival on Feb 9 or do I hit the closest retail store? What's my best bet?
    "Your best bet will be to head to the closest retail store or order online starting Feb 9th! We're excited for you to grab one!"
  • Keeping my WinRT Surface when I get the Surface pro. One I'll keep at home and one I'll bring to work. Wonder if there's a way to install Windows 7 on the Surface. Not needing it or anything, but I still prefer the old desktop look instead of the "Modern UI" which makes it look akin to an oversized Windows Phone. I know there's apps to bring back the old interface, but I'm more familiar with Win7 than Win8.
  • Tap the Desktop tile, or press Windows+D. Everything in Windows 7 is still there, even the original Control Panel. (Press Windows, start typing Control Panel, tap appropriate application.)
  • Can't wait for this. Been saving up for months now.
  • Will Best But actually make space for it on their display shelves or just have a disinterested employee hold it under their arm. I had to chase the guy down to see the RT when they started carrying it and when I asked questions, he knew very little.
  • At my local Best Buy, they've got a whole display area just for Surface. Right at the front door. It's awesome.
  • i7? Pretty sure that's not an option.
  • If it only would have a option to use a SIM card and therefore LTE support - I would buy it in an instant. :/ And no, I wouldn't want to plug in a USB solution.
  • Same here.
  • Hotspot it. A non-USB solution
  • it is basically a glorified ultrabook. too expensive for me as i have no plan of upgrading (replacing) my Windows 8 laptop. i'll save my money for the next Xbox.