Sync or update your Band with the Microsoft Band Sync app for Windows or Mac

The Microsoft Band Sync app for Windows or Mac lets you sync your Band to the cloud while it is connected via USB cable. Your phone can already sync your Microsoft Band, but Microsoft says this method syncs faster than your phone while your device is charging over USB.

Another reason why you would want this app on your Mac or PC is that it lets you get updates and restore the software on your Microsoft Band.

The app displays your Band's profile name on top with the battery percentage on the right. There are two buttons at the bottom: Sync and Check for Update. I've checked for updates, but there is none currently available. The Microsoft Band Sync app also lets you view and edit your profile, which includes your band's name, birthday, gender, weight, height, and optional zip code.

Microsoft Band sync

The settings section lets you choose whether you want the app to automatically sync when the Band is connected or if you want the app to open automatically at start.

We know this app has just come out, but we have an idea on what should be added in future versions. We would like to see the "Personalize Band" section here too. This is currently available on the Microsoft Health apps for the phones. It lets you choose the color and wallpaper for the Microsoft Band.

We're not sure if we'll be using the Sync app frequently for syncing to the cloud, but it will definitely be handy when updates come out for the Microsoft Band. There's no harm in downloading right now, so go for it before you forget.

Are there any other features you would like to see in the Sync app for the Microsoft Band? Let us know in the comments!

Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • If I only had one
  • I'll buy you one if u seeing let it go and post it on YouTube.
  • If I had one, I'll show off to the people and making them jealous
  • Why make em jealous when you can just kill em with a toothpick?
  • ?
  • This is the first one I ever wanted. Not because it is MS, but for the features...
  • i wonder what the technical reasons were for not doing a universal app and making it desktop.
  • I am curious about this as well. I was surprised (and a little disappointed) to see that it wasn't.
  • Likely that 8.1 isn't the majority of machines yet so waiting for tipping point. At least that's the excuse most other Devs had for waiting to do so on WP.
  • It lets you get updates and restore software on the band. I suspect that Windows 8 apps don't have enough permissions to do this sort of stuff, or it was much easier to implement on a desktop app.
  • Likely to grab the wider audience of "everyone except WinRT users" when it comes to getting it out on PCs.
  • WinRT users are left out in the cold...such a failure RT is
  • My RT 2520 serves my uses perfectly
  • When people talk about RT being a failure, they don't (or shouldn't) mean that it literally never served anyone. I consider RT a mixed failure. One of its original goals was to pressure intel from the OS market side to compete in mobile. Total success. The other one is less impressive, and I bought a Surface 2 for my younger sister. RT has not been successful from a consumer standpoint. It can be the most useful device in the world for you, but you cannot deny that it has not seen success with consumers. It will gets its niche, sure. It will serve some customers wonderfully, sure. But when you can have equivalent performing x86 tablets with the same size, factor, and battery life, there are very, very few reasons to need RT. And that's almost a GOOD thing. It means that Intel did feel the pressure from both MS and ARM, and that now their products (and subsequently a consumer's) are better for it.  RT is NOT responsible for the Surface line's success. The Pro line did, is, and always will be the line carrying the way and providing money for MS. There are tons of wonderful, value Windows 2-in-1's and convertibles and small tablets available right now - what they're missing is a good, premium-value (see mid range) convertible with the design of a Surface running Atom. If Microsoft is smart, they WILL release an Atom based Surface 3 that costs ~$5-600. Imagine how many people love the surface pro 3 hardware but have no need for something that expensive - that's the market that Microsoft could address with an Atom based Surface 3.  RT did not fail in every conceivable way. It accomplished some important things, but it has more of a life in a server on ARM environment than it does in the hands of a consumer. 
  • I believe the whole release of this product was rushed in order to keep leaks to a minimum and have something new and different to sell at Microsoft stores this holiday season.  We should see a universal app soon; a desktop app was probably already done for testing purposes, and then polished for release. It looks as if Microsoft was testing the waters, and is now stuck with a very happy problem; the device appears to be sold out everywhere on its first day, and demand is way outstripping supply.  I hope they can secure a large enough supply so that holiday shoppers aren't disappointed. OTOH, this could all be a marketing ploy (stealth announcement late at night, early adopters spreading the news about the device, cumulating in a buyer's rush for the Holidays).  Somehow, I don't believe this was the intention (how did MS get Apple friendly tech sites to say nice things about the Band, to point one flaw in the theory), although this might well be what happens.
  • The MS Band for security reasons will only bluetooth pair with one device.  (it can re repaired with a different device if you reset the MS Band) Since everyone buying one will have an iphone / android / windows phone.  The band is designed to pair with that device.  The windows app is only ment to be used while the phone is charging and plugged into the pc.
  • I still dont see the point of wearable's yet... It hasn't been just right yet.
  • So here's a point from a healthcare perspective (highly dependent on how accurate the HR monitoring is though!)
    Atrial fibrillation is self-limiting in a lot of cases and is a leading cause of stroke. What happens with atrial fibrillation or A. Fib. is that your heart beats faster than normal limits (>100 beats per minute). Now if you're exercising that's normal and is called tachycardia.
    If you're sitting around and this occurs (Heart rate upwards of 150 - 200) it's potentially indicative of a cardiac arrhythmia such as a. fib. Lots of patients don't know when they have this due to the self-limiting nature and could potentially cause problems such as a stroke.
    So my point submission to you is the possibility to potentially catch cardiac arrhythmias in patients related specifically to abnormal heart rates. This is highly dependent on the accuracy of the Band for HR monitoring though. Another point is you would still need to wear an EKG monitor for your potential arrhythmia but it could provoke an early doctor visit. Not highly likely for the Band to be used like this, but early detection is the key!
  • Well put.
  • This is one of the top reasons my partner is interested in this.  
  • The idea of a HR monitor on the band for early detection is Dog Shit. I'm a radiographer with Masters in that field and PhD as well. MS cannot even begin to imply band is good for any health monitoring. That would require FDA approval for devices. Ain't Gonna Happen.
