More photos reveal a slimmer, waterproof (and likely canceled) Microsoft Band 3

Earlier in the week, Windows Central obtained images of the supposedly canceled Microsoft Band 3 that a few new sensors and a slightly updated design that would have allowed it to be waterproof. Now, we have more images and information regarding the Band 3, giving us a closer look at a device that may never be.

Firstly, us calling it the Band 3 is mainly for simplistic reasons. I'm told that internally; Band 3 prototypes were actually called "Band 2 beta" devices. Now although Microsoft referred to them this way, we believe the final product would've been called the Band 3, so much so the prototype you see in this article actually called itself "Microsoft Band 3" when plugged into a PC.

There were several prototypes that had different codenames throughout the development of the "Band 3", one of which was the white Microsoft Band we saw several Microsoft employees wearing recently. According to our sources, those white Band 2 devices were actually Band 2 beta devices, with the white Band 2 sporting the new waterproofing abilities.

We understand that the prototype we're looking at here was a more recent one, featuring more sensors and a somewhat altered design. We're told that this was one of the last prototype models before Microsoft pulled the plug on the Band device line, which explains why it called itself "Band 3" when plugged into a PC, as it was close to the final product.

Speaking of the altered design, it's hard to notice at first but the Band 3 was going to be somewhat slimmer than the Band 2. Microsoft achieved this by giving it a slightly smaller battery, which overall made the device look and feel slimmer when wearing it around your wrist. When looking closely at our comparison shot, it's definitely noticeable.

It was also revealed that the Band 3 would support EKG, RFID tags and a new swimming Tile that would track swimming. We weren't able to get a good look at the EKG or swimming tiles in our original report, but now we've managed to obtain additional images of these new tiles.

Sample of the EKG display on the now canceled Band 3

Sample of the EKG display on the now canceled Band 3

For those who don't know, the EKG sensor would've been able to track your blood pressure, which enables all sorts of things such as being able to see stress levels, temperature, breaths per minute, heart rate and many more variables.

Heart rate, skin temperature, and breaths per minute on the Band 3 prototype

Heart rate, skin temperature, and breaths per minute on the Band 3 prototype

The swimming Tile would've have been able to track things like laps, pacing, heart rate and time. Both of these features would've been beneficial for health users and would've made a great addition to the Microsoft Band line of devices, had Microsoft not halted plans to continue development.

As of right now, Microsoft has halted development of these Band 3 prototypes, and I'm told there are no plans to continue investing in the Band product line. That means we won't be getting a Band 3 this year, or ever, as Microsoft has not made it clear internally if they want to continue working on the Band down the line, I'm assuming they won't.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • Thanks Nadella! I'm saved from buying a nice Microsoft product.
  • It's... every logical improvement upon the current Band 2 (save for NFC/wallet integration). I absolutely would've loved to throw money at this. ...they did something similar with the Surface Mini... and pulled the plug just when they were finally about to offer a surface that could compete in the iPad mini space (which would've also given a low cost option to those who only didn't buy a Surface because it was out of their price range). Why is ​Microsoft so horrible at commitment?
  • +1020
  • +1020
  • +950 L950 & Huawei p9
  • x3
  • +1050
  • It would be insane to commit to something that doesn't make money.
  • Like Bing for years... but now makes money? Sometimes you need to invest and commit.
  • XBox wan't a success out of the gate.  I want one!
  • It also wasn't in an incredibly crowded market with a reputation of sorts for having reliability problems. That, and there was a clear path to use software and services to maybe up the list money from the Xbox hardware.
  • Wait...did you just say the XBox didn't have a reputation for reliability problems? The XB360 might literally be the most poorly made major consumer electronics product of all time. I think it had like a 300% failure rate. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • How do you have a 300% failure rate?  
  • 3 failures per-device.
  • Yes, because I was talking about what was brought up, not bringing up something later while not paying attention to what's being deicussed. The first Xbox wasn't known as an unreliable mess. There was an AC adapter change after a couple of years that they mailed me for free, if I remember correctly. Other than that, I don't know of anyone who had major hardware problems. He said, "XBox wan't a success out of the gate." I was talking about out of the gate, not 5 years later, when the RRoD stuff really got nasty. On top of that, Microsoft went to great lengths to revise, improve, and repair the 360s when they broke. They spent billions extending warranties. With the Band, they left it with the horrible strap and let them keep breaking on customers. They didn't make an effort to resolve the material issues, instead just slapping on new ones until the reputation became that you'd go through multiple devices as the straps wore down. With the 360, you never had to fight with store employees about the problem or worry about having the replaceemnt rejected or having it fail like clockwork (since they did the hardware revision to fix the problem). Shoot, with the 360, you could self-fix its problems, if you were cavalier enough. The Band, you were left with shoddy support and hardware to boot.
  • Beat me to the punch. No successful business model includes giving up when expectations aren't met on the first or second try. Ask Samsung... Apple, Google...
  • Like Surface?
  • You don't understand economics. Have you heard the phrases "loss leader" or "market share" or "customer retention"
  • This is so true, it's obviously stupid to fund a smallish project that's rounding out your platform story, especially when your partners are so strongly supporting your ecosystem.
  • Try Telling that to Amazon - of they did what you suggest they would not exist.
  • Agreed and don't remind me abou the Suface Mini...I would have totally got one of those as no other 7-8inch Windows tablet feels/looks good enough. Maybe they'll reboot it one day (wishing)
  • ​Well,  I totally agree.  I was a band 1 purchaser and was waiting for a band three to come out, I would have loved to have bought a Surface Mini, however have you seen the Nuvision tablet and the Microsoft store?  It looks exactly like a surface mini and it's $100.  Kind of wondering they saw another partner that chould offer something at a cheaper range or they just decided to be really stupid.  I haven't got one,  but I think a Garmin Fexix 3 is in my future I would have preferred a Band 3.   
  • I have a NuVision - I have problems with it not sleeping well. The battery depletes while it is off and doing nothing. Running only Edge, it goes for full charge to no charge (I have the batteryreport to show) so whenever I pick it up - it is DEAD. I have resorted to turning it off which is not convienent and hoping to there will be a s/w release to address the problem.   Their support did respond to my inquiry however they did not respond to follow up emails   
  • I got the NuVision TM800W560L, if that's what you're referring to. ​I like the design... feels like a very high quality product for the price... and it has a decent screen too. Unfortunately that's all the good I can say about it. It likes to struggle with itself for 8-10 second increments before the performance smoothes out, the camera and speakers are just sad, and it's battery life is simply pathetic. HP makes an 8in tablet called the HP Envy Note 8 which is significantly better in all regards, and actually matches the design language of the Surface lineage way better.
  • does your NuVision drain the battery while it is not being used?   if the HP were available at the price when I was looking, I probably would have purchased it. oh well live and learn   is there a comparative list of small windows 10 tablets somewhere?
  • +1520 PS Im done with MS ecosystem except PC. Windows Phone were great. Microsoft Band 2 was great. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sadly, I've made the same decision. Looking at iPhones right now.
    I can't believe I'm saying that, but such is Nadela's legacy of abandoning the Consumer market
  • The new Microsoft felt like aiming to be next IBM, disappearing from the masses and letting the Apple and Google play the field (and whoever is coming).
  • Already got me an iPhone 6S for ass-covering purposes... I truly hate it... but if Microsoft really does screw us consumers over, the 950XL, the Surface Book... gone in favor of my 6s and a MacBook Air.
  • I can't blame you, but give them one last chance the 26eeopleth, but they need to dazzle their fleeing loyal customers.
  • Oh, I absolutely intend on giving them one last chance to keep me... if they're smart cookies they'll:
    ​- Staunchly deny that they're going enterprise-only and giving up on consumers
    ​- Announce a Surface AiO, Surface Phone and Surface Book 2 (hopefully with a GPU that has more than 1GB)
    ​- Announce this MS Band 3 rebranded as the Surface Band (or even just release it as the MS Band 3) ​Then voila... I'm kept as a customer and this piece o'junk iPhone 6S goes on eBay (probably my MBA, iPad Mini 4, Mac Mini and iMac too... I'm ready to get all this Apple out of my house and out of my life).
  • The only thing from that list they are announcing is maybe a new AIO and updates to the Surface Book and Pro 4. Everything else definitely isn't coming unless all the Windows news sites are wrong. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Last windows device I got is Surface Pro 3. Looks like Microsoft stratagy is mobile last and nothing first.
  • +1020
  • MS dumb.
  • They don't understand the world we live in anymore.  They think we all really love Windows or Office or Servers or Azure.  The truth is, we love inventions, especially ones that help us do something we couldn't do before.  We wait to see what Apple or Google or Microsoft has coming up with enough interest to make people create sites like this for us to get glimpses into the future. But I am starting to think Nadella want's MS to be the company that makes stuff that goes with your new invention.  I should not put it all on him though.  I am sure that there are people on the board of MS who are screwing this up.  I mean someone had to be holding them back when Apple released the iPhone - they could have released a Zune HD whith a phone on it and been right in the game.  I am sure someone held them back when the courier was brought to table and turned away, only to let the iPad dominate a whole market segment for 7 years and re-entrentch their phones because it used the same OS.   Someone on the board of MS is probably leery of MS spending time and money on inventing things when they could be putting out a new OS or Productivity suite or cloud platform.  They want a dividend on their shares this quarter damn it.  And they probably justify their position by pointing to all the failures MS has had in the devices department, knowing full well it's been their own reluctance that forced MS to play 'catch up' with most of it's devices and not giving them the time or space to grow that sealed their fate. I own a Band 2.  It's a mighty piece of ****.  I was given it for my birthday 8 months ago and I've replaced it 4 times because the rubber keeps ripping.  Somehow it was engineered without physical stress testing the components.  And this is probably a reason why they decided not to release the Band 3.  On the other hand, it has more sensors and when combined with my 950XL, it is the most accurate device on the market.  It's easy to use and makes my life easier, just a little bit.  I would think THAT would be enough to get them to say, well lets fix the problem and put out version 3, but instead we got another beautiful museum piece like the ZUNE HD. So, if Nadella and/or the board of MS want to be the company that creates products to go along with your cool devices rather than be the people who bring us cool new devices - PLEASE tell us now so we can move on.  And please don;t be stupid enough to tell us 'We can do both' becuase that means you will just keep doing what you've been doing and it's really starting to suck around here.... MicroSoft, are you an invention company or not? 
  • They ARE telling you. You just don't want to hear it. Like me.
  • "Why is ​Microsoft so horrible at commitment?"   Clueless shareholders and spineless board of directors
  • I told you all that this is not cancelled. Clearly you can see for yourselves that something is in the works. I said it was slimmer and had a water feature. I wish WC would stop saying it is cancelled. It is not exactly cancelled, it was moved around into another portfolio to create a family of products.
