Microsoft Band support has been added to inKin

If you own the Microsoft Band but want to compete against your friends with other wearables, you will now be able to thanks to the new integration from inKin. With this addition, you'll now be able to keep informed of what your friends with other trackers, like Fitbit, Jawbone and others, without having to get a new fitness tracker. So, what exactly is inKin? It is described as:

inKin Social Fitness Platform is a free service that allows you to connect with friends, relatives and coworkers with different fitness devices and apps.

We created inKin because we realized that people who use fitness trackers couldn't view each other's results and achievements, and challenge and compete with each other. Users would have to either buy fitness wearables that his or her friends were already using, or convince them to switch to the preferred brand, which is even harder.

Support for the Microsoft Band was an addition that was requested by users, and support has finally been added. If you want to compete against your friends with other fitness trackers, head to the link below to get started now.

Get started with inKin

Thanks for the tip, Jimmy Lee!