inKin for Microsoft Band lets you compete with your Jawbone- and Fitbit-wearing friends

If you own the Microsoft Band but want to compete against your friends with other wearables, you will now be able to thanks to the new integration from inKin. With this addition, you'll now be able to keep informed of what your friends with other trackers, like Fitbit, Jawbone and others, without having to get a new fitness tracker. So, what exactly is inKin? It is described as:

inKin Social Fitness Platform is a free service that allows you to connect with friends, relatives and coworkers with different fitness devices and apps.We created inKin because we realized that people who use fitness trackers couldn't view each other's results and achievements, and challenge and compete with each other. Users would have to either buy fitness wearables that his or her friends were already using, or convince them to switch to the preferred brand, which is even harder.

Support for the Microsoft Band was an addition that was requested by users, and support has finally been added. If you want to compete against your friends with other fitness trackers, head to the link below to get started now.

Get started with inKin

Thanks for the tip, Jimmy Lee!

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  • Just like with the dvd +/- and the blu-ray hd-dvd format wars, we find something that can do all formats
  • Can all of your information be shared between each other? Will they see my steps and I there's?
  • Gunna try it out
  • As the Band 2 counts considerably less steps than a Fitbit Charge (no idea about Jawbone), the challenge does not exactly seem fair...
  • Yep, by Band 2 records half the steps of my old FitBit
  • For curiosity, which is more accurate?  I'm assuming FitBit based on its tenure, but thought I'd ask.  I'm getting a Band 2 for Christmas and have a FitBit Surge as well.  I guess I can do my own test soon.
  • Fitbit overstates steps, period.  you can check this because if you are in a car driving it will ad steps to the count.  I have compared it to MioFuse and Fitbit overstates by 30%, Band2 and MioFuse are on Par.
  • FitBit overstates by counting things that are not steps (e.g. stirring in your pot while cooking, drumming,...) while the Band misses steps with too little hand movement (if you have your hands in your pockets or carry a bag or something like that).
  • As others have said, it overstates it. When I tested before, it would even count steps while I type on the keyboard. The Band didn't.
  • To paraphrase an old Apple argument on antenna reception, "You're just not walking correctly" :-).    
  • My friend has a Fitbit and all she has to do is move her arms to register steps, that didn't sound very accurate to me
  • Same here.. Some just move their arms while sitting on a couch eating pizza to win challenges with their friends.... Yeah, it's pointless, I know but such is life
  • For some time, I've thought these things need an ankle/show attachment so it bases steps on leg movement, rather than arm movement.
  • This. Now that'd make it accurate.
  • There don't appear to be any apps for accessing the service -- you have to use their website. Good idea, but without toasts about challenges and such (not willing to rely on email, assuming they alert you that way) I'll wait until they have an app.
  • So this is a service that has its own challenges and achievement, correct?  Meaning it doesn't work with Fitbit or Jawbone platforms but allows people on those platforms as well as MS Band 2 to paticipate in InKin challenges and achievements.  If so, I'd probably rather not try to convince people to sign up for this service.  Would be great if all of the devices could just play nicely.
  • This should make Daniel happy.
  • I thought this was some sort of support for the Kin phone!
  • I just signed up, I like it because it grabs my scale info from Fitbit and the rest from Microsoft. Now my sister, my wife and I can get back to competing.
  • Yeah but as usual, their website Skype right in over Band and MS Health in their compatibility list/graphic.
  • That is really a pet peave of mine.  I mean if you are going to go to the trouble to add support for the MS platform, at least add it to your site and, if there is an app, display the banner graphic.  I think some companies that Microsoft essentially paid to develop an Windows app just never cared and didn't intentionally didn't acknowledge the compatibility.  Surely that isn't the case here, though.  Also, it bugs me when people just say "works with your smartphone" when they mean to say "works with Apple or Android smartphones".  Yeah, I get that they are right 95% of the time, but still, it bugs me :-)
  • This is pretty cool. I'll have to clue my sister in. Is this for Band 1 & 2?
  • I don't see this in store and links rarely ever work even if you open from browser and try tapping the link, still doesn't do anything. I miss when windows Central cared about their app and included a download app selection when it applied. When on mobile, I use the app which is 90% of the time, otherwise on PC or tablet like the surface pro 3 I view the news feed through edge because the site is very beautiful and vibrant while the app is clean cut as well... But do to the lack of support that has been gone for quite a while now, the app has remained very basic and lacking in features and that's not a bad thing I just thought the app was going to go full force. Maybe me Bennett is having to do other things, idk, all good though, just my thoughts here with some good Insight. Thanks for all the great work so far.
  • Fitbit does over count or count more steps depending on your view on this.  Both work pretty consistent when you are on the treadmill it seems the day to day counting is more challenging and increases the difference - here is my take on both -  Band v1 vs Fitbit Charge I was looking for something like the inKin service but now I have both and been wearing both it seems that to compete on the same application platform you had better stay with the same hardware or you really could be at a disadvantage!   Just my take!
  • Doesnt show me how I compare to my friends on fitbit. Not going to ask them to join inKin as they probably wont bother. :/  
  • It looks like it's in the very early stages, they don't even have mobile apps yet. That said I tossed around this exact idea with a friend a little under a year ago and am super excited someone capable of creating it did. I got an Android Wear device after doing weekly challenges with a buddy on Fitbit and we haven't really held each other accountable much since. Can't wait to see how this site progresses.
  • There has been a lot of of good app support for the band
  • This is great, not just for Band, but for everyone. All these services should allow you to have portable data.
  • I really hope these guys add Google Fit support, and even Apple Watch support. Then I can finally compete with friends with Fitbits and Apple Watches. It really is a shame everyone is so set on using 1 platform instead of something universal. The wearables all have the same goals in mind, why not standardize it?
  • Money.
  • Is there a way to have this sort of competition just using MS health with other Band users the way fit it does it? I haven't seen an easy way to do it. Maybe this is it?
  • Happy New Year, guys! And thanks so much for taking your time to check out inKin. We will start our iOS and Android apps testing soon. And we will definitely release our Windows app early this new year.