  • You are free to contact us to validate and corroborate. For now, we are going by information provided by someone who actually had the device and was part of its testing. We have heard the Band team went from active to Sustained PLE.
  • My team and I updated two of the sensors and some associated work on the core. The Band as you know it is being repackaged. I had explained all of the "refreshments' including thinness and H2O capabilities a week or so ago in one of your other articles. The previous teams are, as you folks say, disbanded because the device is shifting within MS's overall product line. Remember, Daniel, the Band 1 was a surprise, right? MS can keep a secret sometimes. This repositioning within MS is part of product blanketing strategies. Lastly, that pic of the Band 3 from your article yesterday was a proto band 2. We have a band 2 prototype - which we were supposed to return, lol, but didn't. You can PM if you wish, I have some things I could quietly share - but not here in the open. In the end, we have all worked so hard to catch up MS's position in the wearables market, so we don't want the wrong rumors being spread, especially in a community like WC -who are most likely to purchase and promote the Band.
  • "who are most likely to purchase and promote the Band."   For that the Band would have to be available worldwide. It never was. Sorry but WC's report of its cancellation is much more plausible. Band 1 and Band 2 saw no momentum or interest. Furthermore, they weren't even reference devices considering most FitBit offerings are overall superior AND support the Windows ecossystem. Cancelling the Band 3 is just sensible business. And considering Microsoft latelly has been making far more sensible decisions than before (killing WP devices, supporting Android/iOS, ditching the non-Pro Surface line, etc), I think it's more likely to see the Band 3 cancelled than "shifting within MS's overall product line". I don't have much privy info on Microsoft products (nor do I care to have, honestly, I'm happy with that they currently offer) so I will admit you might be telling the truth and WC is wrong. But as it stands, using business logic, cancellation is more likely to me.
  • If we slap Nokia on it, you'd be knocking people over to get one.
  • If it had "Nokia" on it (or, more likely, Nokia's Withings brand) it would be far more likely to get sold and supported. Reputation matters.
  • rbgaynor, I disagree. MS makes fantastic hardware - they are even supporting most of the Nokia model phones that many are reading this comment on. How many Nokia phones now have windows 10? Don't be funny and say all 10 of them out there - you know what I mean. How many updates have the surfaces received? Firmware and battery adjustments - so many updates and support. MS has a great reputation. People like to bash the big guy is all.
  • You think MS hardware is fantastic? I've got 3 broken XB1 controllers (including an Elite) and a creaky, smudge-prone Lumia 950 that would dispute your statement. Oh, and that great reputation? Nothing better than buying a $150 controller, finding it it has a 90-day warranty, then having MS tell you they don't do repairs on it--before suggesting I ask some local shop to fix it (as if Average Joe has the parts to fix an Elite controller on-hand). Or, consider when the STL MS Store argued with my sister multiple times when she tried to get her Band 2 replaced...after online support sent her there in the first place. And, to end with another mention if the great MS hardware, my sister just got a Vivo devices because her second Band 2's strap started tearing and they made get mail it in for replacement (and the stores don't stock them anymore). While it was gone, she decided she wasn't interested in waiting for a daily use service to be replaced by another one with a known, fatal flaw.
  • Keith, electronics often have only a 90 day warranty - especially those that are used "in-hand" because of the way people treat them. Speaking of treatment, perhaps your controllers are broken, along with your phone smudges - because of your mishandling of them. The common denominator is that all of your devices are handheld - and you broke them all. We all know the Band 2 straps were bad. that is a different story.
  • Xbox controller are usually only $60 as well. I fully expect that if I am going to be sold a product for 2.5 times the normal price, while being told how good it is, that the company is going to actually stand by its product. I'm not sure how buying a controller and using it once (without a mic) is abuse in any way that would cause the mic port to be unusually quiet (to the point using a mic is pointless). My Elite controller, when not in use, sat in the carry case on a PC tower. I took excellent care of it, until it started failing. Ince it started making a fuss and having problems, I stopped bothering to take care of it. If kaing extreme care of the thing didn't stop it from breaking ,why put for the effort? After the left stick mechanism came loose and the paddles read on a delay and the Home button got stuck every few days and the left bumper came loose, I finally got careless and caused something through my negligence. I was doing laundry and knocked the controller off my washer and broke the aforementioned loose left bumper. If my controllers were handled poorly, dropped a bunch, or had the same problems with them, you'd have a point. However, the controllers' issues aren't identical: 1. The left stick is loose and doesn't always read being pressed (Halo 5 controller) 2. The mic port is really quiet, despite having never previously used a mic in the controller and oly using the controller once previously AT ALL (Master Chief controller) 3. A piece came loose (possibly from my carelessness) and would get stuck in the right trigger, causing it not ot depress properly (stock controller from 2014) 4. The Home button stuck, the left stick was extremely loose and not reading properly, the paddles didn't read in proper sequence (pressing the paddle, then a button, cause the button to be read before the paddle), and the left bumper was loose before my mistake broke it (Elite) Note that I pointes out where two had problems I might have caused. I don't dispute when I cause a problem. However, with the Elite, I dropped it probably a month AFTER I had spoken to MS support about getting it fixed (and shortly before the LB got loose in the first place). Lastly, consider how MS talked up their XB1 controller at E3 2013. They mentioned all the testing they made to improve upon the 360 controller, and how great the thing was, and how durable it was. Yet, somehow, they've made TWO revisions to the controllers--in 2015 and 2016. But please, tell me more abou the infallible hardware of Microsoft. As for the phone thing, you're not even close to making a lick of sense. THIS SITE mentioned that when these phones came out, they seemed to have no oleophobic layer on the displays. That's why the display shows fingerprints and smudges like crazy. It's not like I'm secreting olive oil and leaving gobs of it on the display. My 920 didn't show smudges like my 950 does, it's simply inferior in that regard. And you want to blame ME for the creaking back of the 950? Really? It's just me? I guess that's why THIS SITE wrote and article about how to fix what was--and is--a widespread manufacturing flaw in the 950's design: Come on.
  • I dont understand how you have so many broken controllers. My original 360 and one controllers still work perfectly after many years of heavy use.
  • I agree, I have Day One Xbox One with an embarrassing amount of game hours on the controllers, but they still work great.
  • My 360 controllers were great. I had the blue one, and matching blue battery, for years. I stopped using it because I wore out the left stick to the point the rubber came off, but it was functionally sound. It's just the XB1 controllers that have been a disaster for me.
  • So were the Band 1 straps. Didn't learn very much did you?
  • "Speaking of treatment, perhaps your controllers are broken, along with your phone smudges - because of your mishandling of them. " WOW! That's pretty sad, seeing as all of the issues he mentioned were also mentioned by Youtubers who reviewed those products. Also, NVIDIA Shield controllers have a 1 year warranty and they're only 60 dollars, so how can you explain to me that a 200 dollar controller can't have a 1 year warranty when a 60 dollar one can? I had the the Xbox one and the left joystick issue is a pretty common one. Again, just search youtube for a fix on it. Mine broke(drifting joystick issue) with barely any use. I only tried to use that particular one when the RB broke on my main one. I may give you that bumper thing may have been me pushing too hard on it, but the Joystick issue is a common one.
  • The only issue I've had with a Microsoft product is the Band 2 that I bought last year.  Microsoft promptly replaced it without much effort from me.  So I can dispute your claims that these are bad products. I have a 2 XB1 systems, a first gen Surface Pro that I'm still using to this day, a Surface 3 that went to my sister, a Surface Pro 4 that goes with me everywhere I go.  There are also 2 x L950's, 4 x L640's in the family.  No issues.
  • Your disputing doesn't refute my claims or invalidate them. I've had 2 XB1s, a Lumia 920, a Lumia 950, and multiple 360s over the years. I've personally set up 3 Surface Pro 2s and about half a dozen Surface Pro 3s for work. I turned my sister onto the Band (she had 1 Band and 2 Band 2 straps go bad, by the way). I turned many people onto SEVERAL Microsoft products, from Xbox hardware to Xbox LIVE to Zune to Windows Phone to Surface devices. I've known many of those devices that had issues, and many that haven't. None of what you said means anything, in response to the statements that I received several faulty devices over the past 2+ years. You didn't? Good for you. I did, and I'm irritated at horribly Microsoft has handled it, particularly the total lack of backing the Elite controller with a reasonable warranty.
  • It's a shame that your sister received poor service from MS Store in STL.  I went to the Chandler AZ store a few months back because my Band 2 stopped recharging after receiving an update at the end of June.  The sales associate told me he didn't have another LARGE in stock, but asked me if I'd like to try a MEDIUM.  When I realized it fit better than the large, he processed the exchange there and then, no receipt or proof of purchase required.  I didn't even have to press the matter.  In and out of the store in 10 minutes, most of which was waiting for the ridiculously slow Microsoft POS system to process the exchange. As it turns out, I had "bought" that Band 2 at a charity fundraiser last Christmas (2015) for $125.  At the time, I owned a Band 1 that I had bought the Christmas before (2014), but I was having an issue with the wristband splitting away from the hard arc-shaped piece on the inside of the wristband.  After I "bought" the Band 2, I took the Band 1 to the Microsoft store to send it in for repair, and showed them the problem.  They checked my receipt and saw that I had bought the "extended warranty" or whatever it was called (I think it was $30).  They told me they were no longer accepting repair requests for the Band 1, because the Band 2 was now available, so they offered to replace it with a Band 2 at no cost.  I pulled up my sleeve and showed them my Band 2, and the guy IMMEDIATELY thanked me for being a loyal Microsoft customer and offered me my money back!  5 minutes later, I walked out of the store with $215 in hand, the original purchase price of $200 plus sales tax.  Again, no argument, not a big issue, just awesome service. It's a shame to hear that people are getting poor customer service at some Microsoft stores, but I can testify that on the TWO occasions I went to the Chandler AZ store with a complaint, they went above and beyond my expectations to resolve my issues. I tend to agree with one of the other posters on this thread, people love to bash Microsoft.  I will admit, their marketing and product strategies often don't make sense, but then again, the same can be said for Apple from time to time.  Unfortunately, Apple has been much more successful at cultivated a "cult-like" fanbase, so their missteps seem to have little effect on their retail success... I wish Microsoft were as fortunate, but they've never really been a "cool" retailer like Apple.  To most people, they'll always be the enterprise giant that just can't compete in the consumer space.  True or not, I guess that's just how most people are going to see them.
