Microsoft Authenticator gets backup and sync on Android

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Authenticator gained a backup and recovery feature.
  • The feature makes it easier for users who switch to a new device.
  • Microsoft Authenticator allows users to use two-factor authentification using their phone.

Microsoft Authenticator now supports backup and recovery to ease the hassle of switching to a new device. You can backup and restore all of your accounts when you switch to a new device, saving the time it would require to set accounts up again. Microsoft Authenticator supports Microsoft accounts as well as Amazon, Dropbox, Google, and Facebook, so some users will have a large collection of saved accounts.

Microsoft Authenticator is a two-factor authentification app that allows you to confirm logins using your phone. After setting up an account, notifications will be sent to your phone to verify logins. You then use a fingerprint, face ID, or PIN to verify your identity. The app also works with multi-factor authentification. The full description of the feature is on the app's store listing (opens in new tab):

Backup and recovery feature is now available! Now, when you move to a new device, your Microsoft Authenticator app will keep your accounts, to help you avoid getting locked out or having to set up again.

Two-factor authentification is required in many situations and is recommended even when not required. It adds a second layer of security and can help prevent hacks and security issues.

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  • It has to be a new device on the same platform. It cant be if I went from ios to android it will move over.
  • quite obvious as the update only concerns android for now...
  • Funny thing is, the iOS version already had this backup and restore option last year
  • When are they going to let me sign into my Xbox with this app, or I just not seeing this existing option?
  • I have 2FA for my Xbox to log-in (at least for initial, I'm not a madman who has to do that each time they want to use their Xbox, though I'm sure you could) . It's just part of MSA. Been there for a long time.
  • Thanks for the response. Is this standard 2FA that notifies after a PW entry or is it like the new function where you log in via notification? The latter is what I would like. I have never seen this feature and it's made me log in with my password several times over the past few months. It's really annoying when it happens as I never have to use my PW on the phone or even PC browsers I haven't used before. Where is this setting? Is it in the app or hidden in browser/Xbox settings?
  • I used to use the MS authenticator on my MS account. until it simply stopped working, the code it was providing wasn't "valid" and it wouldn't pop up the click to accept. moved over to the google authenticator and surprisingly haven't any issues.
  • I've had this happen with Duo and Google Auth. Issue is not unique to MS Auth.
  • Thank goodness this is why I can never sell my older phones immediately I have to get all my 2FA moved over this is great!!
  • Authy anyone?? I use it for years now on any platform and it works just fine...