  • K
  • Ok, but calm down. Clearly MS isn't pushing this as a diagnostic device, but as long as it is a better sensor than most optical sensors on smart watches, e.g. accurate enough during a workout, then this could likely be an unintended use.
    A user noticing they have very high resting heart rate because the information is available and seeking medical care is different than a device being manufactured and sold as a medical diagnostic for strokes. No, this will not be an advertised feature, and goodness help the poor over enthusiastic app developer that creates the stroke detector app without proper approval, but assuming the device is accurate enough this could be a use case. It is not why you should buy it, at the very let not until the heart rate monitor has been compared thoroughly to more established measures though.
  • The funny thing I've learned about the internet is that people can say things. For example, you're a medtech. That's low on the totem pole of opinions in the healthcare world. Tossing in a Ph.D. comment won't make people think you actually do that either. Other point is the fact that you just blindly assumed I was talking about using it for a diagnostic purpose. However, if you were a medtech as you so claim to be (or involved in healthcare of any sort), you would see that I said it could prompt an early doctor visit to a PCP or a cardiologist where the proper diagnostic monitor would then be assigned by that caregiver. Never once did I say that the Band could be a healthcare device nor did I say to market it as such. I merely provided a point for HR wearables.
  • I loved the way that nothing was leaked. If everyone knows about it, the hype could make we disappointed...
    The better part is that we don't have any "Soon" or"Beta" on this device =D
  • So agree!! It took everyone by surprise...and it WORKED!! I'm impressed by their marketing team for keeping this so secret :)
  • Hopefully they do the same thing with a flagship, high-end Lumia
  • yeah a water resistant Lumia high end is the next step don't you think? I sure do and hope so
  • Surface 3 level of built quality, Lumia 1020 pic quality but iPhone speed, high end quadcore CPU and around 5.5 inch screen Oh dear god help me if such a device would come out. My knees buckle
  • Yes. This needs to be done with their phones. It works for Apple. Don't let people think about buying, just get them excited so they just buy.
  • What I really like about this whole thing is that MS proved the could keep a device silent and under wraps. I'd say it's a nice surprise from them. Who knows maybe there is a flagship device in the works.
  • This was an awesome launch, even if it was limited. I so hope Microsoft makes announce and launch immediately the norm. That would beat even Apple, if they could pull it off with phones. Even launch first (and immediately) at the MS Stores, followed by carrier availability a week to ten days later would be awesome.
  • Hopefully, this will be the benchmark for future Lumia handsets.
  • Actually, it was showed on tv during last week's episode of Agents of Shield... But no one knew it was Microsoft's yet
  • Am I to believe the second picture is from the Surface pro in the first?
  • Correct. Surface Pro 3
  • So the three little jelly buttons in the upper left corner which are clearly a apple thing are part of the PC version UI for this app?
  • Don't see it on my SP3, must be a mac screenshot.
  • Sorry. First photo is the surface pro 3. Second photo is a screenshot from Mac
  • Hi Mark, Can you test use band to control playing music or something to Windows phone via Cortana? It works?
  • Yes
  • This is stupid I can't install it on my Windows 8.1 PC it says it should be 8.1 Pro. "The 'Microsoft Band Sync' App is only supported on Windows 8 and 8.1 64-bit and 32.bit Professional or Enterprise and Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit SP1"
  • Yes. What part can't you understand?
  • Fail!Not everyone has 8.1 pro.
  • This is the part I can't understant: I paid more than 1000 dollars for this Yoga 2 Pro and it has 8.1 on it but I cannot install a software that will sync my 200 dollar band with it...
  • Agree! I'm out of luck too because my PC runs Windows 8.1 and I have Lumia Icon. Unfortunately, that means I will be sticking with Fitbit. How it is not available for Windows 8.1, I can't understand.
  • I have this problem too
  • Try again. It works now on non pro W81 too.
  • It also allows you to choose between Imperial and Metric system which is a big plus for me.
  • The 'Microsoft Band Sync' App also works on the Windows 10 Developer Preview. Not really necessary, since it syncs to my Lumia 920 seamlessly via Bluetooth. (As it will to iOS and Android if your not yet in the #WindowsPhone Universe.) #ILoveMyMicrosoftBand #♥CortanaOnMyWrist♥
  • Need desktop sync for updates.
  • Why? Updates could be transferred over Bluetooth, but I guess that would make things easier for the customer and more work for t the manufacturer.
  • Yes to Cortana integration.
  • Windows central should change their name to Microsoft band central, man, they are flooding ms band posts, easy guys
  • Stupid comment, the site is about all Microsoft products, this band is a MS product. Your complaint is irrelevant.
  • For all we know this smart band is running on the Windows NT kernel :) more precisely, a variation of the kernel being used for the windows 10 builds going forward
  • But there were 10 posts yesterday, even Xbox get all this attention...
  • Brand new MS product that didn't get any attention before yesterday as it was announced and released within hours. This is a compression of all of the typical: rumors, leaks, press releases, hands-on, and finally launch, to a very short period.