  • My sister had NO problem with the first Band. When its strap went bad, they didn't give her any fuss. They popped a new one out and gave it to her, no problem. It was with the Band 2 that they started stuff (she says they had diffrent employees than the first time). The manager gave her trouble, saying she had to mail it to MS. After arguing for a bit, the woman seemed to give in, and the employees were generally lazy and nonchalant about things. With the second Band 2 strap's failure, she went for a Garmin. She's going to try to sell her replacement Band 2, which she had to get gone via mail (having to spend 1-2 weeks without it annoyed her, and I think that's why she finally switched). Fitness trackers are things meant for daily/constnat use, so expecting someone to miss it for a sizable stretch isn't the best idea.
  • I had a Surface Pro 2, outside of its 12 month warranty MIcrosoft gave me a full refund.
  • LOL. My Surface 3 has yellowish tint from the sides already and screen burns - all these in 5 months use. My Surface Type 3 cover stopped working and being recognized after two months of use. My Band 2 HR stopped working. One day it turned off suddenly and now battery stuck at 0%. Fantastic hardware they are. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • These same problems exist for Nokia. Remember the 1520' touch issue?
  • I remember Satya's "commitment to mobile", which apparently doesn't include a commitment to mobile customers.
  • Microsoft, maybe not deservedly, has a reputation for building high quality hardware. I'm happy for them and don't want to take that away from them. THAT SAID, I've had to replace my Surface 3 (Atom) due to screen issues (yellowish burned edges), not once, not thrice, 6 GeeDee times! Thankfully my device is an LTE under contract so I get ingoing warranty replacement coverage. If this is what many customers have experienced, the S3 (Atom) is definitely needs a better manufacturing QA team.
  • Microsoft fired the whole team support Lumia! Not a single person for the support! Microsoft refused to support them in favor of B2X!
  • I guess you missed the memo on MSFT outsourcing support for _all_ phones ... For someone claiming to be 'on the inside' your apparent selective knowledge is rather amusing and frankly would fit the average MSFT mindset of "Let us do this and then.. ehhrm what was I doing again??"  
  • Ummm. It seems you missed the news items about how Microsoft has abandoned supporting Lumia and has farmed that out to a company notorious for providing lousy support. There will no longer be anyone working for Microsoft involved.
    "Covers ears to avoid the screams of the Camels with their broken backs" Satya is doing everything possible to get us to abandon WinMo so he can replace it with intelligent bots - boy, wouldn't the world look different if Microsoft had them on their Board of Directors - that no one will use, years before Apple copies them and the world notices them.
  • No thanks, I don't want anything with "Nokia" written on it..
  • It it had Nokia on it it would be a lot more duranble and not break/crack on the band so easily.
  • Um, you'd have to actually be selling them first
  • LOL.
  • If it had Nokia on it, it would be available worldwide and not just in a handful of countries. Not to mention it would sell a hell of a lot more. And there's no point in even trying to counter-argue that. History has proven that already. While Lumias had "Nokia" on them, sales were only going up. As soon as "Nokia" was removed from them, sales sunk faster than Bill Cosby's reputation. Also, it doesn't change the fact that the Microsoft Band offerend absolutely nothing special. As I said, it wasn't a reference device for anything. It didn't even run Windows 10 IOT. Therefore, it makes all the sense in the world it was cancelled. Deal with it.
  • Nobody cares about Nokia anymore. They're the past, move on already ;)
  • No momentum or interest? Remember how the first Band was nigh-impossible to buy for a while, despite having no actual announcement of its release?
  • Being difficult to buy doesn't mean they sold tons of them. It means Microsoft didn't produce enough of them. And the Band 1 was produced in very low quantities on purpose. That was known. Companies also have that habbit of doing that trick to lead people to believe demand is super high. Apple does that every year with the iPhone. They produce very low quantities (specially of the ones they know will be more popular) and then claim they are "sold out". That sends to the consumers the idea that the product is so popular and so good that so many people bought it and therefore sold out.   The Band 2, however, wasn't a US-only thing. And yet, it was still impossible to get in 95% of the World because, contrary to what some site reported (WCentral included) the Band did NOT launch in all markets the Surface was available in.
  • I never said they sold tons. You said there was no momentum or interest, but solid reviews (particularly for a company making its first fitness device as it was jsut starting to really branch out in hardware) and its selling out showed that they had definitely received interest, and likely momentum going into a Band 2 that many were interested in.
  • That was because they saw it as research tool, not a consumer product, and only had a miniscule inventory at launch. Something this website missed but others reported on quite accurately at the time. Now that they know there IS a market for wearables, it looks like they no longer need to do research to determine if that's the case, and so are stopping to make them.
    That's no way to run a company.
  • I've been saying since the day WC posted about this that that's a prototype for the band 2...
  • Oh dear. You guys, this is a "Band 2 beta" device. Read the article, I explain this. Microsoft called these Band 2 beta devices, and there were several versions of them. They were all building up to a "Band 3" which is why we refer to it as such. This version of the "Band 2 beta" was one of the last, closest to the final product. When plugged into a PC, this device referred to itself as a "Microsoft Band 3" as Microsoft were making the final adjustments for the final product. In regards to what MR CATFISH is saying, it's plausible Microsoft is taking its wearable strategies elsewhere, but the point here is Microsoft has cancelled the Band 3 this year. We won't be getting a Band 3 this year, and multiple sources agree that Microsoft has no reason to continue development of a Band 3 next year either. Microsoft is still looking at wearables, but it won't be a Band. That's all I am allowed to share right now.
  • The last two sentences in your comment just completely changed the tone of your article. Your article did not just say there would be no Band 3 this year. You said the Band product line was cancelled. Since that was the only MS developed wearable line we know about, the reasonable reading of your article was that MS was no longer pursuing wearables. Your comment now implies that this is not how we should read the article. If you can say that here in the comments, you could have said it in the article.
  • Erm, what? Re-read the last paragraph. I mention the Band 3 has been cancelled and there are no more Bands coming. That is 100% correct. There will not be another Band product. There will be another wearable, but that doesn't mean the Band 3 hasn't been cancelled. It has, and so has the Band product line. The article is correct and does not change anything.
  • Zac, we now agree on what is what. I hit my limits too on disclosure.
  • Please tell me the approximate period of release of the new portable devices from Microsoft?
  • You are missing my point. I am not arguing that your statements are factually inaccurate, but they are incomplete given what you said in your comment. A reasonable reader could think that canceling the Band product line means they are abandoning wearables. You are now saying we should not necessarily reach that conclusion, but it took MR CATFISH's comments here to draw that out when it seems it could have been stated in the article.
  • I guess it's because he's "not allowed" to say more. You can't just write about secret things on a news site, especially on one, that's as popular as Windows Central.
  • Can you define the term "wearable"? To many it means wrist worn device, but the name could imply much broader ... I think if the fans knew that MS was still working on a first party wrist worn device for release in 2017, we would all pipe down a little.
  • Wrist.
  • The statement we won't get a Band 3 this year isn't meaningful to me. I expected it would live with the other hardware refreshes in the Spring. Now, I can't help but think MS just has no interest in the consumer space at all anymore. Sounds like the Surface Phone will get the same treatment as the Elite x3, where there is no marketing, and maybe no carrier availability. The Band had promise, then they made mistakes in the second and never fixed it.
  • By the time we see a "Satya Watch", we'll all be sporting Apple Watches. Too little, too late.
  • Ahhh so a surface bundel is coming.. Surface, surface phone, surface watch.
  • Playing off an already successful product line naming moniker would be smart... too smart for Microsoft, unfortunately
  • While I would really like to believe I can't, because there is one thing, that just makes no sense. IF there will be a Band 3 running a similar firmware as the Band 2 and Microsoft want's to continue it, why the hell would they shutdown the developer platform for it? If Band 3 would use Win10 IOT Core instead, it would make sense, but it doesn't seem like it either.
  • Mr Catfish, if what you say is true, and I sincerely hope it is, thats all we ask, some form of communication saying all is not lost and MS are still working on it. It doesnt even have to incluide specifics or images or anything, a simple line, The Band x or whatever name MS choses is alive and kicking. Nuff Said :)
  • MS and other companies are still adjusting to this change. It is so much more than what is on paper. You have manufacturing, budgets, legal, HR, and so many other things to be realigned, it takes time.
  • Mr Catfish, if there were one available, that stood head and shoulders above the competition in terms of accuracy, and which might be so highly regarded that it could potentially have Health and Medical uses, would you subscribe to the opinion that MS may well have its eyes on such a wrist wearable device? Even if developed by a third party, in order to fill the gap created by the cancellation of their Band 3, whether as a takeover target or to be used under licence?  
  • Yes.
  • Yes, I thought so too. Should that happen, that should shake things up a bit!
  • Hi Mr Catfish, First of all thank you for your very informative posts over the past two weeks, it's greatly appreciated Do you know why MS would want to exhibit at the Wearable Technology Medical event in Dusseldorf, Germany next month when they currently do not have a wearable.? And why attend an event for medical, not fitness and health?  
  • All good questions with multipronged answers. Notice the band 3 had an egg sensor? Also, consider MS's view of enterprise and their view of HP's x3 - healthcare is another enterprise. I can't answer the wearable part, I don't know for a fact MS is not there.
  • So MS should stop spreading rumors of the Band's death and commit to making Band 3.
    Of course, Commitment doesn't mean much to your new CEO, so not sure it would make any difference.
  • You hit the nail on the head.  For all the good that Microsoft does, they continue to shoot themselves in the foot time after time with lousy customer communication.  If they are planning to release a new wearable product, SAY SO.  Don't just say "we're disbanding the Band team" (no pun intended), and then go quiet - all that does is disenfranchise the loyal Band community. With all due respect, Microsoft needs to clean house when it comes to marketing and communications staff.  For years, they've had the worst commercials and the worst product launches (remember the whole XBox One "you can't use it offline" fiasco).  And this is the honest opinion of an an "all-in" Microsoft guy. I'm a software developer, Microsoft stack, 20+ years and counting.  I have an original XBox, an XBox One, a Band 2, my wife and I both have Nokia 925 Windows Phones running 8.1 and we love them, my young kids have inexpensive HP tablets running Windows 10 (albeit underpowered), and I have more PCs than you can shake a stick at, all running Windows 10, with no problems.  I hate Apple products (phones, pads, laptops alike), I think many of the new Android devices are quite nice, but I really like the NATIVE Microsoft ecosystem, and I am interested in purchasing a new phone.  I'm not the kind of guy who will routinely shell out $600+ year after year for the latest phone.  I've considered getting a Lumia 650, but I keep hearing rumors of a Surface Phone.  Microsoft, PLEASE, put us out of our misery and tell us if it's coming or not.  If not, just put the rumor to bed, and let the partners keep churning out devices. I agree that Microsoft has started making better strategic moves in the last year or two, but the way they've handled Windows Phone is a complete mystery.  It's gone from bad to worse time and time again, and just when you think it shows some promise, they seem to let the tank run empty and momentum just glides to a halt.  Seriously, if you're trying to keep "Windows everywhere" a reality, you're going about it in a very strange way.
