Microsoft Band gets a new firmware update with no change log

If you are a Microsoft Band owner, you'll want to plug in your Band to your desktop PC to check for a new firmware update. Version 3304 is now out, a small increase from the previous 3213 update from June.

Microsoft Band

The Microsoft Band website has no new information about the latest firmware, and we would not be surprised if it is tied to some bug fixes and optimizations with the new golfing or cycling abilities.

If you are not near a computer, no worries as the Band can update through the Microsoft Health app on your phone. This process can take a few hours before it hits the servers so do not be shocked if your app does not see the new software right away. If you are a near a PC, you can use the official Microsoft desktop sync app to update right now. The update process takes less than five minutes.

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John Callaham