  • Just to counter your stupid complain: The band requires a phone to operate as it syncs data back and forth .... a "Phone". Idiot.
  • You should check out The Verge after an Apple press conference...
  • One look at the comments on each of these Band posts should tell you that a bunch of people are interested in this new Windows compatible product. Seems WC is doing a good job covering something that we all want to read about and you complain, really?
  • And the band is all about the phone as that is where most of us will be watching our progress.
  • Why not have it sync with Microsoft health app. Also can music be played through the band
  • I wonder where the Health & Fitness app fits in right now. I don't understand why that wasn't the app that was updated and released on all platforms.
  • My understanding is that the MSN Health and Fitness app will just be another service that ties into the Microsoft Health platform. Just as myfitnesspal, UP from jawbone, etc. would. The health and fitness app offer a lot more information into the respective categories. The Health platform will be just that, a platform where apps like health and fitness can all throw in their data and have it combine with other services from other OEMs and third party.
  • That makes sense, to an extent. Both apps are from MS and could serve the same purpose.
  • I'm on regular Win8.1, but why does this only work on Pro and Enterprise versions of Win 8.1? I get an error whenever I try to install it :-\
  • agreed i cant instal on my windows 8.1 pc what gives?
  • They are gonna have a metro version.
  • What does a "metro version" mean?
  • Metro means the ARM/app store version that will run on Windows RT
  • They messed something up trying to keep it off core editions when they built the installer.  It's easy enough to fix. You'll need orca.  Open the microsoft band sync setup.msi file in orca, click on the launchcondition table on the left, find the entry (line on the right) that has that error text, right click on it, and choose drop row.  Save the file, close orca, and run the msi.
  • EDIT: Wrong reply
  • Man I'm so hyped for that, but even more for better workouts!
  • I got my band this morning. Can anyone tell be why there is no red tile color? Quite disappointing.
  • They are not fans of Manchester united.
  • A month ago I walked into a Verizon store with two friends. I bought a Lumia Icon. My friends bought an iPhone and an Android. We have these paid for by work and were told to do nothing that would void warrantees. Would anybody care to comment on which of the three of us bought the least compatible phone for the Microsoft Band? Just curious if my guess is right. Which two of the three of us bought the phones that CAN work with the Microsoft Band without installing anything that affects the warrantee? Which one of us has the only phone with an OS that cannot fulfill that? Any takers? Anybody? I'm sure this forum is full of folks who would love to take a guess. Windows fans and all...
  • On the MS site about the Band, its stated that iOS devices can't do somehting (indicating that WP and android can).  Darned if I can remember what it was though. So basically it will work fine with any mobile OS, but it works less well on iOS and 'more betterer' on WP. -edit- The text on the site states "Works with Windows Phone 8.1 update, iOS 7.1, 8 and Android 4.3-4.4 phones with Bluetooth. Instant quick response does not work with iPhone."
  • We know, we know ... No Cyan on Verizon yet, no 8.1 ... Unless you go Dev preview ... But that voids the warranty ... Catch 22
  • It's software, no one would notice the difference if you restored it back to 8.1 using the Nokia Revovery Tool.
  • Preview for developers doesn't voids the warranty!
  • It technically does, but as mentioned above: A restore via Nokia Software Recovery tool, no one will notice. Also, with as little as Verizon sales reps know about Windows Phone, I honestly don't think they'd know the difference.
  • Dude are you going to post this in every Band comments section?
  • Wow, they should have made it a ModernUI app. Back to the desktop with 10 I suppose.
  • Can you access files/documents from the band..?
  • No, and not sure why you'd want to on such a small display. This is a fitness band first, with a few smartwatch features in the side.
  • Looks great
  • Hey guys to tip you off, i just got wp 8.1 for my tmobile lumia 925. i think it is an official
  • Hey guys I think tmobile released 8.1 as I got it on my lumia 925 without preview for developers
  • it has been for 2 days now
  • i want my xbox fitness data !  
  • The Band should also connect to Healthvault or apps combined!
  • HealthVault is being discontinued/replaced.
  • No health vault is going to sit beside this and be used as a way for you and your doctor to exchange health info, medical charts, etc
  • When its worldwide then this is relevant to me lol
  • #BringTheBandToCANADA! There is a feature :)
  • Is it possible to use MS Band as simple Bluetooth HR monitor with any device supporting bluetooth LE?
  • C'mon Microsoft, make this available in Europe. Now!
  • How about a cycling app? I am not a runner but ride my bike daily
  • What OS does the watch run? Windows 10??
  • Something completely custom, they started from a blank project
  • If only the windows phone sync app was that good...
  • Looks real nice..although fitbit is also releasing a new line of fitness bands. Would love to see a head to head review.
  • How ironic is this - can't install the app on my up to date Windows 8.1 box 64 non professional version?  Yet, installed easily on my Mac.  Does this make sense to anyone?