  • I hope you're right. I'll have two Windows phones shortly (now I have one), and am looking for a wearable that is perfect for them.
  • Daniel, if the Band team is inactive, who is doing the new firmware for Band 2?
  • Most likely a maintenance team. It's often the case in software that the initial and major development is handled by the "A Team" and bug fixing / small improvements via updates are done by the maintenance / support team a.k.a the "B Team". In my line of work I hop between the two teams depending on what's in the pipeline.
  • Did you ever receive anything credible from Mr. Catfish via PM?  I had given up hope for a new wearable, but his posts are giving me (hopefully not false) hope.
  • They never contacted me via pm. Zac Bowden did confirm all I had been saying. Band 3 exists in another form. It is coming.
  • I love my Band 2! It's a wonderful thing! Do not close the project is unique in the world the innovative bracelet! ECG, swimming, water resistance is an amazing thing that killed your boss (Nutella) !!! This is a disaster!
  • "Band 3 exists in another form" This, mentioned in the article, would have changed the unnecessarily negative slant of the article entirely. Whether the final product is named Band 3 or something else, the term Band 3 has come to represent the device that will be the sucessor to the Band 2. This article reinforces the view that there won't be a successor to the Band 2 (Zac would have to be an incredibly naive journalist to not understand this before publishing) - not true if you (and now Zac) are to be believed. All the hearache and frustration in the comments could have been avoided with just a few details, that have been revealed in the comments section, being included in the article.
  • LOL, some of us are listening to you and understand the message. At this point I'd just pocket your knowledge and throw it back at them for a +1000 Told You So comment when it finally comes out. Unfortunately I'm hoping it's sooner than Q2 of next year, but we'll have to see. 
  • I am done after the explanation/reply I made to Daniel above.
  • Thank you for your comments MR CATFISH. Although it is (truely) appreciated I would be concerned that you reveled too much inforamtion and that it would go against your companies NDA with MS. We all want more...and it is dispicable that MS has allowed the rumors to go on about the cancelation but if it wasnt for you we would all be what else can you tell us?! :)
  • You are welcome and I have stretched my limits of our NDA. I just want people to know we have something great coming. We must stay in the wearable market, we must.
  • I agree.. .That MS must remain in the wearable market... But 1 year.. 2 years...  Will be much much much to late.    This is the Zune/Windows Phone 7 debacle all over again.   The competition is already out there setting the market and consumer expectations and will have at least one revision out during this time.    Unless it's a form factor or device no one has ever though of till now... It's DOA if there's nothing on the shelves this holiday.
  • The same thing was said over and over for the phone market. It's not like MS Staff don't know what to do, but the company brass don't know HOW to do it.
  • Bring on the Surface Band :P
  • I forgot about this actually. Thanks for the reminder! Feeling slightly better now :)
  • It is canceled. Microsoft were going to release a Band 3 this year, but canceled their plans to do so. The team working on this Band is no longer working on it, and there will be no more prototypes for the foreseeable future. We will not be getting a Band 3 this year. Microsoft will continue looking at wearables however, but that's all I'm allowed to share at this time.
  • We are not speaking of this year.
  • Correct, we are not. In fact, we're not speaking of next year either. Microsoft will not release a Band 3 next year. Microsoft will release a wearable in the future, but it will not be called the "Microsoft Band 3" or be part of the Band product line. Therefore, the Band 3 has been canceled.
  • Zac, stop there.
  • Surface Watch confrimed! ;)
  • For 2019 - 2 years too late to succeed and with no retained customer base. We've seen this Marketing Plan before.
  • I'm just guessing here since you and Mr. Catfish (Hunter?) appear to have an inside track on this. Is this cancellation, shelving or whatever you want to call it have anything to do with RS3 slated for +/- March 2017? I know a slew of new features is coming so it would make sense to drop the current offering if it doesn't make fiscal sense to shoehorn the features with the current hardware configurations.
  • Think if the core/kernel update from windows 7 to 8. It took a change in hardware to happen.
  • Assuming you would have if you knew, but just to be sure ... Was there "one thing" that killed band 3? Was it the strap not getting fixed, was it the failure to get it to run Windows IoT, low band 2 sales??? I know they were all issues, just wondering what might have been the biggest issue. If you know, but can't say, that's fine if you reply such, but if you don't know for sure, what would you speculate?
  • The band was minor. Cheap and easy to issue new ones. Not great, but not a disaster like the note 7. Sales were great for where it was actually sold. If you extrapolate the sales on a worldwide basis, this product would be a hit for such a new product. IoT is just not impacting a whole lot of things right now.
  • Sadly, you've confirmed why the product you are working on will also be cancelled. Great product+ limited release+ no marketing= economic failure, aka Windows Mobile, or Zune, or Windows Phone, or Microsoft Band. The list of synonyms grows longer every year, yet MS Management and the Board never learn from their failures.
    Friend, go help Apple make the Apple Watch better. Your efforts will see the light of day.
  • I have my hand in Apple too. Our work will live on with Ms as well.
  • awww, how about march 2017? :D  Would be kinda sucky if it's october 2017 though
  • Just had a thought, I am now more confused at the renaming of the "health" app to "band" if they killed the "band" brand. It seems not to make sense unless the app dies with the brand and they will be bringing new software along with this new wearable.
  • Any new wearable would have a new health app, that's why. Since there won't be any new wearables under the Band name, there's no need to keep the app name open as "Health" as I assume Microsoft will want to reuse that elsewhere.
  • So they won't have to say they are ending support for Microsoft Health when they pull the Band App from the Marketplace.
    It's what passes for good 'Brand Management' at Microsoft.
  • I see Peter Grifith is now CCO at a small wearable company in the UK. Interesting tech over there they are working on, if this is what is going tinto the core then this will be a very real advance in the accuracy in wearables indeed .
  • Indeed Paul, and yet strangely his Linkedin profile, (even though recently updated) has him still with MS, but developing a new team? I do wonder if this isn't an obvious clue considering his field of expertise!
  • Surface Watch? Yeah, right. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Swatch? ;)
  • In many colors!
  • I really hope you're right, and that these leaks are just an elaborate scheme to stir up hype/anticipation.
  • I'm sure their reasons have to come from the abysmal failure rate. It's not even necessarily the designs fault in some cases but the fact they must have been replacing over 100% of Bands actually sold must have impacted their decision. I would have bought this personally but I bet it would still have roughly the same or higher replacement rate
  • I don't know or I don't want to know if this is really cancelled, this is an extraordinary device. I could almost feel like this Band 3 can cure diseases.
  • That's too bad.
  • Noooooooooooooo! I've been planning to get the Band 3 since I bought the Band 1. I don't understand the decision to cancel. It's a good product and never seemed to get the full support of Microsoft through marketing. Yes it had its issues, but each new version made it better. I hope they surprise us all and come out with the Band 3.
    PS - what is wrong with the mobile app? Haven't been able to post comments for a week.
  • funny enough this is one device MS should NOT cancel. They are simply clueless when it comes to what people want. whenever they have a good thing they **** it up only to introduce a crappy replacement or to cancel completely..
  • The problem is not many people were buying these things. It doesn't matter how good they were, and Microsoft is virtually pathetic when it comes to market, which there was none for this product. I never once saw a single commercial or piece of marketing material for the Band, which has a horrible name.
  • The band 2 has major design flaw in the cracking wristbands. This looks similar in design and would likely have the same issue.
  • Forget the band, we need a WINDOWS SMART WATCH.
  • What this probably means, is that they has come up with somthing even greater. Maybe we will see it 1st quart next year, or at the end of 2017.
  • Still slightly hopeful...
  • I can't imagine the Band line continuing since it can't effectively run Windows 10. If Microsoft released a wearable again it would likely run Win10 IoT and be released under the Surface brand.
  • Yeah that's my thoughts too, likely it will also be quite a bit more like a smart watch, which is a shame really because I like the current mix of fitness focus with a bit of smart watch functionality thrown in, I hope they don't go too far in the opposite direction as I still feel dedicated smart watches are not really that useful, the form factor is just wrong for doing anything other than tracking / quick replies and notifications etc.
  • Why in the world would they cancel this? I'm still hoping its all just bad rumors.
  • Transferred to another package. Not wasted or abandoned tech.
  • Theirin lies the problem. To the Consumer it has been wasted, along with their $ invested in the ecosystem.
    Success is determined by how you treat your Customers, not your Technology.
  • That's sad
  • Oh well, I don't even know what to say.
  • darn =\
  • This would have been a day one purchase for me.  
  • This makes me sick to my stomach - would've been a day one purchase, since my Band 1 finally bit the dust
  • Came here to say *exactly* this. Most of my friends have been really impressed by my Band 2. About half of them wanted to buy one until they realized it wasn't waterproof and/or couldn't be used for swimming or tracking other watersports (like kayaking). They would have been day 1 purchasers. I would have been a day 1 full price purchaser even as a Band 2 owner, even knowing that it would drop in price two months later as the previous models have.
  • Would have definitely bought it. Another great MS decision.
  • In awe. Speechless.
  • Again as with MS premium products I really see this as a "Hey, get off your a$$ OEMs" type of device...just as was the Surface line. Can you imaging the medical implications of a device like this in a hospital, sports training, etc. Put one of these on each person in a hospital bed and have it sync BP, O2, Pulse, etc. with a primary display in a nurses station? The data collection here could prove invaluable not to mention much more comfortable for patients. I am pretty happy with my Band 2 - now if the OEMs would just see what sensors and tech can be put into a small and unobtrusive device.  
  • I'm a nurse. Couldn't have agreed more!
  • Surely the problem is though that these kind of devices are nowhere near accurate enough for medical grade use. The way it uses light to track the heart rate just isn't accurate enough to make life or death decisions. It is however accurate enough for relative comparison between workouts etc. Assuming the results are consistent.
  • It would not be intended to take precise measurements, but how do you think an O2 finger monitor's light. The idea would be to present a general view that could then be used to create an actionable event.
  • Band 2 is very good. No doubt about that. But that does not mean that they can not come up with something even more great.
  • There is an OEM making a product and they have stomped all over M$ because they actually advertise they're product.  Ever heard of a FitBit?
  • Could you imagine the law suits if, despite quoting for informational purposes only, they didn't track properly or showed irregular heart rate tracking / breaths etc. There is always one, as Fitbit found out.
