How to set up a Smart Alarm on the Microsoft Band 2

An interesting new feature on the Microsoft Band 2 is the Smart Alarm. Instead of waking you up at the alarm time you set, the Band 2 will wake you up at an optimal wakeup time. This could be up to thirty minutes earlier. We'll show you how to set this up.

1. On the Microsoft Band 2, tap the Sleep Tile (moon icon)

2. Swipe left and set an alarm time

3. Swipe left and switch Smart Alarm to On.

That's it! As Dan mentioned in the Microsoft Band 2 review, waking out of a deep sleep causes disorientation. The Smart Alarm works by monitoring your movement during a 30-minute window around your alarm time. So if you set your alarm for 8 am, the Band 2 may wake you between 7:30 and 8 depending on when you toss and turn in bed. As a result, you wake up more refreshed. You can still use the snooze feature if you want to sleep a little longer.

I do feel more energized when using the Smart Alarm, but I can't say if that's scientific proof. I did notice, however, that I've been sleeping earlier since I've worn the Microsoft Band 2.

The Microsoft Band 2 also feels a lot more comfortable to sleep with compared to the previous version. This makes it a lot easier to track sleep and use the Smart Alarm. Will you be using this feature on the Microsoft Band 2? Let us know in the comments!

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