  • I completely agree. It installed on my Ultrabook running Win 10 Preview, but failed to install on my new  Dell 8700 because it was not 8.1 Pro. That was not even an option for my purchase 3 months ago! Microsoft, how does this make sense? I have all your products running in my house and this is my reward.
  • I feel jipped the same way, especially considering I am a loyal Microsoft user with an Xbox 360 and One, all Windows PCs, and a Nokia Icon. That's the thanks we get. I'm really considering making a change.
  • And as a 2nd insult, there is a new version available today 11/1/14. And it too has the same restriction.
  • I purchased one of these yesterday and have been playing with all of the features. The app for the PC should definitely have all the functions of the phone app I think. I ran the sleep thing last night. When you put it in sleep mode it turns off all notifications and the screen also, then starts tracking your sleep. This morning I looked at the data and there is alot more of it than i expected. Says I slept 7 hours 8 minutes, took me 7m and 28s to fall asleep, I had 4h 9m of restful sleep and 2h 59m of light sleep. I woke up 2x and my resting heart rate was 60bmp. The notifications work flawlessly for phone, emails and text messages and cortona works great as I was able to set an alarm on my phone to wake up this morning by speaking through my band telling cortana to do it. I use this more as a smart watch that is able to deeply integrate with my lumia 1520 and it does that well. The health stuff is a bonus to me. Is it worth $199? hell yea!
  • No universal app sets bad precedent when they're telling everyone that's the future.
  • I have Windows 8.1 Pro, 64-bit, but the link to download for Windows seems broken. Anyone else see this? Did they remove the app? Because I can't find it.
  • I can't install this app on my Windows 8 64x pc -_- thanks Microsoft
  • Yes, it appears to only support Win 7, 8, and 8.1 PRO.  I couldn't install on my 8.1 notebook but it installed on my desktop running 8.1 pro.  No clue why this is the case unless they forgot to check a few boxes when building the installation program.
  • Was thrilled to hear about the Band as I enjoy Microsoft products.  When I saw it would integrate with MapMyFitness and Microsoft Health Vault, I was off to buy it the first day.  Too bad those functionalities are yet to come.  And too bad the well meaning young people at the Microsoft Store had no idea what they were selling.  I have high expectations Band will become a very good tool for both fitness and effeciency.  However, at this point it is of rather dubious worth.
  • I can truly say that after using the Band for a couple of days it is sad the the iPhone 5s works so much better than the L920 or L1520. Notifications are hit and miss and there are more was to get notifications on IOS. I know updates will improve the overall experience but with the Band being a Microsoft product it should play much better than any other platform. Cortona works ok with Lumia devices but if Microsoft is making all of their app options for IOS and Android, I am afraid the phone part will die and they will only concentrate on licensing and selling software! I mean come on, the marketing of the great features Microsoft has for its platform is HORRIBLE!!
  • This syncing has ceased to work for me.  The USB on my laptop will only charge the Band, but it doesn't recognize it as a device.  My USB hard drive works fine as do my thumb drives and my phones, so it appears that something is either wrong with the sync app (I've uninstalled/reinstalled) or the Band (I've done a "factory reset" and cleaned the contacts). 
  • Same thing for me. Any help?
  • I kind of gave up. The Twitter help was no help...the online chat hasn't worked.  Maybe this coming weekend, I'll try the online chat again or go to the Microsoft Store to see if someone there knows what's up.
  • I tried the online chat yesterday. Here are some quotes from the chat:
    I do want to let you know, that we are aware of this issue and in some cases, we might have to just wait for a further update to the Desktop sync application.
    Christine C: At this point, our only troubleshooting steps for you would be to uninstall the Band from the device manager. Then, with the Band plugged into the computer, we would have you restart it.
    Christine C: The last part of that, however, will cause us to be disconnected.
    Christine C: If that does not resolve the issue, then you will have to wait for an update to come out for your computer.
    Sakari: actually i tried that earlier today
    Sakari: i was looking for URL or something where i could download the driver for the band
    Christine C: that is not something that is currently out for individual download.
    Sakari: ok
    Sakari: but you say that this is known issue for some people?
    Christine C: Are you still able to sync your Band with the Microsoft Health App for a mobile phone?
    Christine C: Yes, this is a known issue that our engineering team is aware of and working on.
    Sakari: yes the band syncs with my phone app
    Christine C: Alright. the desktop sync application is primarily intended to be a back troubleshooting tool, anyway, and not the primary syncing method.
    Christine C: I will forward the information that you have provided to our engineering team, so that they can use it to better enhance all customer experience with the app.
    Sakari: I guess i have to wait for the update then.
    Sakari: one more thing
    Christine C: Sure thing.
    So propably we have to wait then.  
  • Cool! Thanks for that information.  Now I don't have to keep going crazy trying to figure it out! :)