  • hospital? Haha just to clear one thing, Blood pressure is not measured on the wrist. You will get inaccurate measures along with breathe measure so these functions are useless and worth 0.0cents - for professionals. For some fanboys who are fascinated by numbers would be good :D
  • I have no idea how the BP would work, but BP can be taken at the wrist. Precise measurements would not be the intent, but it could present a general view. For instance, let's say the wrist BP, O2, and Pulse all went off the charts based on predifined KPIs - an alert could be triggered and a nurse could respond by taking precise measurements.
  • Love the Microsoft new product strategy. Make an amazing product. Do a half-***ed job promoting it. Cancel it once you have dedicated fans.
  • Nice summary. It's sad that its so accurate.
  • why is it amazing? you have 1 million other product on the market with much better design and functions, yes they dont work with WM but that has a logic explanation = 1% market share
  • I can't even find 1 other product that does everything the Band 2 does at that price range, let alone "1 million" other ones.
  • Yep, never made it out of the "other" category as far as the market was concerned.
  • "yes they dont work with WM but that has a logic explanation = 1% market share​" Fitbit does work with Windows 10 mobile. But Band 2 is far better on all devices. Both Fitbit and Band 2 works on any mobile phone.
  • Agree, but it would be a major improvement to get their marketing up to the level of "half-***ed"
  • Sad but true.
  • Read this new while waterproof apple watch commercial start popping up this week is sad.  Well in Nadella we "trust".
  • There must be a good reason..... No there better be a bloody good reason to cancel this.
  • What kind of reasonable reason could there be for canceling such an astounding device? The only reason I can think of is because... Microsoft. ​Which is a bloody sh*tt* reason (think I need to take a break from my laptop for a little bit before I snap it in half)
  • There may be Dan talked about it in the podcast #19. He did not say names, but it looks like Fitbit will be taking up the band, we will see in a few weeks at NY event.
  • If this is the reason, they are passing the hardware manufacturing to a seasoned pro like Fitbit, then im somewhat calmer but some clarity would have been nice, oh wait its Microsoft, silly me I must have hit my head.
  • This would be cool...don't know how they will manage it on the software side...but cool.  "Microsoft Band by FitBit"
  • The only reason I could see this cancelled is after 2 generation of Bands one knows what a band is or of its existence due to MS making it available in a very few countries. When availability is so scarce, they obviously wont sell as much as they would like, which makes it a discouraging product for them to sell. It's seriously odd how at this day and age, MS has such a hard time making their products more widely available. Or as mentioned above, Fitbit will be taking over in collaboration with MS
  • I'm this close to cutting WindowsCentral out of my daily routine. It is just too depressing these days...
  • Agree. .most news is about xbox or deals nothing much about mobile. But its not wc fault. If ms cant do nethng new how can some1 make a news. Feeling let down. I wonder if i should continue with my decision to upgrade my 550 to 950xl or get a s7. Its sad depressing nd i dont feel good at all saying this but i feel very let down. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hey thanks for keeping us in your daily "flow." Hang in there guys. We're still the BEST place to get your MS news and thoughtful analysis!
  • Of course I am still sticking with Windows Central and Windows 10 computers nd Windows phones I am still using them I am not giving up on the yet I just said it is depressing and by the way Windows Central is a news application and I like it the only applications I read for my breakfast reading program is MSN News and Windows Central keep the good work up hope things turn out better. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And yes yes I also agree Windows Central is indeed the best application to know Windows news because unlike other applications such as Microsoft power user this Windows Central is very optimistic Microsoft power user on the other hand is extremely negative about Windows I wonder if they actually have any interest towards Microsoft l all of their articles are so negative. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Thank you. I didn't know about the MSpoweruser website. After reading a few articles I think it is wayy better than this site. This site is wayyy too optimistic. The other site says it like it is which is why I like it. I go to a site to get an honest point of view so I can make the correct purchase decisions. Plus I'm bored of only seeing articles about deals and Xbox.
  • I do wonder what people that say this would do if WC only published phone articles. We would get around 5 articles a week. You wouldn't prefer that, surely? I regularly view Neowin, Thurrot, Polygon, Kotaku, and they all have a way more articles that I have zero interest in. I like it here, and have come to accept that they had to tweak the focus.
  • "5 articles a week"? Not anymore. They only have two phones left to announce are cancelled.
  • That...and it does not work with Edge...had to switch to using Chrome for this site to stop it from constantly crashing.
  • Sad but true. Not interested in Insider builds for the Xbone, and there's not very much else that's good new here anymore.
    On the other hand, lots of stuff going on over at iMore...
  • Why the hell did they cancel this thing!!!? This would have been an instant buy for me. Would have picked up a 2nd one even, since it supported swimming which is why my significant other never got one. Microsoft made a horrible decision here. This is exactly what we wanted and was an excellent product. Please Microsoft release the damn device!!! ​I am totally pissed at Microsoft right now. Writing them an angry email... or 2... or 3, etc
  • Just emailed Nadella:
  • is that genuinly his email address? cause if it is, im emailing him!!!
  • That's what I found, didn't get a rejection email when I sent my email so I assume it is the correct one
  • Did I misread your post? His email can't really be . What?
  • Lol, definitely read wrong, should be not saytan
  • Not entirely sure you weren't right the first time...
  • Can you stop reporting on this? I feel like a kid that's just been told Christmas is cancelled.
  • So disappointed would have been a definite buyer!
  • So, Microsoft is killing the products that would motivate people to keep investing in the ecosystem. I dislike Android and I really dislike Apple but I better start looking for reasons to like one of them for the time my Lumia needs to be replaced.
  • If you care about privacy, get an iPhone. If not, and you live to customize your ride, go Android.
  • I'm not sure what the hell MSFT are thinking! I mean, the band (1&2) were some of the products loved by users on all 3 of the operating system! I keep hoping that the band will be rebranded to Surface, but that is looking unlikely. Get your act together MSFT!!!
  • SURFACE BAND ?!! Nice.
  • Surface Wear. A rebranding.
  • WHY!?!? I would buy this!! I hope these are all just bad rumors!
  • I own and love both Band 1 and 2 and I've developed apps for them so I'm gutted this won't see the light of day....but I just don't see how they could sustain releasing another version based on how often they have to replace them. I have no actual facts but I'm convinced they must have replaced as many or more than they sold. I just had my Band 2 replaced for completely failing battery/power wise......the replacement works but the battery life is rubbish and drops 40% in 7 hours of sleep tracking so I need to try and get ANOTHER replacement now before they run out. I want one that works correctly with appropriate battery life like the one I bought or I want my money back to buy a FitBit!
  • Agree they shouldn't release this with the same plastic/rubber material used for the band around the hand. I have had 3 or band 2 replacements even the store personal were embarrassed and would not even use my band insurance to replace it and instead replaced it as "manufacturing defect". Honestly its a simple fix but Microsoft did not fix it between band1 and band2. Otherwise the device is worth every penny like fitbit or samsung gear fit...
  • I was waiting for the release of the band 3. Guess I will have to spend my money elsewhere. Once I do that, though, my loyalty to this brand dies. I don't think MS understands brand loyalty as they don't have it themselves.
  • I'm with you on this.  I've been suporting the Win 10 Mobile and Band brands for too long.  I will be making a switch to another ecosystem until Microsoft figures out what they want to do.  Then I'll consider coming back...unless of course their services are still better on competing platforms.
  • As a Band 1 and 2 owner and someone that would have loved to get a Band 3 I'm very disappointed. I think they should have advertised more. There's a big market for health bands and smart watches and MS is missing the boat
  • Please stop reporting on this. It's frustrating
  • If they figured out the durability issues from the Band 2, then this new Band 3 would have been an almost perfect product and best in class. Just as they were about to lead a category, they drop it. When my Band 2 dies, I will have to find something from another company to take it's place. This means that I will probably have to drop Windows phone, too. Then, why should I be on Windows at all?
  • Why would a watch determine the type of phone you use? There is no watch (or lack of watch) that could make me endure a terrible phone OS like ios or android.
  • Sadly because a number of other wearables that offer similar features (notifications, msg reply, etc) only work with other mobile OS
  • FitBit are fiercely looking to support W10M and have stated they will do this as soon as possible (When GATT Server is added). GATT will be in insider builds by the end of the year so insiders may be getting those missing features on their fitbits sooner than you think
  • Fitbit works with Win Phone, and any features not present today are likely to still come tomorrow, if the phone itself survives.
  • Garmin has good products, all supporting Windows 10 ;)
  • I want the Band 3.
  • The only thing that I was looking for them to fix was the quality of the strap itself.  Since it appears to be the same general material, I'm not opitimistic that the Band 3 would've met my needs. That doesn't mean that it wouldn't have been a great wearable otherwise.  The Band 2 was fantastic other than the build quaility of the strap.   Here's hoping that MS brings any/all remaining consumer  products under the Surface umbrella.   Surface phone, suface band/watch, surface book.  That's my wet dream.
  • hmmm... Surface Umbrella
  • Brands can be overused, if you slap Surface on anything and everything it loses what makes it appeal. MS use Surface for unique productivity devices that are unlike what is available, and I (personally) think that's how they should keep it.
  • Sad times, the band was and is a great tool
  • OMG. This device NEEDS to happen. WTH MS. Make it and take my money now!!
  • Maybe the straps were not holding up like they wanted and saw that they would be having to replace them frequently like the Band 2. Not sure though. I am on my 3rd Band 1 at this point. I didn't get a Band 2 becauase I figured the Band 3 would be waterproof. OH well.......
  • Please stop covering this.  Starting to piss me off.
  • It could be as simple as quality problems. If B2 has quality issues then maybe they just wanted to make sure B3 doesn't.
  • It better be this! And they better freaking announce this if this was the reason. This is just insane of Microsoft at this point. I'm just so angry at Microsoft right now
  • I really don't think this is over. I see this as an admission that the band on Band was a weak design causing financial loss, and with Panay taking over all hardware production, he probably let out a big, "Hell no!" With that, enter a new Surface device for health and fitness, or the new Microsoft mobile device that has communication feature, but isn't exactly a phone. Something that takes us into new territory, like the iPhone and Surface did.
  • would have picked up the Band 3...but looks like I'll have to pick up another company.  Currently looking at the Garmin Vivoactive HR+ due to my Band 2 just up and dying.  Battery died, looks like it'll charge but then 5 minutes off the charger and nothing. :(:(
  • My uncle has been looking for a good smart watch to track his blood pressure because of his heart problems and I wanted to be able to throw money at something to upgrade from the band 1. I'm seriously disappointed
  • I instantly bought the Band 1, and then the Band 2.  I would have done the same here.  Anybody who saw it absolutely loved the Band, and it did far more than any other wearable I've evaluated.  However, with 11 months left on our "contract", the MSFT Store was quite willing to swap out my Band for a Blaze.  The last release of the "Health/Band" app had flaws that produced inaccurate readings, and we knew it was only a matter of time until the band material would deteriorate to a point I couldn't use it.  The reps told me QA was so bad that they had a ton of them coming back.  Of course, we also know there was no marketing.  The Fitbit gives me the essential data I want to track, but frankly, it's no Band.  First the Win Phone, then the Band, a floundering xBox system ( according to the gamers I know ), and really bad news on Win 10 updates ( just pulled out of the Insider installs due to continuous problems with basic functionality ).  Maybe it's time for some MAJOR reorganization of ideas at MSFT ... like quality, support, and functionality do matter, and the world is not a sandbox for every creative idea ... that's what labs are for.  
  • If I cant get my faulty replacement Band 2 replaced I might just take a hammer to both it and my original Band 1 in protest haha Seriously though I think replacement rate was a huge factor
  • According to the reps at the store, a lot came back, but never because people didn't like them.  It was always a defect in the construction.  The design was great, the info was great, but the company who assembled them used bad materials and workmanship on many, and they simply broke apart. 
  • Agreed with all until I got to the floundering xbox system comment. Can you elaborate? Stats show that more ppl spend time playing games on Xbox than on the rival system. Wonder what group of gamers you speak with. They might all just be Sony-fans who make up bad things to say about the Xbox
  • I'm not a gamer.  I'm just repeating what family members have shared  They usually have Play Station and xBox, and seem to pretty much ignore the x now.  I have one here for the grandkids and they will often select the wii instead, even though there is a good stock of xBox games.  I also have Kinnnect but it appears that has pretty much faded out ... and we were going to have that available for PC's and it was supposed to be awesome ... yet it also apppears to never be used.  For perspective, I've been tied to MSFT for development for 34 years.
  • You're right about the Kinect. Such a shame (I see the holo lens going the same direction). But the Xbox community is strong. Real strong
  • Isn't Kinect how you interact with Cortana? And login to the system? Although you can't play any new games with it, the old ones work fine. I can't imagine not using it. The gesture controls were cool but They could be little iffy at times, like at night, in the dark.
  • You don't NEED Kinect to login and use Cortana but it's one option.
  • A real shame. Would buy it in a heart beat!
    Get it ;)
  • ekg is a gamechanger.. if this thing had some internal memory to add at least 100 songs, this device would be the cream of the crop
  • Please sell me the prototype!
  • This is what I've been waiting for. I can still return my Garmin Vivoactive HR. Come on MS.
  • Man
  • Sucks this got canceled...
  • Will Fitbit be taking up the Microsoft band production? Like Google nexus? Could this be what Dan was talking about on podcast 19#?
  • That was my thought - maybe someone else has stepped in and MS have handed it over.
    After all the Band 1 and 2 were meant to be prototypes, not a product line.
  • But why Fitbit? They have their own line already. Unless they are just going to use some of the sensors from the Band that they don't currently have in any of their devices.  Plus Fitbit just pulled support for MS Health or HealthVault, doesn't seem like the start of a partnership.  How about some fitness company (UA, Adidas, etc.)?  Or some company that doesn't have wearables that would like to break into the market, like HP.  Or that little fan startup who want's to build an ecosystem around WP, WhartonBrooks/Cerulean?  
  • This actually makes sense, especially after the announcement reinforcing their relationship in health and fitness for the Windows platform.
  • I'll take 2 of the prototypes. (throws wallet at screen)
  • When in India?
  • Never.
  • I wonder if it has something to do with the difficulty of merging the Band OS with Windows 10.
  • I know this is pathetic but I could cry. This would have been the ultimate device. Nothing would have come close. I hope they reconsider because this would have been a game changer
  • All I want is an explanation on why they canceled it.
  • not worth it? they wouldnt make enough money with it
  • This feels like the Zune story repeating itself... Microsoft releases an amazing product, mostly limit its distribution to north-american markets, tests the water in very limited set of other markets when people are already waiting for the next version, and then decides to cancel it because it doesn't meet expected sales numbers that would have been optimistic for a worldwide release. If they wanted to just push OEMs to build other smart devices, they should have learned the lesson from the PC market... OEMs do not care unless Microsoft's concept showcase is available to consumers worldwide and actually dilapidates their sales!
  • I love my band 2. With that said, the reality is; how many did they really sell? In talking with my friends and family (mainly ios users) they thought it was a great product but didn't work with Apple's fitness/health platform. So, for them locked into that ecosystem, it was an automatic no buy.
    Was this another just another money loser for them? I would venture to say yes. Other than myself, my wife and the MS employees at the now closed store in my city, I have never seen one in the wild.
    I am bummed that this may never see the light of day. Very bummed, awesome device. But MS is a business, and businesses are not in the business to lose money on a product like this. Sure, there are loss leaders that are worth it as it drives revenue in other forms, i.e. xbox. There is no revenue that can be made up elsewhere with a product like this.
  • While my band 2 is still going solid, I would have gladly upgraded to this when the time came. I'm so disappointed that this has been cancelled and I really hope we see something similar from Microsoft very soon!
  • Would have bought it hands down. I currently have a Garmin 920xt for my workouts, specifically to track my laps in the pool and km on the bike. Its not the nicest thing to wear when going outside of the gym.
  • I would have preordered this near perfect Band. We can hope for a Surface Band to go with my Surface Phone. I'm getting tired of saying; "I hope Microsoft does this or does that." Microsoft's new slogan "Microsoft; a place hope is never realized." "Windows Central" should be called "Windows Left Behind" with all the negative stories coming out lately. :(  
  • Adding my disappointment this looks great !!! That said have sent back 2 band 2's but would buy this if the strap was different, as the band and UI itself is awesome :(
  • i don't think it was enough for a " third generation " in terms of features and design i would cancel it too if i was microsoft.
  • The waterproofing alone would be enough to market it as third gen...
  • I love the psychological effect behind this. All leaked cancelled projects gets so much love and people are like "oh why MS why are you doing this, I WOULD BUY THIS" And all actual products are getting so much hate. Its funny actually.
  • True but some of us have no gripes with band 2, so yes id buy this.
  • Well I guess its true what they say: "People want what they cant have" :)
  • Mst ppl I know who have a band or have a spouse/friend with one... love it. So I don't think what you state here really applies. The only folks who hate Microsoft Band are tech blogs such as engadget or gizmodo
  • I cant make out why you would go all the way to prototype and, obviously, software development, then just jack it in. That's an expensive mistake, or was it just too expensive to manufacture or unreliable in the sensor department.
  • Best guess from me is that Fitbit will create the hardware and Microsoft will pair it with software based on W10 for IoT. Maybe Microsoft weren't happy with the company that created the Band 2 hardware.
  • Very sad. I have been waiting all this time for a band with waterproofing and functionality for swimming and assumed it would come with band 3. As for many others here it would have been a first day buy for me. I love my 950 phone and really like the look of the band 2.
  • I was ready to replace my 2 this year
  • Wouldn't have been relevant to me, because MS, as with so many other things, believe the world consists of from 1 to about 7 or 8 countries...
  • Does anyone know of an official poll/survey or something that asks MS to release it, showing interest may help them. I've already done it via Feedback Hub.
  • Does anyone know of an official poll/survey or something that asks MS to release it, showing interest may help them. I've already done it via Feedback Hub.
  • If anyone does please let us know.
  • I really like my band 2 and would have loved to upgrade to this latest version. It's like Ms don't want to take my money.
  • O M G! Well I will keep my fingers cross for the announcemnet because I need to replace my band 1 now.
  • Just a damn shame it's been dropped...
  • Looks horrible.  God awful clasp yet again.  I would kick my own @$$ if I caught myself wearing that.  
  • I love how on every single cancelled article, people insist that said device would have been the best and they would have purchased it for sure. Blah blah blah. Gimme a break lol
  • Band 1 : Purchased.  Band 2 : Purchased  Complaints ?  Very minor.  So, yeah, I was on target to buy Band 3.  With that said, with EOR on software, bands that do wear out, there was no sense in waiting to switch out when the opportunity was there for a cost free swap.  So, no BLAH BLAH BLAH ... just satisfied people who were disappointed.  Very similar to Icon story.  When they essentially dropped off sales / support, and essential apps fell out, some of us had to move on.  Disappointed ?  Absolutely !  
  • Anyone notice that that Mr Catfish dude has been pretty mum?
  • He has several posts upthread
  • He was commenting on this very article earlier.....check out some of the very first comments.
  • This is yet ANOTHER example of a great product that was ultimately failed by the marketing team. How would anyone know to buy this product when it was never marketed or promoted? I have been asked by countless people about my Band 2 while at the gym or on public transportation and when I tell them that it's a Microsoft Band they ALWAYS tell me that they haven't heard of it. I love my Band and I would definitely have gotten the 3 had I been given the opportunity!    
  • Courier 2.0
  • Courier never made it out of the prototype phase and the Band did. Some of the features from Courier eventually made it into Surface.
  • I have a Band 1 and a Band 2 and loved it from the start.  The stand-alone GPS and Heart Rate monitor got me into it.  The Band 2 improved everything about the device.  The Band 3 would totally be something I would purchase.  Would love the waterproof ability and for someone who has had tachycardia and currently has high blood pressure, the EKG sensor is nice.  Hopefully @MrCatfish is correct in that it is simply be relocated within MS.
  • So foolish to come this far and scrap something. I got some iphone/android people on board with the Band2, now they're looking for what's next and all their new faith in Microsoft is lost
  • I'd really be interested in knowing how the so called EKG sensor measures blood pressure.
  • It can't. An EKG (or ECG) measures the rhythm of the heart, not blood pressure. An example of bad science in the article, I'm afraid.
  • I would have preferred the Nokia smartwatch.   Primarily due to the fact that I'm only interested in the "smart" part of the watch.  I have no real interest in the fitness aspects of a watch.    
  • Bring back Ballmer!
  • I was seriously thinking of getting a Band 2. Both kids have FitBits/iPhones. Then MS announced stopping production/marketing. So, changed my mind and bought nothing. I will sit back & see whether the idea has been totally shelved.
  • Band 2 was AWESOME. I'm so pissed they're not doing the Band 3 this year. Really, they were making one of the best fitness/sleep tracker products out there.
  • Would have to agree since I am using my 4th Band 2 ( 2 battery deaths, one torn band).
  • This really stinks, I just hate how Nadella gets a product really close to release and then axes it!  We've had so many close calls of devices that might have actually worked.  There are still no good Microsoft oriented wearables and we really need one.  I just hope they realized that the Band 3 design was really as flawed as the band 2 device and that's why the cancelled it.  I'm hoping we see something like a Surface Watch which uses some of the technology, but is more Apple Watch type.  They really had a good thing going and had researched and figured out a lot with this.  There had to have been a ton of R&D costs with this product line, so I hope we see them recycle it in some new form or function.
  • I mean can they still update band 2 with this software??
  • I just got a Band 2 firmware update, so yes. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft is the only prominent tech company I can think of where we are routinely shown prototypes to cancelled products. This is depressing. By the same token, I would have expected a bit more evolution to the Band itself. The Band 2 was criticized for being ugly and comfortable, not really improving on the first gen. I think those people are dead wrong, but you're not going to attract new fans by hitting them with more of the same. I'm also wondering if there's been an attempt to address the tearing band issue, because it isn't evident in these photos that the band's design has changed at all.
  • I wonder too, but I don't think that could have been a reason to the cancellation. But for any new iteration of the device it became clear that it was a key point to solve.
  • I was wondering the same thing. The first two bands used very cheap rubber on the band. I liked the band line but they are not durable so the fact that they are not continuing production just makes for a more bleek future.
  • If MS wants to stop the Band 3 production, why don't they sell the product line to another company for development...
  • Shame, I was going to buy this one actually (I always follow the buy-3rd generation rule). Oh well the body count just keeps adding up (you know the list). Google might axe off services but MS is becoming an expert on the device side
  • "Likely cancelled"? That's optimistic, last time this came up it was reported as absolutely dead. In any case it's a shame, I think a lot of people would have bought one of these, myself included. It would be interesting to learn the reason of its cancellation. In fact, it would be the only interesting bit about this news, since we can't do anything about what could have been, features, etc. But we could get some insight on the reasons behind their decision.
  • Just another addition to a long line of Microsoft products I've purchased over the years only to have them abandoned a short time after. It's always risky to buy anything made by them.
  • I think they should have released this anyway, with EKG and waterproofing it would be a decent enough jump forward and would satisfy customers while we wait for whatever wearable they are thinking about next. Microsoft is really terrible at killing things off early before they have a viable replacement / upgrade ready and that is why we are constantly left waiting for something. I don't think anyone here would be pissed off if it was Band 4 being cancelled or never started development with the knowledge that some "Surface Watch" etc is coming soon, and when I say soon I do mean like its a couple of month's from release
  • Why! ...just why?
  • I think its time to forget microsoft ever existed. I liked windows and Windows phone Now i have a android and android tablet. My windows10 pc is an annoyance rather than something good Screw microsoft. Like the roman empire they were great but have fallen. NEXT. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Bye Felicia.
  • 3 was where I was finally going to step in and buy one. I figured is would be ironed out by then
  • Dang, I would've picked this up in a heartbeat. Only concern would've been the battery life... with a smaller battery, I'm assuming it would've been less than the Band 2's 48hrs? Unless they really optimized the software. But if battery life was closer to my Fitbit Charge HR's 4-5ish days, I'd drop the Fitbit instantly.
  • But really, this being the 3rd iteration of an MS device, it probably would've rocked. Bring it back, MS!!
  • I'd love to see an article diving into how many bands Microsoft had to eat due to the splitting and battery issues, everyone I know had both models swapped at least twice, if that is more than coincidence I can't believe MS made any money on the HW, and maybe quality was a continued issue even on band 3
  • Nuts.. Just buts. Nearly everyone I work with owns a fitness band now, and when they see my band 1 in action they can't believe everything it does, and how cheap it was in the sales. Even on the golf course the otye day where its linked to taylormade site, the pro couldn't believe my watch showed the full location/distance of each ball, whilst also getting texts and weather updates. He said something similar just for golf is twice the price. Nadella please stop the hardware purges, yrs it doesn't make huge profits but it keeps the buyers tied into MS products.
  • The golf app is killer. It alone is worth the price of the band.
  • My personal suspicion is that the development team was doing usability studies as part of developing the UI, but were finding the screen format to be major handicap.  (The only usable way is "landscape" but that's awkward to view.  Either you're reading at an angle or having to hold the back of your arm up to your face.)  I think MS originally went "band" because that's what the younger generation was embracing.  Watches were seen as something for older people.  But since then,everyone else is going "watch".  Including Apple and even Fitbit on their the high end.  "Bands" are entry-level devices. Without something to feed it, MS Health is dead.  So either a partner is going to step forward or a new wearable (perhaps based on Band 3) will come out. I think there's a good chance we'll learn more come the Oct event.   Now, Zune was a distant second in a category to be wiped out by smart phones.  Win RT wasn't going very far once Intel got competitive at the cheap tablet level.  But wearables are far from hitting the levels that everyone expects of them.  While it's not a leader, it's way too early for MS to throw in the towel on wearables now.
  • I want to buy this !
  • My band 2 works great with my Lumia Icon Yes, that's right, I'm still using Icon. So is my girlfriend and she has a band2 also by the way. The band 2, got updated today.
  • It seems that MS builds products slightly ahead of their time, but then kills them off just before they become useful.  My two examples are Media Center and now this band. With media center, they killed it off just as cord cutting was beginning to be a thing. With the Band, I'm sure next year Apple will bring similar sensors and functionality to their watch.  If they only marketed the thing, maybe it would have sold better. Instead, you would only know about it if you stumbled upon a MS Kiosk in a mall.  If you looked for it in Best Buy, you might find it near the drinking fountain and next to the bathroom. It didn't help though that they had dead battery issues with Band 2, but I loved the thing when it worked.
  • Not really, Microsoft created the Band and Surface as examples of what other companies could potentially do with their own hardware. The Band platform itself is designed to be licensed to other companies. Remember the Zune HD, it was never meant to be released as it was just a test bed for touch based interfaces which is where we got WP7 from.
  • I think they should have released this anyway, with EKG and waterproofing it would be a decent enough jump forward and would satisfy customers while we wait for whatever wearable they are thinking about next. Microsoft is really terrible at killing things off early before they have a viable replacement / upgrade ready and that is why we are constantly left waiting for something. I don't think anyone here would be pissed off if it was Band 4 being cancelled or never started development with the knowledge that some "Surface Watch" etc is coming soon, and when I say soon I do mean like its a couple of month's from release.
  • After three failed Band 2's (splitting) I wouldn't even look at this until it was proven the Band 1 & 2 flaws were fixed.
  • "Band 3 cancelled." "Microsoft is working on another Wearable but not under the Band name." Surface Watch confirmed!!!
  • These wearables require more effort than they are worth.
  • Is it too late to raise money on Kickstarter for this - I would pre-order half a dozen of these right now for folks in my family.
  • I was very much looking forward to the Band 3. Hugely disappointed, but hopefully there will be a replacement in some shape or form soon...
  • Well, I've had my original Band 2 for about six months with no issues... Was planning on upgrading to the Band 3 this month. Now I'm hoping it'll last a bit longer. We'll see what's going on with this first, and if the answer is nothing... looks like Fitbit is on the horizon. :-/
  • Where is all this blood pressure measurement fallacy coming from? It's not physically possible for a finger/wrist two limb based single lead ecg to measure blood pressure let alone respiratory rate, no ecg can read blood pressure. Respiratory rate can be measured using a multi lead chest based ecg as in a healthcare setting but not a crude implementation such as this. The ecg readings would have been beneficial for measuring heart rate variability that optical sensors can't but yeah not much more functionality than that. Apart from these false claims the device looks pretty nice and additional sensors would be welcome in an improved package such as this, damn shame it's cancelled.
  • A strain gauge along the wrist strap could most definitely measure blood pressure in the same manner an inflated wristband does.
  • But what would provide the pressure required to occlude the blood flow completely as required to measure systolic blood pressure? A strain gauge alone doesn't seem capable of measuring blood pressure from the reading I've been doing. Interesting concept if it could.
  • This Band would have been perfect. My exercise and activities consists of kayaking, swimming, canoeing, fishing, hiking, snowshoeing, back country skiing and drinking beer. Come on Microsoft, release this finally worthy device.
  • Just today my Band2 lit up while I was working, and two people said nice looking watch.  When I explained to them all the band does (biking, explorer, phone and text integration, weather, pulse, etc) they said 'wow, we didn't know MS had such a product, where can we get one?' (SMH).  There in lies the true problem - the fitness band space is crowded and MS has made a poor effort to market their devices.  Yes, it will lose money for a while, everyone knows FitBit has several times.  But this is much better than a FitBit, and if marketed correctly could quickly be a leader in the field.  It has one of the best webpages and data mining of any of the devices.  My brother-in-law purchased one last year for the sleep monitoring, because the Band is best at this.  But he was pleasantly surprised it would control the music on his iPhone among other things.  Again MS marketing failure, unfortuately played out again and again and again and... not just on for the Band.
  • Argh... Even if there's a wonderful new wearable coming in the future (a 2018 Surface watch for example), as the MS guys keep saying here in the comments, why not release a solid product (Band 3 that is) in the meantime? We could at least keep using the health features of the Windows ecosystem. Now I will probably be looking at Withings for a complete health monitoring system to get me through the next year and a half or so.
  • I want the band 3 now I would defo buy it!
  • I was waiting for a MS band with blood pressure monitoring before I could recommend anything to my family and friends. cancelling it is such a shame really, and a tad short sighted.
  • Day 1 buy for me if they change their minds...
  • I am tired of microsoft dropping product lines just because of numbers. They just sont stick to their guns, corporate sluts. They will never complete their ecosystem with this attitude. I will never buy a third party Fitbit or other ****, I want a first party product, period.
  • All I'm going to say is that I would like (an official) Band 3.
  • They are giving up to quick...
  • I was so looking forward for a band 3
  • Well I may not like it, but thinking logically, it may make sense. If they could not get windows 10 working on the device it would limit the long term viability of the product. They could have released the band 3 and spend resources to market it and support it and the non-win 10 OS or they can completely revamp it and bring it inline with the windows 10 IOT OS. If this is the ultimate goal, releasing a band 3 just delays that goal and allows the competition to move further ahead of you with mobile payments et al. I think this needed to be done to bring windows 10 to the device as fast as possible.
  • I want it!
  • The problem with Microsoft products it's not the products, it's Microsoft. The brand inspires no confidence and it's uncool. For the consummer mindset Microsoft is associated with antitrust, work and boring stuff despite actually doing cooler stuff. Actually few people realise Microsoft is the company behind Xbox
  • I want one!ll
  • Keep turning that knife WC! Gawd! Lol
  • I would totally get a Band 3! Hope these rumors are wrong and they eventually release it. Maybe around the time of the Surface Phone release next year...? For now I'll keep replacing my Band 2 at the MS store every so often until the warranty runs out... Come on MS, quit cancelling products that your consumers want and will pay good money for. I may actually write an email to MS on this one.
  • This would have been the watch that made me wear watches I think. Such promise. Was hesitant with the first ones caus they weren't waterproof and a bit big. They fix it and then cancel.. Smh.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's moves like this that have lead me to taking my first few serious to getting off the MS ecosystem, my music collection is now moved across to Google and an GS7 purchased for my wife, it'll not be long before I drop my Lumia 950 as well.
    It's crazy that the current strategy at Microsoft is forcing me to adopt things I dont like.
    Even if there is a new wearable in the pipeline, you just can't escape the ineptitude of those managing the message.
    Killing product lines before replacements are ready gives us the perception that MS is not committed. Whether true or not the old adage is that perception is reality and perception just a complete disaster.
  • Just bought my first Android phone last week and it surprises me that I actually kind of like it. Seamless integration with my Band 2, all the MS apps are available, plus the app ecosystem is leaps and bounds ahead of W10 mobile (I can watch Sling on my phone?! outstanding! Vanguard app? A whole new world) The interface has some things I don't like, and live tiles are missed, but honestly don't see myself going back to W10 again and I've been using Windows phones since WP7 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I hope they continue with it.  Each iteration is getting better and better.  Waterproof - people want that.  Slimmer, people want that.  I hope my data can be saved to OneDrive, use it across the cloud, maybe MS technology will help us use this info better in our lives.  Any way using W10 will make it more relevant?  Here is to hoping...
  • This was destined to be a great wearable. I don't understand why it was canceled !!!
  • Probably because it was as glitchy and fault prone as the previous versions? I like my Band 2 but I'm on my 3rd one since December. Also, theres no way BP & an EKG would be remotely accurate with some wrist sensors. That's science fiction. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The takeaway from reading all of the above is that Microsoft had better learn HOW to deal with the spreading of rumours (true or false) BEFORE they cancel a product line or shift its allignment.  This has been the annoying thing for me for many years with them.  At least get a PR company to put out a statement teasing a new product/rebranded product, if that is indeed what they are doing like Mr Catfish is implying. Im actually very happy again to hear that something else is in the works, just wish Microsoft said it rather than someone working in the team, unofficially on a forum not read by mass consumers.  
  • Dang, I would've bought this, even if it was €299
  • Microsoft have a terrible history recently of ditching products and services not long after launching them. I can't imagine anyone seriously commiting to developing Hololens solutions because it's surely a matter or months before Microsoft gets bored of that too, and the better specced replacements get canned.
  • Sounds amazing. Can't believe they cancelled it. Thought they would do fewer bigger bets. They need to stick at something and get it out to markets. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • :( I would of so brought this I love my band 2 im on my fifth band and my warranty runs out next month so my fifth band is still in the box and hasn't been opened so gonna sell it. Im currently wearing my Mrs old Fitbit charge hr as she received a new one from Fitbit due to the strap pealing away from the device.
    I just dunno what to do now... I really like the look of the Samsung gear s3 which would mean leaving windows phone ecosystem or get the new Fitbit charge hr 2 or just keep this old Fitbit and hope for the band 3 releases soon........
  • Sounds like there will be another wearable, wont be called Band 3 - Coming soon.
  • It seems to me there's big things going on at Microsoft and 'ditching' the band is all part of a bigger plan. You get the feeling from the band 2 that their sole focus in the wearables market is in health (not comparable with the aesthetics for example of the Apple Watch). Microsoft health cloud is getting advertised more and more, new band app, new 'band' expected at some point. All coming together in a way unknown to most IMO.
  • Please don't give up on this technology. I have used the band since the beginning and it's way to valuable to the ecosystem to just give up..
  • I wish they would make a real smartwatch.  Then I'd be able to use my phone as my dd. 
  • Can anybody shed any light on rumours doing the rounds that a third party product might be primed to fill the gap created after the cancellation of the planned MS Band 3? The write ups I am seeing certainly sound as if this particular product is head and shoulders above current wearable devices in terms of accuracy and potential, so, as I am sure some of you will be aware of it, I would be interested to hear your opinions. "To deliver personal medical quality data in a simple and meaningful manner to the consumer market
    Unique advanced algorithms proprietary to XXXXXXXXXX – providing accurate data which determines body location and activity automatically
    • Clinical grade heart rate and HR variability measurement using custom electronic components (ASIC)
    •Personalisation of device algorithms calculating the user’s cardiorespiratory fitness level and adjusting the derived calculations (e.g. energy expenditure) accordingly
    •Accurate energy expenditure (calories) calculation comparable to the industry gold"
  • Can anybody shed any light on rumours doing the rounds that a third party product might be primed to fill the gap created after the cancellation of the planned MS Band 3?
    Dan Rubino & Zac Bowden hinted as much in the 2nd-last WC podcast, have a listen.
    The write ups I am seeing certainly sound as if this particular product is head and shoulders above current wearable devices in terms of accuracy and potential... To deliver personal medical quality data in a simple and meaningful manner to the consumer market; Unique advanced algorithms proprietary to XXXXXXXXXX – providing accurate data which determines body location and activity automatically Clinical grade heart rate and HR variability measurement using custom electronic components (ASIC) Personalisation of device algorithms calculating the user’s cardiorespiratory fitness level and adjusting the derived calculations (e.g. energy expenditure) accordingly Accurate energy expenditure (calories) calculation comparable to the industry gold
     Where did you see these write-ups???
  • Take a look at the cloudtag website for what I believe is the device being talked about.
  • Nope, not getting anything terribly interesting with these key words in a google search: cloudtag, microsoft band 3
  • OK, try these.... CloudTag has been conducting key external user tests on CloudTag’s proprietary sensors, electrodes and algorithms to validate their accuracy. These User Tests have shown very positive results with heart rate tracking between 98% and 99% in comparison to a clinical ECG machine during walking and running activity. Energy expenditure (kilocalories) tracking results show correlation between 91% and 99% against the medical gold standard measurement, a CPX Metabolic Cart.
  • Ta, lots of hyperbole there, it all sounds a bit snakeoil-ish, but lets W&S I guess.
  • No problem, I think it's a bit more serious than that though, they have recently recruited Peter Griffith from MS, and a host of fairly high flyers with some serious industry experience have also come on board to run this. Indications are suggesting that MS are involved with this, and the possibility of T/O, JV or using product under licence should be considered as a possibility. The Band would make an ideal next step for MS, satisfying the afficionados who desperately wanted Band 3 as well as being taken up by Health authorities, the accuracy of the readings from this thing are apparently light years ahead of anything else on the market at the moment!
  • Never heard of him, when I first saw it mentioned I thought folks were talking about Peter Griffin from Family Guy (adult cartoon). But anyway, lets W&S I guess...  They better reveal something on the 26th, else this year will be quite the FAIL compared to last, given everything that's canned or on the back-burner until 2017 (or never).
  • Haha, never watched Family Guy, but have seen ads for it on TV, definitely not the same guy..... CloudTag (CTAG:LN), the company that brings personal monitoring to the wellbeing, fitness and digital health markets, today announces the appointment of Peter Griffith, MA RCA, as Chief Creative Officer, effective from Monday, 1 August 2016. Previously, Peter has driven the creation of a wide range of industry-leading consumer electronic devices at Nokia and Microsoft.  During almost nine years at Nokia, he held the roles of Head of Lifestyle Products Design, Head of Industrial Design and latterly, Head of Mobile Phones Design.  Following the division's acquisition by Microsoft, his most recent position held was that of Head of Phones Design.He joins CloudTag with considerable relevant experience in commercial consumer electronics device design within large multinational corporations and has managed large global development teams, which have accumulatively helped sell to over 1.5 billion people in 150 countries.  As CloudTag's Chief Creative Officer, Peter will be responsible for the overall design and feel of the commercial product family which forms the basis of the consumer's entire interaction and experience with CloudTag's devices. This will include the aesthetics of the products, packaging, consumer marketing and messaging, social media, brand identity and the consumer's app and cloud interfaces.  He also has the remit to develop an in-house department of industrial designers to support CloudTag's future commercialisation goals.  
  • A little more research material for you, should you want it..... Bob Griffin, CBO of CITIES Market Studios, said: "We are pleased to be on board with CloudTag, which has developed a truly unique product to target the wearables weight loss market. This is a new market segment for us and CloudTag's offering complements the suite of products we have already helped to bring to the American consumer including those in the wearables market. We look forward to working with Amit and his team to deliver this new, quality product." About CITIES Market Studios CITIES Market Studios is one of the largest retail business development, programme management and product development players in the North American continent. It has built specialist teams who bring both years of retail and business development experience to their partners and the market. CITIES markets and manages a wide array of consumer products and has already successfully brought innovative, new products and brands to retail including Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Gamestop, Amazon US and others.
  • LOL Bob Griffin, sure he's not related to Peter Griffin? ;-P But yeah thanks for the extra tidbits, we'll have to W&S whether there's really any connection to MS' plans. And if there is, whether it'll be SOONER rather than LATER!
  • I'm trying not to go on about this too much, but little indicators keep appearing in front of me as I research this. For example... Why would Microsoft want to exhibit at the Wearable Technology Medical event in Dusseldorf, Nov14-17 if they dont have a wearable with this capability?
      I could suggest that Maybe they have something in mind, and the Cloudtag Band fits the bill, as that is its strength. I would not be surprised if we heard an announcement soon.
  • Well as mentioned in my 1st response to you, DR & ZB did hint at a new hw partner taking-up the Health/Band mantle, lets W&S.
  • It sounds awesome....  I have the Band 1 and Band 2.... was really hoping for another model.....  Even if I had to pay $300-$400 for it at announcement......  <sigh> -m  
  • They finally make the right watch and "then" they decide to pull the plug. Damn, Microsoft. Just when you were about to get it right.
  • Would have been great to see how the EKG played out. Sending accurate vitals and your rhythms to your cardiologist.
  • I just keep getting disappointed by Microsoft. Zune, Windows Media Center, Surface mini, band 3, etc...
  • Satya Nadella is a jackass if this does not come out next year. MS chose a business manager to head Microsoft instead of a visionary, if they had choosen a monkey they would have still made a profit, anyone would have been able to make a profit, but not many would have vision beyond immdiate profit.  
  • Microsoft I want to direct this post especially to you and your designers of the band2!!! First of all I am pissed that you just abandoned the progress of a very good fitness watch. Despite the few setbacks the watch had it was still one of the best functional pieces on the market. I am wellness specialist and a fitness expert and I rely on a tracker to monitor my progress. I also have a following of people who rely on me to introduce them to credible fitness products. The band 2 worked extremely well and it was one of the few trackers that come close to accurate heart readings during exercise without a chest strap. To hear that you have given up on this product is like running a race getting steps before the finish line and then stopping to take a PISS on your customers!! You don't have any idea how close you came to making a really good unit. Fix the damn breaking band problem, faulty software issue and the charger problem and you will have a kickass product and add color selections too. Oh by the way if youre not gonna make the unit then dammit sell the rights to someone who will!!!!! Quit assing around and be the leader!!!